Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on November 22, 1978 · Page 2
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1978
Page 2
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2—Ukiah Daily Journal, Uklah, Calif. Wednesday, November 22, 1978 Did Temple members murder 5 persons in Mendocino County and Bay Area? By ERIC KRUEGER Journal Staff Writer Sources familiar with the People's Temple have linked Rev. Jim Jones to several deaths in Mendocino County and the Bay Area over the past seven years, but no concrete evidence has been presented to substantiate the claims. According to these sources, temple members, acting on Jones' orders, have murdered at least five people. The sources are firm in their conviction that Jones ordered the executions of temple members he perceived as a threat to the church. "I think he's the cause of several deaths around here," a source said. Jones was said to be responsible for the death of a Maxine Swaney, who died in a 1976 auto accident on Highway 101 near Gobbi Street. "Jim said the reason she died was because she was planning on leaving the church," said one source. The source indicated that Swaney's car had been run off the road. According to Mendocino County Sheriffs Office files, Maxine Elizabeth Swaney, 52, of Redwood Valley , died when the car she was a passenger in went out of control, ran off the freeway and rolled over five times. Swaney was crushed by the car after being ejected from it, files note. Her husband, Nathaniel, had been driving the car and was not injured. He told authorities he had apparently fallen asleep at the wheel. Although the car was registered to Mr. Swaney, sheriffs files list the People's Temple as its legal owner. Investigators found no evidence of foul play. Files indicate the Swaneys operated a home care center in Redwood Valley. Sources also said the 1970 death of Maxine Harpe could be traced back to Jones. The 30-year-old divorced mother of three was found hanged in a garage near her Talmage residence. The sheriff's office listed the death as a suicide. No signs of violence were reported at or near the scene of her death. But sources said Jones had Harpe killed because she was planning to leave the temple. "She knew too much," said one source. Sources indicated Harpe's death was made to look like a suicide. There were "too many accidents like that" involving people planning to leave the temple, a source observed. Harpe revealed little in her reputed suicide note. It reads: "Call Jim (Randolph), it's very important, if he's not there try Edith, tell her or him I'm not home and they should get here right away. Then stay in the house until they come." ' The note was apparently left for one of Harpe's daughters. Files indicate Harpe was having a relationship with Randolph, also a temple member and an employee of the county welfare department. Shortly before Harpe's death, Randolph transferred at least $2,400 of her money to the temple. Files say the money was supposed to go into a fund — set up by the temple — for Harpe's children. "Maxine didn't want any of this SUPERVISORS ACTIONS THIS WEEK The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors Tuesday: COUNTY BUDGET — Received bound copies of the final 1978-79 budget, totaling $27,907,702. According to County Administrator Al Beltrami, 150 copies were made for selected distribution. REP. LEO RYAN — Supervisor John Cimolino expressed his sorrow over Rep. Leo Ryan's death: "His death constitutes a real loss; at least he knew where Fort Bragg was." GENERAL PLAN — Continued until Dec. 5 action on a $32,000 bid from the Sacramento-based firm of Gennis & Associates to serve as consultant on a revised General Plan. In the meantime, the bid will be reviewed by the county planning commission. A copy of the bid will also be sent to the state attorney general's office, which has filed suit against Mendocino County for alleged inadequacies in the General Plan. Total costs for Gennis & Associates services, if the bid is awarded could be $64,000 ($32,000 additional if an environmental impact report is needed). MCEA NEGOTIATIONS — Unanimously adopted a memo of understanding that will give about 600 MCEA employees