The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1944
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JULY 21, 194-1 Slate To Have 3 More On WLB Arkansas Formerly ,('.. Had Only One Member % On Regional Board LITTLE noCK, July 21. (UP) — Three additional Arkansivns arc to be added to the regional War Labor Board at Kansas City. Congressman Crooks Hays of Little Rock, in announcing the additions, says Hie new members will represent industry, labor and the public. • A move to expand Arkansas' representation on the Kansas City board was begun several weeks ago after efforts to transfer Arkansas to jurisdiction of the regional WLB Ixrard at Dallas, Texas, fallen. Fred J. Vc-nner, chairman of the manufacturing committee of the Greater Little Rock Chambsr of Commerce, says the state previously had only one representative on the '24-member Kansas City board, Vcnncr explains that most of Arkansas' manufacturing competition came from Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas and other southern states and that business of this stale could not compete if forced to pay wages comparable to northern scales, unless salaries in other southern areas were increased. Venner says Arkansas had to obtain additional representatives on tlie Kansas City board or be transferred to the Dallas or New Orleans district to prevent its industries from being endangered. BLYfHEVJLLE (ARK.). SOURISH NEWS • EOSON IN WASHINGTON Problem: Least Undesirable Yarbro News The Woman's Society of Chris- lian Service of (lie Yarbro Methodist Church met yesterday afternoon ill the home of Mrs. E. V. Hill, with nine members snd one ^visitor, Mrs. E. G. Ketzcll of ;on, present. ,. f n\e devotional was given by Mrs. icoontz, followed by prayer by Mrs. Hill. Medical work in Africa was discussed by Mrs. Stiles, Mrs. Hollingsworth am! Mrs. Young. Mrs, Ketzcll. district secretary, talked to the group about, the Fall work, after which she dismissed them will] prayer. A sandwich plate with iced drinks was served. CAHO OF THANKS We wisli to thank our many friends ami Dr. I. R. Johnson for the kindness shown through tlie illness and death of o\ir loving husband and father, L. C. Davis, who passed away July 15, I9M; who will be sadly missed by nil. Mrs. Annie Davis, wife Mr. Evcrelte Davis, soil Miss Ora Davis, Mrs. Doi Payne, Mrs. Elsie Gray, Mrs. Evie Blasingame and Mrs. Mnyme Webb, daughters. Read Courier News "Want'-'Adz. 1 - HY PETER EDSON . Courier News Washington Correspondent The peculiar embarrassment of the Democratic party chieftains In trying to decide on a vice presidential candidate to rim beside Franklin Delano Roosevelt Is that they arc not trying to put the fing- «f OK the best liiau to run, but on Ihe man who will be the least objectionable. Everyone suggested for (lie job thus far is able enough In his own sivcet way, but Die catch is that one and all have political b. o. to some sensitive noses. Merits and demerits of Henry Wallace are so well known as to I'cqlre no detailed rehashing here. Admittedly brilliant and : having to his credit many practical achievements that have 'contributed richly to Improving American life, he is still branded as a visionary. c The mere thought of his ever reaching the White House on a fluke starts many people screaming. Snm Rayburii of Texns has made an excellent speaker of the House | of Representatives, respected by ' both Republican opponents and Democratic followers. But becomes from tlie less-populous south and the belief that ' northerners' won't vote for southerners in high office is still hanging around as a hoodoo of political folklore that goes back to the time of .Andrew Johnson, even though Cactus Jac Garner did break tlie spell In 1932. Furthermore, Rayunrn is not widely known In the north and .west and would have to sell himself to the voters. UYHNES? HE'D HAVE TO SKU; HIMSELF,'TOO ' From his position as director of the Office of War Mobilization and "assistant president,". James P. Byrnes of South Carolina would seem to be "a natural choice. He has behind him ; a distinguished record as a senator and a short record -is Supreme Court justice. .But Byrnes as boss of the war agencies has played a behind-the- scenes role, dodging the Ifmelfght as much as possible. He, even more than Raybnrn, would have to be sold to the voters. And like Rayburn, he is from the south. There is considerable northern