The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1949
Page 7
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MONDAY, JUNE 8, 1949 (ARK.) COURIER NFWS PARE SEVEN ' THE NATION TODAY Marlow Finds That Congress Often Talks One Way and Then Votes to Do the Very Opposite BIT Ja»e« Martow WASHINGTON, June 6. W)—Maybe it's my arithmetic that's bad but you can't alwayi m»k* it add up: What members of Congress say and what they do. Take economy, for instance. Ever since January they've been talking of cutttnf government expenses. Now it's June. They've not cut yet. I'm beginning to wonder whether they'll cut at all this year. Bf Nobldy'* talked more about it* • _—_ _ than the senators. But when It came to doing something about it, they voted almost all the way down the line to spend more money than the House. Example: For the treasury and post office department.-;—House, «3,072^njC3; the Senate, $3.113,088.503, or $40,250,600 more. Labor Department and Federal Security Agency—House, 12,211,794,- OB5; the Senate, $2.409.827,285, or $l».033,iao more. Agriculture Department— House, *701.122.079; the Senate, $123,083.249, or t21.Ml.170 more. River, Harbors and Waterway Development—House, $583.292,270; the Senate, $751,440.690, or $158,148,420 more. Slate. Justice and Commerce Department—House. SC84.616.102; Ihe Senate, $871.782281. a cut by the Senate of $12.833.821. This last one was the only place where the Senate, in voting money to rim the government another year, voted Itfs than the House. Since both houses cume up with different figures, none of the figures is final. Still Muit Set Final Figure* Both houses now must work out a compromise on their differences and probably will agree on a sum about midway between Senate and House desires. At one point Senator Douglas. II- l^iois Democrat, challenged the other senators to make good on their constant talk about economy. He was drowned out with votes against him. This was on the money the Senate was going to vote for river, harbors and waterway development. That's a favorite item with members of Congress every year. It means money spent back in their districts where the homefolks can see it. Senator Tydings. Maryland Democrat, says he is disturbed by the government's big expense. He has suggested that Confess even cut its own salary by five per cent. That suggestion is considered ridiculous by Senator Bridges. New Hampshire Republican and one of the leaders of the economy talk, but he says Congress ought to stay in session till It finds some way of cutting government expenses. Tome Votea fer Vet's Pemioi In ths midst of the increasing talk about economy, the HOU.W late last week approved a pension bill for war veterans. -• The fact that veterans are vers numerous and can be a big factor in elections may have nothing to do Czech Official Blasts Police Dictatorship BERLIN, June 8—M>j—The hl»h- est ranking Czech representative in Berlin quit his job arid fled today. He declared he no longer could stomach what he called "a corrupt police dictatorship." Dr. Bedrlch Bruegel, acting chief of the Czech military mission followed his former superior, Brig. Sen, Fraiulsek Dastich, into exile. Bruegel gave American authorities a copy of the letUr of resignation he .stnt to Czech Deputy Foreign Minister Arthur London on May 26 In which he accused his government of tolerating "various intelligence services in Western Germany" and setting up a police state at home. Dastlch fled eight month* ago. Six members of the 10-man Cwch mission in existence at the tune of (he Communist coup in Prague in Peburary. 