The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 20, 1944 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1944
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JULY 20, 1944 1000 Refugees Bound For U. S. Group Mostly Jewish; Many Hove Suffered j! In German Prisons AVERSA. Itnly, July 20 (UP) — Nearly 1000 European refugees, most of whom have known the terror of Naici prisons, soon will nrrivc nt Fort Ontario, near Os- Wcgo.'N. Y. They are traveling from Itnly nboanl an Army transport on )»r- Konnl orders from President Roosevelt. 7ho group,' mostly Jewish, ranges In age from 87 to R baby less than a week old. Nineteen nationalities are represented. Included arc 3G5 Yugoslavs who had been in concentration camps in Italy ever since the Axis overran Die Balkans. The remaining refugees crossed the Alps from Southern France last September when they had heard the Germans intended to deport them to Poland where they would be killed. ! Some of the passcnffors who embarked were afraid of what, Ihey mu i>mi:,jj u;umra uny ioi' might undergo In the United States, ihcir own, she was a tiny trembling Several asked about the type of I puppy when they found her in the concentration camp i\t Fort, On-! nibble of the town of Tilly-Sur- BLVTIIBVILLE (AKK.) COUIHKK NK\VS • They're Off in New Guinea -S^sss^ Soldiers On Normandy Front Mourn Tilly, Battlefield Pet Invasion path in Nor- I.ONUON, July 18. (UP)—There is one more wooden marker today along , inanely. Under it, lies Tilly, lovcable fox- terrier-batttc-wnif, whose friends included the great and small along Hie entire length of the Allied Invasion beiiclihcnd. The British claimed Tilly- foi •• .-I'llll. HI. I'utV ^Jll- tarlo and wanted to know if they would be permitted to get in contact with relatives here who might obtain their release. Terrifying tales of Nazi cruelties were told' One refugee said that COO persons in his group leaving France were captured by German solders. Later reports said they had been herded into n tunnel where tlic v were put to dcaih by gas. The terms under which thp refugees are being sent to the United Stales call for their return to their native homeland at the end of the war. A pioneer fire started In 17:10 >y his forbears is still burnine i» the log cabin of Uncle Bill Morris, nl Saluda, N. C Suelles, Her affectionate unties In the middle of the grim business of war became known through war correspondents to the peoples of three continents. There was the time an American general was bending over u map in the height, of battle. Tilly sneuked up behind him and laid n wet tongue across hts ear. The general took time out to answer the wriggly fox terrier's greeting. She was present when American troops captured Cherbourg und was wounded in the muzzle. But, like a true member of the regiment, she carried on to sit quivering in the correspondent's jeep during the Allied entry into the city. Tilly was the first French dog to welcome Gen. Chnrles De Gaulle when he landed. And she stood nt ,CIbse "Quarters" irf'i ug. attention before the king of Hug. and on his arrival at the Nonmmdy • * died In notion during the beach. Till;/ battle for Caen. The giillant puppy, confused bv Hie heavy mortar Ore, tried to cross road In i,,i,, I I , I ; ii-'itni-a 01 uie inames river. Em road to jBliHicr frtaitls cluiiglun Innci, In the last quarter centmy. up n hill. A cioui) of British tanks came speeding down Ihc highway. Tilly hcsltnlcd and wus crushed under the 'trends. Scores of llrltlsli mid American soldiers who sluircd their Held ru- lions won't foreet her soon. Neither will the win- correspondents who glumly filed their lasl story on Tilly. More Hum $00,000,000 hns been spent In dredging the reaches of the Thames river. Enc- Chlucsc 'I'nrkf.'ilnii roiilulns a aoo.OOO square mile ili-Ei'il so dry that no human being, bird, ani- nuil, or plant tan live within Us borders. PAGE Gen, Eisenhower Keen At Bridge, Cameraman Says Al.UKl) AOVANCH COMMAND 1'OST, July 20 <U1>) - Cleneral l)wj(!h|. D. Kisenlunver Is not only (!»' most pliotoiiruphed coimnundcr In tlio Kuropi'iiii 'J'liwilcr. Hi: nlso tan lurn out one of tint in-litest Kiimi-.s of brlilito ever .seen on i-lilii'i' side o[ the Cluimicl. Tlm[ niini's (rum onu iniiu who ought to know, tin- Ki'iipval'tt pi-rsonal i>ho- toiinipber, Second I.loul. I.eo Moore of !.