The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1936
Page 5
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 29, 193S "(AUK.); .eotjuitik PAGE'FIVE m/i GET WHAT WU CLASSIFIED ADVERTIS.ING INFORMATION Daily rale per line for consecutive insertions: One time per line 10c Two times per line per clay .. 08c Month rate per line GOc Minimum charge 50o Three times per line |«r day .. OOc Six limes )>er line per (lay 05o Cards Of Tlnmks 50c & 75C Arts ordered for tliree or six times nncl stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the ad appeared and adjustment, of bill made. All classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of Hie city must be accompanied by cash. Rales may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions take the one time rnlc. No responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect insertion of any classified ad. FOR SALE 5 room house, bath. Large lot. Across from high and grade schools. Cheapest laxes in town. Could be made Into apartment. W9 chickasawb dli U ANTIQUE soda fountain. Mrs. W. li. McMullin, 022 VI, Main l-tf FOR SALS— Stacking sticks and heavy wood—1.00 wagon load I. o. b. plant, Chicago Mill, n-ck-9-11 Large upright piano, for sale cheap. E. A. Deatte, Chlckasnw- ba Ave, 21-p-k-l Hot point Electric Stove. Thrift cooker may lie installed. Mrs A. M. Washbiini, 1025 Walnut. Phone 471. 2<JC k29 the WANT AD5 ^ Wanted Immediately, woman as Main, Eint'lc, middle age companion. 124 K 25p k2!> THIS CURIOUS WORLD I William Ferguson LADIES, Up to $10 paid weekly waking wood fiber flowers. Steady work, Send I5o for sample flower, Instructions und sufficient, material lo start. L. Jones, Dept. 50, Olnsy, III. Found Kcnoiveil U. & fi. Guaranteed USED" CARS Selected Values 1935 F O K 1> V-8 T It I) C K. L n n (f tvhccllusr, sfnkc Iioily. overload springs, S'ixfi heavy (liny du;ils on rear. 3 Ion license ?5SO 1935 FOIil) V-8 Dli LUXE FOKDOU SKDAX. Escel- lenl comlilinii lliroujih- out 5IS5 11)35 FOR I> V-S 11 LACK COUl'L'. ISriiml new .ires and radio ?M5 .1931 FORD V-8 ULACK •| I)lv LUXE TUIHHt. In ;V first chiss RuiHlitioa .... $ 1334 PLYMOUTH 1>1! LUXE f COACH S:!65 Money Hack Guarantee Ue sure lo KCC cur li»R of cars. You \vill lincl Ihun ulcve the average iu comlilion. Conic In, or Flicuv 810 or 811 PHILLIPS USED CAR LOT Sth and Walnut " ALL NIGHT Business Directory FRESH UKBU'OOT CRAPPIE 35c Per Order Lion Gas I6.Sc I'er Gallon LONG RUBBER HOOT by Cot! | Coin plant. Owner may Irave same by paying ror this" ad lit Courier News office. FOUND AT CAMP MOULTRIE'S GRILL—Key ring containing -1 keys, Including Yule key and Graham key. Owner may hove same by paying for this ad nt Courier News. HARRY BAILEY'S At the Arch State Line WANTRB —M.l KINDS JUNK 55 lo $6 Per Ton Aluminum, lOo Ib. Brass, 2c to 4%o Ib. ( Copper Wlrt, 4c to 5o Ib. Radiators. 4'XjC ib. HIDES & PURS WOLF AKIAN PHONE 176 128 E. MAIN Complele course in typing, fhort- hiuid, bookeeping. Also review shorthand class, scnable. Mrs. Call 824 W. Prices very rea- L. M. Bunietli:. Keal Estate GET OUR PRICES ON COTTON SACKS We Have Tlie Best FIGURE WITH OS ON HARNESS Large Supply Coming In Hubbard Hdw. Co. Mrs J. J. Davis—Spencer Corsetlere i • .Call. .,'421 - W for appoint ments FOR SALE Several thousand acres southeast, Missouri ricii alluvial cotton & corn lands. Any size tract. TERMS LIKE BENT. Everett B. Gee, Blythcvillc. ;, ".•„• ^ '''•• Sliip by J. W." PARKER TRUCK LINE Dependable Daily Service to and From Memphis Keep Freight Money at EIuoic Call 127 - 809 W. Aih St. Personal AUTO LOANS Cash Advanced—Confidential PAYMENTS REDUCED No co-signers. Just bring car and ref,'lslrntlon card.nlong.. U. W. MULLINS Sudbury Kldf. Phone -tfl.ij PRAIRie DOGS ANIMALS OF THE OPEN PRAIRIE, BUT TMERE IS A PRAIRIE DOG TOWN INSIDE THE crry LIM/TS OF DENVER, COLORADO. MAMMOTH HAD HUGE: UPPER MOLARS THAT WEIGHED 12.' POUNDS. 