The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1936
Page 3
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DAY, AUGUST 29, 193G BLYTHEVILLE : (ARK.) COURIER NEWS idly Closing Physi- Cap; Leads In gh Game' AI.I.AN K. UAFOK, O. li. K., M. D. . 103C, NUA Sen-ice, Inc. making any comments bout the Individual cliar- ; of the quintuplets, I one tiling clearly: loo early to make any predictions about the '-ti:s and a' ilities or eve, >cr:iincuts, (hat these lit- ill have when ihey A lot of the stuff writ- its subject simply doesn't ything. . e sees one of the girls on our "gym" bars and ely says, ''Ah. she's going athlete!" Another sees Ing quietly nnd medita- d says, "All! She's spirit- will be a religions, or a is is unscientific and >lhlng from the practical view. For if those ob}!>k\ watch the liltlc girls md day out Ihey would the one who is athletic may be quiet Ihe next one who seems so "spirlt- Vfonaay may lie a regular •ror" the next. I set down here some ttlc individual quirks and the girls you must re- that they nro by no ' be taken as indicating it characteristics. It is for Hint as yet. lossoms Out the most interesting dels of the summer is the c of Marie from Ihc pos- being the "little one," clone, constantly pushed background. has been constantly clos- ihysical gap between her- Ihe others, and has often ins of being a "little tcr- inil an angelic appear- s been a leader in a now -•what rowdy "game" that popular during the snm- eping up behind another J quln, the player : light aluminum drink- and brings it down on of the victim with n re- bop. 5 to say, we don'fc en- any .such "game," and es call »'i quick;; : )mlt,ns ; begins, though of course been no harm done. The light and it's all in good -ay. .•• odd part is that Marie, %* given credit early for demure and spiritual, is i most enthusiastic player more than evened any mt may have accrued shy past, * • -* I'iano also likes to pound the klessly when she is given : at the keyboard, in •onlrast with Kmilic, who a single note nnd then ently. his mean that Emlllc Is lined (o music? I don't d it would be premature '. has a little trick that ed vastly amusing to the t meal times. We insist girls eat some of their s before they get any 1 then in turn that they ve eaten a respectable of soup before they may dessert, limes (he nurses have innetle slyly pouring out tier soup in Ihc hope that d be found ready for des- t much earlier. Annette ics very nicely, too, which is some evidence of mu- ,ity. e girls arc quite strong, ,ib the Swedish bars clinch we have in the play h ease and no apparent itcjcr. B- is capable of hanging ""ids, • supporting (he her entire body, and I en Yvonne, for instance, as long as a half minute rapping off. •ove of niusic seems to be especially music, and the little nursery song. "Savait Vous des Choux," which the re teaching the children, her very much, a leader, too, In learning e prayer-song which be- tit Jesti, Don Jour." and ig the sign of (he cross daily devotions, lildren are rapidly learn- daily devotions of kneel- re the holy picture over ery door, making the sign ross, nnd murmuring their ayers. differences as ex- Hcr among the little girls <ny disappearing. At the of August there was n c of only about three "'tween Ihc weight of till the liuiesl, a i 22 nnd Ceclle. the heaviest, iwinids. Emllle weighed line and Annette 25,12 Five Little Quins in Bonnets, We; Can .You Guess Our Identi-tee? PAGE THREE Going 'Over the Top' Against Rebels NUA H.nvlco, Ine, ® ("'"'<-' Your Guesses in the Spaces 'Provided; Then Cheek_ With (he Correct l.leiilihVaiions m l> a »re ,|) Defending Irnn. Against Rebel Attack Many Misfits In Industrial Jobs Studied LONDON (UP) - "Misfits" are i one of nmny problems concerning workers trailed in reports just Issued by the Medical Reseiirch Council; "The most Important human problem in Industry Is that of nilslils,'" states Ihe minimi report of the Industrial Health Research Board. "It affects chiefly those at ] the top and at the bottom; the former because many people In authority can do so much harm, mid the latter because there is still time to direct (heir capacities Into other channels. Groups of boys aged 11 from town nnd country schools arc be- I Ing wutchMl. After they linve 'started a career nn attempt will be made to relate success or otherwise to personal qualities. "It has now become clear thnt the day or brawn and muscle Is over," the report stales, "and that the present ilcuinml Is for alert, smart, nctive men. 'more prom; tlian their predecessors to 'errors of the mind.' Such men are more aggressive and quicker (o,demand their rights." Dr. T. Bouchard has conducted .for the board nn Investigation In factories and offices employing women to find the most comfort- ale condition of warmth in which f lo work. He conclutind that maxl- I mum comfort Is obtained with an equivalent temperature of C2.3 degrees Fahrenheit where sedentary or light work is done. Seventy per i cent were comfortable a I equivalent temperatures of &S degrees to M degrees, ho found. ' "Those w-ho complained of cold feet," slated Dr. Bedford, "were not substantially colder than the others." Louis XII of France coined the phrase "Let Cleorge do It." Whenever he wished to evade n distasteful duty, he permitted his faithful and obliging minister, Cardinal George of Ambolse, to do H, •raking the offensive In (he face of lire from n snliwr's nect concealed In the underbrush ahead, a group of government troops go "over the top" ol their slone wall rumpait and charge across a picturesque iinsltiro near Avlhx, north of -Madrid. WARNING OIIDKK IN THE CHANCKn.y COURT, CHICKASAWBA D I S T III C T MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Cpnl Louise Pierce, I'lnlntl/V, vs. No. 15202 Herbert A. Pierce, Defendant. The defendant, Herbert A. Hiercc. is warned to appear within thirty days In the court nuined In the caption hereof and answer (he complain! of the plaintiff, O[>iil Louise Pierce. Dated (his 20lh day of August, 1930. 