The Independent from Hawarden, Iowa on December 15, 1892 · Page 7
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The Independent from Hawarden, Iowa · Page 7

Hawarden, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1892
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

llflliil^^ ^r ' • ; ' •<:-' ; -"' ''" : ' \ Keejp^Qui^e £o& 'Ring & Grardiier's^ •-•- ^ ' V-- 'l^il : -' : : '."•liiSllI ^ ..' -. ;''.'•' -- • -".•->• ' . -i. • • - .i'L'>rv*.i '%% ?M X-MAS GOODS, e Assortment to. be sold at Very Low Prices, your pair. The Golden Hule is thii place to 5 buy Dry Goods. .Good blankets at $1.25 a Comforts fi-otii $1.50 to $2.10. Cotton flannel . at fi cents; extra ..heavy cotton flannel 12 cents. •"Eider-'down-to bo- closed- out at coat, _____ Jtedjlanr n^l from 23' cents up. yonio extra; good bui-- • gains in dress goods. 'Woolen hosieary from -20-oents '-up';. -Men^^rc^oaMLjl^i^^ aro ^_ ca _ : 00 cents; children's low in proportion. Come - • on _Hjr»ni. the caption of Under the caption of "Jollifi' xiutiou air-Bod i/Hsome—one-sead "f dllowiu'i?" com mnuication to Ohroulcleil In Calltopo, A bouncing boy baby was born ing a former citizou~of GalliopeT Last Saturday evening as the sun was "setting 1 in tho \vost and its rays being" reflected from the orb that illuminates .-thC-flUEth._by nigh I. thoro wna ovidetico -T-hd— hew ______ furnace ____ has _____ -been- and look ovor our goods at . Tine Golcierv I?i-ile. •~" c. M; SMITH; PROP. HAWAKDEN INDEPENDENT, PUBLISHED liVliHV TUanSDAY BV Purely Person ill; ."^Auditor D2e!c,~of Orange- OH t v \vwtw in town today. • , Miss Rose Washburn is visitiuvj friend 3 in town. 'Frank Gardner transuded business at Iroton Tuesday. "~C Dr. Mushier, of Irolon, U't'.s a. Ma warden visitor on Monday. ~ W;R. TurritiuIB~ then now ~ express messenger west, who takes expressman Sanderson's place. - - Mrsr Dodson,- of—Marshall town, this state~ia hero visiting " this woal^Ctnr of rejoicing at tho once famous Lodi. The election was too..fai- distant to aronse-sueh enthusiasm and there was no tangibleevideiiec of a railroad being built into the village to give it that e c- tiviby'chavaeteristielu "formo'r'^ciars." " placed in the Presbyterian church this week'. " :: Mr. and Mrs." Wood, of Elk Point-,'is.visiting at the "Le^gctt ou-hnpoi'tant bnsinesss. - Sioux City :- -Dtv OwcMi3,-oC Ii'et.on. was doing- b.usi- . .nsas iu Hruvai'deu Tuesday, 'Attorney Koiniyer made a business Will A. Wells and wife and daughter, of Alton, ' tho guests of Cashier Bass and family over Sunday, • Mrs. Beaumont, of Hawardon, i-s visiting iu town thia week, the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Irvo Jones.—Bere's- esford News. trip to the county capitol Monday. W. lialcom was at llereHford Tlies-" day looking' after business matters. Sioux City the fora part of the week. ... .Charley KieekhotT \vas over from" Orange x-ity last evening- to. take iu the Mrs. John Robinson returned Tuesday from a visit with friends in Des Maines. Orai]j, r o~Noblo ioCt todayfor h is old home inPennsylvania' to spend tho winter. M. A. Sulser was in town Tuesday" shaking hands with his host of warm friends. Mrs. II. J.Mnh.s and daughter, of Akron, were the guests of Dr. and Mrs. Quigley Monday. Bert Murphy, one of Elk Point's handsome young men, took in the dance given by the elub last evening. between here and Dos Moine's this week in place of expressman Bradley who is on t,hu siek .list.... . ..................................................... • CoudAicToirWinob'rolui'er'is" traiiBacfc*- ing business in Chicago this week. Conductor Slade is -punching tickets on the .limited during the former's absence. Mrs. Fairehtfd and Mrs. Pardee7 mother and sister of J. M. Lynn, -who have boon visiting the past month or so, loft for their homes Tuesday af- Yet the "citizens and farmers from and near had assembled on the village common to all. Boom followed boc-rn as tho anvtlh «mv; hm'terHrpart-by—the- igniting of explosives. The reports wei-e heard for miles in sill directions. A flag floated in the. .qvetjing^breezs, its stars and a trips appearing pale under the light; of the moon and over tho flashes beneath. The patriotic emotions caused by tho sound of tiring and the sight of tho Hug were suddenly stilled by the jippearanei) of a ghaa'tly -fot-m swung 1'> the ftag- polc. The form \v»is not ufitn>f~ar-hu«- TOsnvbstngT" jT3t~rt—\rn-ml-cttustj—tlie- posser-by to shudder, so great wus thy rssemblamv. Some OIK- was being :HUJ»' in oDlgy.. Am! .