The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1967 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 25, 1967
Page 5
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HytnevTTIe (Art,) Courier rTewg — Saturday, November », 1WT — ttgt rtrt Bookies Don't Dig Auto Odds By BOB COCKNAR NEA Automotive editor LAS VEflAS, Nev. - (NBA) — In the green felt jungle, PIT STOP (or driver Jim Paul tt Stardust Grand Prix jmeani adding oil and worrying about overheatlag. A lengthy Hop gturally ntm t poor finish la Group 1 Iroid racing. After Hulme toft the fun fwlp&mt lund by putting up |M,b». good in the tut lap because of The Johnson folks realize tfiat a blown engine, the smart mtm- n)ort in d more people are be- ey (assuming somebody was ginning to find out about racing betting) should have been on and 4M gefte i'»lly very loyal to you immediately get the im- Mftrk rjoohue an d liis Sunoco I pression that somebody, some- j Special Dono i, ue j e d all the where, will take a bet on anything that moves. Like they used to have cockroach rices in some sleazy bar off the Strip. So Chris fic&nohiakl, editor of National Speed Sport News, and I called one of the big Vegas bookmakers to see what the odds were on the Stardust Grand Prix, last race of the Canadian . American Challenge Cup Series. "The what?" the voice on the other end of the phone asked. "Waitaminit.' The man presumably in charge of motor racing pat!- mutuels came on. "Nope," he said with assurance, "Nobody in Vegas takes money on auto racing." And before this particular race was over, it was easy to see why. Denis Hulme and Bruce McLaren, drivers of the McLaren Chevy droup 7 racers that sort of owned the six-ace series up to Stardust, hardly made It off the grid before the troubles came; * » * ' McLaren'was out with sn overheating engine In the sixth lap and a blown tire on Hulme's car kept him from his normal, hi'the-money spot, Betting a n the favorite* wouldn't have helped. "* * ran i firms which support it. The accomplished professlo- last lap wnen nis na , drlverj , f ^ ftmrvei . and out of SunodO and'...i..., ..„,, rt , w ,,.,i«. i,i,,.. 4 « " Britisher John Surtees Wared past to take the checkered flag. Motor racing is simply no fun for the betting man. There are just too many ppsSlbiliies. fhs Can-Am Series which, incidentally, McLaren won, has got to be one of the most ex- cltng road racing events £>ver to be run in this counry. + v ».. The cars competitive enough to have a hope of winning cost In the neighborhood of $100,000 each. The big-bore engines (358-euble-lnch Chevies are the most successful) push the ultra- light bodies to speeds In excess of 200 m.p.h. on the straight. The screaming noise Is just great. wins races, can make himself a tidy bundle — provided he already has financial backing to build and maintain his .terribly expensive machine. That's why cars in the Can- Am series run under sponsorship. Parnelli Jones drives under the banner of the American Rubber 4 Plastic Corp. Sam Posey, the bright, young New Englander, rides with the Compliments of AUtodynamic Corp. Harrah's Club in Reno campaigns two P4 Ferraris. The Smothers Brothers back a Lola Chevy driven by Hugh Powell. And so It goes. There's more. All of the cars are splashed with accessory stickers, the user of Goodyear f^F *^r ^r -^^ "^ **r ™" ^w Hal Boyle By JOHN WMDFIELO Associated PreM Writer ANNAPOLIS, Md. <AP> ~ His name is Dodo. His past is murky and his ancestors unknown, but to the 4,000.m»n brigade at th« U.S, Nival Academy, th* little black and brown mongrol already far outranks th* Navy goat in academy trdition. It was on a stormy flight during first - semester finals last year that he wandered dripping Into a room in Bancroft Hall, the vast dormitory for midshipmen. Somebody gave him tome misappropriated food from tht the midshipmen ai they march from the academy to the Navy- Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, which he did previously, Dodo now arrives in style, seat- Ad proudly on the back seat of * ita« officer's sedan. An academy officiati «ne ot thosa who still refutes to admit that the tiny mongrel dbg has long since replaced he Navy goat in the eyes of the brigade, made It emphatically