The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 23, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS Rescue Party Moves Nearer Wrecked Plane MANILA, May 23. (UP)—An ol- CfeU) source said lain today that wreckage sighted in the wilds of Western Mindanao almost certainly Vks that of a government- Ivans- port missing since Sunday with lit test 11 persons aboard, and there «K little or no liopc that any survived. Emilio Abello, secretary to President Manuel Koxas, rc]K>rtcd the belief that four Rovcrnnicnt officials and others aboard the trans- pott "Lili Marlenc" missing on a flif'ht from Manila to Mindanao •we lost. A rescue party was working its »•»}• through tlip jungle heights lo- wvcl the spot where llic wrecked )*ine was sighted from (he air. tOnly one wing was visible, and for a time there was doubt llial it was the missing transport. The party Ixjped lo reach the scene early tomorrow. Abollo said the air search was called off at 2 p.m. because of heovy fo? over the firca, making further aerial observation impossible. Airmen saw no sinus of fire at the seem; of the wreck. 'President Manuel A. Roxas ordered doctors r.nd nurses rusliecl to the area at his own expense. He _ . said-the passengers included R:\-\5uprcme Court Justice FIMSI R. Alunan, newly appointed chairman of the Land 4fctUcmcnt Administration: Francisco ZulcU, former secretary of the/ interior; Col. Edwin D. 'Andrews, Philippine Arms' Air Corns chkef of staff, and Dr. Alfredo Parades, secretary-treasurer of* the FRIDAY, Til AY 2!3, UM7 Cameras 'Shoot' Eclipse in Brazil Like n battery of anti-alrci'aft guns, these telescopic cameras of the U. S. Army Air threes-National Geographic Society Eclipse Kxpcdilion were u^'d to '.shoot' the passage of tile mocm between the sun niicl Ihe cnrlh May 20 from n |»l'nt in tile interio" of nruzll. (National Geographic Society Photo from NEA rclepliQlo.) Cagy About Expressing Opinions Off the Bench 'NEW ORLEANS, May 23. (UP) — Supreme Court Justice Hugo L. Black, attending the conference of MLSA. Roxas said two pilots were Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Jud- »*oard. I f?es here, save reporters ft tough time Oij ills arrival. He panted all questions '.vi'Ji the explanation that a justice can't lie about expressing opinions—except, maybe, on Chinese art. Desperate reporters finally asked: "Well, Mr. Justice, wjinl do :f)ti know about Chinese art? "Not a thing," was the reply. Read Courier Mews Warn Ads. (DcwunfiaJd Copyright by Gwen Davenpaij; Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. .: XXXVI "COPHIE!" Adam raised his head . to gaze into her eyes. "May •n old man ask an old lady the question a boy ought to have asked a girl a lifetime ;igo?" "Oh—Adam!" "Sophie, will you marry me?" Moved to tears, she gripped one «rf- his hands in both hors. "How Hke you that is!" she cried. "To wish to mnko on honest womnn ol me! But I shall give you the answer .the girl ought to have given the boy.»No> ; Adam—but I thank you from the bottom ol my heart." He leaned back, an expression of ineffable peace on his iiobie carved features.; ''You will never know the peace it has brought me to have asked y^u thai question at last." "If I had only dreamed you were 'suffering such remorse!" she murmured. "What ran 1 ever do lo viakc it up to yo"u? w rLct me bis Vour friend for the few years remaining to us." . "But of course!" She was struck with the perfect solution. "Adam—" she snid, leaning toward nirn earnestly, "won't you conic .to New York with us for the win• ter? They will give you a corner room at the hotel. You can be quite comfortable." . "Thank you very much," he said simply. "I should love to .come. I shall look forward lo it. 1 They sat in contented silence, dreaming of the future and remembering Ilic past. Bopliie saw « restless girl, imprisoned by the round of farm life and the billcr Maine winters. She saw again the elegant young Adam Bagot •who came to arrange the purchase of her father's farm, on the back reaches of the tidal Goose River for the Codman Company. Generous to a fault even then Sophie had given her whole hcarl jand her whole self, although she A'as dimly aware that Adam bc- onged (o another world. When she had realized the position in which she found herself, and when her "athcr's death lett her alone in the world, she had taken the money rrom the land sale and gone. What a long, long journey she :iad taken to come back at hist, wealthy and famous, and find Adnm Bagot waiting in the place 'ic had never left! » » • J-TER musings were interrupted by the sound of Marcel and Sir Charles on the staircase, bring- ng down the easel rend