The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1949
Page 11
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MONDAY, "JUNE '«,' 1949 ' BLYTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. William* WHEN I S£EN A FOOT SWAVkN' AT ME, I ALMOST FA1NTEDJ I ASK THEM TO W.TCH HOW THE EO<3 GETS UP THROU&H OUR BARRICADES...THEY ALL PLAY ASLEEP.' BUT WHEN I'M DOtWiaTHE WVCH W6, IT CREATES A RIOT.' WHY MOTHERS GET <** _ .. PAGE Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople RCALL.V is •M» l«» WWW ^rSfte^V^t&T Town Citizen Honored On Eightieth Birthday UNION CIT\. Okla. — </!')—This farm community in central Oklahoma owes a lot to one man—and it doesn't foiget. The man is Dr. D. P, Richard- Kin, who was surprised by 500 persons who joined in celebrating hia 80th birthday with a basket Bon has been practicing 55 years dinner mnd program. Dr. Richard- here and has been the onJy physician since the turn of tha century. Besides hi» profession, the doctor U also president of the town's only bank, the only druggist, and its farmer postmaster—an office now held by .his wife. .Dr. Richardson also has been nf||or more times than he can rem- FMandAM 7 Tubes Plus Rectifier Listen to the Ball Game In Noise-Free Comfort $5 DOWN $5 A MONTH IB E i F i s |Hetl llmfm .. .! lib \\IVI \l\l\ M •nut »i T «imii a* i THP. STOKVl ft>a CM«:r*v« to »*f mmttmtet that Ik* a>ata »• Lilly Warrrw •* ntary C*«ca Hartflae'* S»*ar* I»laa4 mmm *ml- rt*e. *• far ••«• has r«««4 Illtl* t» *•*•? Mil a«y •' 1** •theff* •• XX morning Bea Cosgrove went back in the main house to get a sort for her hair before she took the sheep to pasture. She heard voices from the tower room, stopped to listen. "Time to get up Mollie," Mabel Jones said. * ' Miss Stark yawned' loudly. Too sleepy," she announced. **You can bring my breakfast in here. 1 "Maybe 1 could, but I'm not going* to. Come on and get up." "I won't get up. Too sleepy." "Stay in bed it you like. You wont eat. You're plenty wet! enough to be up and around." "Ill tell! Ill tell him and hell make you do what I say! You're nasty and mean to me, arid hell let you know what you have to do . for me. "He doesn't have to tell me what to do now." Mabel said grimly "Get up." "Owwwwr Mollie wailed. -You hurt my arm when you pulled." "Now you're up. "put on this black dress again. You'll help in .the kitchen.". ' Mollie stamped her foot "I wont! I wontl He's boss on this island. _He wont let ?y«u: treat me like this." There was a splat of a hard hand on soft bare flejh. "Don't be more of a fool than you have to. Mollie Stark laughed shrilly "You're funny." Bea slipped out without the scarf, smiling. "One situation least seems to be well in hand." * • a TH* sun was warm, relaxing bad burned away the little cur- ember and has served as president of the Oklahoma State medical society and as a member of the Oklahoma banking commission. The art of making openings In the skull—trepanning—wa« known to the ancients. ain of clouds which had darkened he morning and the large part of he afternoon. The sheep raised their heads ta unison, returned gradually to heir feeding. Bea turned lazily n the direction they had looked and stared directly at Captain Miguel Oak. He stood in a small hollow within 10 feet of her and was returning a heavy automatic to the bolster on his belt which held up stained tan pants, his only article of clothing. He smiled broadly. "Please do not move. From the house you can be seen, while I stay hidden. So. It is you who tend the sheep." 'Good afternoon- Bea said. "I didnVhear you come. You're still barefooted I see.' 'Barefooted* You knew I visited the island?" "The potted plant you tended on the Simpatico." she reminded him. "was placed on the grave of someone named Roble—or Oak. "My younger brother, who was stupid." "Maybe it runs in the family." she suggested. "Perhaps. But why de you say so?" Footprints," Bea said. "Very distinctive footprints, if 1 may say so. On the beach where the water did not reach them until ! had seen. They led to a clifl where a rope had been. "You tell me this and yet you say I am stupid?" Oak held his automatic again, muzzle pointed toward the ground. "There are ways of making people forget." JT'OR a moment Misa Cosgrov^ thought she had gone too far She said quickly. "I'd like H better if you'd forget that phony accent of yours." , The man's smile, returned. "Too bad. I thought it looked good on a fisherman. But tell mi more of the footprints and thi dead Mrs. Warren.* s "You'd better tell me," Bea saic firmly. ' Oak rubbed the beard on hi 4% HOME LOANS Klbert S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society' Mrs. Minnie Lee Jones Kemp Offering Summer Classes in P I A N O For Beginners— Intermediates —Advanced Pupils Special Rates for Summer Course ENROLL NOW ^ Studio 807 Chickosawbc Phone 2994 Operation? On, no, she's telling her friends how nice GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION was when she got a loan on her cor." PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock .Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores •hin with the gun muzzle. "Why not? I was on the cliff ta he south of the cove when 1 heard a shot. I looked dpv/n and saw a figure in one of the cars. 1 used a rope I have hidden to descend torn a point where I cannot be seen from the house. I found Mrs. Warren dead. While I looked, the car started to move. I hurried >ack. earelese of footprints. 'I reached the cliff and was hidden when you came down." "You're good at hiding. But iien r you'd have to be to stay on the island without anyone seeing you." Miguel laughed at her effort to get information. 'And you've been busy too. laven't you? Pulling those young' people out of the water tor one thing." "They remembered? It seemed easier to help them while they could still walk away, than to wait until they had to be carried." "Was it you who staked out those fish in the pool?" "Yes. A flne joke wasnt it? The poor dead fish! Four of them half in and half out of the water. And did you notice what kind of fish they were?" "I dont know much about fish." They were Remora or shark- pilot- Remora Remora to be exact. They, fasten themselves to shark with the sucking disc on the top of their heads. Which makes them not only poor fish, but suckers as well. Isn't that funny. Miss Cosgrove?" She shivered. "What a comedian! I'm afraid it was too subtle for me." "Harding knows fish, though," Oak said. "And when the water ran into the pool after I broke the line, he thought that was funny, too, didn't he?" "It didn't seem to amuse him a bit" Bea admitted. "Wait a minute." she said quickly as he started to speaks "There's someone com-' ing this way." "Thank you. But before 1 go, tell me this. Does your knowledge of languages include the meaning of the word 'remora'? It means hindrance. Miss Bea Cosgrove." (T. 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