11. M. CRAIG, Clerk, By Ellv-ilH'lli Roddy, D. C. Ed Cook. , Ally. Ail Lltnm. Virgil Greene, Ally, for I'lnlntllT. 29-5-12-10 Snuke Bile Clinic ERIVAN. U. S S R. (UP)-Onc of the oddest clinics In the world. for the treatment of snake bites, Is being built. In the village of Dnvnlu near here. It was started by an old woman, Djaviilra, who, after being bitten many' times by reptiles, developed an Immunity lo their poison which enabled her to heal others by Injection of her sputum. Denmark, now numbers its eggs so thai they can be traced back to tile farmer. Wr«*tr Service - flu OPEN ALL NIGHT PHILLIPS SXRVICK CENTER Phon«s 77" - :;s OWN A FARM Save your money by putllnj it In n Turin. You can pay fill ciish or part cash and the balance yearly. Lund values In lltls valley gradually Increasing We have a few farm.i to sell. If you have any farm land to sell, or U you wish lo buy a farm, see me. 7»7 ,!mT>86 G. G. CAUDILL essential by General Mola to clear the way for the rebel advance on \U drid. stand 30 ',<! inches, Cecilc and Annette 32 inches, while Yvonne, contrary to general impressions, is 31 : K inches. Marie, Annette and Yvonne have 16, teeth each, Cecilc 15 and Emt- lie trails with 14. * * » They Match Up Closely So you see that physically the little girls are pretty close to 'being on a par, and whatever handicap" Marie might have suffered in the earlier days from being the littlest amounts lo practically nothing now. - ..j . Preferences as to clothes nre beginning lo nrlse, and Emilie shows a pronounced choice for yellow, which she invariably picks out if she sees the little dresses laid in a row. The manual dexterity of the children is increasing amazingly, and . their cleverness in dcvisin" amusements with their little wng- ons in the play yard is amazing at times. For instance, tiie other day this happened: The liltlc wagons won't hold more than two quins apiece, no matter how they pile in. But sometime-.-, Ihey all like to ride together. so into the firr, wagon 1,-Md Yvonne and cjccilc Cccile, at Hie rear of .,h c first wagon, reached out over the tailboard and got a Firm crip en Ihe front of Hit: second w,i B on, Into which Annette and Emilio Ihen piled. Furnishing the motive power at the head of the "Irani- was no other lhan Marie, "the , iulest one, whose delicacy had caused so much anxiety in the early .i.ivs. Bending to her task with n v ,ni Marie got the "train" i , motion nnd pulled it half wa , £ ° ° Ihc circular cement walk c ( Ihc Play yard before II went off Ihe walk and piled up in a "w-cck " In Iliat one lille Incident were Illustrated the strength "L in Bomiity nnd the mutual Iclpf -" »«s of the quins as Ihey come 0 'he end of summer ,ind uoint to ward^heir-mird birthday gh), also, ih Marie children arc and Emtlle Louis XIV of France was em- ] barrasscd by baldness at a time I when fashion decreed that men should wear long curls, so he had the first periwig made for him. AH his courtiers adopted the fashion of wearing wigs so that the king might not be self-conscious. ORDINANCE NO. 408 Ail ordinance extending Chickasawba Avenue from Uie West line of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway east to Intersect Second Street. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL. OF THE CITY . OF BLYTHEVILLE. ARKANSAS: Section I. That Chickasawba Avenue be, and the same Is hereby extended from the West line of the Right-of-way of the St. Lcuis-Ean Francisco Railway Com- PBIIV to intersect with Second Street. Section II. That the North line of said extended street shall he one foot south of the south wall of the brick building on the cast side of the St. Louts-San Francisco Railway Company, known as the Stcrnbcrg Building, and said north line shall extend cast and west parallel with said Brick building wall if extended, to Intersect with Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs 1 store, "Wf MARK -EM SEK- Phone 640 Second Street and to the west line of ' the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway..Company, right-of- way; that said street shall extend in width from the north ' line thirty-eight feet (38 ft.) south. Section III. That ail ordinances nnd parts of ordinances In conflict herewith be, 'and the same arc hereby*, repealed. Section. IV. This ordinance being necessary for the purpose of relieving the congested traffic in crossing the railroad and a greal. need for nn extra- crossing an emergency Is hereby declare! : to e.v!st and this ordinance' shall U- in full force and effect from ur.d after its passage. Approved this the 28th day of August, 1930. CECIL SHANE, , Mayor. Attest: Ruth Blylhe, Clerk. TERRY AHSTRACT & KEALTY CO. Abstracts, I^inds &. Loans E. M. Terry, Pres. and Mjr. Phone C17 Blythcvitlt, Ark. LEAF WORMS Finklea Bros. Cotton Dusting Corp. Novv has airplanes for poisoning stationed at the Hlylheville Airport. Call COTTON DUSTKRS Onff Hotel or Send Word to Airport Immediate Service How to Pick PLUMS We mean the good things of life—that new dress you've been wanting, the shoes your husband needs, new draperies for your living-room, a glider for the garden, a new car. There is one almost infallible way to do your "comparison shopping." Read the advertisements. They give you facts about quality and price before you buy. When you make your final choice you know you've covered the market thoroughly and are getting the best and the most for your money. Advertisers in this paper promote their products sincerely and truthfully. Follow them and learn how to pick "plums."

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