The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1951 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 26, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLTTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS HAL KYLE'S COLUMN The Fall Guy Has Returned And Autumn's Bugle Call Sounds Return to Duty NEW YORK, Sept, 26 (/ft— Well. Jooky who's come to our townl The fall guy himself. Yes, btg-chested autumn, the hinge of the year, the best of the seasons, holding on to summer with one h«nd *nd throwing a fist agatnst the face of winter. Welcome back, strong boy. Comb the vine leaves out of yoiu- hair, kid. Sit down and stay for a long, long while. We heard yon hollering In the hills on the a-ay; we feel better already now dial you're here. The place Is breezier since you ble-v in -laughing like a happy traveling salesman, full of good stories and fresh gossip of far places. Oh, It's always better when tXe WB fall buy rolls Into town. Summer Js s warm cocoon, a fat and drowsy lime. Summer Is for dreaming, and resting and nesting. .Autumn It lor .Scheming . Hut autumn Is for scheming Autumn is a git-up-and-go-on- wilh-new-livlng month. Atituinji is a signal to call us back from recess—a bugle to send us back into the battle and try to make our dreams come true, before chill winter wraps us In the year's cold cocoon. It Is the season of new projecl.s higher goals, bigger problems—and ires faith to deal with them. The bee forsakes the flower- the mosquito sheathes his sword-' the apple, a ripe forfeit to time, drops cider-ready from the b :ii .;, r j, e cheerful farmer count,'; his year's rewards. The cheerful farmer's wife vtna t ma " ° rdCr caU1 °8- or Fox Bark« it M e ht _ The fox barks at night on a country ridge, his two-footed cousin the city wolf, l s back on his favorite street corner, whistling for his troubles. Baby gets over nis last colic, and n new boy carries sister's books hom from high school. "He's a nice boy, too." says mama, papa grunts, he looks like a half-grown ape in corduroy «, me." And then he hawls out big brother for saying, "I think I'm old enough to have the car every Friday night this year, Dad How about it?" ROM ixwk« Around The boss looks around Rl all the vacation tans In the office, and says to himself, "maybe we can gel some work done now." And there is more work done. All o( them want to prove to him they ought to get • raise—In this kind of weather. New shows are opening. Young actors, home from summer bam theaters, go back to thetr drugstore Jcbs and hope ... and wait *ncf wait and hope. For hope'is the brightest autumn crop on Broadway. Down on the Bowery the 1-ims wrap more newspapers, around their feet in their open doonvay beds. Lonely people climbing lonely tene- ; ments hear a sharper creak In thr old stairs. ExeciiilvTs Eye Florida Executives map out new advertls- , ing appropriations, bigger plant ex- j par.sions. wirJ-- sales promotions . .. i ar-i wonder if they'll be able to ' a' -d two w.-:ks in Florida next! J. ;ary. In Wall Street the clerks : and stenographers wonder if the Christmas bonus will be big enough • to give them a week in Florida, j tco. The housewife ominously begins InflationNoti: Toy Maker Quitt MakingPfnnyBank, Turns to NicWs, Dimes NEW YORK. Sept. M, W,-A toy manufacturer announced yesterday her firm would turn out no more penny banks—Just those that take nickels, dimes and quarters. Mrs. Ann Payson, head of a Hackensack, N, J., toy company, said the changeover was due to the copper shortage and the penny's lost appeal to children. Pennies buy very little today, she said, "ahd most children do not show much appreciation for anything less than a dime." ILUXORA NEWS By MRS. O. 0. OJUVKH WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER M, 1951' Cooke and Mr.s. Julia Owen. pus Chrl*tl. Texa*. were |uest« of • The Luxora Book Club met Tues- relatives here last week day night at the home of Mrs. L*B- I Mr. and Mrs. Murry Richardson The FidelLs Sunday School Class of the First, Baptist Church entertained Monday night with a Harvest dinner at the church. Husbands of the members were BpeclMJ EUfrsts for the occasion. Miss Margaret Molfitt. class president, was the toastmaiter. Short talks were made by the Rev. .Harold White, church pastor, Mrs. C. B. Wood, leacher. and G, C. nriver. Yearly reports were glvxen hy Miss EVB I ter Stevens, with 14 members and one guest, Mrs, Coleman of West Point, Miss., present. Mrs. Harold White was inducted a* a new member. Mrs. John Thwealt was in charge of the program, reviewing "Tht High Calling." Mrs. T. P. Hudson and Mrs. B. L. Houch were co-hostesses to ft nine- table dessert bridge at the home of Mrs. Hudson Thursday afterncon. | Bowen and Mrs. Elmer Hall were 2i"tl U ,, w " e from Osceola and i P rl " winners in the games follow- Blytheville. Prize winners in the Ing. games included Mrs. D. H. Blodg-1 Eighty members of the Wilson ett, Mrs. Dick Cromer, Mrs. Joe Future Fanners of America and family were Memphis visitors Thursday. Miss Elhlyn Cornm of Jackson. Miss., [he the homeguest of Miss Catherine Davis and family for several days last week. Mr. and Mrs. John Ford entertained their three-table Canasta Club with a spaghetti dinner at their home Saturday night. Russell j Presbyterians in Jonesboro JONESBOnO, Sept. 26. m—The 100th annual fall meeting of the Synod of Arkansas began yesterday in Jonesboro. with the Intended merger of Arkansas College, Batesville, with the College of the Ozarks, Clirluvllle, as the major topic of discussion. Another major topic o( the program is the proposed merger of the Synod of Arkansas with tht Synod of Oklahoma. Both proposals win be discussed Wednesday morning The Rev. A. p. Fogartie, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church here wit 1 be installed as moderator of the Synod today. Read Courier New§ Classified Ad*. ITS MI """" 1 Cromer, and Mrs. R. D. Mears. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Paine of Cor- nd the Future Homemakers of America I South Fair In Memphis Monday. Sponsors for the trip included Mrs. Raymond Pate and Leroy Brown- .fjUNGEfUYOKD . KCURHl DOSWE i '/< Mult D« 50Tab!«!iOnly39 ST.JOSfPHl • ASPIRIN - L FOBCHJirjjKlj H EVERYBODY'S TALKING ABOUT THIS BARGAIN! WEDDING BELLE-German- born film sliirlet Betsy von Furstenberg, above, confirmed in Hollywood her engagement to Nicky Hilton, son of (he noted hotel tycoon. Hillon was divorced last January by actress Elizabeth Taylor. The decree becomes final next January, clipping the fur coat ads with a determined look that says, "thii year or never." Oh. but a Ihrll! runs through everybody, a pulse of fresh energy and belief that the world is good Life is electricity, the blood holds an unreasoning Joy. It's always that way when the big fall guy comes back, the high- pressure Ffllcsmnn of the yenr. And he always brings a. product worth buying. Rend Courier News Classified Ads Gets Real RtsiiHt Fidfietintr. nrwe-pickinir and* top. mentina- rectal itch ate o[t«n t«U. tal. ilgnji O f Pln-WoriBa...ii B lr pari>slt«> that medical expert* »y Inf«st on* out of evtru Hire. ner- «ons examined, EnMr. f&milaH niny h. victim, and not know it. To net rid of Pln-Womi, th«. P<* U mu>t not only h« killed, but killed in the large intestine wh«r« they live and multiply. Thal'a «- RcUj Kh.-it Jarne'e P-W tablcu do ...and htre'a how they doit: firtl-K scientific coatina carries the tablet, Into t!i« bo«"l. bi fore they dilsoU-e.'> mod-ern, tnedicallf-approvcd in- Br.diont eoe» to »ork--*iU> Pin-Worms quickly and cut];. Don't Uk« chancw with th|, ijanwcoo. hinn!ycotu«imi, condition. At the fnl aim of I-in. «SU?n*'j. !k ' y °" r '{'"»?'" '"' the small. ta>y-to-uke tablo'Li'r,Vrl Icctcd by raninus Dr. D Jnyne Son. 5pecintiKtx in r for over 100 year.. V I I JAYHE fashion-genius colors "INDELIBLE-CRENIE".. the miracle lipstick! fabulous WEAR fabulous LUSTER fabulous CREAMINESS Here's Iha lirsl ond only truly creamy indelible lipstick! Non-drying because rl'j made with lip-softening Lanolitel And th« color»l Not the, thin, flat ihades you find In ordinary indelible lipsticks —bul a full range of fashlon-gennjs colors only Revlon cculd create) Discover "Inrfelible-Creme" / nowl 110 I nn T*t Today...Iry Revlon's'lndelible-Crems" the world's creamiest lipstick! ROTHROCK DRUG CO. PRICE! 205 W. Main Phone 4451 Beautiful 1951 PERFECTION GAS RANGES offered at a startling ONE-HALF PRICE! People are stopping, looking and buying, .and who wouldn't! This is Blytheville's greatest sale of gas ranges! iirand new 1!)51 Perfection rnnjfesat half-price! In case you haven't heard, these stoves were caught in the Kansas City Flood last summer—\ve bought them at n bargain and are passing the savings on to von. Every ranpe has been strarn cleaner! and polished from heart to toe and top to bottom. . .we'll guarantee it's in pei feot condition. And, another nice thing, these Perfection ranges will use either butane or natural gas. Here's s bargain where you just can't go wrong I Unless you wait too long. Times A-Wastin'! Better Hurry! THE 920 19Vi" wide; speckled blue oven and Regular low roll-out broiler; Lincoln burners $126.00 932 36" wide; divided top; low roll-out Regular broiler; Lincoln burners; 2-section lyj CQ storage compartment J.3U 936 36" wide; divided top with Perfection Regular burners; low roll-out broiler; storage 209 5Q drawer and separate compartment. . * U7 «3U 937 36" wide; divided top with Perfection burner*; oven light; 1 "Tele-Vue" Regular window; high roll-out broiler; storage 11O rn drawer -t/V.SO 940 40"wide; divided top with Perfection R egu | ar burners; low roll-out broiler; storage <je-j r/\ drawer and separate compartment. *J'.Jv 950 40" wide; divided top with Perfection Regular burners; "No-Turn" broiler; speckled OQO nfl blue oven lining; storage drawer JVaf.JU W952 40" wide; divided top with Perfection burners; 2 "Tele-Vue" windows; oven light; white oven lining; "No- Reqular Turn" Broiler; appliance outlet; storage drawer B952 Same as W952 except that it has Regular speckled blue oven lining 329.50 63.09 86.75 104.75 114.75 128.75 151.00 955' "CP" model; same as VV952 except it has automatic oven lighting; high Regular iplasher back, and electric clock- -300 en Interval timer «/.-« 329.50 1 64.7 5 164.75 191.25 HUBBARD HARDWARE 213 West Main Phone 2015 .

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