The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 24, 1947
Page 6
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£?•',' , ' 5< 4- PACK BLYTHEVTLLE (AEK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, MAY 24, 1947 Arkansas Schools Again Criticized ; Federal Assistance Not The Answer to Problem, fx|>ert on Taxes Says BY BOB BROWN United Press Staff Correspondent UTTLE ROCK, Ark.. May ?4 —Tilt school system of Arkansas mored Into the dare of the na tioruU spotlight lust week, and ".11 that was salu was not complementary. Members of the Federal House Committee on Education and Labor vere told that although state aid to Arkansas schools increased 13s'p«r cent from 103S-193D to 10454«, the Increase In average tcach- cr salaries was only 55 per cen: 'Tiie inference is plain," said Steve Slahl, executive vlce-presi- ^dent of Die Oklahoma Public Expenditure Council. "Too much mdiwy wasted on an Inefficient system, not enough going" Into teachers salaries.".Stahl, the former director of t'lc Arkansas Public Expenditures Council, was areulng against fed*en»l alfi for education. I He told the group thai after studying the Arkansas school system for five years he was convinc- |ed thai the plight of the schools .fc "not the result of financial in- nbility tn snnriort an ndnniuite program of education." Rather, he 'said, "it is due to the continuance of archaic, Inefficient, wasteful school systems." " Stlhl recalled that the Dawson- LIUJ* survey inad? in 1D30. con- 'tained an especially strom; artui- ^nent for consolidation of many .small schools and the establishment of larger fiscal and adminis- tirthre units. i He pointed out that the Dspart- jnfmt of Education had slnted hi •1940 that the state "could plan its School program much more effectively on a basis of 75 to 300 units. each sufficiently large to present : a complete program." . ~. .Instead, Slahl said. Arkansas still has some 2000 school districts -"many of which are unable to raise Je much »s $100 In local school revenues nnd many of which are still maintaining schools with less than : 10 ntitills." \ "In the fnco of these indictments I rio not believe the federal pov- ornmcnt should be asked In dissipate a single taxpayer dollar tc perpeluaEe" "such" extravagant and wasteful school systems." Stahl said. "Nor do I believe any reasonable sum expended by the fcdcr.i government would greatly improvi educational opportunities for ou children until such .condition.; ar corrected. When they are corrected, federal aid will not be necessary." ' ; KIDS: Stay Off the Street! Clark Scores Acquittals in Lynching Case NOTICE la hercy ulven that the will within the time ^y'Jaw apply to the Com- miwknwr pi Revenues of the State of Ark»JT8»« for a penult to sell beer • at, 'retail at w. Highway d, ' 'Arkansas, Mississippi Kans., MJ; 2i. (UF>— U. fj. Attorney Tom Clark mW last night tllat the federal goV«rp:r*nt trw "outrne" of acquitting » frrid*nt5 In the rajuw lyiivh til* Greenville, B. 0. ; • . •: Addr«wtng the 9)ih ui\!Airvl ftrttlcn of tli» Karoos Bar tkro, Clark o»i<3: "1 bav« caused the department me this 23rd day of May, lO'll. vii.y.ii^i ii Mason (SEAL) Nolary Public 3EAL) Notary fUOllc My Commission expires 4-28-5'J. 1/j atternpt j>rose«i>'.Job wlitre »•« h»d trio*, fswU 'wirt r. thread of law to ft«nd on'. Sikh wer* t!i? lynching ea»»s In Monrwj, Oa,'. and Lirtdtn," jja., arid parjiipj * rr.ty to Into court Ui SoutiT lliio wh»r* » Kw«) Jury .;* &<IPiltU<l p*rtlcipaiilf tn a lynching.' • ' ' . i VSo king a» I wn tli« atf/jniey t«i»r(l ind there ii nqy tlir««(] o{ lantfl st»n4 on, I »imll try ^o/tiw t)»| Ji}»tlc» Ii dona lof p*0{)t% bUric •nrt whlMi. * ; ' •.•'-. Uut th» fttorney fnneri.1 M|<t his dewrtment often (ovnd it dlfftcul( to filter lawfully tnto'laeal or ttate courts. . -. . .'• He urged th« jtrennthetUn.t of local government* to flgnt iixJmtlca, l>sniiisc "my broom Is loo Oiitn." 