an increase in fringe benefits, including at least one extra holiday per year and higher employer contributions to Social Security. CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION — Civil Service commissioners have recommended all county department heads have an annual job evaluation. Supervisors balked at the suggestion , saying it would only create more paper work. Said Supervisor Ernie Banker: "We're going to have all chiefs and no Indians." Supervisors did concur, however, that all department heads should be removed from civil service. Supervisors also nixed recommendation that county jobs be studied for possible reclassifications. RUSSIAN RIVER BRIDGE — Scheduled a public meeting Jan. 4 at 8 p.m. at the Veteran's Memorial Bldg., Seminary Avenue and S. Oak, to discuss reconstruction of the Vichy Springs Road bridge. ANIMAL CONTROL — Referred to the agriculture committee a proposal to convert all county trappers to federal status. The federal government is already picking up the tab for three of the six trappers. A savings of about $7,450 is estimated. CETA — Received a request to locate a CETA office in the Fort Bragg- Mendocino area. Supervisors expressed concern that this would only mean more manpower would be needed. The item was referred to the board's personnel committee. money for herself and wanted the children to have it." Randolph told investigators after Harpe's death. He said he would sign his official statement for authorities-after it was reviewed by Tim Stoen, at the time a temple member and Mendocino County assistant district attorney. No signature appears on the statement read by the Journal. According to the files, Stoen had helped set up the temple trust fund for Harpe's children. Files also note that former Mendocino County Sheriff Reno Bartolomie was "a custodian of the trust fund." Around a year before Harpe's death, her sister had reportedly called the local welfare office. Fearing Harpe might commit suicide, the sister asked the office to check on Harpe's mental condition, sheriff's files show. However, Randolph reportedly tampered with Harpe's file at the welfare office and apparently prevented any action based on her sister's request. The 1974 death of Leo Bleier was yet another incident sources linked to Jim Jones and the People's Temple. Sources said the 64-year-old Redwood Valley man owned property the temple wanted. When Bleier refused to sell, Jones allegedly used two young girls from the temple to sexually entrap him. This presumably resulted in the arrest of Bleier on charges of child molesting. According to official files, Bleier's death was a suicide, involving a self- inflicted gunshot wound and slashed wrists. Investigators believed that he killed himself out of despair over his arrest. Sources say he was shot on orders from Jim Jones. . Investigators found no signs of struggle in Bleier's residence. He had owned the Redwood Valley Market According to sources, Jones was behind two murders in San Francisco. Jones, they said, had Christopher Lewis, around age 35, gunned down in 1977. Lewis was killed because be knew too much about Jdnes and the temple, said sources. They noted Lewis had been a bodyguard and hit-man for Jones. Lewis had been sentenced to prison, and Jones was afraid he'd start talking there, the sources said. The San Francisco Police Department has confirmed that Lewis was shot and that there was an investigation of the case. An SFPD spokesman said he couldn't reveal more information about the case because the inspector in charge of it was out with an injury. In a bizarre case, sources said Jones was responsible for the poisoning of young Curtis Buddy in San Francisco some four years ago. The youth planned to leave the temple and speak out against it, sources said. • Jones reportedly told a congregation that Buckly, who was about 13, would die. A while later, Jones returned from a phone call and announced to his followers, "Curtis Buckly just died with rat poison in a Coke," sources recalled. Jones then told the youth's mother that her son would be reincarnated, said the sources. According to them, the death was never investigated. Neither San Francisco police nor the coroner's office