Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on April 14, 1961 · Page 54
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 54

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, April 14, 1961
Page 54
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Page 54 article text (OCR)

PHOfeNTXtTTEAttftS y • Fare In Valley ALL E Privlcw, 8:50. £a1mi: 4: * 2'S 2: JO, «:30, M; SffWk 8. t:45, 10:38; li: 35, 3:25, ( "Ben Huf," 8. 1:55, Son Stttand: "Ati«," 12:30, 3:40, «•$> 10; "Plunderers 6f Painted Fltfs," 10:55, 2:05. 5:15, 8: SO. ftioentx: "Goliath and the Drigott," 12, 3, 6:25, 9:45; "Why Must I Dl«r 1:20, 4:40, 8:05. DRIVE-IN THEATERS Indian: "Rachel Cade," 7:25, 11:45; Sneak Preview, 9:55. RodWJ'TItt Star 1 /' 7:30, 11:15, 2:20; "Going Steady," 9:35, 1, Blf Skyi /'Sword of Sherwood ForeSt," 7:40, 11:30: ''Three Wofrldfl of,6ulllver," 9:30, 12:60. Phoenix! ''Yellowstone Kelly, 7:11. Il:5ft: '$ofth by Northwest,'* fo& :/ !£•..,:'.. __; is - : Rm«d-TJp: "Clmarroh," 7:30 i: 55; "Men Agatntt the Arctic,' 0».20. s: "Tunnel of Love," 7:35, 2:25; "Anatomy of a Murder, '45. Sands: "Dfary of » High School Hde," 7:15, 10:15; "Ghost of fagstrip Hollow," 8:05. •. , Pioneers "Man of the West, :30,12:10; "Sobfnen and Sheba," '.45. Mustang: "Web of Evidencft, 32; "The Three Worlds of Gul- vcr," 7:37, 10:57. VALLEY THEATERS KlVn: "Hie Lovers," «, fl:05; Hiroshima Mon Amour," 7:35 0:40. Cinema Portoflno'g: "father •anchall," 7; "Aparajito," 8:45; The World of Apu," 10:30. Pnrkways "The Captain's Ta (UPl)-JfUl St^ Johi£j|i!iH) piker when It conies to ^jgettirig Into an argument scrapping with such behemoths a 20th Century-Fox and the RepubUi _ .... Su John dismissed Franc with-'a few 1 tfbpjce words last year ble," 7:05, 10:56; "Th« Misfits," 8:52. Vaftey Aft fhtttfer: "The League of Gentlemen," 6, 8,10. fdtchfnat "Pepe," 5:40, 6:45, 10. Mesa: "Clmarron," 6:30, 9:25, Glen: "tedgend of Sleepy Hoi- 7, 10:35; CMarron," 7:35r4 PHOENIX 3rd Adm. Now ... i Oufitindlni Hlhl "ttOLIATH and fh* 6RAOON" on tt iz-3:6i-«!»_»nr Jnd H|f*."WHY Muff I DlV Plot Color Cartoon* "thl CiptiM'* Tlbl«" "tHB MIIPITS" MUSTANft DIIVI IN SOMBRERO PLAYHOUSE TC-NIOHT 1:40 fn ttnim MARGARET TRUMAN TM iruadwerf QeiMlf Hit "Goodbye My Fancy" *6H*Ai> C "'' r ' TOD NAOIL AN6RIW5 AM 6-a 4 8 7 Balls OVFifel ftead Snuffy Smith! IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ICOTfttAtt 1016 M HUH AVINUE The AHzona Republic 59 ,jtbSeHt-mfal< WKV •OLSON- Movie oiiritracts might loo glamorous' *jf$. sUge-struok teen agerg but fomfttirhes^ they're downright plin'Vh the neck, say Miss St. John.' She has been under contract Fox for three years, made thre pictures at : the -studio and wa loaned out to other producers fo films. '•'".' .;'• X) On the other side of her ledgel Jill has,- on four occasions, tol studio execs to go jump In th lake with scripts for proposed movies. Needless to say, Fox reacted like all studios by putting her on suspension until everybody's temper coole<J off. i N "I'm just another girl under contract that they're making money out