The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 1, 1950
Page 7
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1 SATURDAY, APRIL 1, 1950 BLYTHEVIU.E <ARK.1 COURIER NEWS PAOK SITVKr* OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople WELL, THAT H0££> POM'T NEED /VJY Cf THEM TRAPPIM'S SO TAKE 'EM RIGHT OFF -- IF **3O PUT ALL, MEN IM jusTSOiHe"FevJ TIMES" ) tX»ST BEVBLOP IhlTO A ^ ROM LIKE SOUThl PACIFIC/ VT OUGHT TO 86 GOOCl TRWNilMQ POR HIM BORDERS WRIST LOCKSA PASS AT IHe LAST CHOP/ BREAST COLLAR I'M MftHA3lUG MARTHA, AM'1 BE£M RAVIN' SO MUCH ABOUT YOUR HEAVEMLY MEAU-3., HE'S DEOOLIM© FEP A MATCH WITH THE L£AT3 HlW TO THE TROUGH A FEVJ TIMES f WELL ITON'CUZ-MY SUPPIM ON TH' BLUE ROAM YOU'D HAVE ALL S He A GOOD STRONSS FOREARM 2 BORN TllETY YRAK.S. TOO SOOM' Lawrence Washington, a brother to Cicn. George 'Washington, wiis a Marine officer in one of the three Marine regiments recruited In 1740. Copyright 1950 by Rupert Hughe* Disl by MEA SERVICE, INC. DRESFUS How't your wolch tunning the» dayi? Iff noil Well, hav« our typert repoliman put it in A-1 cortdllion. Prompt, efficient reotonalal* EASTEK FLOWERS BI.YTI1KVILLE FLOWER MART Memphis Hi way Phono 600Z XVI AS Azalea Palmer finished her story, she knew she had finally convinced tb'e (Jelective . Martin Queripel at least of the possibility oE Paul Moody's innocence in the death of her father. At last Queripel sniiled and said: "You haven't a license to practice law, 1 suppose," "Me? A lawyer!' Why do you say that?" "I was thinking that, if only you" could be allowed to tell the story as you, see it, to a jury, Pau Moody would be acquiUed." , "1 could kiss you for that," Azalea gasped. "I'll ask no other fee," said Queripel, glowing at the prospect Bui big Timothy O'Hea, Queripel 1 : assistant, who had been listening at the door lo as much of AzaIea T words as he could overhear, brok< into the room with: • ... "Here! Here! What goes o here? How are you going to pa> me wages out of kisses? And wha would my Nora say if I brouyh her homp my share of this littl lady's—cr—oscarlations?" her back to the hnrsh real!lies, but he said: "Still, my dear, the only way lo use the Jaw or escape it", is by way of a lawyer. Had you thought of engaging Harry Hodges to defend Paul Moody?" She nodded, "Judge Colbnrn advised him; bul I said thai hiring hhn would be Ihe same as pleading guilty and trying to squirm This caught Queripel out of his out. Harry Hodges is famous for lost unusmiJ humor of gallantry. | getting killers acquitted; but Paul Vhile his blushes subsided, he M oo dv isn't a killer." ried to gel back lo business. He aid. \vHh more rebuke to himself :aan (o Azalea: "You have retained a good law- ear, of course." "No," she said. "My father's awyer is big, pompous old ex- udge Colburn, the corporation awyer. I begged him to save 'aitl, but he believes him guilty itl said that he could hardly do inything for the murderer of his By this time Queripel was so enlisted in her cause, so determined lo save Paul Moody for her KKKCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSKH Don't IxM>k Now ANOTHER THING-, LARDSY— WHY NOT GET HERE . EARLY FOROKef JUST TOR LAUGHS/ "1 didn't need a wave but I had to come! All the radio news was the same old tiling—no secrets that everybody isn't supposed to know!" HADN'T YOU RETTW. GET DRESSED. HILC IF LARD COOLO SEE YOU SOW" To 8E EARLY So ME WOULDH'T MORETWAM A I'KISCIl.l.A'S I'OI' The Straight Man BY AL VERMERR sweet wild sake, that he was already a partner, of hers in a conspiracy to defeat the police, if nol jus lice itself. After some thought, he said: "I think 1 know )ust the man you need. He's young; liant; he knows the law, its loopholes and its knots. own client, my father. Hnrlcy Kcnyon. He's a fighter. "The court set Paul's bail at ! Ami he needs the money and the $25,000. I implored Judge Colburn .o let me put up the money, but ic said that Ihe will hadn't been probated yet. He's the executor, nit he wouldn't advance the money, and so poor Paul has to stay in jail. It's driving me insane. "That old dodo of a Judge Colburn dared lo rebuke me. He said, 'Instead of trying to save this fellow you're infatuated with, oughtn't you to be mourning tor your poor father?' "I struck back at him: 'You let me mourn my father my own way. I loved him. He loved me. He hated Paul, but that was because he didn't want to let anybody take me out of his lonely life. Some horrible person killed my father for Eomc 'mysterious reason. I'll keep on trying till he is found and my father's death revenged.' "Judge Colburn answered: 'You'll regret this my child.' And I said 'Somebody else will regret it more, if there's any real justice in the world. 