enthusiasm for Sen. Harry 'Flood Byrd of Virginia. But lie is no favorite of the While House. Roose- j veil, in fact, had so much legisla- | live opposition from carrier that it I is doubtful if the President would | welcome any southern conservative SILBERXAGKL A CO., INC. Little Knck. Ark. Bake Better Pastries, , With Shibley's Best Flour... This fine Hour ACTUALLY REQUIRES LESS (SHORTENING! A Series of GOSPEL MEETINGS Starting MONDAY, JULY 24th Each Evening at 8:30 CHURCH of CHRIST Main & Division Sis. C. E. McCORD Knobcl, Ark. Song Director Come and Spend a Pleasant and Profitable Evening COOLED AUDITORIUM E. R. HARPER I.iltlc Koek, Ark. Evanglist to preside over tlie Sciinlc. cerinlii- lv »o such n vie presidential candidate would bo welcome to tlie New Dealers. NORTII.KHN NEW DKAl.KK? SOUTH SAYS NIX As a reverse to this, a lot of northerners in Die party nrc not ncccplnble to the soulh, where nny- one- having even n slight suspicion of being New Deal Is porsonn noil grata, n s the diplomats sny. Jms curse works against not only Wsllace, Init also ngnliul such pco- j)le as SujH-ejiie Court Jnslice Wil- Ifnni O, non B as, Federal Circuit Jiutge Slieriunn Minion of Indi- aun, niirt War &lttii]X)vvcr Commissioner Paul v. McNiitt, the most, kicked-ai-ound guy In the whole twl- jiilnlslratlon. Any of these New Dealers would probably be acceptable us a second choice to (he labor groups, particularly Die C.I.O. nml Us Political Action Committee. The l>. A C. win dcfinitcy nol supiwii Dcvvcy. >>M l!ie vice presidenlial nomination of an nnU-lubor i-on- srvntive .southerner would nlicmUc the iiffeclioas of n powerful and growing jmllticnl force. One borcier slate- senator who would lie acceptable to the soiith- crhers and to labor too would be Harry s. Truman of Missouri. He lias made a national rcinitaUon as, chalrmnii of the Senate Committee to Investigate u le War Effort. Bnt if this is to be an all-out carry-on-tlic-war campaign, Truman's presence on the ticket would place Hie lulmlnlslrulloti/ln a fim- iiy ixtsilloii for the slm[ile renson that 'ivuman Is poison lo the War mm Nuvy rteimrtmenu inul lo nil (lie ndmlmls and generals In Wnsh- inglon. They ihink his luvestlgii- lions nnd reports hnvc lihulcred the war effort, rather thiui helped 11. What lo do, what to do. WAUN1NG OKUKK Iii Ihe Uianrery C'ourl, MilckK- sawba l)islrli>t, Mlsslssljijil County, Arkansas. Mnry Alice Jordan, Plaintiff, vs. No. 8G4G OCOTBC Jordan, Ucrcmltml. Tlie defendant, Oeorge Jordan, Is hereby wiirncil lo uppetir witlilu thirty days In the court mimed In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plattilllf Mury Alice Jordan. Dated Iliis (i day of July, 1844. 1IARVEV MOItRIS, Clerk. Virgil Greene, Ally, for PlnlnttJT. 1I7-H-21-28 DAVE Wants To Shak Your Hand FRIDAY At- Jonesboro Bay Trumann Marked Tree Tyronza Turrell . Speaks at BlytheviHe 8:30 p.m. SATURDAY At Luxora Caraway Black Oak Mone^^e Speaks At Leachville 2:30 p.m. Speaks At Manila 4:30 p.m. Speaks At Osceola 8.-30 p.m. Get on the Bandwagon And Win Wit/i DAVE TERRY For Governor Roaches, Hats anil Mice ellml- ii.ilci). Contract service In pest control Biddie Exterminators , Freo Ksflinalea. , US S. Third j'hniin 2751 EARL PAGE Candidate For Secretary of State IS THIS HOW MY OPPONENT GOT ELECTED? Head these excerpts from a editorial tiy J. A, l.Mii|;sl<>ii i Cmulcr-Dciiinrnit, liu.ucllvlllr Ark., July C 1910 "STATE OFFICK1I I'lAYS I'OMTICs WITH' STATE MONEY When a |ml>lfc official at tempts l« perpetuate himself ii office lliiiougli nffldal patronng and favoritism to his fricml with puhllc fuiuls, ami the with lidding of Iiinful mid le K al pa Ironagc from those who dare I i>Ii|iosc his iicrnclwilliw In of lire, II Is uii-ilcmoorallr, unjiis und Indefensible. The voter usually can be ilericnctccl upoi lo retire such self-sceliers I. Private life wbcii tliey becam aware of theiii machinal ions. Bui Secretary Hall, seeking TIIIKI) TEItM, | m nUcmptert .shakedown" of the ncwsnnpc imlilisheis which he. probnlil thought n-oiild line all of liter »P for him and insure his elec Hun Many publishers Who re fused to srtsind for the "Shake ilnwn" — ivliu i,;i,j (|j e courafr and Independence in stixntl fo the light and the freedom of tin press guaranteed by (lie Const! llillon—who refused to sell the! influence tor n mess of potlagf —arc liciiiR "paid off" this week ,Ttiird-tcmi ".Crip'^is -showing- Ihcm