have any record of the death. The city's health department death registry would not release any information over the phone when called by the Journal. JFK died 15 years ago today DALLAS (UPI) — In past years, nurses at Parkland Memorial Hospital placed a black wreath on the door of Trauma Room 1 and rearranged it as it was on Nov. 22, 1963, the day President John F. Kennedy died there. But today, the hospital — like most of Dallas — plans no official recognition of the 15th anniversary of Kennedy's assassination. Traditionally, Trauma Room 1, where Kennedy was pronounced dead of wounds he received when he was shot during a parade through downtown Dallas, has been kept empty each Nov. 22, except in case of emergency. But this year, a reporter asked the emergency room supervisor if a memorial service was planned. "A memorial for what?" the supervisor asked. "Fpr John F. Kennedy," she was told. She hung up the telephone. A hospital administrator later confirmed there were no special plans. The city no longer holds a memorial service for Kennedy and last year, about 200 people attended a ceremony arranged by Dallas County officials. Today, the county Democratic Party will have a brief service. Except for a wreathlaying ceremony at the memorial on Sunday by the local Knights of Columbus, no other organization announced plans for a commemoration. Democratic Party spokeswoman Susan Buck said the yearly memorials to Kennedy have grown shorter each year, and interest until this year had dwindled dramatically. "Remember, Dallas has grown ah awful lot," she said. "A lot of our population did not live here 15 year!s ago. We have a short service planned downtown at the Kennedy Memorial. It will involve an invocation and a couple of short speeches. "It is basically just a remembrance. I don't think it ever hurts to remember what can happen. Maybe it helps people try to see that it doesn't happen again." County Democratic Chairman Ron Kessler will make the primary address at the service, as he has in past years. He is one of few party officials left who was in Dallas in 1963. TODAY'S MARKET BATEMAN EICHLER, HILL RICHARDS INC. NEW YORK (UPI) — The stock market, aided by a stronger dollar abroad, pushed higher early today in slow pre-Thanksgiving holiday trading. The Dow Jones industrial average, which fell 1.56 points Tuesday, was ahead 3.21 points to 807.25 around noon EST. Since Du Pont, a major component, was trading minus its dividend, the Dow ' was operating at a 2.43-point handicap. Advances led declines, 675 to 444, among the 1,619 issues crossing the New York Stock Exchange tape. The market was buoyed early by the dollar's strength on foreign exchanges. The greenback's recovery abroad recently has been a major factor in the stock market's latest revival. Early in the day, Alfred E. Kahn, chairman , of the Council on Wage and Price LIVESTOCK Lives STOCKTON (UPI) toe*. Cattle salable 1075 Slaugh ter cows moderately active, fully steady with week BOO Instances SO cents higher ; slaughter bulls' steady; feeder steer calves fully steady but penlots of uniformly choice calves scarce; heifer feeder calves steady to J1.00 higher, yearlino steers and heifers poorly tested, few lots and Individuals SI.50 2.00 higher under strong demand. Slaughter cows: few standard and good, young cows and heifers 45 00-44.25. commercial 3 4 38 00 42 10, utility 1-2 largely 40.00 43 50, instances 43.90 on holsteins 1400-1650 lbs; few low utility 39 50 40.50. cutter 38 SO 39 50; several canner 36 80 37 50 Slaughter bulls, yield grade 1 1.070 1,550 lbs 50 00 54 00, lew yield grade 1 2 1000 1250 lbs 48 00 51 00 Numerous bulls sold on feeder accounts, 850 1,350 IOs 48.00 52.00. instances to 55 00, including some bulls that were sifted from Saturday's all breeds bull sale. Feeder steers, choice 325 425 IbS 72 00 76.50. 