The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1946
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26, 1946 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION tllr r»t« per Jlui for MotpDutlr* u- Minimum Ck»n. 1 Uiat p., llu, '^tljflei yer line per day ^ ^ c 1^ tlmee yi>r hna per day ~_ £ A 1 Month ytt lino gg Q Court fi r . „,,,»,, uordi 1. 1 t, |[ n ,. idi ordered (or tlir.w or •!< llm M .ui • lopped More nplratlmi will be .kame'd tor the number ol lluiea the ad auneared -nd aaimiuiiMit ot kill mad.. Ail CUfteificil AdyerllsiiiK copy lub- rnint'l by porr.cni rftidirit; outiidx at tin cilf must b« ac«nu]iaKlcd by cask. !!aU'« "lay be «a*iiy coiikj>utocl from llie i.bori* table. Advertlilnl ordor for IrrcjuUr Icier- «>oiu ULt. llio on« lima rale No rtuvonilbllily w lll ba taken formota Laan one Incurred insertion ol *ur alaa- lilioil ad. for Sore " "' '"" IIIIK fun liiraniii. A f, »• *'"• l-liiiml "il vr.i;,.|. li.. :l !..ri. \- la ,,i.. IM.. Ill, ,'h;,.,!,.,. !!,•! X. Ki.-, f •- ( ' Mli'.ii. :10S "iMi-T (•b.'.'rry.'^l'i'l.'-T (':i{c nitli iii'v,- |.()iil|iincm. Hi^lnvay ! R. I'll my nt Chick; In; ('liii.'!;s iirrivint; S;i1nr(lay 'Jill, i.'-\vi^i t'uiillty. •i- i lii.iK.' with >,,illi : .1 rn wild lath, on cumi. 1'rii- r, "1!!.. Buy your Gould's Electric I'unip now before they become scarce again. Planters Hardware Company. 5-28-ck If For Fine Portraits It's O'STEEN'S STUniO S«rvic«s Concr«le Mock liycr; plaitcrlue; c«r- eiiler work aud liuuse jJulmiriK {.'ill "-'»• Z0-i'.k.7-l House moving, leveling, repair of foundations. 12 years experience. Necessary equipment. Virgil Kolcy, Phone 32<)2. 0-18-pk-7-18 Ol LOANS II you want a 4% Gl Loan lo huy a home, see MAX LOGAN, LYNCH HLW;. I'Jume 20.T1 cir 502. 0-M-ck-lf lliivo tiiov.'d to new nd.lreis. Wllllo ll,.|l •Iri'cn. Ai-res. from (Store, 1112 ' •Bitting, any nlnbt. Heft'ronc^l «r,u ! - tiour. Cull y.rj'J or 403. 21-dli If j \Mu-a you oil «| u v a nfedi cleanian or rciuinnK till b'.l9«. All work niiur. »"I*«J, 17.,7i. n ' l.awn mowera akarpencd and ruiiaue All and kinVH. W B ajitclnllw in power mower jnarneniuj; and inolur ovorliauiiiiif. Vo«. wo pick uu mid ddlver. HlytlioTilla klnciilnii Klioi). Tractor repairs and service.' Electric and acetylene weldinj'. Ulacksmith work. ! Delta Implement Co. Phone ' JG4. 3-15-ck-tf ( For Rent i Wanted to Ren* Waul,'!! 1,) reiil Pir in .'\tra j;«i.jil lu Ourii-r >'<•«-«. 5-25-ck-tt Picture frames made (o order O'Slecrt Studio. 4-2'1-ck-tf Kf-lli[>r T, ilh -1 ri.-ii!ftl housL'S. Apjirox- inuir<'ly 2 ncroft of laiul. Fronts *a Hvry. Cl. liorilcTS en Uott.m Belt U.K.. Klcal localinn tor imluslrv Seo Itntlionon's Carcury. N llwy "ci B.-illon W,. Heatinjf plant for home. American Red Flash Hoiles- Hot Water System, complete wilh Carrier Slokcr, Fire Timer and two thermostats. J'ricotl to sell quick. iSV,\- in use. Phone 2814 or ^v 182 - G-13-ck-t.r J)o .von need a place fo go in business? Ideal two story building in splendid location in Osccolii. For sale, not for lease. Price, 520,000. Call Konorl JI. Graves Agency, phone 2790, for appointment to see. C-13-ck-27 IF Vlli; Oi'KHATi: ,V TKACTOIt ,1 M.,t,.r "ill II CI.HAXSKS . o.-r. siiK'.u-r — , LOXIiKlCI (M Vil.ili/.'it Oil in ilrnin 1'it-, I..T ::s l,i,i- :,s ~. !,, t . n |. (,,1,^ l.',.,l. His). MO.NTlIUMKKY VV.Mil). 2:,-ck^S Wanted to Trade Will trade -11-12 model cars for 38 or ,19 models. Good deals. Phillips Motor Co., 5th and Walnut. (>-3-ck-tt _»TIBBVILLB (£JULX .COURIER NEWS KEEP YOUR CAR ALIVE Keep il sun-ing safely and dependably until you k'et delivery oil ymir new Kor<l. Your i-liiini'i's ol' utellini,' a new iiuto in 1916 are VICKY SUM INDUKI), so <loit'l lei your present cur run down while you aro waiting. WOULD YOU Sl'lCNI) ?:«l.'