The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 3, 1950
Page 3
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[_ MONDAY, APRIL 3,1950 , THE EASTER STORY ;BLTTHBVTLLE (ASK.) COURIER: NEWS In the Beginnihg,;Triumph Drdv/n by John J. Sunley of J«*»' mantr, 6*90. on Pol., Sunday, vfcea He mtctnl M IW WM «4 *• tomt , Jerwole*, hailed by H« multitudes. And when he was come mfo JtfUialtm. Ike »Wt c»r »os moved, taking: Who if thii> AnJ the peopfe »W: This h ltnn, tbt prophet, tram Naiantii at Galilee. fMott. 21:l». 1 1) new pnetH xU nwrnim w*r* (waged.' And Meting lo lor fcwdi am Urn, (toy fonrf ttW mOlHain: iwcovM tfaf *eM U. PS • prapfec. fMo«t. JM5, «; FtorMg t* attack Jews «ractty, Hit uimitf met m rHe court a<Cak>pk<H,H>e ki^li pf ieit, to pton Iww to extnp Him. Just then Ac disciple Judas Itcoriat entered. Ani tmt ta the»: What will you girt mt, and I fill «Wff«r him unto you? And < hey cortoonttd with kirn far tkirtf piccM at film. (Matt. U.-J4. IS) Boyle Hum-Dams Art Work of the Gardner Ry'Ilal Boyle. NEW YORK (AP)—The season of airy madness is upon us. II is the time to find • a home on the loam and begin a begonia. With bulb and seed the spring gardener : goeth forth to sow Ihe good earth in his backyard, and he cometh In at eventide, racked by his own growing pains and covered with top-soil. , . And to save my life this is one class of citizens I cannot understand. I have a dim appreciation of why', people become birdwatchers, and my soul knows a sense of syni- psthy for hgrseplayers, • butterfly collectors and that strange kind of fauna that gets up before dawn to prowl beaches in search of the better senshell. -i^ , Passion for Pursuits •picir passion'for these strange pursuits I don't share, but at least I can sense what makes them what they are. But the spring gardener —there's an odd one beyond my crass comprehension. What primordial urge each spring sends him out to duel the landscape, convinced that this year lie can conquer crabgrass, gladden the heart of a gladiolus and grow a five-pound strawberry Why does he want to anyway? All I can see he docs is annoy the balance of nature. There he stalks, this man without _, a .hce, givinj hormone shots to geraniums that don't want them, ambushing innocent potato bugs with'deadly spray guns and Interfering "with the home life of robins. '.Yes sir, from the minute 'the spring gardner sticks.his big green thumb into the backyard there s no rest for bird,'bug, tree or plant until snow flies. ;. By aii^umn he wrtj^ total,up his Jj^tpries and fmd t he* hns" raised ifllhit S25 worth of vegetables To do .this he will have spent about $500 in fancy tools—hS needs more equip- ment than a paratrcop battalion— $50 in doctor bills, sunburn lotions and liniment, and about sion in la- tor. This is figuring his time at a nickel an hour, which may be more than it is worth. - "Slay In Bick"' AH this wouldn't be so bad if these frustrated farmers would stay in their own back yards. But they bring their small triumphs and major disasters—a pea plant that podded,'a rcse that bllghtod—into" the office. All they'll talk about is whether they should have, banked the pzaleas with peat mos= and lime, or just good old-fashioned hyp«r humus, whatever that is. They prattle endlessly on the supposed merits of the outdoor life, the fine exercise' they get, and how much better they sleep at nights. I guess that's hyper humus, too. Anyway. I don't want any of it. All I .w?nt to do with the good earth in Ihc wonderful season of spring is to wander across it or lie upon it. and read a. poem or listen to the birds call. I don't hate the worm, and if a bug doesn't bite me I won't DDT him. Nor do I have any dcsjre to hurry the grass—or currj' it either. And I think It would be a fine thing if all spring gardeners at thi> magic time would either go climb a rhododendron! or quit bragums: and grow srmethine really Inipresive— say a redwood tree. ' Change of Pace HOLLYWOOD, 3. 1 (/PI — Sometimes a newspaocr's society editor gets'tired at forever writing about women. That's .what happened to .Wanda Henderson worncns page editor of \the Holh^ocd Citizen New-i she sni her chance on April Pool s Day And'so yesterday her entire page- pictures, fashions, recipes , and everything—was about'men. . ' • Trial Starts Today For Mercy Killer ' ALLENTOWN. ^ Pa., April 3. '«•>— Harold Mohr, 36-year-old tannery worker, goes on 'trial today for the ''mercy" slaying at his blind, cancer-ridden brother, Walter, 55. Harry o. Crevelin[r, one of Mohr's two H.f/-rncys. declined to disclose what course the defense Intends lo purs''e. Mohr. who served four years In the'Pacific with the army medical corps, was charged with murder after admitting he shot his