of," said Jill. "I've heard that line 'we know what's best for you*, so many times," Jill complained. ".I see a lot'of good talent that they have us%d In a bad picture to bolster it up; Both picture and talent go do\vn the drain. I'm not singling out Fox as the principal offender; th&r all do if," It Proud fe ff* Sekcted For A Hollywood SNEAK PREVIEW of Momtntout Importance FRIDAY NIGHT - APRIL 21st 8:15 P.M. SHARP The Kachina Audience will be fhe first in the world to tee thit motion pictur* that will make icrean history. Direct •from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's Studios in 70-mm Super technirama. TICKETS NOW ON SALE . KACHINA BOX OFFICE! Loge $2.00 — Gentrol $1.50 Seats NOT Reserved (Only th« ( Seating Capacity Will Be Sold) DOORS OPtN 7:30 P.M. No On* Seated After 8:15 P.M. Note: The Engagement of "WE" Will Be Siiipended For Thit One Night! PASS LIST 1 SUSPENDED llzona paramount — f MtAtftf IT ALL tHEAtRES DIAL Al 2-176$ Jkl TowToCHANN MAJOR HOLLYWOOD SNEAK PREVIEW TONIGHT AT TWO THEATRES W* can't tell you the Picture'* Title but . * . ft'* « Romantic Comedy . . . Ao$ 4 8/6 N/ME S7MS ... H't 0 Picture th6 entire family will enjoy! SEE THE SNEAK A "RACHEL CADE" AT NO PRICE INCREASE! . PARAMOUNT: "Iffi P.M? 18 I SSi A .Z. SN ISS P.M. U»f jMgJI^^gtfjMMjljBd" ParimcHinf <;» P.M. IndUnt Notihawn T«iW*_ LAST DAY AT BOTH THEATRES! HI^V%ylV^p| ^^VN^^v ANCIE DICKINSON PETER FINCH CO-HIT ANGIE DICKINSON IFREM ZIMBALIST JR. ONCE EVERY 100 YEARS..., AT 2 THEATRES H Ja vvflH ^ THE UNDEAD DEMONS OF HELL TERRORIZE THE WORLD IN AN ORGY OF STARK HORROR! A FOX WEST COAST WASHING . AND fHf« New ACRES PHOENIX Little Theatre CIVIC CfNTfR • McDOWIU at CINTR/U FIFTH ANNUAL F EST hV;A L FRIDAY —SATURDAY Af ML .-If-.IS RICHARD III : '• E.vtnlnnt ItJO pm . Mit.i Apr 11,. • .•• i p.m. , • , AdulU 2.7S Students US Mt'trvatloni - At 4-477* ORIVE-IN ^700 Weil Vrtl«fW BR 2-2 ...the'niost frightenine motion picture you have ever seen! —EXCITING CO-HIT— "THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON" sliirini BARBARASTEELE-JOHN RICHARDSON IVO GARRANI • ANDREA CHECCHI HARRY L. NACE THEATRES Arizona's Neweit ind Flneit Thlatre KOMSBAlt (OAD •(FIFTH AVENUt . WHIlMf 7-1J35 *6™ WEEK HURRY! If Ends S«»n! Continuous Shows Today from 3:45 P.M. NOMINATED FOR 7 ACADEMY AWARDS* 9QO9OC IT'S THE FINEST FLING OF FAMILY-FI TO COME YOUR y/AY IN YEARS! THE 'WHOLE-VALLEY IS SHOUTING , ITS PRAISES! COUJMBIA PICTURES PRESENTS ' A 6KR6E SIDNEY PRODUCTION Thi tmtfim «f Vbound Tfc WW In 80 Dij*' 41 i55N^AILB/ •* 8HIRLE/ JONE9 ••"• MAUBCE CHB/AlJER* BINQ GROSES MICH/E CALLAN • BOB0/ DARIN • SAMMY DAVIS Jr.