1948, did likewise. Bruegel Is the seventh. Bruegel has left Germany, U.S. authorities said. His whereabouts it present are undisclosed. In his letter of resignation, he declared that Czech interests always lay with Western Germany and his government is jepordizing the national cause by playing the Communist game and doing no business with Western Germany. with the House's decision to give them a pension. But if this House approved pen- ton bill becomes law—it can't unless the Senate also approves—government esperts figure H will cost the government $85 billion over the neict 50 years. But on the same day the House okayed the pension bill, it's rules committee—which has large control over what the House can vole on— hesitated about letting th housing bill come to a vote. This involve* more billions. Meanwhile, House members are utill toying with the idea of giving themselves $3,000 a year extra fo more clerks and $500 additional for things like telephone calls and telegrams. afore than 37 million motor ve hides were registered in the Unitec States on January 1, 1941. RCA y ictor & Records Riders in the Sky Vaughn MrmrrM Two UUle New Little Blue LiUk Eyes—Perry Como AinC'Cha GUd I I.nve Yon Tommy Dorsey The Four Winds and the Seren Seas—Sammy Kaye Aiain Ttramy Dorsey ' Frankie and Johnny Runny Berigan The Missouri Walking Preacher Ray Me Kin Fey Cruising Down the River The Three Snrw One Kiss Too Many Eddy Arnold Room Full of ROMS Sons *f the Pioneer* Wedding Mvsic (AHram- E& Dtck Leibert at the Organ Sh*w Tones I.AItwm) Artie Shaw Btacs About My Baby •Sonny Boy Williamson A New Shade »f B1*e* Johnny Moore's Three Blaiers Adams Appliance Co. Inc. I. W. ADAMS, M«T. «-«« W. Mate mm 2*71 I.OVE WITH GERMANY' Daniel F. McCarthy Jr. (above), Jew Hyde Park, Long Island. N. Y., nnounced in Frankfurt, Germany, hat he intends to renounce his U. S. citizenship and become a Oer- ilan national. McCarthy, son of a S'R\v York stockbroker who died in 947, said there was no German girl nvolvcd in his decision. "1 fell in ove with Germany," he said, and "I ike the German way of life." Wire photo.) *. (AP Cop/on Trial Is Recessed For One Day WASHINPGTON, June 8. UTj — The Judith Coplon espionage trial was recessed today to give attorneys an opportunity to prepare written arguments on a legal snarl. The question is whether the gor- ernment must produce the full text of 22 secret FBI reports, as demanded by the defense. It could have crucial importance in this and future cases- The government contends it should be required to produce only partial texts to show that papers found in Miss Coplon's pocketboott when she was arrested with Valentine A. Gubitchev came from official documents. Federal Judge Albert L. Reeves of Kansas City, Mo., presiding at the trial, said attorneys for both sides asked the one-day postponement. The trial resumes tomorrow. Federal prosecutors have hinted at the possibility the case might be Seriously-Burned Lad Finally Loses Fight with Death VERNON, Tex., June 8. «•> Donnle Woodward, plucky 10-year- old farm boy who amazed doctors by surviving horrible burns for almosi a month, died today. The young son of a tenant farm er who had been novering betweei ife and dcaih since May 10, when 70 percent of his body was burned For weeks, the boy had alternately milled and then weakened. Onl' yesterday he had revived enough to _ talk to his parents. He aske< about his pet cow "Old Jersey" am his dog. He worried about "Old Jer sey" and didn't want anvone else tc milk her. Letters and gifts had been arriv ing for weeks as a tribute to his courage. A brother accidentally tossed blazing gasoline on Donnle. The boys were burning weeds. The boy had been kept under an oxygen tent in this small north Texas town ever since he was burned. He was given frequent blood transfusions, though It was difficult for physicians to find a vein under his scarred skin. Late last month, Donnie said "I want to live. I know they say I can't live, but. gee, I sure want to." PRETTY, SOFT—A new plastic mattress floating in a Palisades, K. J., pool comes in for some attention as Alice Gale, left, and Marion Richerts decide to try it for size. They say it's smooth sailing and ideal for a relaxing sun bath. Golden Library of the Mayas Sought by Two Californians CORONA