some suitcases. She wondered what on earth they were doing, making all that commotion. Presently Mnr- cct came into the room, muffled his shawl and wearing the shabby, greenish Hussion capo. "Sophie," he said sadly, "I go only because you think U is for the best." "Good heavens!" she exclaimed. "Hasn't anyone told you? You can't go now. We'r6 all expected at Mrs. Bagot's for dinner tomorrow night. To celebrate the engagement!" "What?" "Engagement?" said Sir Charles, coming in. ".Who expects to be married?" "Sally and Vicky, of course," saict Adam BagoC. "Go and toll the rest of the boys, Sir Charles," Sophie ordered "Tell Basil and fetch Godfrey." "You mean %vc don't have to go away?" asked Marcel. "Certainly not." "But I packed, Sophie, I rcallj packed." "And I have wonderful news for everyone," she went on happily "Adam is joining us!" Marcel stood unbelieving. 11 advanced slowly upon Adam, who had risen cfturtcousry. "You are joining us?" Adnm inclined his head. "Wherl Madame moves lo New York for he winter, 1 expect to accompany or." Miircel turned to Sophie. "Is Til very well that Sophie be nice o Vicky's in-laws," he said jcal- 'usly, "but we need not go so nr as Ihnt! Basil and I, and even odfrcy, are all old friends o[ 'Ophic—-" "But, M .1 r c e 1," interrupted Sophie, "Adam is the oldest friend Jf nil." Slie moved across to stand Between the two men, giving a land to each. "Yon have not changed, Sophie," id Adnm, "since you were a girl, and in spite of fame nnd fortune." * • * 2IR CHARLES and Basil came in from the hall. "Alas, but I have changed!" lophie said, "As Harry o( Eni;and said to Kale in Ihc fifth act: My comfort is that old age, that 11 layer-up of beauty, can do 110 nore spoil upon my face—' " She was interrupted by God- • rcy, coming to see what the ex- cilcment was all about. He stood n the doorway and surveyed the scene. "Sophie!" lie warned. "Those arc my lines!" He took :hcm away from her, continuing :he speech, " 'Thou hast me, it [liou hast me, at the worst; and Ihou shall wear me, if thou wear me, belter and belter—' " lie began pacing up nnd down in the cenler of the room, finishing the speech, but the others paid no attention to him. Marcel and Adam sat down one on each side of Sophie on the couch. Sir Charles started lo set up a table for (ca. Basil moved to the piano, which was now quite badly out of tune alter a summer on Ihe sciicoasl. Sealing himself on the bench, he began to play softly the finalo from Mozart's Sonata in C. Godfrey was slill going on and on, working himself into his part. Adam Bagot, silting close lo Sophie, nettled back comforlnbly, smiling with an expression of fulfillment, and reached out a hand. Sophie palled it. Adam closed his eyes ?nd went lo sleep. TUB END Wmc/ow Too' Clean NASHVILLE, TtMlll., May 23. (UP) —Next time nine-ycnr old Frances Hose probably will look closer before she leaps. Late yesterday Prances was look- Ing for her mother Inside a shoe stoic. She saw her outside and rushed to join Mrs. Rose, not noticing n Ire.shly-clcanod, quarter- inch plate jjlass window that barred her way. She received superficial cuts. FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy «1 at State Line I'hone JilyUieville 711 "Oh, come now! This child who broke the vase must to someone!" 'KBCKLES & I1JS FRIENDS It's Kii By MEKUI1.L BLOSSEI RADIO REPAIRS 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEl, RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. 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BUT THEM KIMD H-\VE TROUBLE PUTTIN' UP A LUNCH; ^. !i *m^ ^^> ^g •J(Zf^.% O'^fe^ .V^/fe^V^g &TUMPINSG THE EXPLRTG 1TIC FLINT 1 Have a Guest HY AMCHAKL O'JIAMJJY anrt RALI'I{"LANE , t ^45 JUST FOOLING, «AT. EVERV- KNOWS VOU'O BE HONEST TO THROW FIGHT just about that time I was open'ing the door of my hotel room. 6UT WHOT I SAY IS, THROWING ' BETTER THAN GETTING YOUR BRAINS KNOCKED OUT. I'VE GOI A RiSHT to WORRY ABOUT WK« KIND OF A FATHER WOUtD A FIGHTErt MINUTE YOU M&0 ME THINKIN' STUPID ACTU&llY THINKS I'M KIOCHMC. fa HAVE FW A1.0NG. NOBODY'S GONNA MAKE ME SLAP-HAWV, HONEY. Over We Go! BY LESLIE TURNS* you LET THAT BOAT DRIFT AW Wi RED; ftND Til BRAtN HOtl! f ID LIKE ^ WORE FOLLOW MP OUST &s HE SPRINGS TO SET IN THE BOW . NC» SERVICE ISC J L.1 Tl REC U 1 fAT OFT hasy Moncj THE RY V. T. HAM SCHOOUS ^sce,-^ D— W 'f fou GO AVO n Hy V. T. 71AMLIN E 2O~* CENTURV. THE lVE-T5.X\=UNS TREASU ti^S FACE AN CVER- = OP BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ,fiU»T\t CORP, NOU TO e,PtW \Sl\Trt WOUV.D NOLS U1CE ft?\tMD VlUrt HER ? swta 1 . S-^ILf RtD ,-r\ r ***

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