1 CHE spoke with the fierce con- viclion and the unwavering faith in life that only the young and the liUIe-experienced can cherish. Queripel loved her tor her ferocity and hated to bring >ractice." "Nice name," said Azalea, with womanly logic of instant decision. "Please engage him, and te 'iim the situation. I'll pay his fee, whatever il is." * Q UERIPEL, still the gallant, and hardly recognizing himself in this new mood, decided that, il Harley Kenyon once looked Into those diamonds behind Azalea's eyelashes, world upside down to got her her heart's desire—unless, perhaps, the young lawyer should decide to get Moody out of the way and take Azalea herself for said: "I-think-Fd better let you talk to him yourself, I'll see if I can get him^ to come here right now. His'office is In this building." tic dialed Kcnyon's telephone and caught the young lawyer "just dashing out to an Important appointment." Azalea heard Queripel say: "Break that appointment. Come here at once. It's a matter of life and death." He put down the receiver and smiled al .Azalea. "He's half way here by now.* . (To Be Continued) SHEET METAL WORK _ . OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil.mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway' Phone 2fi51 i Complete Auto& Inferior Work Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Yoi/r Friendly Studebaker Dealer" \ RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 6388 KIDS! FREE RIDES Saturday Afternoon 1-6 p.m. It's Lots of Fun! I Come down to the new Shetland Ranch Satur- Iday rtfternoon and get a free pony ride. These • ^gentle Shetland ponies I arc lots of fun to ride. Remember, it's Patur- I day, April 1st, when we have our grand op- I cning. Grand Opening SHETLAND RANCH ' South of Slarvue Drive-In — Hiway 61 South _j RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. N1ES & NIES '•Ml TTJWS F.irrpl Canirr Cllnlt SI4 M.itn Rivitirvlilc. Ark Have Your Seat Covers Tailored Right on the Seats — To assure a Perfect Fit! Door panels covered to suit your taste. Have thai torn and dirty head lining replaced with a new one in original material. All work designed lo brine »"1 the beauty in your car. We also upholster any type furniture. Phone 8-119 for free estimates SMITH MATTRESS CO. Phone 4319 Blythevflle Air Base "Free Pickup & Delivery" KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo Phone 2089 A BETTER LAUNDRY PX For Expert Laundry and Drv Cleaning—Call 4474 NU-WA NOT ME! WISE TO YOUR APRIL FOOL'S PRANK 1 . It's the Phone Call BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY arid RALPH LANB THAT5 FOR RUINING MY PLANS. ONCE THAT GUV LINT HEARS THAT. iECORD, HE'LL HAVE THE GOODS ON ME vAND MANGLE. HEIIO.MRS./SOIHAT'S HOVKTHAr'CALl N SAY BROOK,/FROM CHICACO'kWS WORKED.' THIS IS COMEOf|,VWVE60TAMTE < WONTASUE \TO TALK WITH SCJWBE ABOUT MANGLE... XHtS CKOBD OXIECT1ON ONE MOM CUT, PL EASE. ALL RIGHT, CHICAGO, 60 AHEAD..'. HtKE OOE5, SISRID. CAPTAIN EASY BY LESLIE TURNER TRY TO LOOK AT TH' BRIGHT X KHABOD! W(W M X I RECKON OABEU HAPTA MISWR HAFT* SETTLE SO \YEf OMnAtNT0i LOU. ffx fsou TOWN? l*w WAMSIA, ir» LIKCIHMSKI* OMe O' THEW SPOILT KIHO THAT'LL MO DOUBT EXPECT TO HAT AT GABE DRIUES THE COBBS OUT io THE ftNt> TRIE TO 'COMFORT HIS SIDE C>' HER HMDIN' VDIMCK AT LEAST IT GIVES US SOME- BODV TO OpEW TH 1 GATES. -/VOUQirVER HIND IESS OUTA THERE AN'OPEW IT VER.SELF! TH' TA6LE WITH 7H' MEN r*OLK5l THIETEEH MI1.ES TO J THIS FOR TK RR9T 1MtiHHSf.l.f'. WfROWTGATP AM 1 SIX ON TO TK' HOUSE! 'crfect Defense WATCH ME GST SYLVESTER WITH MV SQUIRTIN' LAPEL. FLOWER/ BY V. T. H AMI. ALL f?ISHT. NOW. SOMEB5DY OKiVe ME TO TrC AIRR7KT; OR. CO I HAj=TA \v!\LK? HOOTS AND HER Rl'DPIKS I!Y RIHiAR MARTIN

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