Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 13, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1896
Page 1
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v * rrt 4—*-. IfT v~>-.— : LO JOURNAL LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, SATUBDAY MORNING, JUNE 18, 1896. DO YOU WANT • ANY? We place on Sale Today 100 doz. Children's and Ladies' Handker= chiefs,25C values for 5 cents. This loo sonswn of plain white hemstitched Handkerchief* and fancy borrVred ocrs for Children itud Misses. Fast colon aad make, from splendid dhe»r cloths. Regular prlocs-are 13 and 3a cent,. TODAY FIVE CENTS. New Shirt Waists are arriving daily and the older ones are being sold out at greatly reduced prices. Lots of bargains Today and Saturday. See our West Window for the Handkerchiefs now on Sale. Our Big East Window for Shirt Waists. 409-411 BROADWAY. 306 FOURTH ST. BOLT THREATENED. Platt (Jives Some, Park Hints Re. garding New York's Dalegation, Rupture to Occur in Event of Seating of McKinley Contestants-More Contests Decided. Clothes up to Date Have been in great favor at our establishment. Fact U no one haTa finer line of woolens and worsteds to select from than 1 cure. Important-Features ... ' in'the make-np of our clothes work their superiority, cot the cheapest tailors but claim to be the best. We are Carl W. Keller, Tailored Draper. 311 Market-Street. St. Louis, June 12,-It is expected.that by Saturday evening Union station will be In the hands o£ the convention visitors, rl.c terminal otllclais tee! certain of an irn- mor.sc "rush", and thcy.qJ-e g'li'dl.ig' their loins roi'-t!io great amount of work which must result.. Advices from:.-the ..various rbtids runnlns Into St. Louis-Indicate that thure will bo u very heavy traffic on rceru- 'lu'r:'pasHim 8 or trains, In addition to special urid'axcurslon ears. .' • • . "Five ^Vabash special trains are expected on-.Sunday. The Colnmbln club, the lead- HiB republican orKanlxation o£ Indianapolis, will arrive here on a special train Monday evc.ihis. The BUilne club of Cincinnati will arrive Monday mornlriE on a special train of nine sleepers. It will brlr.fr a car load of fireworks along. A Knosvllle (Tenn.) party and the Mc- 1-lr.lev club of ClmUn-noopa, Term., will arrive' Sunday evening, as will also three extra aloopors from Boston; one from Scranton Pa.; one from Schenectady, N, Y.: c-no special train from New York; three special crti-s from Albany, X. Y.: a special train, from northern Ohio, and another from 'Two 'prominent republican politicians from -Pennsylvania arrived Friday ar.d colliid-TtV the headquarters of the na onal eomroUieo. They arc Hon. B. F, Gilkerson,, cli<Urmr.n of republican state centra committee of Pennsylvania and second comptroller of treasury under- President Harrison, and State Senator Boise Per.- rO»e' '''Mr. GUk'erson says that MattQuny B name'xv111 bo presented to'the convention asVp'resldentlul nominee. On being asi ed It .Quay would accept second place on trie ticket Mr, Kllkerson replied: ' ~l don t know'.' I am not authorized to speak for Mr. Quay m these matters." J&r aiorton n« T'Ong n» Hojie Lasts. New York Mis opened headquarters ort the parlor floor of the Southern. The ordinary, a lar B e room at the rlfflit of the stairway, has been secured oy the tm- Dire state. The decorations were completed Ihursday and the Morton boomer? took possession Friday morning. Chairman HackcU says:. , "Xcw York is 'for llr. Morten as Ions as tlic-rt is a possibility of liisbclns nominated. Of'the T: cK-loimtes all but six arc Instruct* "If Morton has no show, '.vhat then?" h "TheiC" he'rtplled, "we RO with the majority to nominate the next president, bul T.