01:>rk s«ld he wan conwriKXl aUout the tendency of locnl govsrnrntnts to call on the Unit**! tStaoe* to handle "purely local iimtUM". 1 ! " ' ; Often, he said, tlwi dtoiflndS for fedei'al Interventioa civiiis from lo- ml Kovcrnnients "Uml aiv uiiwUUng o carry out their obligations tn Hie people." The undersigned states that ho ,lj a citii3i) of Arkansas, of good hiorsl eharac.ter, tlial, he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by th« undersigned has been re- vcked within five years last pasi; »nd that, the undersigned has ncv- 11 been' convicted of violating the laws ol' this state, or any other fttatc. relating to the sale of r.l- COhplis Ijquors. J, L. Moultrie •' tSubwrlbed and sworn to before The picture above is a sermon on safely for every youngster. Two Now York City boys, on thcit way home aflcr playing base-bull, walked along Major Dcc-gari Highway. An aulo struck them and hurled them 30 feet. In foreground lies 11-year-old Edward Filxpalrick, head pillowed on his. baseball glove. In background, a playmate removes his coat to cover John Kennahan, 10. Both r boys were badly injured., . ,^ Crew Abandons American Tanker Afire Off England .IXAI* Englanrt, May -2t.—(UP) The.IOOCO ton American oil tanker NewhRll - Hills ' was afire today .it the edge of the Goodwin Sands In the fng-shrouded English Channel. •Radio mo-waoe from the 'Newha'l ?'!'* ?.tIT:. 3 0 A. .M. said the crew W's-abandoning the ship. Kadio reports said the tanker was badly damaged internally. Two of- her tanks reported had blown up.. The vessel was drifting 12 miles off ghore. In another accident in the antno arp»; the Anierican steamer -John J.sFargp collided willi a fishins boat, which was sunk.Tlie LaFarse radioed that sho was standing by to pick up survivors. Lightning Strikes House In Steele; Owner Injured Gene Shrader of Slccio w;ir, ll^hlly injuttid and III l lioine datn- ucd Tuesday uiylit when liclilnliii; iniel: Uie house. '1'li'r iivia^ yoimi was dcinullshcd, a w.i!l lorn down and a IIU'KC hole rlppcwl in liie roof. Mrs. Shnulcr and LhL-i:' two children were unlnjiu-jd. All wen; sleeping In an adjoining bedroom. Farm Accident's Take Heavy Toll In United States CHICAGO, Mny 24. (UP) — It'.! more dangerous to work on a farm than It is in the city, the National Safety Council said today. The council said aa farmers In every 100.000 died In work accklen's in 104C compared with 31 in all other industries. Only two industries showed higher death rales Ihnn fanning — coal mining with IBS deaths per 100.000 and construction with 105. In nil manufacturing industries, only 17 persons per 100,000 died In accidents. Farmers stilt have Uiu edge «•• . . their city cousins in overall safety I-'TNDKN. 'A a.. May 24. (Ul )--A however" Only 70 farm dwellers 30-year-lod Blond and her ncttli- pcr 100000 died occidental!}' In 1946, I acquired husband were returned Tullahoma Elects TVA Over City Power Plant TULDAHOMA. Tcnn., May 24 (UP)— The Tennessee Valley Authority and Ihe City of Tullfihoma prepared today lo sign a. new stundsird TVA contract for. po«-fii aflc-r TuHnhoma citizens lur down Iho idea of a municipal pow- Coupfe Held After Arsenic Is Found In Exhumed Body er plant Thursday by an over, whelinuiE; maryin. The citizens voted 1,147 to 4' iilinlnst a $603.000 bond issue which lo iiurclinse Russian Policies Denounced by General Clark NEW YOiJK. May 24. (TJPJ— 0?.h. Mark . W... C!nrk, former cxunin'an- rlur of American .ofr.upatio*i . forces in Austria, said today . th-^t h* could "see • no reason for. optimism" about relations betweeu .the United State:) and Soviet Russia, Clnrtr, returning lo the United Blntes .to taJcr; ovar cotpmand ,of the U. S. Sixth'' : Army. bitterly^ nouuced Russian policy PERFO CROP GUARD! Save Your Stand — Increase Speed — Yield Guards Against Damage To Tender Young Crops Cultivating ... Uustrta and . aald thnt Pteijident Truman's program of aid to Greece and Turkey to check the spv««d of Communism was "a stcrp in