The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1951 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 25, 1951
Page 13
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TUESDAY, SEPTWBim IB, BLT'l'HETTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAOT Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams VOOR FRIENDS ? SHIPT <lfc>0« OMGOB BftCK Itf /•leOTR/ JUNIOR.' THERE AINT A OP eeAowoRX THAT WHCXe TRI86 C*= ELBOVJS AT owns CLUB/ -THIS AII^'T ,MO PROCJ6CT PER CHft ' PUR'S e FISJAMCIERS.' •HO-HUM' W0*0, OAKE f UNTILTHAT - ATOMIC ffATH SALT CX= V<?OR'S IS CERTIFIED AS , T VIEW IT AS A SHADY PROPOSITION! .' PLEA6S REFRAIN FROM APPLVlhJS YOUR SHEAD- ING CLIPPERS TO My ' I NOTICE 'YOU SEAB A DIRTY POLLAR BILL UKE YOU LOVEP IT, ER A DIRTY DOOR KNOB WITHOUT WIPlW TH' TWO DIRTIEST TH1MGS IM TH'VVORI.P/ BUT, THIS POOR GUY EV6»0 WELL,F COLLAR. BILLS AMP POOR WERE ALWAYS SCRATCH- IMS LIKE HIM, IT WCTJLC7 RSMINP US TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM, TOO/ WHY MOTHERS fi6T GRAY Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Election November 6, 1951 For Mayor DAN A. BLODGBrr Fbrwee Itriga W§ buy our bread with utmost care, Tha little lady *aid, "We always choose the Meyer's Bread To keep ourselves well led". HOW FAST DO YOU DRIVE? s— Sore joa hnow? Maybe yoor speedometer is wrong-—and thai could cost yon a ticket! We give one-day repair service. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer 121 E. Main Phone 2122 THE STORY: Holly n un *tupi h.. •ton*- to Cent ml Ainrrlin m he »re- reinry for <W American wriirr 5i*r* True*?. HrnrJnK <b»t Slrv« la • vroman-hftlrr, Holly d remit* 4ecldrd whether -«h* llkra *itrve II T-TOIJLY looked nt Hie plants. Many of them had big stems ot green bananas on them, and she was about to remark that the silly things were growing upside down, then recalled reading somewhere that bananas grew that way. They swept between two white stone gates, ablaze with bougaio-^ villeas, and along a curving drive under trees that were masses of crimson and scarlet and flame- colored flowers, and which were named appropriately enough "flam boy ante," or flame trees, and so up to a stuccoed bouse. It WHS white with a red-tilec roof, and a wide veranda, and an outside stone stairway going up the side of the house to the second story. A dark-skinned boy in dungarees came down the steps and took the bags out of the back of the car Steve and Holly followed him into a wide, cool hall. \ MAN met them there. He wai about Steve's age, but, Holly thought not nearly so goodtooking with sandy hair and a good natured, round face. Laughter )i sudden sparks in his blue eyes, an- tugged at the corners of his mouth But it didn't break through. "This is Holly Dunstan," saic Steve. "Ray Porter, your hos white you're here." Ray recovered. He came towarc her quickly with hand outstretches in cordial greeting. "Hi, Miss Dun slani" / Holly smiled back at him as sh put her band in bis. "My wife's in the kitchen sup erintending lunch." h« explaine Just What The Doctor Ordered! After yoa M« the doe- tor, bring your prescription t« as will mi It exactly the way h* would want it. ST. FRANCIS DRUG STORE 423 West Ash con. 1951 »r NCA snvtci me. f>o you want to just follow the oy up the outs id e stair way lo our room?' Gee, will Elsa be lad to see you!" "Thank you," said Holly, with sudden husk in her throat At least the Porters were going o make her welcome, and sud- enly New York didn't seem so far way, and she didn't seem cjuite so lone in an alien land. She had time to unpack ant lang up her clothing and to look »ut her window over the stone wall to the winding thread o roadway which lost itself in the blue hills. When she came downstairs again he saw Ray Porter sitting by i window. He sprang up as shi came in. **Sit down," he invit€:ri. "Elsa' almost ready. She's thrilled t lave another woman on th place." "I'm going back on the nex boat," she said flatly. Ray looked nt her. Then h leaned forward and offered her light for her cigaret. "Five'll get you ten you don't, e said. She shook her head. "My mind made up." "This is a swell place to YoiiTl love it." "Oh, it's beautiful," she sighec "If only—Well, I know Mr. Trace doesn't like me—" "Aw, Jorget «," he advised 'Steve's a good guy." He hesita ted and looked at the end of h cigaret thoughtful!?. "He slaughter me if he knew 1 was telling you this, but I think you should know it. When he was with the Marines, he was engaged to a girl. 1 couldn't see the girl myself. I thought she was a spoiled kid, selfish, the kind that never grows up. But that wasn't any ot rny business. I