-hiIo there Is the least hope for us we are emphatically for Morton.' Sew York Tiilks of Bolting. There was open talk among the New fork men Friday morning of a bolt from the convention If the eight contests In tho New York delegation are decided against The Platt delegates, Mr. Plan's friends seem to be under tho Impression that the contestants In New York who favor Mc- Kinley'B nomination will bo seated, and they have no hesitancy In saying that such a course will justify them in any act they may take to preserve their self-respect. Ittiriy ana srioiiiu carry out tneir iliraat- ened nut-pone to. bolt, they do not expect B.IIV consideration from . the convention. They -arc hoping, however, as Mr. Platt put It Thursday night, that the contests will bo settled on their merits without reference to the way -the seated members are likely Ui vote, so that they may consistently urge Mr. Morton for the vice presidency. Mr,' J. II. Munley, of Maine, has been flc-luged-wlth, telegrams requesting him to explain or Qualify his statement given to the press Wednesday, In w-l.lch hcconcederi thut M2.J. McKinley- would be nominated on tho llrst . ballot; but dcc'.ired that Bpeakor Reed would remain In the field to the llnlsh. Late Thursday afternoon tho national commlUeenmn from Maine furnished this signed statement to the press: "The action of the national committee at their meeting of Wednesday, showing clccrly their intention of. placing on tho temporary roll delegates favorable to Gov. McKlnkv,-, which, in the. end, would mean iJO additional votes, caused me to make the statement that I did. I am as earnestly for Mr. Reed as ever, and am with Ma Mends, doing everything: possible to bring about his nomination, and I '.we upon his supporters- throughout the country to ir-ake .still greater efforts In his behali. <Vr. Immense canvass picture or. the sneaker was placed In position in the ro- uihila of the parlor floor of the Southern hotel Thursday afternoon. Ueua buttons and' badges arc also making their appear- rinoe and there Is every indication that his boom is 10 bu given a renewed impetus. -310KK BrKI>-LEY_aiE>' SEATED. Xlttioiml Committee Kxpu.HtflH It» Work ol' Connlilcrlnc ContPHtn, St Louis,. Juno 12.— Every member of the national committee was in his seat or rep : resonl*<l by proxy when the body recor.veneu at 10:30 o'clock. Just as scon as Chairman Carter had called his associates to order Commltteeman N. B. Scott, of Vicst BEGIN WORK. Committee to Investigate Bond Issues Holds Its First Session, Secretary Carlisle to Be Questioned —New York Bankers Will Be Next Interviewed. GIVES IT TO THE GOLD. Th< queen of hearts In nil these parts, If you can RO by rumors Is one who ridel a wheel, and elides About in dainty bloomers. We Have Others we Call Them Knights We also have an assortment of second hand bicycles which must be sold. Call and make an offer. 202 Sixth Street, Z1NN & COMPANY. was,'aopc<y.., Secretary Manley annodnced con^t in thp'ElShth Virginia a Invitations Are always-appreciated and especially so when they a,re tastefully gotten up. THE JOURNAL Job Printing Department Is making a Fpecialty of NVITAT10NS, PROGRAMS. LETTER HEADS, NOTE HEADS- BILLHEADS,'. STATEMENT* CARDS, CIRCULARS, ETC,', ETC, Latest Styles in Fancy Type and Material. Fresh Water Yeast! Hakes the purest and Detest Bread- The Bread Recipe on separate^p^PERFEgT- ^ PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co. The miMmmn Specialists ot New T«kten;«*»««•• ». A. HACK as agent for their.celebrated Spectacles and Bw Glasses, everr pair Ruuanteed, » A, HAUK lias complete aciortment and InTltw aU to satlsfr tbemsertes of tne great superlorltT of these goodBOT« any manufactured, at tha store ol D. A. HAUK, Sole agent *). Loganspoi' Ind. So Peddlers Supplied MR. PLATT HINTS OF A BOLT. • These gentlemen assert that • McKinley cannot be elected without the electoral vote of New York. They recall the defeat of Judge Folder for tho governorship In 1SS2 by 190,000 majority because one delegate went; to tho state convention .on a forged proxy. They reason therefrom that