The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 3, 1950
Page 5
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MONDAY, APRIL 8, W50 Gen. Marshall Hits Moves to Reduce U. S. Aid to Europe WASHINGTON, April S. (ffy-Geri. George C. Marshall sp<*« out today against "proposals to emaacuUt* and reduce" the European Recovery Program -'•' But the former secretary of state mid that the {our-year plan which Vrrs his name should end on the scheduled date, June 30, 1952, adding: • • "I feel that if this date is settled and clear It will spur the work of the European leaders and "people to accomplish the extremely difficult task ahead by lifting themselves above the need for ^our financial assistance." ' , -•': Marshall addressed a meeting of Economic Cooperation Administration officials on the .occasion of the Marshall Plan's halfway point anniversary. . He referred in his prepared speech to Communist efforts to scuttle the recovery program; telling the ECA officials: : ,-. < "V«u here may not be in the same sort if danger as troops on the bat- tlcfiild, but you are engaged In a conu'st with a foe who has designs no Itss deadly than those we have ever faced. •. ^ - . • "Chips Are Down" • "Make no mistake about It,'the chips are down, "Winning this struggle U as vital to the peace and prosperity of the world as any military campaign in history. Indeed, unless" we achieve victory our great military and financial sacrifices may have been largely In vain, I fear." However, he said the : plan has succeeded thus far and should be carried out as energetically as possible for two more years. . "To those who assert that our targets cannot be reached within the short span ol two more years I would say that perfection of accomplishment cannot always'be expected," he said. "But we have seen a close approach to that perfection In these past two years. Marshall added: "Looking again at the conditions prevalent in the spring of 1947, and : again considering the situation at' this moment, r can only feel that 0 " e ,_ near ™'racle has been accomplished. We must work for, and expect, another miracle." For All Their Poise, Even the British Are Having 'FlyingSaucer' Jitters Bridges Jury Meets 4th Day •^fN FRANCISCO, April 3. (/P)_ A^ederal court" jury enters it fourth day of .deliberations in th Harry Bridges perjury case today- health permitting It had prevloi'sl listened through 81 days an 2129,000 words of testimony in argument The ordeal, ,»hirh caused on Juror and two'alternates to ste out during the long and storm trial, made its mark Palm Sunda on the Chinese member of the 12 Ylck Kuen Wong had an urv4 stomach That ended Sunday's de liberations after only three hours The eight • men and four wome had been trying..for more than 1 hours to decide if Bridges, CIO long shore leader, lied at his 1945 natur alization hearing when he denief he ever was a. Communist Also the »r« considering charges that Bridges and two ccKdefendants, both union aides,-conspired to commit perjun it that hearing for the Australian born labor leader , [I Gwynn's Portrait '" May Be Phony Work LONDON —<ff)— -Nell Gwynn 1 Portrait Oallery may not be Nel by Sir Peter Lely m the Nationa after all, and it may not be by Sir Peter officials of the solid old government institution pondered this horrid possibility and began searching yellowed catalogues to find out where they stood The picture has hung there 39 years \uth a discreet label setting out that it shows the actress of Charles II' S day who "attracted the favor of the king and had apartments in Whitehall," then his palace But one gallery functionary admitted the identification may be a mistake. "There are numerous 'portraits said to be or Nell Gwynn, but'all differ," he 'said. "This one bears no, resemblance to "atiy.™ " In winter deer oiten become traffic hazards in the West by wander- Ing onto highways to seek food or get out of deep snow. ,RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Monday & Tuesday "MASSACRE RIVER" with Gny Madison and Rorj Calhocn Warner New» A Short. Last, Times Today Bad Abbotl int LOB Costelto hi "PARDON MY SARONG" Tuesday "Home in San Anton*" With Roy Acuff --:. April 3. t/P>—The British, who have been feeling superior o such things, have come down in great numbers with a case of flying saucer jitters. '". A bus conductor was the first yesterday^ to report by telephone to the. Air Ministry: "There's a flying saucer right over my vehicle with lots of littk men vith ginger hair Inside" The ministry Iiughed it off- one bus conductor doesn't count lor much But not for long The phone kept ringing Dozens of citizens re ported \arlouslj. 