DEL, MAR. Calif., June*. i, IJf>— Two Intrepid California ex- tlorers, Dana Lamb and his at- .ractive wife, Ginger, were enroule by Jeep today for unexplored jungle areas in southernmost Mexico in quest of the "golden library" of the Mayas. The Lambs are covering familiar ground. In 1941 they sighted from an airplane the "lost city" of the' ancient Mayas and lived not far ' from it for three months with one \ of the lost tribes whose ancestors! may have antedated the Chinese. ] Lamb and his wife are starting } back with 10,000 feel of color film to make movies of the people and I the ruins of the Mayan culture, j Legend has It that the lost city ! was established by or became a sanctuary for Mayan fugitives from | the Spanish conquest. Those who survived the horrible brutality are known as the "Lacandon." The leader of one of these trives, known as Chief Ken-Tin, told the Lambs in 1941 that the Lacandon consider all the rest of the world "bad," ad that near the tribal camp, buried deep underground are "true writings which say that people someday will destroy themselves because they all are warlike." The letters are inscribed in gold. There are only thre pages of the once-rich Maya library known to the civilized world, Lamb said, and history records that Spanish con- quistadores burned thousands upon thousands of volumes. Illiteracy data last collected by the Census Bureau In 1930, showed illiteracy in the united States had been cut to 43 per cent. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARIW. III.. June 6, {/ft— (USDA) —HORS 15.000; narrows and gilts 1 BO up; other kinds and sows 2S to 50 lower; 180230 Ihs 21.14-22.00; popular price •il.15; occasional sales 21.50; 150-170 Ibs 21.25-21.15', 240-270 Ibs 21.25-21.75; 280-325 Ibs 20.25-21.00; some 400 Ibs heavies 18.75; sows 400 Ibs down 11.75-19.26; over 400 16.00-18.00; late top 21.75: some interests bidding 21.25 on best hogs Caltle 6,500; calve.s 1.700; medium and good -steady at 25.00-27.00 but bidding generally unevenly lower; few good to choice steady at 26.5027.15; bulls steady to 25 lower; medium and good 21.00-Vi2.00; cutter and common 16.00-20.00; vealers 1.00 lower; good and choice 260030.00; common and medium 200025.00. Georgia She f if ft Deputy Indicted ior Turning Negro Qvtr to White Men MACON, Oa., June 6. UPl-WIHIp V. Chapman, a Harris County deputy sheriff, Is under federal indictment charged with turning a Nogro ovrr to seven white men who beat him, Indictments were returned against the seven. One of them was charged with carrying an ax handle to administer the beatiiii; Chapman and the others were taken Into custody and released under $1.000 bond each. I'hf Negro. William Cancrx Jar- rctt. was whipped over a year ago. The indictment gave no details. Deputy Chapman and the seven were charged with depriving the NPBIO of his civil rights. Read Courier News Want Ads The geographic center of Ninth America is at Winnipeg, Canada. New Zealand Hero Warns Against Drink •AUCKLAND, New Zealand —(/T| — Sir Beranrd Preyberg, New Zealand war hero, has a word o! advice for the young of the world: Don't drink spirits, and don't smoke too much. Sir Bernard, who won the Victoria Cross In World War I, Is now New Zealand Governor General. "I am disturbed when 1 see young people drinking spirits and chain smoking," he said at a university graduation ceremony. "They are only storing up trouble for themselves." Thackery's Letters To Be Sold in London LONDON —<*)_ Letters from William Makepeace Thackery will be sold in London by descendants of one of the novelist's Intimate friends. One of them, an invitation to dinner, bears a note scribbled in the handwriting of the "Vanliy Pair" author: t'l have two bottles of wine and credit at the butcher." SPECIAL ON ATTIC FANS > 30" Fan $65 > 36" Fan - - - - $75 • 42" Fan - - - - $85 dropped if they are ordered to produce the full report*. They deal with internal security matters and suspected espionage agent!