couldn't tell him, even though he's my best friend. When he came beck, he iund she had been married for wo years. Steve claimed he wae t women from then on- Maybe ou can do something for him. e's the kind of guy who normally light to give out with a good old olC whistle nnd a prayer of hanksgiving that you are a retty." "1 wouldn't want him to be a volf either." she snid quickly. Sieve came down soon, and a ew minutes later Elsa called them or lunch. Elsa was young, tittle, and quite >lond. and Holly liked her at mcc. She saw that Elsa liked her md was glad. She helped with the dishes afterwards in the little tchen that overlooked a million dollar view ot jungle valley and louritain. They had given Steve the 11- srary, a small room to the right of the hall, for his study, and the next morning promptly at 9, Holly and Steve went there for their first morning's work. For three days he drove her lard, then the dictation tapered off, for he had caught up with himself. "I'm soon going to need a trip to the cofTee hacienda,*' he said at lunch that day. "Whenever it's convenient for you, Ray." "You're coming with us, Holly," said Elsa. IT was good to get away from the typewriter and drive up through banana and sisal ?.nd sugar cane plantations into the mountains. They needed a big white house, sprawling along a wide, flat shelf on the mountainside overlooking marvelous vistas of purple mountains in the distance, and wooded valleys below. ' The proprietor, Senor Hernandez, cnrne out to meet them and took them inside where his daughter Garment a was their hostess. She was a brunette, .slight, and elfin, with flashing black eyes and sparkling white teeth and a vivacious manner. Her father referred to her as a child, and Holly guessed she might be about 17, but .thc-re was nothing childlike in her eyes when she looked at Steve. (To B« Continued 1 ) FOR SALE Concrete cvlTerts, It Inch t« 48 inch, plain or r«enforced. Also Concrete RuildJng Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken house*, pnmp hons#s tenant houses, too! sheds. We deUrcr Call •• for free eatlmato. 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FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSMR Wise Guys, Huh? VJutir HI& HEEL9 ViX , .... HAVE.GRkND- /WEATHER ON YOOftTwHERf fUSY^S MARK. j HKX DO A*.-^ —j SET,, / ieor r^w^S^^S^ l.l.A'S POP More Smoke Than Fire SHOVE ME AROUND" )^S\ BY AL VERMEER YOU GOING /THE CORNER VIC FLINT On (he .loh BY MICHAEL O'MAU.KY and RALPH LANS TAKE WHATEVER VALUABLES YOU HAVE, HONORIA, GET IN A TAXI, AND AABET ME IN PROMT OF THE PUBLIC- LIBRARY IN EXACTLY TWO I'LL BE V PERFECTLY SHAKE- PARKED \ iPEARE. OH, YOU W A TAXI. 1 POOR, 5BT IN MY UNDERSTAMD7 / &KOWL'i A\EN ARE INTERESTED IN WHO GOB* INTO MR-S. DUNDBR'* HOUSE. X WANT TO &E£ WHO COM&& Oirrt CAPTAIN EASY The Roy Has Talent RY LESLIE TURNER In Better Used Cars & Trucks "Prices Are Horn Here— And Raised Elsewhere" • 1950 Studebaker Here's a perfcrl US-Ton-1 ")Ql Truck with slake bed..*'^-'• 1951 Studebaker lii-Ton Cab ft ChassK • 1942 FORD V-8 IS-Ton Truck with new '4S molor, 825x20 tfOO tires . . . bargain ^J7 • 1949 FORD '/a-Ton Plrknp . . here's £Q/l » pcrfctl truck for TOU .p7*l • 1949 Studebaker Von'll aitree (hh H-Ton rfQQ Pickup li Jusl like new -p/7 • 1949 Studebaker Here's A heavier, *i-Tnn £AAr Pickup Ihit's bargain- ,B77J priced: Most of these trucks are equipped with a radio and heater! STUDEBAKER WHM! you /WED BRIMS A WEM.T' OF MBAW YOU WON'T / WENT TO DA FOIM, MRC! TWE SELL THOSE SKAEESV. ME BOY, BUSTER, UNIESS THESE..THESE CHAEfr.CTEKS.liKE GIUtH, SOFT JOBS- IU THE PLW4T* S-l^*> naK vou WON'T B'ut'i/e ms. BUT r usTft T'lHK HE WAS A. IGNORAMUS, WIP NO lUT-REST W MIITTIW! I TRIED TO IE&E.N 'IM WOT I KNOWED, BUT DA MORE I TOLD 'IM.DA IGNCWNTER HE SOT! OEM [ DISCOVERS HI5 INVEST IS BftTHlN'SUITS II V(HV, HE CAM SIT ON DA BEHCH AN 1 STAKE AT 'EH ML DM1 YES'S, OAT soy's GOT A Noeaiw FULL* IDEWZS ON NEW MODELS TO BEINS Oiirl BUGS BUNNY 'Kesf Laid Plans—" ARE VA SURE VA GOT TH POUGH PER ALL THE5E EAT^ IN THfa •^WANK-y / HAVE NO OCUNT ? S QUALW5. GUVNOR / TH' WvANAGEK AM.ICY OOP There's Old XVIII BY V. T. HAJILIN IT SAYS HERE.J C I'M hJOT SURPRISED! >^~-'%IFA FAIK bET YOU TH'SREAT S AW. W. I HEARD HE > YEH...IT'S\3AY IT BE THEM , 2Sin WIU-/ THAT'S ALL N.WOULDfl'T PLAY/ A FAIK BET\LET'S MM<E WROMGfHE \ BALLV/1TH | THEY 1 LLF1ND\OWE...YO(J DISAPPEARED I GENERAL I HIS BODY IM / AN 1 ME . LAST NtGMrt /SOANSOCIIS HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Y'es Indeed BY EDGAR MARTIN ?cx>« VrtfVt Ml '. V 00^ \Vv & AX.X. VMA^

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