brother with a deer rifle on March 8. Mohr told police his brother begged for death as he. lay on a bed In their home in nearby Coplaj. Lunch /Money But No Lunch Is Problem of Coin-Swallowing Girl REDLANDS, Calif.. April 3. MV- Marsha Oumpcrt. six, had a quarter for lunch—literally. Given the two-bit piece to buy her lunch at school. Marsha amused herself by, tossing ft into the air and catching it !;-. her mouth, she caught at all right, but the quarter slid down her throat. Marsha's mother, recalling that the girl's brother Glenn once swallowed a nickel, said the quarter eplscde was just another example of inflation. Military Control Ordered in Luzon MANILA. April 3. tfi —President Elpidlo Quirino has placed all of Luzon--chief island of the Phllip- pines^-under mllitarj' control as a result of continuing outbreaks bv the Communist-led Hukbalahap su"- errillas. ' Maj. Gen. Mariano Caslaneda. commander of the Philippines Army, ^ras placed In direct charge, with ^ the Philippines constabulao' to operate under army orders. President Quirino said his 'order was not a proclamation of martial law. ' Mother Gives Away Young Daughter to Woman in Saloon NORWALK, April 3. </Pl—Sheriff's officers related yesterday the story of a mother who gave her baby daughter away to a stranger In a saloon. It goes as folliiws: The 10-month-old baby fell to the flonr as her mother, Mrs. Carmen Geist. 30, was nursing her on a barsfool. A bystander, Mrs. Ethel Glinder, 30, picked up Ihe wailing child and told Mrs. Gcist: "I would love a baby like that." "You can have lier." Mrs. Geist responded. "I can't take care of her." Mrs. Guilder wrote her address down, told Ihe mollier she could claim Ihe tot whenever she waiilcd her. and then took the baby home. This was tile testimony given at Iral yesterday in which Mrs. Oeist pleaded gulltv to a charge of child neglect, she A.IS Jailed lieu of S50D bail pending a probation hearing. Mrs. Gcist'and her husband, Fred, hnve three oiher children. Hong Kong Seeks Rain HONG KONG, April 3. (/)•) — They're going to tryjgain to make rain in this water-short British colony. The rainy season Is a month overdue and the reservoirs have only 10 weeks' supply for Hong Kong's war-swcllen population. The government tried rain-making twice 111 1948 and it didn't work But it has ordered dry ice from Manila for another attempt. Beautiful, Decorative HAND-PAINTED LAMPS Comp/efefy wired with cords and plugs inspired by AUTHENTIC EARLY AMERICAN ORIGINALS YOU'D EXPECT THEM TO BE JJO.OOJ Forget that jou've seen lamp, !ik e these for several times this low price I Ours would be too if we hadn't made a special purchase and if we didn't want to create » sensation! They are magnificent . . . and they'll do things for your home you never dreamed possible! They'll b* carried out East •o coca* Mrly. A DECORATOR'S DEIIGHT! Each 7.90 a Pair 50c a Week Charge for Credit! ORE IF! S Police 'Plumb' For Moonshine CHATTANOOGA, Term.. April 3 My-Patrolman Logan Htroiicl and S. E. Walston had riuitc a time getting evidence in a whiskey raid here, but the pinch was made after one of the officers turned phimlxv. A woman shunned a door In their faces, but the officers force.-! entry and nmdc a dash for the kitchen, where Ihcy round the woman pouring "moonshine" into the siijk. The officers soaked a to\vcl In the sink and put the "squeezln'.s 1 back into the Jug. A man then dashed the jug against the stove. Undaunted, Stroud unscrewed the U-shaped drain under the sink and recovered enough whiskey io make an arrest on charges o£ possessing un-stamped whiskey. Exit Means Sought for U.S. Citizens HONG KONG. April 3. W-Scv- eral ship companies todny were reported working on a project to ferry 400 Americans and 1,200 other foreigners out of Communist, liniiBhal ( o wa jiin g ships, Secretary of Slate Achcson said In Washington the Uiiltcd States was arranging for three commercial .ships tti go to Shnnghnl. He snld attempts were being made In Manila to charter two Philippine vessels and one Panamanian ship. The ships will wall outside the snpJMscdly mined month of the YniiRlze while pa.sscngcr.s arc brought out In shallow draft ves- fiels. Shipping circles are said to be trying to arrange for the shallow draft vessels. Plans to hrlng out, the-, foreigner* fell through last week when Communist authorities at Shanghai refused lo allow two tank landing ships from Japan to enter Shanghai waters. State Pays Tax Turnback LITTLE ROCK, April 3. I/I')— Gasoline and severance lax turn- back payments of more than three quarters of a million dollars have been made by the slate lo Arkansas counties. The payments are for the first three mouths of th!s year. Valentino Memorial Taken Into Custody HOLLYWOOD. April 3. M'(— Purk officials have taken the Rudolph Vnlontin'n memorial statue Into protective custody—to keep vandals from pushing It nrounri. The Rim-pound bronze and Italian marble statue, entitled "Asplr- ntion." has been a shrine of Valentino lovers for years, but, a four-' foot Icon, part or Ihn ercnplng. was found broken off yesterday. The entire statue is In a service yard of the Recreation anrt Parks Department until further notice. Bolh Brown U-Thorn and lilack Minorca chickens lay white CRRS. New Hearing Device Has No Receiver Button In Ear Chicago, 111.