/in the United Statea. CHANGE •fLIFE? Ar. jou «ola» through the functional i?, . 5" p ? rto " P*"" 1 '" lo wr>m« <3« to K jr,.)» Do«. ihU m.k. JOT? »uff«r rr*a hot a«h», ( Ml K „££ «u hljh^tmns. tlrrt? Then » trr Z.Tdl» «. Ptnkh.m'. Vtgee.ble Compound to r.Ut-i, such lymplomi PlllM>«ni'. Compound »I«o h,. wh , t Dodo™ o»ll » »totn«chl< tonic •!!«»! LYDU L PtNKHAM'S Sheet Metal Work of All Kinds FRANK SIMMONS TIN SHOP 117 Soufh Broadwar Phone 2651 MINNOWS WHITE RIVER SHINERS and GOLD FISH • G. C. Hawks • 328 E. Main Phone 3292 V>u II aro.d the possibility of heavy expense thia lummer if you bring your uucki to vs now for a complrt* »e«on.l servicing We II g,ve them a complete engine tun.-up, includin, oil change ihe inspection, cleaning, ,dj,,,iment, or .erricin* of spark plugs, dislrih,uor, regulalor, carburetor, Y.I,., ba< unej, cables ,nd wiring. We'll lubricate .nd all ch'.«,'i point.-, tr.nsmUsion, diflfcren.ial, steering g«r, wheel beari**,, .nd other umts ., n «de«I. And we'll give those truck coolin* systems . complete dr.ining and flushing, addin, rust mhlhilor wi.h the refill. Bring trucks in loday for ihorough-going and economic.! Maaooal iruck service. 3/2 SOUTH2SP ST. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Golden Anniversary •urpri$e! «/ NEW PRICES begin of I'Xts, H **?, D5-HP P,cktrd f.iihl Cluh Std*n *DelU-ereJ in D ft mil — ll*le and Irical trkitt liJfanlli (i2l>. txlrt. And just review the fine car values you get for your money, in even the toivcsl- pricerf models of the new. Golden Anniversary Packard line: txcluiiv* new beauty—distinctive, enduring new beauty lhai spells recog- niiion-at-a-glance throughout the world. N«w 13S-HP performance —with sensational gasoline economy—from smoother, quieter, more powerful straight-cight engines. N«w loundproofed comfort —new spacious, luxury interior*. And the incomparable smoothness of Packard'j "Limousine Ride." Two toni o* husky roodwcight — precision-built to Packard siandards of excellence. Fact: Of all the Packard* huilt, in the last 50 years, over 50% are Hill In scnicc! And (be new Golden Anniversary Packards arc the finest of them all! Moral: N'ow ihat you're so close to the price of this great new Golden Anniversary Packard — why not oti'it one! ASK THE MAN WHO OWNS ONI 25 or more trade in allowance <>n your old washer, regardless of make or condition on a new BENDIX Automatic Washer This Is Your Chance for Real Savings—Come in Today HUBBARD&HOKE Appliance Co. Service That's Our Motto! We ipare no effort la providing an EXTRA everyday prescription service, which meant eitra convenience to vou Peel tree to call on us at any time. Prompt delivery lerrice Phon« 607. WOODS DRUG STORE FTA The SECRET of Rothrock's fXPfRT Prescription Service ROTHROCKDRUGCO. PHONE MSI GUARANTEED SERVICE ON • Refrigerators Household _ Commercial • Air Conditioning • Radio;; — Record Players * * * • Washers • Gas Engines \Ve Pick Up & Deliver C. A. Tant Construction . Company Authurl/ed Dealer for Butler Steel Buildinj. —Genera) Contracting P. O. Hot 83 Phone IM BlrlhetrilU. Ark. Say It ... With Flowen THE FLOWER SHOP Glenco* 8>!ldin| Phone 4491 or 2747 Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasawba SWIFT'S PREMIUM < BRANDED BEEF W* Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of Parking Spac* MERCHANTS PLATE LUNCH fresh Channel CatAih Fried Chicken Roast Pork Koast Beef Chicken A Drewinf Steak * Gr.TT Three recetablw Special 60c Special HOT DOGS isc HAMBURGERS . . "n, CLUB STEAK, F*. FRIES We Choice T-Bone> A girbliw "Where Friends Meel »nd Eat" the NiCKLE STAND Vickie Saliba, Prop. 103 W. Main A real shoemaker aided hr modern equipment and finest material* hrinc» new life to wnrn footwear here. , H-fiLTCRS 'qLlTv S«O€ SHOO 110W. Walnut Inc. Phone 886 ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES (AH Type* K\repl Cancer) Clinic 5U Main. RlythrTllte Ark „„,„,

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