The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1946
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JUNK 20, 191G Editor Scores Labor Leaders Decries All Moves To Arraign Business Against Agriculture. HOT SPHINOS, Vn.. June 2(j. CUP)—Dr. Paul I). Sanders, n-cli- mond, va., editor ot the Southern Planter, said today that "attempts by labor leaders and demaiioRues" to pit agriculture ami business ag.ilns one .-mother is an effort to "sabotage our democratic society. " "American agriculture is too Ms and diverse to be ground into ou- livion between the 'upper and neither millstones' o f organized labor and industry," Sanders told tho annual convention of the plant food industry council. f American farmers have set new production records for seven consecutive years, in the "face of every conceivable difficulty" and with "no strikes, no picket lines on tin* farm front." lie said. .Sanders called agriculture "the seed bed of the nation's population." and said "It is the nation's responsibility to preserve it." Dr. R. M." Sailer, chief of tiif: Agriculture Department's Bureau o! Plant Industry, ctteci the accomplishment of scientific research which aided in record breaking agricultural production during the war. lie reported that 10 per cent fewer workers turned out 50 Per cent more farm products "-". World War II than In World Wiir I. Hybrid seeds which led to higher Plant yields, improved methods in soil management nnri tremendous strides in quality and quantity oi fertilizer production contributed to the record. Salter said. "Agriculture and the industries serving agriculture must keep up their good record In using the tools of science," he added. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Grand Jurors Discuss Juvenile Delinquency LITTLE ROCK, Ark., June 26. (U.P.)—A meeting of the Pulaski County Grand Jury was in session here today to take up reports of various committees nsslgncil to study juvenile delinquency. Walter C. Guy, foreman, announced that the Jury would also S.ake ii|> the robberv-tlontli ot Robert B. Gallman, Little Rock contractor whose body ivas found in a lonely wooded section of North Little Rock last March 27. Head Courier Hewo w»ni $5.00 a Kiss I . Actress Dorlene Raskin, above, charged him $5 a kiss and got S50 cash, her husband, Sidney Kaskin, testified in Los Angeles court divorce trial. Later she went to jail lor contempt ot court for language she used to characterize his testimorLv. Mikhailovitch On Trial General Draja Mikhailovitch, former chetnlk lender, us he apjicam In court during his trial in the ; Yugoslavs Military Academy in tho suburbs ot Belgrade. A three-man Yugoslav military court is trying bin] and 23 other defendants for nllceed treason r.Jicl collaboration with the Nazis, (NEA Tetcimoto.) Bikini Placed Out of Bounds For Foreign Craft During Test 15V JOSKI'II MYLKK , United I'rcss Stuff C'orrciiiioiiilciU ABOARD USS MT. McKINI.EY AT BIKINI, June 26. (UP)—Vice Adm. w. H. P. Blandy. commander ot th c "Operations Crossroads" project, today declared the Bikliu urea out of bounds for nil foreign ships and aircraft and warned hi; ivould use force if necessary ti. keep unauthorized craft away. With the bomb scheduled to be dropped in only s ix days, Blaiirty said in response to a question at press conference that airplane:; net connected witli'ojjevation crossroads would be unwelcome in these parts from today on. "If any ship actually tries to interfere with these tests in any way," Bluntly .said. "We would uw force to sec Unit they did not interfere. We would escort them out forcibly if necessary." Asked what would happen if an unauthorized plane flc«- over Ui- kini, Blandy said. "It would be too bad for that plane." He went on to say in connection with the possible appearance of foreign ships that he did not, anticipate any such interference. Blandy again expressed his pleasure over the success of Monday's lull dress preview of thc atomic air drop and said that Task Force One was ready tor "Able Day" next, Monday. The project, commander said this country has Riven formal notice that a large area including Bikini and Euiwctok are dangerous during the test period. They should be entered only after getting clearance from thc port director at Bikini. "That jmplies," Blandy said. "that. if anytfedy fails to get clearance and proceeds into the area, he docs so at his own risk." MeHnwliilq, salcty precautions ior »AGB SEVIH continued, "Is a Hi'oiit deal \es\ than you ^cl when you Iwve your tfclh X-ray«l. You could have i.WO times more exposure imnnlessly limn we're i;otiu; to iimuit imy ot iur boys to gvl." No i>erM>im<'l will be clnser lliaii 11) miles to the bursts. At Hlio- ihiinn niul Nagasaki, Warren sa'.d, iiiuwn bflncs furllier lluin 1 '•*-* nlle.s from the bursts were not limned by the bomb's urliunry ift- llation. OO A'J~~.'.± /"*.,.!I.A '" history (limited mitlty yesterday £.