.Xi or 82.1.00 per month and maka your Koril look and run like new and worth much more ulien you trade or sell? Here Is What You Got: A Factory ]{i.i,,,jn ^j o ( or , Ciii-liui-elor and Dislrihuloi-, a New (Mulch—New- Brakes—New Paint .loh and New Tailored Seat Covers. Highly Trained and Efficient Aleclianics—GI-IIII- iiu 1 Ford Paris. Oherl Milch—SiTviee Mtningcr No Cash Needed — We finance On Easy Terms — Fall Terms —No Red Tape PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark. Tel. 453—454 PAGE 'oliticol Announcements to *nrouno» th« lullow- Ui( c*ndt<ut«. nibjvot (o th* DeniuCTKtlo prlnuur- HMlirr AND COCXBOTtMB JACK FTNLTT K08W8ON WILLIAM BERRYMAN COUNTY JDDGK QENE K. BRADLKT ROIAND ORKKN TOR TAX A8SF8BO* DOTLK HFNDERaOJi W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT CLCRK HARVEY MORRia COUNTV COURT CLKRK ELIZADl-rrH BLYTIBi COUNTV TMtASURRB 0EIA.A PURTTJ1 •TATF KKPKESKNTATm AI«NE WORD B. O. PLEEMAN LR8LIK "DUKIK" BPKX L. H. AUTRY W. J. WONDEIIIJOH (Cor K-«lwilan) BTATE 8KNATOR 3. USE BEARDKN JEPFEIiSON W. SPECK CIKOl'lT JIIDC1K K. O. WARD If M, ORKElt CHAIJU-JS W. LIGHT FIREWORKS Crispy Cold fruits Vegetables Watermelons PADTEDO Rnicurv At VAKItHd Market <i2li North (ilh Street Oj)«ll ^ DlljK ;i W«*l< Clinic 514 Main, lilylliitrllle. Ark., rhune IK1 for wlut »•„ hnvc you ,]» »-.inl. !<nt- isfftclloi] Kunratilt'ed. l':ilji;rt Ili-rfin.'iii K«ri|> .Simp, .irn Kast Milin Klrc.'t. I'liO'io 859. a-ck-ir I(J Arrv farm. oxf;i l.-irj-o fou :i-rnniu ImiiM'. laiul Ml cl,': rr-ii.-iiri«l •2 j.on.lB. $2000: will t,.|l cn'ill,.. :i '''"" Jrjir^ry Xlnrv n f! <l Mnrkrt is'itli liviiri: tjunrtcrs. GroxviiiK' busiurss \Un I- nmiu II.MISC 2 Mucks from Main SI. Iliir<lwniiil fl<wi r « : lutlll-lri l.alh tnli iiuiL l,niH-iii ^itrli.Mi r.-it.inct. K.'as,.u . I.osl ]lt>y Gnifcrv. W. IS Help Wanted ':i,-r,.r >\'nrtinn-l>iri.|.tnr t»f nntinnnl nr- i-'^nualiiiii svill iiil.-rviiMV \vi,iiu.|i ov,-r Ihiriy fur l-KTilliv, ,!i : l,i:i,,l ,,,,.1,,-n >fnsi IK- fr,-r tn trjivcl. (.'nil K,nirn ^m. Xi.ljli. II.,1,.I. l,,.tw,>™ i; nriil 7. ATnn or Iftily tr> " ,liiifri<-,i, lianilli. fnll ,,r . ra'sli n><|i>'lri'il. For inl.-rvi.-iv' 'u-iv'.'' |»ln>m\ n.Mrcs^. *lnH; if r:i>li in, til'- •lintrly .-ivnilnlih'. Itnx .M.l\\', c ! n iVr .\Vw». •>.> -,,k ".-, SUrl ft Haivlfii;!! llusinrss in Missisvii-H :in,l N'orlli Criltrnili'n C.ivnui, «. H,-:il /ilnbli- v.-i,r'k ii,>nrliy. \Vrit|. HaiilVii:h% '"'I". AKF. = 7-K. M,.,,|],!,1 S , IVr,,,. Wanted Wanted to Buy Isr.HVAXT KOOJI for Xr^ro nniil j oiii|,l,,>,'il; willitiK lo piny p,,,,l ,, Lost DONT TAKE A LOSsTljcl ! the top price for your car j Small while purse conlainin" V!^ C > k ^'° m , ! >l "'-f-'l'«i money. Heward. I'hone SI7 G-2f)-pk-28 CO. Today. G-3-ck-tf ()!.! Inclnta sml c.iiner.l] for parts. (••Nti-i'ii's Sl,i,lio. .l| ,V,« ]ny for n^r-T dirnitiirc, one pirro or n honsp full, c^ll 2;U'_. Alviti li.-inly I>ir:ii1iirti Co. 4110 tk-ll Visit Our New Recording \Vc have insfnlled the very latest Equipment for HecorclinR Voices, Ha ml a n rt Orchestra tlusic and Messages. We also Rent Sound Kcjuipmcnt for Indoor and Outdoor Events. BLYTHEVILLE RADIO SUPPLY ^Yliolcsnle Only Phone .lf,7 112So. 1st St. W. J. Pollard Agency Safe, sound insurance protection, properly applied. rhone 3515 Glcncoc Hotel RefrigeroHon Air Conditioning The Ultimate in Mechanical Ability and System Designing M. D. TULLOS Telephone 22f>0 If you are troubled with Johnson Grass on your land you need ATLACIDE It's a Sure Killer Cel a Supply Today Special