If/.Buoh a spirit of resentment could be aroused, by a circumstance as comparatively 'unimportant, much greater 111-foel- ln«'would assuredly bo engendered by .what they/ .torm-.'a "wholesale robbery of seats." •'.', > •' i /Platt In Complacent. •Ex-Senator Platt. who .was calm and complacent Friday morning, does not say thHtThe'''arid his friends will leave the con- ventJoriliall In such a contingency, but he leaves rip doubt upon an Inquirer a mind that such a course would be Justified. He was naked by a reporter what tho Morton-, men- would dtf If- the national committee, docldod the eight contests In favor pi McKinley delegates. He was also told in that connection that It was reported about the cdrrfdora of the Southern hotel that they would''bolt. ' • • • " . "Don'it.you think." said Mr. Platt, speak- Irifr'.wItrV his usual deliberation, "that such a ca9«C''would demand heroic treatment? MrVHahh, of Ohio, Is quotcd-as saying that the', Mclilnlcy men In the committee will seat >on\yvthose delegates who.ara friendly to.,Uic vQhio candidate. It. .we should be forced,\to leave the convention under those clrouTn«ttir.c08 I don't think anyone could bfuiHtiu. The nomlnatlon.of a candidate, oon'tlnued Mr. rlatt, Blffnlflcantly, 'does not Bcttlo the presidency. . Many thlnga rhay-happen between now.and next,November."., .'.....': .McKinley Men Not Worried. ' Tli«'McKinley men are -not at all dl«- turbed' by the report that the Platt men may'bolt the convention;''One gentleman who Is, very close to McKinley,.both/In a personal and political way, was spoken wfth' regarding this mat.ter. "Do.'you think McKinley can carry New fork -state without the. aid, of tho.Platt men;'orlln spite of their opposition?" this gentleman was asked. «:•,;•,'. "McKinley can be elected without.Mr. Platfs aid. We can get New York In aplt« ot Flatt Mr. Platt Is' discredited In the eyes of the American people/.He can i hurt us In New York or anywhere else.' HON. .J. II.. MANL.ET. Virginia, asked the committee to Give Is serious attenlir/. to the fact that while this was the Liilrd, uay o£ thu session, onb Ct contests hU-'ao'-Iar heo.npc.3sed upor anJ fos still remained U ;>or. the order o£ 1 us ness Thirf 'he said, in view ol the s,hor . ' the 'eomrnRteo, was a it. case that B. tants were divided Dfttwucn Beed ana Alli- S °Thls matter disposed of, anfl the cliah hBVlM'waln:ai.nour[c^that the selection ot a .temporary- chairman of the convc, . inn would 'be the special order fur twc o'clock ^Saturday; consideration of the Mississippi '-contests was rcsumeci. E<-Consressman Lynch appeared for the contesteca J.- W. Eandolph and Samuel D yomis (both colored), and Gen. •rho.nw . ol Ohio, spoke 'for the' contestants, C. A. Sirnp- anr, ind Goorcc F. Bowies (colored). Ther, was^.o flebate In comnrtUco and the two last named were promptly seated by- a unanimous vote. With equal celerity the contestants In the Seventh (Mississippi district. James M. Matthews, Sr.. and 'GeorRe C, Cranberry (eolored),werc place ?rt th * roll to the exclusion of J. Meridi h •VlfttthcwB and Thomas £. Mchardson. 3i each of these eases both con«sw« ana cdmestants were McKlnleyltes and presidential preferences cut no figure In Hie de- clJlons. This .concluded the business from Tho Morton lor Second Place; New York men, it Is believed, will U. DO IN U-w J. wt *»• «»»v.