^lill tli.- liring iohtihiied to i-au.x'e" vibrations on -the' night air. A ehoi'iiii ol inunan voieu.s occasionally arose to aHsuro Llie uninitiated that, oceasion w;is one of rejoicing. As the hour of 11 p. m. approached t luTTe vo 1 Hrs~dise: n VCT cd- H i a t— the iv— e-x— plosives were being exhausted. 'Horae- men.were being hastily tlit-patehed ^ 0, E. Gormong has moved House this >vee~k." JD. T, Gearlmrt tnude a business the county capitol Monday S to John \Vooatei' will occupy the house-vacated by Gor- nion^ T "w"" J ohn K. Wood and wife, ot~J3Hr Point, were here over Sunday, the guests of their old-Urno friends, , M. Lieggett""a"nd"otlief Louisana and Mrs. Pardee to -Baltimore. Pukwana-Press: A. D. Jones ari-ived Friday evening with land buyers from Hawardon. — Harry Melroso returned lo^t week from Hawarden. Harry brought two hounds with him and the Iboys will have some sport this • winter People who.have tried it, say that there is no better medicine for dyspep sia than Ayer's Saroaparilla. It may not give one the stomach of an ostrich, but it so-'strengthens the alimentary organs that digestion of ordinary food becomes easy and natural. Fifteen pounds of choice raisins for $1, at-Nash &, Lynn's. west ward to the nearest town to secvtre a new~sTrpply: The—lirtng—was -again resumed and continued until the tnc- ment appeared tliat divide's to-day from to-morrow. Wlicn tlie cause of all this revelry by night was asked, the answer""came—KUDO "IS LEAVING LODI. Feeble and capricious appetites are best, regulated by tho use of Ayer.'s debilitate CatFartic by excessive stimulation', but cause the stomach, liver and bowels to perform their functions properly. As an after? dinner pill, they are miequaleil, Go to Btng & Gcurdiior's for nobby -silk --handkerchiefs for ChristmaB presents^-- They hare them both for show and for blow. Go to Van Sickle for your extra select oysters, * stewed, fried and raw. Dates Dates. Nash «fc Lynn u'/e selling three pounds of choice dates for 25 cents. We Don't Ask You to Buy BUT JUST COME AND SEE Our - IF! OUR ELEGANT DISPLAY AND LOW-PRICES DON'T TEMPT YOU TO BUY, NOTHING WILL. pioneer settlers. . ] John Notebooui shipped two carloads of hogs to Sioux City Saturday. John is buying morn hogs this fall than nil tho --"other- buyers com billed. ~ "TM ~7i ~' ' • TTT- E. E.'Carpenter lui.s placed t^ rge tank on top of the I'levator I fiU'li will bu filled \rith \viil.t:r to] Us used in e:\Hn of i'nv. \Ylu> sayy'j now thai Calliope id without iirej protection? A basket sapper will be given at IHie G.lV7K~hrill F'ridrfy" eve'nr ing by the Y. P. S. C. E., for the piffpose- of •faisiiig I'lihils to piir- j uhase a new organ-i'oH.he-l-rasby-j-. terian church. | Dr. .Conly, of Elk Point, WHS in town today .looking over tho string ot trotttJfs" Harry Leggetthiis in truiniiig. The Doctor is a great admirer of fine horses and hns s e v "e ra 1. gooiV.Q n esJiiias ei f. WoFd wWreccTved" here the fore part of tho. week that John "Wilson, one of tht> piotieei- settlers of Sioux county, was dangerously ill at his home in Hock Valley. His daughter, Mrs. Geo. Helm, left Tuesday To assist ni earing"' for hitn. Gruel mid Petit Juror*. The t fpllowing grand jurors were drawn to 'serve 'during 18'JU: P. H, Morgan, G-. U.