«s Angeli'ii. On olio i>f Ills vecpiit lii'os.v-clinii- iiel nips, lilsenhower picked Moore us his iiiinner (or u ciiilck gnnin o( biidge. "1 wus u pretty nervous imrliier," Mowc SIIJ'B, "mid I mndc nil Ihi- wrotiir pluys. liul In spite ol »iy bDiior.-i, we won. Tlic rcusonV Well ,nUor about Ihvrc |)l«v.s, the lii-ni'i'iil knew where all llu> i-nnls MEXSMA SOOIHIMO MIOICAIID FOWOII Soollioi one! protecfi baby'i londur Irrlltited Mit. Sprlnllo on frooly oflor evury change. were." .: . ' Moore, who wus itsslgncd by the Anuy to photograph Eisenhower, succinite in candid, shots of the KCiierul. iris favorite picture of the coinronmlcr IVHS lakcn 0:1 Invasion eve. It sliowa Elseiihowci- will) his ml on the back of his hend, tulk- Inu earnestly to « group ot (jrense- smenrcd iwralvoopern jusl before thoy look off far 1-Vnncc. Dili somehow, Moor c never gcl.s to keep copies of Ills favorite Khot«, hvi'i-ytlinc lie gets u couple developed, someone else Inkcs a shine to them. "You'll be .surprised," Moore Ki'ltis, "liow ninny people' there mo n the Army who outrank n /iccoiul lleuteuanl." A "Good Neighbor" Policy— VOTE FOR & SUPPORT Julian James f .foncsboro For Congress He bits always supported Mississippi Couiily (n his six yt'iirs ser- vlfc In tin- Arkansas |When a U. S. aircraft carrier was used as a supply transport rc- .cently to deliver a tremendous shipment of jeeps, trucks troop .carriers and land-based planes to a naval air slalion somewhere .in the Pacific, there was scarcely enough room aboard (or pcr- jsonnel.. Photo above shows how two sailors managed lo find room ' \to swing .their, hammocks .on JLhc crowded flight deck.,'- NEIGHBORS GREYHOUND They're a familiar part of your Arkansas "scenery" —those busy blue-and-white Greyhound buses. But did you realize that they can take you directly lo more than 6,500 cities and towns throughout America? Ftiends, relatives or business connections virtually anywhere in this great nation are as convenient to you as your nearby Greyhound bus depot. .Greyhound brings business into your community from the surrounding countryside. When wartime work, furlough or emergency calls, Greyhound is ready to take you to any one of 6,500 points, far and near. 4\ •' * '-gs^. A " d "' at " ° n ' y part ot lhe P' cture - Greyhound schedules are closely coordinated with the services of connecting bus lines, enabling Greyhound to speed your travels to every other bus line point in the nation. For complete travel information, anywhere in America, see your Greyhound agent. A >o»i\ Fir,, Gr eyh°«nd Bus Terminal lf "' Phone 441 GREYHOUND \(/Ng*$ Whose Arkansas Is This, Anyway- does it belong to the stafre-Kpuse political puppet Or does it still belong to the PEOPLE? skii'iSiifo- r ^f^^^j^K TELL THE BOYS GESTAPO TACTICS DON'T WORK IN ARKANSAS/MR. POLITICAL CAN= Dl DATE;;; the people here still reserve the Cod-given right to support the man of their choice without fear or favor!!! READ of this high-handed attempt to throttle, political freedom of choice! TRANSCRIPT OF LETTER RECEIVED BY BEN LANEY Original On Diiplay At Den L»ney Headquarter*, .126 .We»t Mirkham Dear Mr. Laney: _. ,. .^.._ "Living on a farm and also b'Mng Interested in dairying, wt have been enthusiastically •upporting you for Governor. WB feel you would be able to render the beat aervics in the interest of all types of farming to th« people engaged in agriculture and livestock work in our State. I want to relate to you ""something ehould know because it I 3 something you and fill other people ihould resent. Ltwt Tuesday morning I Wa5 visiting «oma of my neighbors in the interest of your campaign.' I had asked their permission to tack up soma email Ben Laney. cords on their fences and eate poatg. ^'v^y^^^^ptoi^g^j, . Later in the 'day a Mr. SI Snlef aifife along In « Highway Department truck and removed the cards which had been placed on private property. He even attempted to w move the cards and • banner at my home. My husband objected «o etrwupualy he let It's the Last Desperate r Attempt to Stave Off I Certain Defeat he Political and Their Candidate? for i Ring Department man said he was followang instructions concerning WOTS which would "obstruct the view." Since the cards were small and since they were placed by permission of th« properly owners, this action by the Highway; Department U evidently far out of line, apparently, from our conversation we believe Mr. Stanley was following instruction, of the gb* organlza- Puppet You've Heard the RfimSfi--Ypu've HaJJgir Sulpiciorif^ New H^reVtKe PROOF Convincing Evidence gi Why the Big and ^k ^ e ^P' e All Ovif^rtansaV/lre Savins .. ^ ^ TV-, ^ajiii^ Only ~J( . , We do not believe the people wiU tolerat* euch political tactics when they, Tote to chooee their Governor. It fc time for dti- wng to vote their conviction* and «lett • non.political candidate and one who IB quali- - ' *' - are «upportin« you." MRS. 0. 