1 lo? Cu-ain Is Missile NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (Ul'l — I'uncy mlRSili'.s ore \K\ng used In llils city ly (hose bent on destnic- llcn, Police found thai so'jiobixly luul IliroVt'll n iiint brick of luo cream through tin 1 Jewelry store window of Joseph Koslorek fi Co. NclliliiB.was inl.vslni; and (lie ino- Uvo Is unknown. Tlici'C arc 380,003,COO spinsters! hi ilio world; 0,000,000 in Uillaiir,! 8.COO.OOO in J'nuico; II.COOXOO Jill the United Btatcs, :iud IG.QMUXM In Clenmtny. The ren'.aiiulcr arc] scattered throughout tile world. the lest ol' .Soviet 'iVils lUfki'l MOSCOW (UP)—An ull-mctal roekct di'sl|;n«l to roarh I ho; sliu(os]>hc'ri! has ucen built by UiOj Btrato.siihcie Committee of it IMS Central Council of Ilio Society for Avlallcn inicl Clieiuteil l)e-1 fi'irse. It will nmkc Its lli:il' shortly. KI.KC'i'KlO & IF 1 ACUTVLKNK WARNING OUDKE IN THE CHANCERY COURT OP THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Maudie aooieeflV Plaintiff, vs. No. 0256 Pclc Georeerr, Defendant. Tlie defendant Pete Georgefl is warned to appear .within thirty day.9 In the court named hi the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Mamliej THERE WERE THIRTEEN PERSONS AT THE IJ&T SL/PPEK, AND JUDAS IS i REPRESENTED AS j THE THIRTEENTH GUEST C31B1SBYHEA SOW"*. IMC. ficorgctf. Dated 1936. H. M. CRAIG. Clerk By A. P Smith, D. c. Nelll Reed, Attorney • I Robt. A. West, Ally Ail-L. 22-20-5-12 ALLKY One inantinoth teolh, Inkcn from n carcass Irozcu In tlie tundras of BlL-Eiia. measures clijhl'. Inches aloni; the face, is l\vo ai;;l a half inches broad, and has sur- leiisth of ahnost inches. Specimens of .ancient mammoths Imvc been found 22 day of August, with the focd of (heir last meal still between their Iccth. A telescope camera, pointed at (he Pole Star, and left exposed through 2-1 hours of a I polar nlgljt, shows the starts, not points of light, but as circle around the celestial pole. AT BKST I'HICES I'ROMIT SERVICE Sarksdale Mfg. Co. PARTS & SERVICE DEPT. N(»V OJ'KN UNTlf, 0 1'. M Itt'iulif for all Care and Trucks Washing . (ireusini; Wrecher ,Scr\'lec 1'huiit: C3:i TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO PHONE 10 RADIO REPAIRING LUMBER FOR SALE riant Closed Down S'l' nenlly Cheap Prices All kinds roush IHlVTAJJtllUIt Chicago Mill & Lumber Company Blytlwrlllf, Ark. I'lionc KM All ).«intlii|r llramls <if HlKll «i;l(lo CiMl SUMMl'l 1 , CJHKAT 1IKAHT, UiULIJANT, MONT1CELI.O etc,, inchi(lin|.> our liimons SUP11EA1E —Also Suud luul Guivol— Supeiior C'uul & Miniiiu; Co. 700 FOR SALE We hruo on hand now and ii'iidy foi dellieiy new crop of Alfalfa Seed for retail or to dealers. If Intcicbtcd sec ua L.R. Matthews Gin Co. Cotton, t'ollon Seed "arid Coal 1X1. 1511-3 Yaifjro, Ark. ONE STOP' SKUVICB STATION FOR VOW CONVENIENCE 1 SINCLAIR GAS AND LUBRICATION AYRKCKKU: SERVICE' Day J'honc Night ('hone SSS 88« — HATIURY SERVICE —RADIATOR KL'l'AIR -UOHY WORK -rUMHIR \VORK -OI/AS!) INSTALLED —AUTO PARTS W, T. BARNETT AUTO SALES Dodge ft M;moith Dealer Now Located at 101 North fircomt ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, I'roiivlutor Alt mUca oi ittiuilt Tjjwwrllen, Adding HUcnlnc* and <M- itrputrlnE—I'acts—lllblroru For Sale: 20 A. improved farm on N. Division, >i mile from city. Lillie Colcman, Gen. delivers 1 . 26-p-k-2 WANTED TO BUY LAND! we' have buyers for any Else trr.c!s.j If you \vnnt to sell sec us at once. I Thomas Land Co. ' Final Close Out Wall Paper 1936 PATTERNS LOWEST PRICES If'nr Kent Modern country home. •! rcoms & bath; I mile south hospital. Mr.s. Eltna Archillion. 