—Deafened people arc hailing a new hearing device that gives them clear hearing without making them wear a receiver button In the cnr. They now enjoy songs, sermons, friendly companinn- ship and business success with no self-conscious feeling that people arc looking -at any button hanging on Ihcir car. With the new almost Invisible I'hnnloinold nnd Bcltonc you may free yourself not only from deafness, but from even the appearance of deafness, The makers of Dellone. Dept. 40, 1150 W. 19th St.. Chicago X. III., arc so proud of their achievement they will gladly send you their tree .brochure (In plain wrapper) and explain how yon can test this amazing device In (he privacy of your own home without risk- Ing a penny. Write Dcllonc lodnv Long Sentences 'Defeat' Justice LOS ANGELES, April 3. H>j—Ac- cording to Dr. Robert Llnduer. Baltimore psychoanalyst, "a Judge who elves a prisoner a sentence of more than live years k defeating the purpose of justice." Dr, Lindner was here conducting the third annual institute on crime and delinquency'. He told the group "Tiic prisoner cannot understand a sentence of more than five years, That Is his span of futurity. He can't understand It any more than he can understand a billion dollars. It Is like trying to Imagine your own dcalh. it is psychologically Impossible to Imagine yourself not existing." PAGE THREE -• Bribe Brings Return Of Industrial Diamonds is-. 'ormonts were paid $5 .ooo. Sheriff Bill Decker disclosed'yes- "day the diamonds wer, return*! to Ihc Williams Bit and Tool conv P»ny of Greenville, Tex., »f2r cSi'- °r' CS " a!d t5 ' 000 <o "ndeE' In/oi mnnls. He said he haH withheld Infonnnllon 01 the F*b st Medical Center Contract To Be Let in November LI1TLE ROCK, April 3. Wj- Contracls for construction of the new {5,400.000 University of Arkansas medical center here are to be let about next Nov. 1. Initial plans are lor an eight- story hospital milt with •100 beds and an out-patient clinic \ ilh an annual capacity of 1CO.OOO patients. More may lie added later. Architects' plans were displayed here Saturday. were* 1 st |<li " mn " ds — 13 .W» Mrats— •Jan. 22. Dill! stonc.s, unfit for'use "rllf'SS. ^ a '' e " SCd to ' nal <« FOR SALE Concrete cnlverti, 42 Inch la u Inch, plain or reenforceil. Alio Concrete Kuildinc Hlocki the»per than lumber for barm, ehlckea linuws, pump HOIIWI, tenant houses tool sheds. We dellrer tall us for tree estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone (91. HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE STARTS HEW CAREER IN ARMY TECHNICAL SCHOOL PFC. Jostph B. Abnty, Bcaumonl, Texii, now committing jptciil traniMg in the Army's Food Strv- ice School, Fl. Sam Houilon. U. S. Army A U. S. Air Force Enthufintm for New Opportunity Runt High PFC Jostph B. Abnty ol BMU- monl, Texas, ihinks lh« U. S. Ajmy ij [ O pv Abneyuyi: "I've found the ojiporlunhy of a li(«iime in the Army. I'm K c,iin K wm « „( lh« world i hea l«hnir»l (raiainx, lime """"* l "' d '° r " " lhe " mc On M»r. 10, wiih nine monlhj •till to K n on hi! original enliil- menl, Abney re-tnlisietl lot inocber 6 yens, You, too, can have your choice ol iSe more than 4n ,peci»l lech- meal .chooli of the U. S. Army. AT JIMMIE EDWARDS — Hlylherllle, Arkansas City Hall Edwards Dream INNERSPRING MATTRESS ... 39.50 Edwards Dream BOX SPRING TO MATCH 39.50 TOTAL 79.00 llUW ... while they last . you get BOTH for only This oulslanditig sale is possible only because lhe mantifacfurer made tis a special offer. . .and we're passing Ihc savings on ID you. The full size Edwards Dream lnncr.sprin K lias a firm support provided by Ihe 220-coi! unit covered wilh sdinly felt filler. Hulfon luriinjj holds Ihc fillinjj firmly in plate. Kdgcs are Krench-lapcd and have pre-lniill bonier for durahilily. The full .size Box Spring l''ouri(Jalion is composed of 72 resilient coils of tempered i'remicr \Virc. iMalchinjf rose stripe cover. HOU.YWOOn BED HEAD nOARD.S are here in a nice collection of lovely styles and colors, lieau- tifully covered in new luxurious Duran. Sec them. JIMMIE EDWARDS 301 East Main Furniture Phone 2487 ''...ft

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