The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1953 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1953
Page 15
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THTTHSDAY, JAN.' M, Jclevision- Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT. Memphis. Channel 5 THURSDAY NIGHT, JANUARY 29 6:00 Evening Serenade 6:15 News ' 6:30 Dinah Shore 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Groucho Mara •' 7:30 The Unexpected 8:00 Dragnet *:30 Theatre »:00 Martin Kane »:30 Godfrey ,10:00 My Ultle Margie 10:30 News 10 :K Boxing li:35 Weather 11:40 Film FealuretU * 56 News 05 Sign Off *; FRIDAY, JAN. 30 T:00 Today , T:35 News i:M Today . 7:5* Mews »:OS Today »:» News 8:30 Today • • • 8:56 News 9:00 Ding Dong School 9:30 TV Shopper 10:00 Ask Washington 10:30 Strike It Rich 11:00 storyland . . ' 11:15 Love of Lite 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 11:45 Morning Meditation 12:00 News 12:15 Farm News 12:30 Garry Moore 1:00 Guiding Light •1:15 Homemakers Program 2:30 Welcome Travelers 2:00 Big Payoff 3:00 Kate Smith 4:00 Hawkins Falls 4:15.Gabby Hayes 4:30 Howdy Doody • .5:00 BerL Olswanger 5:15 News 5:20 Sports .5:25 Weather 'S:30 Short Story 5:45 Hartoons 6:00 Evening Serenade * 6:15 News 6:30 Those Two 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Dennis Day 1:30 Life of Riley 8:00 Big Story 8:30 Kopalong Cassidy 9:00 Cavalcade of Sports 9:45 Greatest Fights 10:00 Film Featurett* 10:30 News 10:40 March of Time 11:10 Weather 11:15 Names the Same , 11:45 Industry' on Parade 12:15 News 12:25 Sign Off I ' Now Is the Time to Prepare Your Own for the Future! SEE THE NEW 1953 WORLD BOOK -ENCYCLOPEDIA First Choice of America's Schools and , Libraries. 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Roberbon • Ercy VVilliami ' S T U D E B A K E R R«ad Courier News Classified Ads. Search for a Hero By Thorns* Hal Phillips &*+• '. ' XXIX ^?T, reached the spot where the new highway crosses the railroad on Walker Mountain/above Old Shiloh. The corps man slopped the station wagon. It was late •nernoon and the sun was almoat i behind the peak of the mountain > Below us, the dogwoods glistened thousands o* chandelier* Above us, the road bank was covered with wild honeysuckle The smell drifted down to us, • cleir sweet smell, as if a cake maker worked beneath that mailed foli- «ge. :. "I'm going to get you an irmful ;oJ that honeysuckle," he said •You can take'it to your «ur), huh? "I'd oe very much obliged." He got out and crossed the road. Immediately I saw that he knew " ac "y h°w lo break the stems. \\hen he had gathered half an armload I called. "That's more than enough." "Let's not be stingy. Whenever you find beauty In the world, partake freely." He broke 3 few more stems and returned. The while and yellow Dowers looked strange against his navy blues. He pu! the honeysuckle i n (he seat beside him "What's she like, this-furl of yours?" "She's a phantom ol delight." ;_ "No doubt you got marrying on your brain. They all want to marry, soon as they get their tail shot off." "A-body could dc worse." ' . "Oh, I'm not against it I just think a few wounds bring a little wisdom. A man learns he's mortal 4-the trouble with most folks Is 'they don't realize they're mortal— lanrt may die Before his appointed Itime."'' ! ;; We were going slowly down the 'road that led to home. The corps iman seemed to sense Unit 1 was (holding back Ihe final moment as long as I could. Actually, I could J»v« left Memphii the day btlor*. But now I WM so close to home, I was not in a hurry. "You want to take this crop of honeysuckle by her house?" "No. I'd rather go home first I think she's out of town." "You call this a town?" "It's the best we've got." "Invariably." • • • "JHE street, wai empty; th« jtore doors were closed; the faded signs were the same. A few men stood beside Ihe red pumps ol Young's filling station. Tense, curious, they turned to watch the station wagon as they would watch a hearse. Finally, one of them lifted his hand feebly, as if he was not sure that he wanted to be friendly. The corps man raised his hand In response. "When you due back a I the hospital?" "In a week—unless something goes wrong." "I'll never find my way buck here again. They pip« the sunshine in here?" "They used to, before the,war; but now they send it by way of soap operas, from the big cities." "Aw, you touched