dear that Dodo would not receive official transportation to the .Army- Navy game In Philadelphia Saturday. "But," he sighed, "I know that just a: sure at the sun' And the Series Attracts the tires, for example, gets $1,250 world's greatest drivers for a vory good reason! you can win a ton of money. Out of a total Series purse of Just over S500- 000, winner McLartm picked up $164,000. This, says McLaren, "just about puts us over tho breakeven point this yea r." Racing isn't for the weak- hearted. is. fast, becoming a real business thanks to farsighted firms like Johnson Wax — if he wins. The driver of the winning car which wears the STP emblem gets $500. Valvo- lliie Oil awards $1,500 to the winner who uses the product. Were it not for these commercial backers, only the Independently wealthy gentle drivers could afford to campaign a race car. Going the Dodo had found a home. He never spends twa nights In the same room, fastidiously avoids favoritism and Ignores commissioned officers with a disdain that brings secret delight to the heart of his dormitory mates. wherever the bridage goes, Dodo Is there. Me sleeps In Bancroft, eats in (He mess hail, marches at parades, including June week, and regularly attends classes. His exploits are heralded and numerous. He's been in classes, in chapel, in love and In trouble about as much as his human classmates and this tall h« wit granted all the privileges of an upper cltssman. tt It not unusual to see pie* snap to attention when he satin* ters it ti one of their rooms. .• Nor Is It unusual tor him to comes up tomorrow that dog fnati* 1 " be tn * f *" th * niiddles have to Smuggle him up." Today In History trot happily along behind »irlo; lured By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Saturday, NOV. 25, the 238th day of 1M7. There are 36 days left In the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1783, the British evacuated New York -their last military position in the United tales in the Revolutionary War. tn thlf date: In HM, In the French and Indian War, the British of upper classmeA when they head tor AnnapoUt on weekend leave, so Important hat he become 4lte KANSAS CITY (AP) - Four children were overcome by carbon monoxide fume* Thursday night as their family cars nched out Of a three-story park- ng garage that had been packed with spectators for he 39th annual Chrismas lighting ceremony at Country Club Pla- Firemen with • resuscitators, carried on foot the last block because of the traffic, treated the children at the scenebut two, Brain Murphy, 1, and Timothy Murphy, 3, were taken to a hospital for further treatment. A crowd estimated a now Pittsburgh. In Ittt, Carson City was selected at thi capital of Neva-' da. to the brigade that various mid. i , ..,, »,..»,„ ,.„.., „. t m««.».-. oc.imui M Keeo a mj186 ?' "aerai troops cap- ro *eep * , urtd m | M | 0nar y R|dg e m the final day ot the Civil War at Lookout Mountain, Tenn. In 1913, President and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson's shlpmen are log of his activities. A typical entry from last M»y reads: "Midshipman Dog was teen this morning. A glow of humility was noted in his eyes and he was obviously in penance to atone for missing meal pate this morning's formation and arrived 17 minutes early." Shortly before the Navy-Syra- commercial route means that cu se football game on Oct. 14, skilled but strapped drivers get • rides. And this is 'what which sponsored the Can-Am I sport is all about. get the was fitted at the academy * h op tor a Navy blanket White House to France B. Sayre. in i960, nearly 3oo deaths were blamed on a storm that Eastern and Midwestern states. In 1963, President John r*. Kennedy was burled In Arlington National Cemetery. Yellow Pages Bug Peking's Leaders By ROGER DOUGHTY NBA Staff Correspondent NE)W YORK - (NEA) - The Chinese Communists, who don't especially like anybody very much, have declared war on a new enemy. While the Reds art On record as to feeling Wat thfe Albanians are O.K., that the Russians haven't kept the faith and nobody else ever had 11, the latest victim of Peking happens to be the International Yell&W Pages, Which are designed to let your fingers do the walking all over