'It has clots on the bottom — its silvery—it's stationary—it s moving fast—the little men inside are having tea " Other phones were ringing not- ibly those of the Meteorological Office. The thing was- high,, low circular, tear-shaped Gentlemen of the meteorological of fie,; finally climbed to" the roof and sacpt, the skies vJtn their eyes Then it was expla ned—majbe A call from the Parachu'e training center at Weston-on-the-Green near Oxford, .to report that a pnra- chute:. jumping balloon was missing, the presumption being that it had torn away from its moorings It was about 60 feet long and the .Jumping school 'feared that in yes- terdaj s squall it might drift over London and cause alarm. The explanation isn't quite generally accepted. It doesn't account for the ginger-haired men, and no balloon has-been recovered. Grand Jury Resumes Probes at Malvern MALVBRN, Ark., April.3. CAP) — Hot Spring County's vice-smashing 1 grand jury resumed its investigation of bootlegging and gambling activities in this dry county here today. The jurors assembled for the second time in eight days amid reports that it would inquire into possible perjury by witnesses at inst week's session and again seek to determine if protection payoffs figured In any illegal activities here. A soiirce'close :o the grand Jury, who could not « quoted hy name, said both would be, taken lip. At last week's session, the Jury Indicted 29 persons. BI/rrflEVILLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS nrr-h " o «: aa o.. runner in the race for the title "M,;,s Stardust of 1950 • ™, ,* 'i?, llb< ' 1 ' to show ou "- 1 V^ 1 * 8>rJs huw to geu Kt b, , hyOU ^' CUUei ' U maU a pllol ° <* youfseu jeight, bus, hip and waist mu^u.uiiuiis. to Post Oilice Murray Hill Suuon N Y , befwe May Isl. The wtaoeiSis cash, a trip to New York and a three-year £S?» t Iront Arkansas Man To Head AM A Rural Program , Ark.,» April 3. (AP)— Promotion of the American Medical Association's rural health program will be In charge of an Arkansas agricultural expert for the next year. Aubrey D. Gaji-s, Little Rock associate dlrector'of the AsriculUiral Extension Service, has been granted a year's leave of absence to become field director of rural health for the AMA. The announcement wn.s made bv Dr, Llppert S. Ellis, dean of the University of Arkansas College ol Agriculture and director ot the Extension Service. Dr. Ellis said Lloyd Dohonan, assistant director, will be acting associate director during Gates' absence. 99 Words Tell GOP Platform WASHINGTON April 3 (/P) — Congressional Republicans have announced in 99 words the "platform" on which they are.running in the November elections. Here's how it I goes: CD Reducing taxes. (2) Balancing brdget go vernment of (3) Eliminating waste, especially along lines Hoover Commission reports. (4) Fighting Communism here instead of condoning it. (5) Providing fair market prices on farm products .aided by price supports — cooperative marketing soil conservation, reclamation, rura electrification—no .Brannan Plan. (6) Continuing and improving Taft-Hartley law 'to protect public from excessive power of labor and management. (7) Developing an adequate Social Security system that does not limit opportunity nor discourage initiative and saving. (8) .Protecting rights of .veterans NEW Box Opens Week Days 7:00 p.m. Matinee Saturdays & Sundays Mat-Sun. 1 pj«u Cent. Showing Manila, Ark. and minorities! ' v <9> Developing a united American foreign policy for peace—world trade without undermining American living standards. • , . (ID) Safeguarding liberty against socialism. Last Time Today "BAGDAD" with Vincent Frit* and Maureen O'Hua Also Shorti ; Tuesday ,• FEDERAL AGENTS AT LARGE" ^\wilh Kent Taylor N »n'dDorothy Patrick Also Shorts SUFFERERS , , , tf, » SO OFTEN. H'l k*C*M« ft, mttt tWi *m*z For a long time folks suffered wttH- out gelling any real relief from N «tom«ch disturbances, tlmpW because they didn't treat the cawe, Baking toda and the like only give temporary relief and may aggravate the condition more, because they don't get at the root of the «tii— BrnciENcrol That's why you «hould take HADACOI, dally. TW, new miracle-working formul* jupplle. you with extra quantities of UIOM B complex vitamins, lor which the aally needs have b«n »t*b\'.sh«L Iron and helpful amount, of precious calcium, phosphorus — vital n«alth-huUdlng, boily- and tUaue- repalrlng elemenU. Once these deficiencies have been relieved — gas, pains, htarlburn, Bloating disappear. When you b»y» «uch deficiencies, the nervea controlling the Intntlnea are weakened. Bowelsbecome constipated So you ste how Important HAWACOt Is In these cases, too. JfADACOK. has given amazing relief fa case «tcr caw. Such as: From New Orleans: Mr. Robert L. Morgan wrlte«: "I had stomach trouble for a long time. Gas on my .atomach and pains, I tried -o 1 knew, r started to take KAI>ACOI. ana IVi made » new man of me." From Laem, MIM. : -i coolant more th° D mj ' tom * ch tat I starte3 n to Uk?HAr^Aco'.'and began to Improve after the ant bottle.-— MTI. Barney Bollard *• >ow Eats Everything: Mr E Renderson of Hammond, La., write*, .Even if r ate just a little, mr rtomach would , w «u and nothlri gave me positive relief, I've taken only four bottles'of HAWACOI, and now I can eat Mythlng. I cant heS but pralM HADACOtv?" P . Iowa produces more chickens and eggs than any other state. Pre-Dmwn Blaze Kills 3 in Trailer LUBBOCK. Tex.. April 3. «>)-A pre-dawn fire yesterday killed three persoas as they slept In a 40-foot trailer house. The dead were Lt. Charles Hnhn 35, his wife, and Lt.. Ernest 'L Schrock. about 35, all of Fort Warren Air Force Base. Cheyenne, Wyo. Investigators said an exploding stove apparently caused the fire The three victims were badly burned, tout thcv apparently died of suffocation. The metal-covered trailer held in (lames and choking smoke The officers had brought n detail of enlisted men from the Wyoming base to do road repair wor!- at Reese Air Force Base near here. /imy truck is (Irmly mivcd after il-colla,^,! a Tolledbricl e.'' Bombs Prove Costly KUALA LUMPUR, Malaya Mi- Royal ' A l r Force planes blasted a target in Johore State they took lor a terrorist camp. U turned out to be a tin mine. The Malayan"government 1ms compensated the owners with $11,000. Ninety per cent of the people of Scotland live in a narrow strip between Glasgow and Edinburgh. DO YOU HATE So many women between the ages of 33 and 52 have good reason to . hate 'change of life' — the tlcne • when fertility etbs away — when ejnnarrksjihiti symptoms of - tbLs nature may belruy your age! If this functional period make* you Buffer.from hot flushes or ' innkcg you feel'so weak, nervous, .restless, h»rii to live and work with — trr Lydla E. Pl a kham'« - Vegetable Compound to relieve »uch symptoms. Women by the thousands have reported remarkable beuents. No other medicine of thla type for women haa such a long record of success. Begi'ilar use ot Lydl'a Plnkham's Compound helps build up resistance agnlnst such mlrtdle-ag« distress. The woman'! friend], MJIR, Or ,00 m., prcftr WdU K. VlnVl, Bai ^ TAH1J7T5 »!uV.,M«) f,on. Political Announcement Tlie Courier News his been iuthor- !?™ to announce the following can- dldatcs, subject to the Democr»U« primaries, July 25 and August «. FOR COUNTY JUDGE Roland Green l,iisl liny — Open 6:10 .s-i '*rno*\ Cartoon t> Novell? Tues.->Ved. • 2 Hit«~ ALSO ACTION CO-HIT _«A" DONNA LADD-REED • CARTOON r*ii1nv7 B..P/AX BUVTHEVILLES ONL'. ALL WHITE THEATPE Last Day • % Kg Hit* JACK CARSON in "ROMANCE ON' HIGH SEAS" Only JOT trial jiw. Family orhotf(tal Jtre », HAPACDL LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S 5 DAYS ONLY Tucs.-Sot. FREE! A Pair of Lovely Fine Feathers NYLONS Uegular $1.27, first quality 51 gauge, 15 denier nylons. With the Purchase of Any .Pair of Velvet-Step DRESS SHOES Brown and White Buck... S7.85 Velvet Step Red or I51ue Calf Red §7.85; Blue $8.95 $100 I OFF WEATHER-BIRD SHOES For Boys & Girls Special Prices $2.75 to $4.99 All Sizes & Styles 5 DAYS ONLY HEUER'S SHOE STORE Across HM Street from Hie Goff Hotel 5 Days Only

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