0. MoDANIEt,'' .-•, .- Rout* 4, Box 876 A, " 'jjif* 1 ' ..-..»'n LA KEY .•'\--. ,•- -' V -K-- ..,,.. I can be elected GOVERNOR *:••&& MC; tp <.'* v '>.^.-' Insulate Your Attic with BALSAM WOOL and FILL YOUR COAL BIN NOW! E.C. Robinson Lbr. Co EARL PAGE C'.indhhlc For Secretary of State HIS OPPONENT Tried ro trade State Printing For FREE Personal Advertising According to tin. article Iraliw imlillshcti iiy rtiitrrllliin Iteirio- iTJil, August », 1940. . Is he still doing it?. . Read what this Editor Says: "l>l!i>ibCIMT KK1.-U.SKS TO JOIN K1TTV" "Misses Slnlo LcKiils" "liin Mtirrlllini Dcninc'nil Is no 1" Indus <lte Inlfhitil acls In lit viHi-il nti hi (lie Nftrcmlic'r'c'lcc- Mnn am! which W |j| |, c |ml>il.<i1ic< In many Arkiviisus ncw»]ujien> tills wccli, Secretary uf Hdili- "G'liH" Hull illil not ailol ••iiij- iifirllini of (hcsc publications l» tt>K DCIHIHTIII iillhnugli H'o tinvi! iiiiuroxlinnicly. Itvlto llu |i:»ld-ii|i i!lrr.ultilinh nf miy ncws- •pi<|it!i' liulitlshi',1 in Coriwnycium- "Wlicii Air. H,,i| dlslrlliutcrt tin-so Icjjtil niitlce.v ), c paused tills >iews|i:ipM Iiy for llic single reason tin: Democrat refused to con- (rlliuti! Us iioriicn or the, mnn limn $3,000 In lulvcrdslni; space for his 'ro-clcotlon 16 h -third Iciiu, which the- Secretary of tUIn reiiuestcil of the newspaper,* "f Arkansas hi the 30 DAYS I'lUOtl to the .l(m<>'-'he"'gnvc>ut (lie 'icjfnn -advertisement!,-;; sThe D.cmocrnl's .portion ...of Willis "KITTY" was hardly $25' witli tlic local ptihllratlons nm'mintcd (o 81,010.25 per counly." "1'lw Di-tniicrat refused to i\c- rcili! In Mr. Hall's request for free Iiotltlcal uilvertbliiff liccausc Iho nlltrtr (elt smh a .procedure wwild | ( e nothing short of IILilCfCUAII.. Although tbcsina! Inmlmc'iit In advertising s|iac ivoulil liavc hrnuyhl ji .sure return nf 20 In 1 <ir teller, we have no rcsrcts. „ \Vc would di> the same lldnc again—for our loss In self respect, If we b;ul paid i\j r . Hal ilic brllic, would have been far ircnlpr (ban Ihc $1,010.25 in iut- vcrll.ilnj." "To my knowledge Ma Hall Is Hm flrsl SECRETARY Ot STATE to use the hold "SHAKE- IXHVN" iiicthod oil tlie iicvv pcrs of the Slate In nlloline slulc Icsal notices during llic mnrc than 21 years in country tuHpspaper work since we pur- cliasnd (lie C'amdcn Bcacoti- Hcnild jn February, 1B19 Al- llimisli v,i>. have never niillic an) effort to cet these Icjjal notices the records will show that at leasl 8(1 percent'of flic county's portion of those alloted by secretaries of st.ilc prior 16 M Hull, and during mir newspa per career, have been placed'in publications guided by this cd- Kor." "An Important figure of the Arkansas Tress Association visited Mr. Hall last month anil complained about the highhanded method he was using to "SHAKEDOWN" flic newspa for free adverllslnff. In a rc|)oi<i of the visit to this cdilor he writes, "TALKED THE MATTER OVER WITH 'CRIP'. HE AH- aitriKf) frankly he was using (lie legal publications as a basis of getting free ncjTspapcr advertising. He. saiil that was just polilics and good business as far as he %vas concerned. He said he dill not intend coercion in tlic matter liulthat he 'NATURALLY FAVOHKD THOSE BOYS~WnO FAVORED HIM.' Hfi WAS VERY FRAtiK ABOUT TUK ENTIHK MATTER." & %— 5',-i" ( i ©?X«%S'Kc&— ((Deleted) "We wtllc this explanation merely to let yon—the people of Petit Jean Country,- who have been so good to us since we came among you In the spring of 1S20, knon- we arc still endeavoring to keep our hcirt right with God aud-our Fclloirman." . . . Ju$t another reason why people are demanding a change in the office of Secretary of State. /// Arkansas Reports EARL Overwhelming Majority

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