The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 23, 1947
Page 9
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FRIDAY, MAY 23, 19-17 BLYTIIEVILLE (AUK.)" COUIUKR NEWS PAGE NINE Suggcstons For Better Farming Featured For This Section's Progressive Farmers. FARM NEWS-FEATURES Published Kvery Friday In the' Interest of Farm Families of Thj» Agricultural Section. Oregon Farmers BaJJIe New Pesl Crickets, Foraging on Alfalfa and Wheat, Cause Heavy Damage PKNDLETON, Ore., May 23. (UP) —Men. women and children, equipped wilh slicks, stone:; niul pol.'V I bait, fought today to halt n hor;ie of Mormon crickets spreading Eastward over S00-s(|iiare mile.s of fertile Oregon farmlands The crickets covered Sherman, Gilliam and Morrow Counties and were approaching the Umatilla County line. The line of march roughly paralleled the Columbia Ulver. I'ivc weapons carriers, loaned by tlie Army, were pressed into service by Federal and county authorities to spread poison bait composed of sawdust, bran and sodium silicate. The weapons carriers moved alonR the eight-mite cricket front near the UmaUlla County line, spreading the poison by blowers ttiirt hurled Hie mixture over a 00-foot radius. About. 10 to 20 iwunds of the poLson was used to an acre. Tile crickets that ate tlie poison did not die immediately, nuUv/i- Ucs .said, but Jived on for 24 hours. The poison, however, was expected to hall or at least slow down Ihe «d- vanu|, M'wjt. of the plague area is ranye- nU, jyUioueh there has been some ;una^P Lo wheat crops and alfalfa Officers of Pawheen 4-H Club Officers of the I'awhccn 4-H club arc, from left to right, Shirley Cobtirn, song captain; Donald Culp. vice-president; Bohble Jean Biii'd, .secretary; Harold Culp, president, and Lovic Mac Giles, club reporter 111 1046 the Pawheen club won second place as championship club Df North Mississippi County. Tlie clnh's secretary, nobbic Jean Hyrd, was county poultry champion in 1045 and Mary Johnson, another member of the Pawheen club, WAS .champion ill 1946. In the .several years that the club has been organized it has won a total of l(i 4-11 Club trophies. The club boasts a membership of 57 rural chllil-'un ami Is rated as one of the county's outstanding clubs. —Courier News Photo. Coincidence's Long Restores Lost Pen Arm PHILADELPHIA (UP)—Dr. Wallace L. Davidson dropped the working part of bis fountain pen from a twelfth fioor window in Hahne- I maun hospital, but the cap remained in his pocket. He searched the courtyard below Ihe \\iiKlow but lie couldn't find Ark-Mo Obtains Vocal-ion Area For Employes A recreation center to serve as vacation spot for employes of he Arkansas-Missouri Power 'to. ere has been set up along the anks of Eleven Points Hivcr and s expected to be ready for use une 1. it was announced today. Tills site consists ot two and a lalf acres on both bnnks of the iver and includes an old grist mill ,nd the Birdell Dam. Present plnir. include conversion of a •commisary building on the iite into a batli house and instal- atlon of a water system to serve ,he nine cottages there. The pro- >etty was purchased by the com>any through a special fund. FOR SALE Tractor Cultivator for Formal I B OrtlENDORR FARMS 8F2 Osceola, Ark. Blood Counts Ordered For Bikini Personnel WASHINGTON, May 23. (UP) — The Navy yesterday ordered "a complete blood count" made on all Naval personnel still on active duty who took part, in the atomic bom!) tests at Bikiua last summer. Atomic radiation affects the Blood swstem. and a blood count is standard diagnostic procedure. T!ie Tomato Yield Damaged