-Ross, SLophcnChenhal 1 , A. Van Steemvyk, J. W. Miller, <!. Van don Burg, Honi'ySchemmer, Peter McKcllor, William Behiillv., Nols Jen- .HCII, N. E. Williams. "Ario" Notebofiih. The following g-enllemen were drawn to serve as petit jurors at, the term of 'the district court to be held at Orange City, commencing January liith: K. Van dor, N. IJalkenm. T. II. Muil.cnburg, W. K. Cain, .loc Hc.x- winkle. AVHlard Wheeler, l-'rankSdiem moll, WilltanrWinch,- M. W. Stickols. .1. H. Rons. I*. (T H\illivan, t'. JO. lliltcn. \V. J. Slcewih, (.'. Vogeluaf. ('-. \V. \Ves- -H-nk--l:x-V r an-!i6y-l' ! -^ [•»--J)uvon 1 , Sam Bul- Jestield, A...!. Sclioltcn, .John Toller, Henry Nirk, Mike Van Wyko, S. K. Sipnin, John Vtotho. Tlio grand jurors must bo present at Orange City on tho llrst, day of tlio term, the petit jurors need not attend until Jan. 18th.—Hock Valley Register. Sheldon Eagle: Tho town of Boydon and the Milwaukee railroad company are .having a war over a street Grousing. The town j wants a crossing nwur the depot : oii-Mnin sti-eet and the company objccts,- aiuI the-vjuestion-\v-i 1 Lluive. .o bo decided by the courts. Tues- lay morning thi v town nnthorities ut in a crossing, but before noon ,hc company had a crew of men jhero tearing np tho same. A con- :lict ensued and resulted in the irrest of several of the railroad employes.- Thiv officer was resisted while making the arrest of one of tho boys, and during tlio struggle a crowbar accidently hit the fellow over tlio head, .inllicting a quite painful, though not serious WOVUK). , ISuckingluun's Dye is the bust preparation made J.o color t-hc beard a brown xat you arc going, want any. Kuick if <SM r.SBS *> m\ :;r.iii fHli 5 SI 4 r HARLAN M& (zr^ > !MS tza'b mm. V.a V M S v L. Hl^Bailey & Son have 100 pails of candy to give jiway to the boys and girls of Hawarden. This is a golden opportunity for the little folks. Hny for Sale. A first class quality of blue stem hay for. sale. 'Leave orders at INDII^ESDEXT ofiice v . ';}2A\\\ • • ' N. L. JACKSON. lling & Gardner have marked their ladies hoods and facinator s crown very low, and they still have an elegant lino of them, notwithstanding their enormous sales. Buy your Christinas bon- bons at Van Sickle's restaurant. --- ••Mftk-s-yo« P- set of "•Exotic" & -Lynn. • •. 1 i '. • .-a_p.reaQnt_._o£. „.«. dishes. Sold by ' ^^,^^.1^..;^ - .... - .• .'ii'iiv • ^JSvjj.^E ^MBfflIi!i^!iiliiiiiiiif]|iiiiiiiiiiiggi: : v;^j if^W n*\ ; ':fg?^w ,-•-. •; vT^-nj^ a -..- :^m 2{"r^ "~^7;"fetS ?M:^-'Mm , ..,T-f ! ET.« •' : '- ; ^l^ NOW IS THE TIME K ANDTHM 111 m T ^*£ [L AT CALLIOPE Is • The Place-to Buy [x] [>< Ghristias Presents. EVERYTHLNO OOl^S A/I 1 COST. -TO _JU^Offl_JLHniJUUt^ • WE- i\i:o v \<], so r .ri IAT ^ou GAN- BU¥'-= A NK;EAND USEFUL PRESENT FOR A A r ERY CAS H W_E ...LIALYE. Gent's NS GLOVES ANDM IINDERWIOAE ~'~ " L/VUNDRIEDHLURTS HEAVY WORK 8ILJRT8 WOOL8H1UTB .LINEN COLLARS WATERPRO'F OOLL'KS LINEN GUFFS-. ... .WATERPROOF CUFFS SILK HANDKERCHIEFS sra<: MUFFLERS Ladies' •J-IANI) MADE1IOO.DS CLOAKS AND JACKETS SHAWLS ' : Silk Emi), HANDKERCH'FS; linen " :1 SILK-M-D-FFL-EKS-- UNDERWEAR I.-IOSiER,Y KID (CLOVES SILK MITTENS WOOL MITTENS ' * 't ri •:-ffl A large stock of LadiesVMisses and Children's Shoes that we will make prices on that will be an inducement for you to buy. In "Embroideries, Stamped Goods and Towels we are onV'iug Bargains' that cannot be. duplicated. Trunks and Valises, Uluuketa, Flannels, Dress Goods, DresB Trimmings, Corsets and Corset Waists, Misses and Children's Cloaka, Children's Silk and Wool Hand-. Made Hoods, Gents Neck Scarfs', Four-in-hand Ties, AVinclaor Scnrts, Lace Curtains, Chenille Curtains, Bed Spreads, Oil Cloth-Tab'lo Covers,. Lamb's Wool Slipper Spies, Electric *>olc.s, iu.faof. almost anything you want you can i^ot at the lied Front Store and get tho benefit of the Cut Prices. I.", GALL AND" GET -'PRICES; •^ ".• '- T.'.iI.TlS :. -.^g '••'•'•'Tis'^Si '' .. ••::&& ••••••'•'•»!?,'& '^m

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