29-ck-tf Four rnom furnished nparlmcnt • 1015 W. Ash. Call 145-W. 10-ck-tf THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 ALADDIN LAMP PARTS •Don't target ,wc have 'genuine Aladdin Lamp rarls— 25c . Each BURKE HDW. CO. APARTMENT- 5 rooms, hath, unfurnished. 1st class condition. Mrs. Matt Moimghan. Phone •"•68-J. _ 3-ck-[[ 3 room fur. 1 apartment! Private bntb. front, back entrance. 1 ; Call TOV. 22-c-k-lf 2 or 3 room FuriiLslicd Apartment; reasonable. OH Hcarn. 21p k 3-21 3 room furnished apt., gnrage free. Clieap. 1315 W. Main. Call 335W 15c kit Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. MAIN 3ct the benefit of summer prices. Fill Up Now My Coal Is Bhck But I Treat You White I.OOAI, HAULING /QHN tlUCHANAN —rilOXE 101 , ~ Finn. Aparlmcnl in Shane duplex, f, ' at 1114 W. Ash. Call 107 or 511. | 3-c-k-tf| For Sale Wcstlnghoiisc HHcctric rnngc; flal top oflicj desk & chair; Victor adding machine. CHEAP. Mrs. Welch Foster, call 194. SO-pk-2 O'BRTEN'S CAFE. completely equipped. Doiii^ noo^ business for past 1G years. BARGAIN. Brunswick POOE. TABLE, complete. CHEAP. JORDAN SEDAN, in good condition. At give a\vay price. 'F. SIMON. Cnll 764 300 choice spotted Palnnd feeder PIGS. 25 Ibs.. up. I. M. Cnsttlo, Highway 120, Uixcirn. 2G-p-k-2 Good Used Tracks 1934-V3, ]'.4 ton truck IS34 Chevrobi Hi ton truck 1A3 International H4 ton truck •t trailer 'C35 IntcrnnUonnl 1V4 ton truck & trailer W ton International Pick Up TERMS Implements, Inc. DECORATING Expert Floor Sanding and Finishing JOHN W. BUKTON, East Ark KuiMers Supply rhonc 2D TRANTHAM TRANSFER CO. Movtag soc room up. pianos f 1 up, PHONE 964 Eggs, Poultry BABY CHICKS—Blood Teslcd Barred Rocks, White Hocks, R t. Reds. White Leghorns, ?7 jwr hundred. Postpaid. FRANKLIN COUNTY HATCHERY, Union, Mo. Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & ? 111 E. II Uatteries BETTER BATTERY SERVICE Call J. B. CVme At Tom Jackson's Service Station Salesmen Wanted Salesmen to call on schools teachers and parents. Convenient territory. Pleasant, dignified, steady and permanent. Call at 117 south Broadway. THK B1YSTKKIOUS' PACKAGE ALLEV, RO VOU REMEMBER THAT PACKAGE I CARRIED WITH ME ALL THE WAV -DAW6ED IP I KNOW I REMEMBER,! HAD IT~> I KMOW- THEN.THINGS WENTx-SoU PROPPED I SUPPOSE I'M CRATV TO HOPE IT ' T'TELL VA, .^^, THIS WHATCI-IA , IT FELL DOWN BE IWEEM SOME SO IT AINJf HURT MUCH- ju c j' A u me SCORCHEP ON ONE SIDE- BLACK-AN 1 WHEN I THAT AWFUL/VDU ARE f WHAT I ncxr MM. /T4-MECKI5IN \ THAT PACKAGE, ) IT WHEN THAT FROM SAWALLA? CAME TO, I WAS OH, THAT'S WONDERFUL- THANK VOU,; SO MUCH. FIRE, UN HARMED, I WENT LOOKING PORYCUTPICKEP IT UP AN 1 BROUGHT IT ALOM6. LIM& FELL ON IM THE ; WATER-/ YOUR HEAD- IT MUS' BE THERE VET IP IT AINT BURNEP UP-I'LLGO SEE- ANVWAV? y WASH TUMJS TH61 I QUMNO. \ GROOM'S j THEY CALL \ UA,ME?/ HIM MISTER' }-. - > LULU 8ELLE./ ' " TELL WOW IT FEEL5, BUDDIE. TO BE M&RR.IEDTO ATWO- tAOV PRIZE F AMD IM BEHM-F OF TW6 SKUNK. STREEr OH, HipNEV- MERCHANTS, I PRE&EMT THESE U&.\H/ BUNCH! AlNT) ,W PET.' IT 50CIETV NOTE: ROUOVVING A U TEN PAV HONEYMOON TRIP TO PRAIR.'E P06AMP POINT. EAST, MR AND MRS. C.HOLL5 WALLI5 HAVE RETURNED TO El HOVO WHERE THt BLUSHING BRIDE WILL RESUME- HER SHERIFF; FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A JIG-SAW TO OSSIE! GEE.IFTHIS GEALLV IS CAPTAIM XIDD'S TREASURE, SvE'LL BIT THE PICHEST KIDS IM THE V.'ORLp! AWD HIS WAME IS OH THE BOX, SO IT MUSTA BETEJJ MIS/ HE V/AS A P1RATE...HE V/AS EXECUTED Bf THE BRITISH FDR BEWS A SEA RAIDER, BUT THEY UEVER DID FIWD SWERE HIS TREASURE WAS X HIDDEN ! LETS HURPV , GET THIS HMD OUT WHAT'S IM IT.'.' WHAT GOOD WILL THE DAPKI THIMGS BE, IF WE DOMT KWOW HO\V TO PUT THEM •t ' TOGETHER ? BELIEVE WHAT HISTORY ( TELLS US, IT OUGHTA • BE'LOADED DOWM ! V/riH . PIECES OF YOU THIMK IT'LL BE?

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