by Some Sprays FAYETTEVlUjE, Ark. — "Spare the Ilnrdraux mid save Ihe lomo- to plant" Is (he lutes! version uf the proverb about the rod nnd the child. At least dial is what scientists at the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station are recommending to the state's tomato t;ro\vei'S. Dr. V. II. YOIIIIK. licad or the Plnut Pnlhnlouy Department, explains it Ibis way. '1'lie Ksperlmcnt Station has been carrying on tomato sprayiun studies since 1030. looking for the best ways to control leaf spotting. These studies have shown I hat spraying \\ith Bordeaux may be definitely harmful to the plants because it makes them lose their water too rapidly l>i* evaporation. It is especially dangerous h" used just before or after transplant- Ing, when it often kills the plants or stunts them severely. However, If tomato folllngc show. 1 leaf spotting early in the season and showers or heavy dew hell' spren<| the diseases, some inethoc of control must be used, Dr. Yount. agrees. Otherwise Ihe plants wil lose most of their leaves and r poor crop of low quality fruit is almost sure to result. In place of the Bordeaux, lie recommends using "fixed copper" sprays or such materials as fcrmatc and y.erlatc. These sprays will give excellent control of leaf spoiling di- Second Victim of Auto Crash Dies at Gassville MOUNTAIN 'HOME. Ark., May 22. (UP)—Ernest Graham. 2, of Harrison, is the second victim of an automobile crash near Calico Eock Monday. He died of burns in a Gassville hospital Wednesday. His companion, Dennis o'rien of. Bergman, died Tuesday. The accident happened late Mon day when their car, driven by Graham, overturned and burst into " Bmes - • in Crops Sec Surface Jeauty Only, Says Dhio Matchmaker until (lie of age. child rencMies 21 years The average plant gels about OD per cent of ll s food from the air. scascs if they are applied as soon Navy has said repeatedly, however. as the first true leaves »rc dropped, hat no one suffered an overdose sum are repwvicrt every. 10 days u»- f radiation at ^Bikini. Ul n week before the plants nrc Tho order for the blood count I puller! for transplanting. For best v&s sent out by Secretary of Navy j results, the; matr-rLal.s sliould be used James Forre.stai to all .ships JU'd : as a S])ray rather Lhan n .cJust. stations. , , ,j. m Fixcfl copper .sprays shoukl IJL mixed at the mtc of I pound oi mclalHcc copper to TiO gallons o water. Fu\n~ pounds of low grade wheat flour nnd about half a pounf of n sjireacier such sus Ciilriiun case inate slinuld be mixed with the clr chemictU before the \vittcr is added. It i.s very important that, the information accompanying fixed copper Snails can live on high mountains or in osca ndcpths, under pressure ranging from 0 1-2 pounds to 4 1-2 tons a square inch. ft— Six million square miles of the earth's surface arc covered with ice the year round. Department of Agriculture predictions of the Hist hlllion- bushel winter wheat crop ii history indicate that (he U. .S will maintain or cxpr.nd its roll as llic breadbasket of tlcnioc racy. Chart at top compares last year's i ccord-hrcakin); .winter wheat crop with estimate for Ibis year. Lower chart compares last year's rye crop wilh \1!H7 c&linmU'. which is 32 per i' " - rent hiylicr. /•-" NHW O1UKANS, May 23, <U1>> — )nc of Cupid's all-lime champion fillers moved into the deep South odiiy. satisfied that the male Is a hump who doesn't peer beneath Is prospective mate's outward lny- i' of cosmetics before ho buys a Noll 11. Slull. who has been llx- 1111 thliiiss for lonely hearts for the isl 1!7 years