right ' direction 1 in handling .Sovlet- ' Former House Employe Sentenced to Prison WASHINGTON, May 24. (UP) — Kenneth Romney, former House sergcant-at-arms, loday was set\- tenced to from one lo three years in prison for concealing a SMU.g'S shortage in funds in the House "bank" (or almost 20 years. compared with 80 city residents. Accidents killed 18.500 farm re-' sidcnts in WW, an Increase of nine per cent over the previous yenr. Most of the incrciisc was due to auto accidents, the council said- The aulo fatality rule increased 21 per cent for farmers imd only 18 per cent for the rest of the nation. "Tliis indicates that larm people must he more cartful on their way to and from markets, while pleasure riding or while crossing I ho highways." the council said. -*».t is inolr.iuly true that more fanners are driving curs than ever Deforr. but that only emphasises the llce< ] for ercnter caution, courtesy and common sense." (Missing at Sea 3 Days, Trio Be/ieved Rescued PANAMA. I'ln:. Muy 2'1. <UP1 — The Coast Gnnvd Cvuloi- BcmUw.U wns believed today to Iwvc rw,;-iH'<l tln;cc men aboard an aiisilb'.y Flocn which had been inls-ilnu lor three days. Aboard the 2. r > fool cr.ilt wei- J. L,. Wilson of Walton. Cn.. nnd Howard Carpenter :iml George here today to face a chaiyc of murdi'iina her first luisuiuul. \vho;L>- e.xhumed body wns fnund to be salunitetl with Arsenic (lolFOn. 'Mrs. Adelc Di^nan Anderson and Qilbcrl -AndcrKOil. 30. were nrrrst- (\ in HiviviiMKlwm svhevn she w^s mployrd in a West End Dru:; lore. Officers said .she applied for he inniTitiirc license on Ihe ilnv o." icr first husband's death and they ^ere tnarruvi one week lalcr. Stale Toxirolocist Nelson Gnih'is aici it "wn.s drfinitclv an arsenic iiurdcr." lie .said that an autopsy cvclacd tracks of arsenic throughout the tody ol I^ovvery V)ijniv<*n The body way orttered examined Romney, 65-year-old •Montauan, vi-as convicted by a Federal Court jury on May 15. He was indicted last February, not long after he lost his post as sergeant-of- arms. when the Republicans won the November elections. . ' Stollc of Chattanooga, Tcnn. The floundering vnss-.-l was si^hlrii in the lull! yesterday by Cons' Guard planes. The cuiUv \vt<s ens patched to Its aid. Tlt:> vossi-1 U-l New Orleans Satuid.iy and was emu here Wednesday. American relation*.' •-''I-hnpe -the sainr ft^sUtance be.Eivon to Austria." ha sfcid. Clark said that the Mosocrr'Con- i'croneo had "set In bold- relhsi' gcn»ratlng , tl)c ^,,5,,. b! , tween the Siwtat Uri- was called [ jon ap _ d the WMtem ' ' - poverk• ch „ that the meoixtxiola'-1- j rciuipinent. The vote when the city council wanted to put profits from the city power j ^ nK . flpca ce treaty - that- *<mld system ,nto the gcnoral fund-rath- 1 re ; c . s ,ablish Austria ftr,d W Wde er lhan follow the TVA. stanrlgjd,, pendence ha s bean.fehe AtttfeOA'A on a request by his .family Mrs. Oilman "remarried eo quicx- ly," .Solicitor T. II. Boggs said. He added thnt the report revealed tlia'. arsenic was administered In small doses over a long period of Unit. \Thfl battlo'of Bunker Hill. itto Bought, on Juna 17, 1T75. ;'••'!..]' •.' cprvtrnct provision of. ufila^j pro/lt to rtflucu r^tcp and Mctend :.iU< r ' • •-.-.-. DR. MILTONi EJ WEJ8B 138 Kast Main Artt..- TAX PAID The Finest Gasoline in Arkansas CAMERAS FOR RENT BARNEY'S DRUG STORE You no longer nuwl to worry about clods of dirt smothwinjr or breaking the young plants when yon havo Ihu Tcvfo Crop C'.uiiril uUuehcd to your cultivator. The Porl'o Crop Cuanl JJIVCK your tender, young shoots iicM-fect protection 1'i'om damage or i'oni]il«te niin while cullivnting. Tiie .sliced of the tractor regulates the amount of fine dirt sifted around the plant through the holes in the guurxl. Your yield per acre will really increase when yon Biivo these young plants. H will add profits to your farm operation you have never had before. 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