£. AQrnil \3Ullt b - l ''" rc T" 1 "" 1 Judge Arthur A. In Automobile Black Market DETJ10IT, June 26. (OIV—Twoii- ly-lwo of 31 pfi.sons Indicted on charges o( conspiring to operate the lurnest used car black market Koselnsk. Beven others nlndei'. not (nillly and Hit remaining two were nrvcrcil from the tihil by court order. Tin- 31 were Indicted lost A(irll 19 when !h» United States Ulnulct I Attorney's otllce here Hiniounced smusliliiK of ii |3.000,<XW liliu'k market hi v.ilc, ri or.n< 5,000 used curs were sold for a,i much as tooo above celling prices. You M have to be HANES TAILORED SHORTS or* cut to full eiie — lot a man'm comfort. The Beat i» roomy. the log* the right length lor ploper fit. Shown heie with a HOBO* Sport Shirt which doublet aa a "WaYY-»rjfle" undet- •hiit. the '•,2.000 otflcers and men -.v!v will take part in the atomic experiment, were gone over carefully. The atomic bomb is a combination of high explosive, incendiary, and "poison gas" or radioactive materials which can produce death and destruction instanlcously or over periods ranging from hours to weeks. "My instructions." Col. Stafford L. Warren said today, "are that there shall be nobody injured " Warren, chief ot the crossroads radiological safely section, has ordered that no one in joint Task Force one shall be subjected to more than one length rocntgen unit >l gamma radiation in any 24- liom- period after the bomb bursts. A rocntgun is a unit of radiation iusl as a gram or nn ounce is n -Miit of weight. Wnrron, in civil life professor of radiology at thc Rochester (N.Y) School of'Medicine •mil Dentistry, sniri research -.vith niimals over a period of years ha<l M'ovcd that daily doses of one-tenth •ocntgcn are absolutely harmless. "That, much exposure," Warren Insulate Your Home NOW with PARTEMP FIRESTONE'S Home Insulation PARTEMP will keep your house f'OOWili in the summer and WARMER in the winter. PARTEMP is a new type of home Insulation sold exclusively by Firestone. PARTEMP is genuine staple cotton. FAKTEMF is light. It weighs less than 10% as much as some Insulation materials. PARTE.Vr is easy and safe to install. It v.lll' not harm skin or clothing. . ; PARTEMP is Government inspected and- approved. PARTEMP is Fire-resistant. Not even the flames of a blow torch will ignite it. PARTEMP is vcriuiti-rcucllant. Come in or Call Us Today Regarding The Amazing New PARTE.MP FREE ESTIMATES O. O. HARD AWAY I'lionc 2101 Wm. H. 1>RASK 207 M:iin Slvccl THE HANES FIG-LEAF SUIT is deiigned in one piece to gi»« athlfttic Buppoit and waiitline com- iort. Aftk your dealer to fit you in •your correct trunk lize — measured irom shoulder through ciolch and back agaia. As a Natural Aid For HIGH BLOOD PRtSSURE blood pressure HSSuclUcrt with kidney dlae*M may b« ieiluce<l by keeping kidneys functioning properly. For 60 ycnrn doelora have prescribed Lhla tutorial water from Hoi SjirlnKs, Ark. Pure lastlv's . . . nut H Uxutlve. Write Uxluy for free booklet. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division BlythprilV. Art, Terry Abstract & Realty Co. Abstracts of Title — Lands — Loan* FELIX A. CARNEY City Radio Repair Radios and Appliances 324 E. Main St. Phonu 2407 Top Prices for Cattle, Hogs Short haul — Less shrinkage and no ' commission moans more money for your livestock. THE HANES FIG-LEAF BRIEF »knit Itom fine cotton. Exclusive Hones construction gives gentle, athletic support. ComrenUntly placed jly. For extra comfort combine it with a highly abioibent Hanei Undershirt. P. H. Hone* Knitting Company. Winslon-Salem. N. C, -the National Underwear •V-.-. Waiting is tough on us, too For months we've been hoping to present each and every one of you with the new Packard's you've ordered, and have been waiting for so patiently. I-nst fall, the outlook was good. Packard was confident it would doable its pre-war output in 19'f6. (The factory is equipped to turn out fa* more than that.) look what has happened! Then came material shortages. Parts shortages. For reasons completely beyond its own control, Packard was able to keep its assembly line moving only aint days in the first quarter of this ycar.i • In t'ne meanfrme , . . Our friends have kept calling us up and asking, "Hey!' Where's tfiat new Packard I ordered ivceks ago?" Many of these arc old friends— Packard owners since 'way back. But to make life more complicated, everybody seems to want one of these grand new Packards. Cher 65% of <hc people out to buy new Packards are now driving some other make. Honest, it's gotten so we hate ID answer the telephone or look our friends in the face. But... Your patience will pay offl One of these days, ihc shortage of parts anr! materials is hound to case up. And when it docs, those twin-assembly lines at Packard will really roll. Anyu'jy, you ctrr depend on this: As fast as the factory ships cars to us, we'll do everything we can to deliver yours at the earliest possible moment. So, we hope you'll be patient a little lonjer. We're doing the best we can, and so arc the folks at the factory! , ASK THE MAN WHO OWNS OME SEYMORE MOTOR SALES Phone 886 Walnut and Franklin BLYTHEVILLE ARKANSAS LEO SWIFT BUTChfc'R'S ABATTOIR Phono 3458 Join the Ark. Automobile Club and enjoy it's many benefits YOUR MEMBERSHIP SAVES YOU'20"° ON AUTO INSURANCE Ivan R. VanPatten Your Sales Representative 418 S. Luke St. Phone 2409 Neoda . . . TAXI!! Coll Bonded and Insured 968 Bill Wunderlich For River-Washed SAND and GRAVEL Phone 965 . We A/so Sell Good Black Sandy Loam and Dirt for Fills LARKIN SERVICE STATION K. M. Urklo 219 East Main St. Hnlat No Waiting! No Delay! In Arkansas - Missouri Tennessee - Mississippi 4% LOANS On Good Business and Residential Property in Towns of Over 2500 MONfY PAID ON DAY OF APPLICATION IF T/TLf IS SATISFACTORY Callor Writo FLORIDA REAL ESTATE LOAN COMPANY AK'DREW J. FLORIDA, Vice-president PHONE 210 Mississippi County Bank Building Osceola, Arkansas

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