--» -- — — •— - •. j ~ endeavor to secure, the second place on the tS for Gov. Morton after JlcKlnley IB. chosen tor nr^ place. But this-is only In the event, .as they express It, that they are "treated fairly." K. they ara not."t.r«»t-4 tie committee took up the case brought from tH« First district ol Alabama, which had Veen laid over from Vvcdnes. dav afternoon. Hero the contestants v. era S M Murphy-ana D. H. Prentiss, both colored and favoring K«d .isi n™t,=ho!ce and the contestees Samuel S. Booth and. Jolu Harmon (colored) both for Mclvlnley Motton was .made to submit case to surv •commltr.ee of live, -which was ruled out and •a.'reconsideration of the vote was ncfeatof •--9 to IS A motion to exclude- botli con •tcstanta and contestees from temporal •roll was defeated. •The committee refused to scat the Rc<-»3 deitsatlon by a vote of 32 to 31, and Eoo;l and Harmon were .placed upon the tern Dorary rdtl. Sonntor Gear, of Iowa, declared that this vote "would have a bad effect upon the country." . • At one'o'clock a motion to take a recess o 'one hour was vigorously resisted by nmnj of the delegates who desired a eontlauou .session 'Until mlflnlpht, but It prevailed bs a close vote. , '•Uponreassembling the committee passec 1 over temporarily the contents of Dela ware and considered thosi from Louisiana In this case the representatives of th« regular republican party of the state, com nrlnlng William' Pitt Kellogg, Albert H Leon«'l (white Recites) and Hevirj Demaii and J. Madison Vance (colored Me Kinleylfcs). ulalm to be entitled tobeplacec upon the roll; Against them are the nom Inees o: the national republican suga planters' convention, A, A. McGmnH, E. N Cornay, Anthony Doherty and K. « Hackney, all white McKlnleyltes. The committee went into executive nes Bloh, and promptly seated the Kellogre dele Kates V-y a unanimous vote. It was sug eested. however, by several members o fhe committee that this summary proceed ing might do Itijury to the republican cans * Louisiana by alienating the sugar p ant eta' element, and 1 ,' the respective delesra tlons having been called back, Clmlrma Carter made a pacific address, aug SSflnfr that the .committee of credential of the national'convention was a court o last resort: The contestants accepted th ••SitKW'on and announced as they with 'drew tht"the case would be carried to th •convention. ; ; " i '•" Senator lilU Goes to Scashorr '•Washington,June 18.—Senator Hil and d party of friends left Washingito, :,for Cape May at 11 o'clock Friday. Th. aenator will spend several days at th sen 'shore, After which he will go t< New-York. Washington, .Tune 12.—The special senate committee, of which Mr, Harris--, of Tennessee, is chairman, appointed to investigate the recent sales of government bonds, beg-un its inquiry Friday. The session was devoted to rending- the reply ol Secretary Carlisle in answer to a senate resolution, giving a review of the sale of. bonds to the Morgan-Bol- mo'nt syndicate. The matter \viis generally discussed after which it was decided to request Secretary Carlisle to appear before the committee on Monday next to answer inquiries regarding his written stutemont... In cose the examination ol' the secretary is completed on Monday the committee will go to New York that night to examine persons in that city connected with the bond sales, The committee desire to close the investigation as soon as possible, aird will do EO ns soon os all parties interested can be heard. THEIR FINES PAID. AH Hut Jthoilcs SIS" n» Agreement to Keep Out ol Trannvaiil Politlcn. Pretoria, Ji-.ne 12.—The fines of £25.- COO eir<!h, which were? imposed upon the Johannesburg reform committee leaders Phillips, Farrar. Kliodes and Hani- mond.were paid Thursday, and Phillips. Farra.1- and Hammor.d signed a document pledging themselves to abstain from iiuurfcrouce in Transvaal politics lifter which their banishment was canceled. Col. Khcdes refused to sign the liTC'.'meiit to absnirn from interferenc'; in politics »nd was banished forlifu. He stoi-ti«3 for Cape Town Thursday night. Hammoml, rhillips and Tarrar left in the afternoon for .Tol-.nnntfsburg. ' Prices in Johaiiiissburg have gretftly. TRAIN ROBBERS FOILED. Ilelil Cp a Train on tlM- C!io»ii,)c Ohio Bond. But Ar« Drive" Off. Montgomery. W. Vn., Tune ]2.