Africa, Asia, Australia, Oceania Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and North Amerle. The book, which Weighs five pounds and sells to ?26/ lists 2000,008 business and professional firm and individuals in iso countries throughout the World With a dircutatloin af about 50,000 copies, the anly countries not listed are North Vietnam, North Korea and Red China, which doesn't realty bug the Chinese at all. In fact, they like the idea of not being listed. What bothers Chairman MaO and his chums is that Taiwan, listed under the Heading of The Republic of China, rates five pages. Worse yet, Hong Kong, which has been the target of an especially nasty Chinese campaign of harassment of late, has 14 pages of listings on display, complete with such capitalistic companies as the Chase Man- hattefl Bank, American Bit' press, General Electric and Corning Glass. Veteran China watchers, who also answer to the titles of usually reliable and generally informed sources, feel that since the Reds doii't want to do much about Hong Kong (it's A British Crown Colony and, after all, the British are the kind Of people you like to have living, in the neighborhood), the Taiwan listing li a bit tougher to take. tn an official protest to the Reuben H. Donnelley Co,, which complies the international Vet- low Pages, the China National Technical import Corp. of Peking calls the listing of Taiwan a* the ftepublie Of China "8 serious provocation against the people of our country," This doesn't seem to especially worry the Donnelley people, who feel that their book can play ''a large interest in world peace by promoting world trade," even if the Chinese don't think to. t + * The idea of the book li to provide a valuable tool for firrrtl engaged In international trade or business development and id useful international product in that It brings goods and services from faraway places at A SIGHT Amerijaw c»tft resist. Blrd-feeilBI hat Mlled "the faittlt aad out- dose as j-Our telephone, unless •mi happen to be calling from a Peking exchange. For example, if you happen to be hungry for some Hungarian food, all you have to do is ring up Budapest 163-44 and talk to the friendly food folki at the Harmashatarhegy, one of the best restaurants around, some Coffee, wholesale, in Brazil by Calling San Paulo 9601305; a spare part (Or your All drilling rig by buzzing Kuwait 3521; soap in Syria (i"4?SO)j or a radiator in Romani* (Bucharest 14.94-30). Rudy pns, who headed up the research for IYP, now k n 6 w s » few t h i n g S about places like Tasmania that he never even Wanted to know. Like, for one thing, the Tasmanians list 27 veterinarians but just 26 medical doctors, Draw your own conclusions. But.the Chinese, who hav» a way of getting.even in the long run, may have the last laugh yet. word out of Peking has it that as iooh as the presses cool off from grinding out "The Thought of Mao," the next book on the publication schedule will be The International Red Pages, But don't bother to order t copy; all the numbers are unlisted. One good thing about th* IfiP, however, is that you just can't mist when it comes to calling people In Albania, North Korea, North Vietnam and China, the only Countries that will be listed. No matter how hard you try, you'll ever get the wrong parly. North of th« equator, whirlpools move cOuntttclockWlit; south of the squalor, they movi clockwise. MALCOLM R. JOHNSON YOUR KNAPP SHOI CCUHSILOR 1104 Laurant Ave. — C»ruthtrsvll1e, Mo. or Call ED »-l$7« 4ft Ten years ago; It was dis- l<l "J 81 Pr«Went Dwight with the gold -N" on the top • •Elsenhower had suffered a and gold letters reading "Bite m"? stroke. Army" on either aide, it was! >lv f ?