425 550 lbs 65 00 73.50, bulk 68 00 72.50 ; 550 625 lbs 65 00 71 00, instances 72 50 74.50 on uniformly choice near 550 lbs 625 700 IbS 60 00 64 50, 700 825 Ibs 59.00 62.00. few 850 900 IbS 56.00 58.00. Mixed good and choice 450 650 Ibs 60 00 65 00; 650 800 lbs 56 00 58 50; good, largely holsteins 400 575 IbS 52 75 55 00, 650 750 IbS 46 00 48.00 ; 750 965 IbS 45 00 47 SO Feeder heifers choice 350 450 IbS 60.00 64 00 ; 450 550 IbS 58 00 61 50, 550 650 lbs 56 00 59 50; 650-725 Ibs 55.50 57 75, mixed good and choice 450 450 Ibs 51.00 55 00 Stock cows: few cows in cutter and low utility slaughter flesh, 850 950 IbS 38 90 40.50 cwt; 18 head lot choice, young cows near 900 Ibs with calves 125 200 Ibs 590.00 per pair, few other cows, mixed ages, 850 950 Ibs with calves 100 250 Ibs 537 50 575.00 per pair. OBITUARIES Henry Schlichten WILLITS — Funeral services will be held here Friday at 11 a.m. at Anker-Lucier Mortuary chapel for Ervin Henry Schlichten, 62, who died Monday in his Willits home. The Rev. Douglas Wahlberg of St. John's Lutheran Church will officiate. Private cremation will follow. A native of Taft, Mr. Schlichten had made his home in Willits for about 30 years. The past 13 years he had been manager of Pro Flame Gas Company, here. He was a veteran of World War II, a member of the Lutheran Church and the Rotary Club of Willits. He is survived by his wife, Elvira Schlichten of Willits; one son, Rich Schlichten of Tatalina, Alaska; one daughter, Marsha Anderson of Santa Rosa; and five grandchildren. Memorial contributions preferred to the heart fund. Maude E. Gilliand Services will be held Friday at 10 a.m. at the Eversole Mortuary for Maude E. Gilliand, 84, who died yesterday at a convelescent hospital. A native of New Jersey, Mrs. Gilliand had lived in the Ukiah area for the past 11 years. She is survived by two children, Ira Gilliand of Ukiah and Thomas Gilliand of Santa Rosa. In addition, Mrs. Gilliand is survived by three grandchildren and one great­ grandchild. Her husband, Ira Gilliand, died in 1956. NEW STARS in the FASHION UNIVERSE A thought for the day: American poet Walt Whitman said, "Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, or city of this earth ever afterward resumes its liberty." AVON IT PAYJTOMAJtd PIOPLI HAPPY! Sell Ave* CALl462*114» RABBIT FUR JACKETS The perfect Christmas gift for the Light of your life! Now only H>4.95 IRENE'S A JLADIES WEAR TOTS TO TEENS] N. SCHOOL ST. ^ Stability, said he was "basically opposed" to mandatory wage-price controls. Kahn told a House subcommittee he expects President Carter's economic programs to achieve some '"particular victories" in small ways by February. Kahn created investor concern last week when he predicted a "deep, deep depression" if Carter's voluntary anti-inflation program failed. Federal Reserve Board Chairman G. William Miller earlier this week disputed Kahn's theory. NYSE volume at the two- hour mark amounted to about 8 million shares, compared with 8.99 million traded during the corresponding period Tuesday. The market will be closed Thursday for Thanksgiving and many traders already have begun an extended holiday. Prices were higher in moderate trading of American Stock Exchange issues. NOW PLAYING LAST TIMES SATURDAY IWALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS' SPECIAL MOVIE TREATS] THANKSGIVING HOLIDAYS spurring m DALE KARENVALENTINE DON KNOTTS JACK ELAM STARTS 7:07 - 10:23 ALL-FUN FEATURE 5UG5Y MA LONE L - J STARTS B:4» PLUS • DISNEY CARTOON |/in|l PHONE 462-6788 NOW PLAYING - A MUST SEE! [Continuous Shows Thursday - Fri., Sat. & Sun "* THE ZANY PICTURE OF THE YEAR NATI«WAL LAMP**NV R ANIMAL UMim A comedy from Universal Pictures THE MATTY SIMMONS IVAN REfTMAN PRODUCTION [NATIONAL LAWOON S ANIMAL HOUSE „ JOHN 0EIUSHI TIM MATHESON JOHN VEI \No| STARTING TIMES 7:32 - 9:48 ADDE-D SHORT FEATURETTE "CHARLIE CHANSTON MEETS WILD BUNCH" |STARTS TONIGHT • 1 WEEK ONLY Continuous Shows Thursday - Fri. Sat. & Sun 2 BIG FUN FILLED FAMILY HITS FOR THE THANKSGIVING HOLIDAYS ITS FABU-LASSIE FUN! R ^S NE X ; N ? OBERTSZ, MBALIST.SHARRETT FA YE • EVANS-CURBco^cno. .<- - LASSIE MIS STEWART-, M -^j "MAGIC OF LASSIE" TONIGHT 7:00 - 10:52 AND THIS ALL TIME FAVORITE- NOW NEW!.. BETTER THAN EVER METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER promts A BRYAN FORBES Mm TATDM CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY NANETTE O'NEAL FLUMMER HOPKINS NEWMAN Wrltt«i.Produc«l »nd Dtrwted by BRYAN FORBES - Mu»lc by FRANCIS LAI |PGJ 0~*£EEB3 Mcntocou** STARTS 8:41

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