—The .vc«t-bound ex-press 0:1 tl-.c Chesapeake & Ohio r:>ilroac\wa-.i hel'l np between >tton Hil! arid Kanawha Falls at.l2:45 •'clock Friday morning by three men, vho, after a. fight with the train crew, 3,-ide their escape without, securing nv booty. J aok Maynard. of Scary, W. ,-T and L. M. Martin «ml George F. Stringer, of Richmond, Ya,, were arrested inter near the renc of the attacV. •od ore in jail here. AnilHiKxailor InstcIKl ol Minister. Vienna, June 12— The Austrian rep- csentntive in Washington will hence- orth be an ambasswidor instead of a Hinister. Dr. Hengclmnller de Hen- •>ervar, the Austrian minister at Vash- B Bf>ton,wlio is now here, hod an audience vith. Emperor Francis Joseph, and also vjth -Count Goinchowski, minister of orcigm.n.ffairs, Thursday, and urged the desirability of the creation of six idditionnl- Anstrinn consulates in the United States. Baron Von Leonhardi. Austrian consul.at Xew Yorls, who ison enve of absence/will not return to his )ost, owing- to ill-health. . Strllco Asoiimos ix Serious Aspect. 'Minneapolis, Minn., June 12.—The refusal of the publishci-s of Minneapolis rind St Paul to submit their differences with the printers to arbitration puts a serious aspect on the strike situation here. It must necessarily now be 'a fi"ht to a ttnish. If the printers can siu-cced in keeping nonunion help out of the offices for another week the publishers will have to give in. The ^patches sent out by the Associated Tress are misleading- inasmuch as they state that the papers are experiencing no difficulty. How >Tew York World Figures Got Up of Democratic Comrcutlon. New York, June 32.— The World Friday says: Minnesota'* democratic state convention Thursday declared few gold. This makes it certain ihat thfl- silver men will be unable to elect two- thirds of all the dol<fK.-»os,a.s thrirlead- ers confidently predicted in an official estimate in last Sunday's World. It means also that they will be unnbleto nominate a free silver candidate for' president if- the two-thirds rul<. ¥ . which has prevailed for half a century in democratic conventions, is preserver). Tha whole number of delegates to the national convention is '.US. Two-thirds, or ft majority sufficient t» nominate, is C12. The fro'ld standard men have already elected 217 delegates. New York and 'Maine state conventions, which.' meet in the next fortnight, are ceriaim to be for Round mono y, excepting, possibly, two Maine di'Ieg-ates. This will add 82 dclepratcs— 72 - f or New York and JO for Maine—to theg-old colwnn. making 200 delegates who will demand the maintenance of trie single gold standard. Nearly all the Wisconsin delegation is conceded even by tho silver men to the gold standard. The total number of delegates elected to dote is 510. The majority of the silver men so fur is 7G. BARREL OF O|L EXPLODES. T-..O Arc WcaJ and Two Arc Injured— Happened In Allejrlien.v. Pa. Pittsburgh, Ta.. June 12.— An early morning fire in a tenement house, 83 Spring Garden avenue, Allegheny, resulted in the killing of two persons and seriously injuring two others. Tbo names of the (lend arc: llrs. Zcmcshond!,! Cartels, nyed 74 years; killed by Jumping from a window. Frank Giirbeis. agml five years; suffo- '.•ixicu. Those injured: Louie Garbcis. a hr.rt; may dia. , Mrs. Frank Carln.-ls, b:iuly burned. "The fire was caused by the explosion" of a barrel of oil in the cellar. 12 years: inurnally Fatal Boiler Eiploilon. Marine Citjv Mich";-, Ju.w 12. - The boiler of the Michigan salt works, located two miles below the city, exploded Thursday "night killing William Mowbrny, night foreman, and John F. Haley ' Peter Bootl^ n fireman, and Cyrenius O'Neill were badly injured. Flnmes broke out after the explosion and the property was destroyed. Loss, $50,000, with $30,000 JpaurnJice. Gold Shipment. New, York, June 12.—La^ard Freres will ship $1,000,000 gold, L. Von Hoffmann & Co. $500,000 and Landenburg, Thabnann & Co. 5230,000 to Europe on Friday's steamers. Lnzard Freres have taken $200,000-of the gold which they intend to ship Saturday from the Fourth national bank, the loss to the treasury, therefore, will bo $2,000,000. I'ittsburgu, Pa., June 12.