* JIMMY DURANTE Z8A Z8A GABOR • *JUDY 6ARIAND *6REER 6AR80N* ERNIE KOVA09 JANET LEIGH'JACK l£MMON*JAYS:NORIH*KIM NOVAK*DONNA REED EDWARD (5. ROBINSON • FRANK SINATRA STARTS TOMORROW! AT BOTH THEATRES TORTURE UPON TORTURE. SHOCK ATOP SHOCK.. IWKEIBMY MD SOUL TO WITHIIMIICH Of DEATH! The truth at last\about these tcientific tortures! CINEMASCOPE CIRCUOf DEOPTIOH 2tv CO-HIT IN COLOR and CINEMASCOPE PETER SELLERS SOPHIA LOREN Paramount I Indian W. Adams at 2nd Ave. Doors open 11.30 A.M. Park FREE after 5 P.M. Phx. Title Lot DRIVIt IN Gates open 7:00 P~.M. W. Indian School at 27lh Ave. M. .U ti A ,) NOW! AT 3 THEATRES M E S A THEATRE ALL THEATRES/ OPEN 6:30 SOUTHWEST DRIVE-INS STARTS AT DUSK <:o«t.daU'"'6S99 t.nWo, «d- WH 5- Open * p.m. MMMMH Open I i:4s p.m. 3rd BIG WEEK Cirf HITCHING POST Tues & Friday ftSH FRY -iMLt YOU CAN EAT FAMILY STYLE ,;•;• •• :•'..'•.;. i' - DitMONICO ST|AK •USINBIIMAN't'•-:- ; •WAV . ;• •' .•:.' • > $1.75 ITEAK- >•'•'- ,'.-,.'.$1.25 , CHICKEN * OUMPLINOS Every WM.-AH You Can EH Jlmmit Whllll* ll the • .Plino Bar 40TH Ur Ik e. CAMfiLiACK .',; AM 4-WJ * DRIVE-IN 5500 N. 7th St. AM 6-3582 CO-HIT -— <-*** DAVID LADD "RAYMIE" Admlulon f r I e 11 This •niagement Only . . . Adults and Junior Rot- ular Prices. Children 7 fo 12, 2Sc, Chlldrtn Under f FREE. IT'S A COMEDY... A MYSTERY., A ROMANCE and Delightfully Different! ••IWMi^MWBiH WALT Dalmatians ytouM&k Famous | Chicken Dinner S.rved with S«Ud » 9 wl , Pot«to»i-»nd Crt«m t&trdfn Fr*»h ' f arty UB la 200 *^ NORTH Til. 6R NOW! 9 ND RECORD WEEK! * POWER PACKED HITS!! RIVE-IN Nofthern.WI 3-9112 MOT •o. /* * TECHNICOLOR PLUS 2ND GREAT FEATURE THE CRY THAT ROCKED THE VALLEY OF THE SUN. f*f CmuuScOri'IfCHNlCOLOU GLEN THEATRE " ' »l 7-VI77 Open i p.m. «$!; NOT OVER $1.00 PER CAR ;])QLLAB , DR'lVE IN HELD OVER! 2 WALTDiSNEYS NP EXCITING WEEK! OOMOWIOW JUNE THPKMMM Tra«fn [iswi«wB^r D HIV* IH PER CAR "PANCHQ VllrLA Y I.A VAUBNTINA" JARITA M.9NTI1V "YO NO CRtfO IN 10* HOMBREV ,..tpld with passion, filmed with daring! The story of a man called Cimarron, and of Sabra, who loved him recklessly-daring the dangers of a raw and lawless land! 'Z% p* METRO.OOLDWYN.MAVCK>r«.*iiu IPNArCIWIPrS ill IN CINIMAScopi AND METRO^^^ . 'jUfrinf SEATS AVAILABLE NOW! " I BOX OFFICE OPEN 9 A.M. ' * TONIGHT'S PERFORMANCE 8 P.M. ^ MATINEE TOMORROW 2 P.M. 4 Academy Award" Nominee,^ Sal Mineoi makes, desperate bid, for Freedom, \*^ to continue. I s - Israelf, vtij?* iv,: •TTO PREMINGER PRESENTS PAUL NEWMAN • SAL MINEO • EVA MARIE SAINT JILLHAWORTH • LEE J. COBB • PETER IAWFORD MATINEES Wad.. Sat. 4 Sun. 1. P.M. EVENINGS Pllly 8 P.M. Sunday 7:30 Palms 2612 N, Central Ave, park FREE rear of Theatra MM • i wn. KKB IUWK . *om * mm • n m- Ha tw Added MESA & GLEN Disney's "LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW" Addtd ROUND-UP Wait Disney's "MEN AGAINST ARCTIC" NOW SHOWING! CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE DAILY FROM 10:30 MICHAEL FOREST In CO-HIT Own |i4$ p.m. GARY COOPER in "MAN OF TNI WEST" Plu* $«r*«i Eplcl "SOLOMON AND SHUA" RANGE WAR , FORBtOOOII Op*n 4:45 p.m. "NORTH BY NOBTHWIST" Plus Clint Walker In "YELLOWSTONE KILLY" XOLOR^ -ASIS P 1L VI .U.I IJ uN Vvntu'l.l. MM 11. James Stewart PlMi PvrU'Pvy In "THE TUNNEL OF LOY|" Op»n 4:4} p.m. OF A WWDIR" "DIARY OF A HIGH SCHOOL IRIPE" Plus! "GHOST OF DRAGSTRIP HOLtOW" of Paintedl CORINNB JOHN SKIP HOMttlCPl Strand W. wwhlojton it itf Av«, tvK MSt KMT I PX. TMHtf

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