me. I'm from Chicago, you know." "No offense meant." "Chicago's not'so bad, B«t city In the country for service men- free ball games, free rides, "free show tickets, free dances. You couldn't beat that with a hammer, could you?" He slowed as If to turn Into the .loyd place. "Not here." I showed him the ungraveled driveway that led to our house: there were old tracks, no doubt mado by Uncle Richard's car one wet day. The corps man appeared disappointed In the gray section house, a little embarrassed 'or me. He stopped the station wagon xactly where Uncle Richard »]ways parked his car and without a wotd opened Uw back doort to help me out. He worked slowly and methodically, protecting my side and my leg, which had a light cast I stood for a few seconds, with the aid of a crutch, at the back of the station wagon, letting my- good leg come to life .again. The corps, man inspected me Crowned, at the gray pajamas which Were far too large (had lo be, because of the cast), straightened my bathrobe, snd finally said. "Nobody at home?" ' **I don't know." He appeared confused, anxious to have me off his hands, anxious not to enter our house.' •They didn't know you were coming?" "When I wrote, I thought I wa s coming in on the train." JJE walked around the station wagon and pushed heavily on the horn. A half-dozen chickens ran from beneath the house one squalling as it a hawk had preyed upon her. He came back and stood beside me, his eyes puzzled, search- Ing, his forehead damp with sweat "What do you want lo do?" he asked, as though the absence of everybody meant that I was not welcome. "I'd like to go in.* He took my arm and put ft around his shoulders. We moved very slowly, reminding me of the way we would bring Para In at -hrislmastimc: weak knees blurred «ycs. blue lips, fiery red checks, sometimes wet with te»rs. The door was closed, but I knew t was not locked, was never locked. I pushed it open. The smell of two- or three-day-old roses met us; my eyes searched the room quickly. The roses were on he organ—a few willed petals had 'alien around the vase. The pic- ure ol Main-ma Meadows In the corner. The small mirror over the mantel (and behind It, I knew, the small roll of pnpcr to give it Ihe right angle of pilch). The colTec .able. The egg-shaped scalier rug ' oefpre (he couch (Mrs. Tlhliw had pieced it for Mama). Everything was exactly as it had been as long is t could remember. ''Where do you want to sit?" 'On the couch." (T« Be CoaUaoed) FLOORS Laid, Sanded and Finished! • Asphalt Tile • Rubber Tile • Linoleum Tile • Inlaid Linoleum • Wall Tile Cabinet Tops Installed All Work Guaranteed Free Estimate EUBANKS ^d STOREY Phones 3111 — 6092 Home Grown Hi-Bred Half and Half Cotton Seed $10 Per Hundred Clyde Williams R0ute 3 Lexington, Tenn. '; DELIVERY SERVICE I'hone 4507 "Hh Dtllrtrj |« : p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE Z21 W»rt Main St JAGB FIFTEIN t BOARDINC HOUSI — OUT OUR WAY •y J. R. WitfiwM *OUNDLV AS A MUMMY TAK6 AW A6PIRIW AMD GO PACK. TO ' innn WARM VOU HUNCH UP ANCMT '' ( K'f T § **-«* COKT. PU/^ SHIRT OUT, AMP VOOR Toe' wi* >OU •', DETECT A HANG- VIOL6MT AFFLICTION MY FOOT/ "WHY MOTHERS GET Benefit by Reading and Using Courier Newt Classified Ads ..NO DOUBT , THE KIDNAPER THAT VILLAIN FECW ALPHA CENTMKI KNOWN /VSW1K.7' THEN -JOME. T VALVE COWN.. ,-.---. MITAIE x/'-LBT-^dHB / AND WHEN I \ THE ^PACE ' si u ^r V^ TPOK ^AW^ "" " =1 /SKK— _— <— DR.RiDD KE PORTS THE NAPIN6 OF CHRIS AHDAAW7A i'^l^T^ ™Sv.A BURGLAR BROKE ME, HE GOT WHAT HE THAT COULD TURN HIM' WE PJFN'T SET THEM, VERONICA, w-rr TW& &TATE POLIC6 WILL PI WAS THEM. ANYWAY, THE IWQZTANT THM5 15 THfY PIPN'T SET >fOt/f _: ^/ T0 MXJ/ NOW IF MY HUNCH IS HK&HT,AVV HJS»*NCrMAlLEC7 THAT PAV- OFF LIST TO Hie OCI7 AUMT ,. , ti OH| WELLO, CHARLIE! •WftSK! HOWS TWU6S HEY, VOUI THOUGHT I PUT VOU OlJTA HERE AN HOUR VeNH,,.\MEU, I TOID , VOU B6FOKE WE WWT ' ME HE WAS A TELEPHONE HIRIM' WOBOPV. MOW BOSS ABOUT * j-j-jce.' OWE UP5TM(TS! A-5KSP »6 IP THERE WA LIKELV TO 86 WJV lUCOMIW CMLS OW If LMEK TOW.V ' DUkWO. RUT LET'S AW PIMO 10 CURE TIKE'S &IANE5IM YGOTTA HAND IT TO ' IN THERE.' } QUIT v s IT WENT )KACIN"yER POWN TH' /MOTOR... DWMM / A'UL <i«T IT OUT.' I THINK \I WANT TO I GOT IT.' /WEAK. IT TO PARTY... LATE W01V. TO UPS E ON HANI? FEK EA\eKSENClC& IKE THI«/ OT Woo -woo -oo.; VOOMtM

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