—Turec Kuits for the erabev> mcint o£ $ 17 ' 000 were entered Friday againsT ex-City Attorney W. C. Moreland and his assistant, W. H. House, before Alderman Me- Masters. This amount of shortage is all that can come onder the law of limitation, although the amount in reality is much grcnter. The aggreffate short- nge approximates, between $250,000 and • $500,000. , __. \Vashlng-wu7~June 12—The designation of the war ships that will take out the several naval militia orgrnniza- tions vns made 'by Secretary Herbert Friday. The Michigan will be at Detroit from July 0 to 11. at Saginaw from July 13 to IS and nt Chicago from July 27 to AuyustlQ. THE JAMESON TRIAL. Proserutlor. Clones Its Case-l'lan ot th» LoiKioii, June 12.—The trial of Dr. Ji.meson :i:id liis fellow-officers for the iwrticipution in the Trii.nsva.-H] raid last iVcomr.is.-r. which was resumed 111 the Uow Street police court Thursday after ;in ndjourninont- of several weeks, pending- the arriviil of wiuwsses from South Africa, >«'as continued Friday morning. The prosecC.tion closed their case. their evidence being all in, and Sir Edward Clarke, counsel for Jameson, in- . timated that, he would submit that the court had no jurisdiction under the f,o-eifr.i tirftstmcat act,.which the defendants were accused of having violated. Dr. Clisirlcs M. »» Dcnil. York, Pa., June 12—Dr. Charles M. JTes -i"ed GO yo.ars, died in this city Thursday night Dr. Nes w;r? appointed by President Grant as a commissioner to represent rennsylvania at the Vienna e.\]X>sition in 1SS73. He was the inventor of '..he Xes silicon method ol ccnvcrring iron ore into steel, and had letters patent on the process in Great Britain, France and .Belgium. The discovery of the process was made by observing the effect of lightning on an old gunbnrre), which had been converted into a high quality of steel by Hie electric fluid. Prof. Effbort C. Smith Kc»l|tn«. Andover, Mass., June 12.—The re* i-miaUon is announced of Egt*rt C^ Smith, as president of Andover theological seminary, after a period of 18 years in ,that position. Prof. George Harris Abbott, professoi of theology, will succeed him. Consideration for his health induced President Smith to take this action. He will retain the Crown professorship of ecclesiastical history and his membership m the faculty. Work of tli« CliUd-Savur*. Chicago, June 1C. — In his opening address at the annual conference of the Nation*] Children's Home society Eev. John Woodbrldg-e, president, sketched Use work of the association and said <hnt it was only by constant attention v to the needs of the -.hildrcn that work could be successfully carried on and the little ones rescued frorn_Qppression. Quarrymon on a Strike. Berea, O., June 12.—Pour hundred qunrrvmen went out on n strike at the nnarries of the Cleveland Stone com- pnny, near this place. The men demand that all non-union men be discharged and that several union men who were recently dismissed be reinstated. Will Me -Closed Snnrtaym. Mount Vei-non, N. Y-. J«"C 12—The post office will hereafter be closed on Sundays. This is the result of a campaign conducted by the Christian En- deavorers, who got up great petition* and forwarded them to the postmaster general. Dills Approved by tlio President- , Washington, June 12.—Bills for tne.- velief of Arthur P. Sciby r.nd B. J. Van- Vlcck, awl bills granting pensions to •Irs Eliza G. Pyne and Mrs. Martha M. Gibson have been approved by thcpres^ ..... j»«^ Madrid, June 12.. -- The government has decided to criminally prosecute Gen Borrero. who recently wrote an inciting letter 'to Ca.pt. Oen. Martinez CiimtXJS, which resulted in the sending of a challenge.by the latter, Borrero-, bavin* refused to retrnct >ho letter. I

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