as founder anil prosl- Irnl of Ihe Widow anil Widowers Jliib 01 Klyi-lu, o.. said "competition s tlerco" lor tile unattractive wo- uan loiiity. "Hut 11 lot o( women who gel husbands arc only shells." Mrs. Stull said. "You can see that 111 the billions of dollars .spent every year on cosim-lles." Mrs. Sinn, who has handled more lhan ;i!i,(KIO proposals of marriage since sin' bi'iiaii Ilxlni; things in 11122, hoped in give one ol hi'r liim- ous gcl-acqualtUcd parties In New Orleans noxl fall. H was only Mrs. SUill's third pvo- fcssUuuil trip lulu nixie, U»t she iccalli'd success!id parlies In Chattanooga, Tciii!., and Allnnla, Cm . "manv years ago." "Southern gentlemen ucnerally are loo timid for my kind of work," she; said, "though 1 can't see much dllferencc In the women." .She noted n scarcity of native jlondes In New Orleans. "Maybe 1 have finally found a Jlace," she said, "where gentlemen lt> not prefer blondes—or II they :!<», can't find any." | The iihong, reputable ! Insurance Company ^ your assurance of i protection to the lot- lor o( tlio policy. Tho experienced \ knowledge of your conaci- oncious agent is your guarantee of propor- ly-plannod coverage.' NOBLE GILL AG£ N C Y ! CLCNCOC HOML • LOG. WILKE'S CAIF-EZ A powder preparation for fait rctitf of limplc, obnormol boientil (icoun) in colvoi. Provide! a soothing, oitringtnt coaling lo Urilalcd inleilin«S. Died by ImnJfcdi of ouhtanjlng caltl* brttd- en. Pucfr.agcd in two economical tin*, ' 50< and $1.00, FOR SALE 8Y WOODS DHUG STORK Dependable ANTI-HOG CHOLERA SERUM & VETERINARY PRODUCTS ' W4J.TJtiAi.NS, MIJ50UKI sprays be read carefully so thiil the proper concentration of metallic copper Is obtained. The tcrmate Is used at the rale of 1 pound to fit) gallons of water, with calcium caseluate added for a spreader, Lime should not be added to either the copper or the fcrmate sprays. Settlement Law Means $19,800 to 3-Year Old 'Bin-MINGlCAM, 'Ala., Muy All of Your Life Insurance Needs General American Life Ins. Co. E. H. FORD, District- Manager Lynch itldif. Uiisincss I'hmie 2K1I Ues. 11185 iUP)-'.\ Inv iTiiulrinc court ap proval for set.llenicut.-i Involvtuu children yeslerday made a difference of fin.HOO lo thi'cc-ycur-old Vicky Hnrklns. A coni't Jury here refused lo rcc-' nijnlzc an i'Ul-ol-com I settlement lor $'>C(I hi 1 the Uttlc RUTs tallier. The jury ordered the Hlack Diamond Coul Co. lo pay $2fl.00;> to the chiUl for "permuncnl injuries" ;;iio received when a company Iruok hit her while she was playing hi her yard. The $110,000 w'll lie placed in Irusl DELTA the missing part of his pen. Five months later, an unidentified man was brought to the hospital. Dr. Davidson searched the man's pockets for Identification, and found the missing part of the pen, complclc with his Initials. AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC! IMMEDIATE DELIVERY ON THE AMAZING NOW IMMEDIATE AEROSECT WONDER INSECTICIDE ING 100 FOR BOMB CONTAIN- EHOUGH GAS FOR AVERAGE ROOMS MJksQUITpES AND FLIES 7 Just Turn On Valve For Seven Seconds! Non-InflamiMbl* Kon-Poisoioiis Nr Mask Needed Bomb Constructed For Refill Will Net Contaminate Food Phone or THIS HON.TOXIC AEROSECT BOMB The Same Insecticide Used So Successfully By the U.S. Navy Safe, for Humans anil Animal* Ideal for Homes, Restaurants, | Hotels, Dairies, Slock Farms, ! Oj/icc and Apartment lliiiltling.i The Safe Insecticide in rhe Refillable Dispenser When empty exchange lor <% *« a new bomb for only - £m39 Mall Your Orrfer tnr Immediate Deliv«n/ HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. 