Prices On Quantify I.ols! PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., INC. Phonc 515 126 West Main St. Refrigerator Service Frrtl I.nwler ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. .T %V. Admas 7»Ipr. I'honc a071 2015-08 \\. Si,\in Join the Refrigerator Service Club (Two Scirlce Calls a Year Jl) Repairs to Electric Appliances Fully Guaranteed BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO. (Where Conrles; Is Not a Memory) E. Main Si. Phone 3S!6 Ice Cold Watermelons Peaches CUKH l.'IO Kiist Miiiu SI reel Your present car may have to last you for some time yet. Don't wait until something breaks down, faring it in to our expert mechanics for a check-up today. Langston-Wrofen Co. Sales U. S. Tires OPEN 24 HOURS Walnut & llroadway Buick Service Mobilgas WRECKER SERVICE Telephone 55U Phone 931 ,^"< for better TAXI SERVICE'" I'm- liiiic Irlps-si or innro In AtcnilHils or l.illii- H,, ( .k, nc.u' Ifiiln fine (or I'uimil trip. LOCAL CALL . . . Twin Gables. . . . 35c Midnight Inn . 50c Golf Club . . 50c Manila $4.00 Osccola . . . $4.00 Oilier [liners In <<tim|>;u Isnti. J. R. Payne, monorycr l,nkn antl Mttin Used Ice Refrigerators - 50-75-100 tt(«i<l list-el SiiiRer ,Se\vin K iMtichinc—sews like new NKW CMDAK ClHOSTS—New Perfect Sleeper lnncr;pring Mattresses— Box Springs Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. 301 Easl Main ' ,, h(mc 2; All our F.niplnyrr.s t>ro Wnr V«lrmi». WE NEED IOO Used Cars & Trucks Make or Model Drive in Today and Get the Top Dollar. We pay the finance Co., and give you your equity in cash, Visit Our Big: Used Car Lot Today LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Texaco Gas ft. Oili 301 W. Walnut Phon*578 CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blytheville" Phonographs — Ite.rordH antl Accessories. Nailery and Klectric Radios 21 n W Main Phone 3'M3 r. J. L. Guard Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main al A I.onc Distance Moving jiritpmt llc\\t mul c^ulpiucut. A*le- tfily Ii|Biir<!il. OoutCACk lUuLltlg Misc. borrlcei. Home Hi^rvlcn A Sl Miotm 'J801 Go, f>rferl rcrnlrhjg for tndn;'n requisite roolwcnr ivlMlrcif when rn- fmllt In «ur puHicru Kfmp. DON EDWARDS "The T.vunvrltpr Man" IIOYAI, SMITH, COKONA mil HKSIlNflTON 1'OUTAKI.K no N. SECOND ST. I'TIONE :i38a (Every Trnnsncdon ^rUST HE SATISFACTORY) PRESCRIPTIONS Frosh Slock Gimnmlccd Prices Kirby Drug Stores Kills Rats , Roaches Blddle Extermlnaton Member N»tT rot Central 115 8. TWrt «»• ice on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-up* and: lubrication makes your car function properly, and more economically. Have y.our brakes checked for safety. W* have a complete lubrication department. L [ We carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars and I trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Stock, of P;,rl« For Chrysler Product. 121 f " BOOTS AND 11ICR 1UIDDJRS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY EDGAR MARTIN More Help IF THERE'S AMYTJ-IING- I MATE TO sen. ire AMATEURS TRYING TO PUT IN A FOUNpATlON. THIS is A JOB TOR. EXPERTS / Bur GOSH, MR. LOWE--- \ On. NEVER. we CAN'T PAY You FOR I MIND'WAT, THIS JOB / -.-J SONNY 1 j HATE TD SFE VS LOPPY " \r BY MERRILT, BLOSSEH WAY To pur THOSE OfMER. rilOIF^ERS Tb WORX / LETS Jusr KEEP DOIMS TKiMGS ...-,„,, AND GCME GUY S V'trWS SURE 1& VGLiJNT6eR.Tb T ~y NOW4YTD N ^~ r QSTUCXJI S«3 / --- - .f YOU SAID (T, CHUM .' .- J V?.Y 29" THE"KlLL"te'';"TCVIMf3 TO " MAMELVER OOP BA.CK UP ' THAT CUCTAIM JU=T LI>CE I n NC\V WE'LL fc'ET -TO \ "ME EcrrTOM CP THIS / FUMWV BUSINESS.' /i.

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