«<<« *«»•' The Soviet formally presented to him at a negotiator In Cuba during the pep rally preceding the game and he has faithfully WOrn It ever since at he Watches proudly from the sidelines. With the blanket and its official recognition came another luxury grudgingly accorded by academy officials who still are rankled at the esteem in which the brigade hold him. Instead of prancing along with missile crisis, Anastas I. Ml- koyan, left Havana after more than three weeks there. One year ago: The U.N. Security Council censured Israel for a reprisal attack against Jordan. The finback whale can move through the water at a speed Of 30 miles an hour. GOD'S JUDGMENTS The Lord Jew Christ rtbuktd tht PhirltlU feiciuli they made "tht Word of Sod of HOfli «fflct" Hlfeueh their trlditions. Today *e see an «*»mpl« ol iriii in tti« #iy i« whlefi Christians handle the word f«dg- mnt. lit (II Ihtolojjy tills word ll taken to mean punishment; so miicri s» that tWi tut «»2 up-on (t»definition of "a calamity sent by Bod to t)|i wortt thini tntt tneoloiiiflt wr did to tht truth of fioif w« whin tritf took till word /ud|wi«« ind rnidi it to Allin pMlihiMiit. A leadin| ivlritfllit Cohiinuallr ipeiki of "God's ttrtlbll judjfnfllls" which, hi iiys, iri to li poured ouf iupon (hi iifth, TboU: KSo Mike a study of the wovd /wkniettt' id ill IU JwUKinCtt lit Hf llbll Will find that God's judgmenfi iri Aim Itfrlbli ifld thit hU word MVlf Kitalis puniihmMt.'fhit Is I Vlr rcffilnint Wtrd In tht 8 bit. and n means punrcnmvtu. inn 9 « FIIJ (*IVWI»«M» n»iw IM *»* v wi », •»* " ft Is liven i lilie fflesttlnf, »• »t« bound to foul up our ynderitiqdlnt ol tht many piisitet In #h!eh it Is found. Promises of ffeit {nod M inlinits bliainit its thlBItd Into dirt tiueit* ot teiritl* Mlwltltt wiieit tin wnnV rntinini»fttd inla tht word judtmentlhut tht truth ot God is cpitd into i lit. ' «.. —i- ---Jte munt to make't ditirminitiM in rt|*fd to I «itt»f. 'm in tttoflk t i«d»rfl«nt,.ln tk Jltilf tht wrd «Udo»ilf;id«t«rminidlp'd«lbliihidwi(«r,Mlef«, n 4 fi •'«•> If |rr«ii»m«t ttitt h'u its tourci i Hirii/ohi thit Hi hit ditVntintd ind ttiibliihid. id th| litht. (Miidtf thi MiutiM «6rdt ot Ojyid trtitri hi'jitd: ( 1hi M§rt«fiU oi tnt U|d tft trut ind rightwus allojetwr. Mot* to M ditiftd ir* Ihtif thin told, yil, thin much flat told: imttif tltft IKtn hiiniy M Ifci lwniir«6«b. Moriovir - thtm b Thy wntnt«"««!««' i« " J '"" " Mlm »:!!,«•) " "" Ttirouih iMiih M dtclirtJ (hit If f««r (i«t) if JHo»q lo t>» tricked, they itill Ml liirn (lihtiousniss (1st. 26:10). Thit is wllit flod ii'doiitj todlr, a«d true it Ihit »'i» ii« Ofoduclsi ri|hliouirtMi. Hi iiso iiyt. 'mm % iudtmniit in lo thi MM, IN iiinibittiiis ot tht Jrld till ttlrA ti([htl(iu!n«i.." (IM. to.m* tow NteQ.Stlli(i It «ctorj. T (Mitt. *r, „« 'S^J^&lj^^ THE WOID OF TRUTH tt® TODAY'I MOTORIST HAS IT PRETTY IOFT ai auto flrnt tumttBd Urn Witt BUN aid mm foam paddlif (or prol*cUo« !• aeeldentt or tuddti itopi. Thla motk «ar laterltr, dtilf Md by (rtodyetr, ihowi the extent ol prtttctioa. Upper aid lower p*t> ttOM •( tht lottrt lent pa««l ara euihlOMd, at well ai roof poilt aid door paoolt, •tad rtittalttt tuardt agalntt whlplaih and a ttrlp ot paddlni torOM Mek «l a ikotS abtorber (or ratr wit paittajon. News Bri largest ever, gathered to see the | neighborhood where Dr. 05,000 colored lights turned on' Thill, hi» wife and their nIM by a transatlantic telephone children have moved. Dr. THID command by Felix Monrui • . j Is on the staff at the University la Cova, mayor of Seville, of Missouri student health cafr Spain, K»ns»s city's titled city. CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) Women of St. Gabriel's Roman Catholic church end B'nai B'ritli women have joined forces to raise money, and provide a holiday gift wrapping service at a Charlotte shopping center. They icall it the St. B'nai gift wrap booth. COLUMBIA, MO. (AP) Hey, kids! There's a new family ter. The nine children, four glrl« i and five boys, aged 3 to 17, hav* a total of 60 p*tl — give or tak« one or two. The back yard attractions include white rats; a South Amer. ican iguana; Gecko, a species of a Welsh pony; a Labraw dor retriever; banty chickens) geese; 30 turtles, hermit erabt, and Tobias, a garter snake. Mrs. Thill lays: "My husband On the block and their backyard | is quite interested in animal! Is like a zoo. 'and the children just «e«m it That's been the reaction in the [bring them home." WANT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES SCHOOLS TRAINING JOBS OF INTEREST: MEN JOBSt" MEN OR WOMEN JOBS WANTED: WOMENt JOBS WANTED: MEN FOR SALE FURNITURE HOUSEHOLD BOODS WANTED TO BUY MOBILE HOMES RENTALS • SALES Blythevillo Courier New

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