the error of their ways- anrt nidi the State's money. On July 21, thioc weeks be fore the ulcctinu, tbc Courier Democrat received from Sccre lar y "Crip" Hull copy for a two column advertisement in hchal nf his candidacy. It was accom p:micfl by q letter stating tha "many" of the editors had "re quested" the. advertisement, am he would "appreciate" if publication. The ailvcrilsemen probably went to all newspaper in flic slate. Nowhere did tin letter even Intimate that Third term "Crip" meant to pay fo (lie advertisement — though i "'•is Hie same (ync of display advcrtisiiiK, willi picture o "Crip", thai i s usc ,j an ,[ p a [ l( fo li.v all candidates. And here's wlicr c the "pros sure" comes In. Every pulilislic who received copy for' these FREE advcrllsrmcnls—the same sort of advertising that all other candidates were raying for — knew thai SCcrclary Hill carl) in August would send out fo publication all u, c Acts »m Amendments to lie voted on El November amounting to 51,010. 25 in each county. Third-term "Crip" did not saj so In his Idler, of course, Im the implication was there am: twl«I not lip overlooked by an' cdilor: "Publish !lif s FREE nt! vcrllslng for me and your papc will set its share of lh c Act and Amendments." Some newspapers had tin couraBC to rclicl at the "prcs Mire" mclliod The Courier Democrat consigner! the free all vcrlislng to the ivaslc basket. The "shakedown" could not linvc been more liinely I'nbll- ralion of (be ,\ c i s 3,1,1 Amendments was necessary this week Third-term "Crip" sent out III" FKEE advertising just ihrc< weeks before the election—l«o u-ccks before lime to place the •Acts and Amendments—and loo late for the newspaper publishers lo contact oilier publishers and sl.irl ,1 movement (o block the nefarious scheme. \Vc iiave no complete check of newspapers of Ilic state, but have learned of other papers that refused lo publish "Crip's" shakedown advertising and were ignored ibis neck when Die Arls and'Amcndmcnls were sent out for publication. Kdilors who published Ilic FREE advertising arc now bcinc paid—and well paid —willi the Stale's money.—Daily Courier.- Democrat, Kussellvllle, Ark., J. A. Livingston, Editor. All Over Arkansas— County on County—It's EARL PAGE \ by Overwhelming Majority Secretary of State ; Don't Be Mistaken! Don't Be Misled! 'TOOK" GATHINGS IS THE MAN! For Congressman From Our District ~r': &^2±i d 3is'£ °«r:? s£°s^' ^ "-• w « *<• From Our Congressman [" Gathings Is The Man i f 7a C 7hii a ^or re th C °m kin9 to - ov ? rturn ou/r(forr " j of^government and make our State and Na^ .•••••••.• . ' , "Took" Gathings is the Man for Northeast Arkansas! What we are interested in is the Best Man for the Job! Ask the Folks At: BlytheviHe - Johesborp - Helena - West: Memphis :- Forrest City - Osceola - Paragould - Trumann - Marked Tree - Harrisburg -Augusta - yVynne - Marianna - Piggott - Rector ^> Corning - and all towns in the First District if they don't think "TOOK" GATHINGS is the man' - . • i i EVERY INFORMED CITIZEN IN THE DISTRICT KNOWS "TOOK" IS THE MAN We Want a Man Proven By Fire— We Want a Man Proven By His Deeds—Not Promises— We Want a Congressman We Know We Can Defend On Because He Has Proved Himself 100 Per Cent THAT MAN IS "TOOK" GAININGS WE DON'T WANT TO GO INTO THE NEXT TWO YEARS — THE MOST CRITICAL YEARS /N TSNAT ' ON HAS EVER FACED ^ NOT KNOWING ™™ know THEY HAVE A FR1END IN CONGRESSMAN TRIBUTE -ooMN I . PK mu T C OR THE ' R RIGHT T ° WORK WITHOUT PAYING WILLSKTOTHi??OP vn?? M H °J HERLLAB ° R CZAR ° r DICTAT °R- "TOOK" GATH- WILL btE TO THAT FOR YOU — He knows how to do it! When this war is over, we want to know that Northeast Arkansas has a man in Congress that « r C \ L °' IS AFTER "TOOK"— BECAUSE HE REFUSED TO VOTE TO MAKE THE C 10 ,r V A RN T, EN r T ? F n™, EA i', N .l TED STATES ' BECAUSE "TOOK" FOUGHT FOR "F REEDOM : OF R )£, A 7~I he C> '• °' SAYS GET THAT FELLOW." LET'S GIVE OUR "TOOK" GATHINGS FoTH?iAS E ^ AMER1CA " NORTHEA ST ARKANSAS VOTES FOR THE MAN THAT FIGHTS FOR OUR DISTRICT, STATE AND NATION". "TOOK" GATHINGS IS THE MAN FOR OUR DISTRICT DONT BE MISTAKEN - DON'T BE MISLED Keep Arkasas' First Congressional District Represented By a Man Proven By Fire To Have The Intestinal Fortitude To Stand Up And Fight For Our State And Nation— E. (. "Took" Gathings For Congress MAKE IT A LANDSLIDE ;

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