2M Wesl Main Phone 2015 PnbliHhcd Uy The Delta implement Co., BlytheviD* Vol. 5 Frlil'iy, IBIuy 3'.!. I'.UI Nu. 35 1. Fit cotton into balanced farming. 2. Take care of your soil. 3. Got together on tho best variety. 4. Klake your labor count. 5. Control Insocts and diseases. 6. Pick and gin for high grade. 7. Sell for grade and itaplo value. A sure guide to more profitable farming lins been developed by the Department of Agriculture and the State Extension Services to aid Cotton Producers in coping with the difficult production and marketing problems which lie ahead. Designed to fit in wilh the fanner's cotton '•"know how," gained through yc.irs in the business, this Seven-Step Program leads to belter balanced farming, better grades and staples of cotton, and increased farm income. From care of soil to care of sales, it points the way to increased cotton profits, from the ground up. Your County Agent has full particulars as to how you can utilize the Scvcn-Slep Program most advantageously and most economically on your own farm. Talk it over with him. Join witli your neighbors in taking the seven steps toward better cotton farming. THE FIRST NATIONAL. JN BLY.THEVILLE The Only National Bank in Mississippi County iMISSISSiri'l COUNTY KOYKKAN (iUOWKKS As .sonic of you know thr; liLYTIinVlU.lS JUNIOR CIIAMKKII OK GO MM 111 RUM is H|H)iiK<>rhi|r H O-HI.TO Koyln'uii Yield C'onUat yt'iii'. Tlnsy have ;t good many cnlriua. lint \vc do not think Hint the fat'imn-tf in Ibis aroa are liiiiiiiK tin: inliTCKl. in tins couLcst Lhul they slionlil nnd IIH this orj;iMii'/;iUon is_ : *loiii(J'.;. uvory UiiiiK i" l-huir' power lo help Utc '.- fiirinovs niul to iidvcvlisu MiHsissippi GoTuily '•"" anil our fiinn prodimlH, wo. think il is'.thu-'• iluly of more of you I'nrnuir.s . to ' Kiin'ppl't ' Ilium in tlii.s Soybean Yield (jonlcst project;"- IIH you know Unit soylK'fvns itro ths~soconti;~- liii'^'esil crop niiscd, in tliis county. UI 'J'lio onlry I'uc is Hiuiill nnd you have tho iipporttiniLy of winninjr the following pi', Isl:, ? 100.00 ttnd 1110 I0d Crilx Trophy; and, ¥7f».00; .'Srd, ^fi.OO: We bulicvu this C.DI be u very inlort'siinjj; contest: as new vn.riclics of soyhciitiH iiru l)eintr pliuiled and .Hivnter yiulds are licinK ninde each year. Tho best x way to make coniinirisons ahotit .soybeans, Lhe widlli row, ly|>o J'ortili/ur anil iypo ot soybeans is through llii.s proKi'ani of the Mississinpi County G-ncru Soybean Yield- Contest. ni— So lul'K join now and iloit'l lei (he HI.YTI1E- VII, I. K JUNIOlt CIIAMiJIOK 01'' COM- MKUCK down. DI Tho Flaiil lo .Prosper (,'onlesl of Arkansas needs more entries and it is your duty to cnlcr this 1'or there are a ^reat many nice pri/cs and the |n:o])le (hat are srivinj? their time and money want your. •stipporL. DI If ymir liacdir, toriibine nr any otlior farm c'i|iii|iiiicn( ni'cds ovcrhauliiif;, do it now. Sec us for our Fall payment plan. Ul KOK SALK Out! \<'-:>0 Tractor on rubber, enllivator and power lil'l. Can be xeon on nur lot, U. K. IJIaylock lias a lUcCormick- Deerinjr mower and dump rake 1'or sale. a a nil you'll Rood If 5'ou liavcn': heard Intcrna- limial Harvester's "Harvest of Star s", tune in this Sunday listen; hear program . . , enjoy J a m c a Melton's sing- iii),' and hear an i n I c r c s t i ng story! Over WJIC I Hear America's favorite JAMES MELTON Every Sunday on the HARVESTOF STARS with Howard Barlow and 60-plx* Orchestra ' lyn Murray Chora* Distinguished Dromatk Cash J Special Muikal Ou**l» Full NBC Network 12:30 p.m. CST INTERNATIONAL HMVESTEI

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