The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 23, 1947
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MAY 23, 1947 KIA'TJIKVILLE (AUK.)' COU1UEII NEWS PAGE SEVEN Palestine Jews Skeptical of UN Resistance Group Chief Says Peace Will Come When British Withdraw Editor's Note — working Ihroiigh iimtci-Hruuml Jmprmcdiurics. the « n|tcd Press two weeks ago siibnill- • a question;! ire lo Mcnnlicm BSglii, 33-year-old leader of the Irgiin v,vcl Lcinnil, mast mllllnm or the Jewish resistance groups In Palestine. Beigiu returned the ques- llonniie yesterday, outlining the Ii'Kim position on the eve of the opening of the United Nations Inquiry into Palestine. Plane Kills School Boys By KUAV SIMolsi (Unilcil ITcss Staff C'orrespondenO JERUSALEM. May 23. (UP) — Menahem Beigiii, 33-year-old leail- er of Ihc militant Irgun Zvej lj-u- inl, told the United Press yc-slcrdaj that his Palestine uii<ieii;ronnri t r roii]i would n!;ree to a truce during (he United Nations investiga lion it the British would take par nllcl action. Bcifiii presented a general outline, of Iriiuii policy In answers to a written questionaire submitted to him two weeks ago through uiKfer- Bi'ound channels. He expressed <lcep skepticism ol the likelihood of the UN Investigation achieving an acceptable solution of tho Palestine problem i>M said peace, .would come to the Holy Land only when British troops withdraw. BciBin professed little faith in the Un's inriuiry into the Palestine •Issue. He sal<\ submission of the matter ^o the UN "was.originally intended i means of gaining time whr.'i ain found her effort,"; to crush ^ T Jewish resistance unavatluiy, and as the most superficial observer knows consldcratiins quite irrelc- vanl to the issue will determine the attitude of the United Nations." He charged the UN was not a tribunal but a political forum. Cannot Lay Down Arms Bcigln was asked "if the present state of insecurity were likely to lead to an Arab-Jewish conflict would yon lay down your arms to prevent it?" "Our struggle." he replied, "ha- had the effect of reducing—indeed, eliminating the danger of serious Arab attacks on the Jews... .in the present phase one factor calculated to encourage Arabs to attack Jew.' would be the laying down of jewisl arms-" Other questions and replies: C! When Irgun cairics out i raid on a bank, is it clone because of lack of money or for other motives? A. Money belonging to the encm; is a legitimate target of attack. Q. If recognize^ Zionist 'lender prove that the insecurity rcsullini from your operations is detriment al teVA) the chances of the Uniter Nalift; Inquiry, <B) continued im migration and (C) world publi opinion would you consider yc*l present attitude of using force? A. The most striking of Ui whole string of false premises ii the text of this question is con tained in (C). We ale umlerstoo. nil over the world. There would hav been no inquiry by the Unite Nations if "It had not bcrj/'i for ou struggle rendering the British po sition untenable. The question! 1 merely has been influenced by British propaganda when he talks of 'n state of insecurity' resulting from our operations. With 120,000 foreigM British troops in thir, country, with foreign British naval units stationed in Palestine's waters to prevent Jews from entering Palestine, it is obvious who is causing insecurity in this country. T? Part of the Navy Corsair which crashed nnd exploited at Burlington Iowa, scattering debris over a -l-block area, lies along sld'_- a tree vhich it knocked down. The plane, one of U5 giving a show for Nava eservc Week, crashed near a playground and flying rra^mcnl: killed two boys and injured several others who were playing ball n the field. (NKA Telephoto.) .ecturcr Sought -< 'NEW Onl.KAi.d, May 23. .(UPI •Police today are looking for a lan who lecture. 1 ; clubs and jilvc- ilc groups on the subjccl: -Crime Joes Not Pay." Hearing Today For Youths Held n Newton County IFMiHIKON. Ark.. May 23. <UP> —'I'lio next chapter in (he clj'ini- nltlni; ol ;i party lihuliif; scenes -liiiiK lliB ij'.'aiililiil IJulfnlo Utvur Monday nlRlil Is .H'heihileil tomov- 'tiv; in a .Newton County court. Prosecutor H. K. Hush said hi'ie <«liiy lie Dimmed lo file infonnn- lon.s chan;ii:K disturbing the. peace nid destroying pi'opei'ly with ilyna- ulto. against eight Newton Coun- y .u'.utlvi who admitted .sliooUiiK p Hie party, Ivich of the cinlll ha:; posted $5CO ippearanro Ijiinds :uul will be i»r- limle,j Friday. CliiiinhiK they were celebrating a wcclilini; party, the cinhl roared through the a\'ejme of trnl.s at tow water Inicii'.e near Poncn, flv- eil pislols into (he air and threw sticks tif dynamite around the campsite. They rettimefl and b'e'.v up :it least one tent. None of the eiehi iiransou, -Mo., boatmen was Injured. The riyemieu were employed f'>r a float trip by niemi A. Green, Mate publicity director, -md n CHUI- era crew of .standard Oil Company who ure makliiK a picture of the scenic ocanlic.s of Arkansas. Ambassador to Uruguay Dies in Home in Texas IHiVAN. Tex.. May XI. (Ul>) — Williamson H. liowell, newly-ap- l'"1nt<'il ambassador nnd ininKlcr pli mpntcntiary to Uruguay, was Iiuiiul dead ui |,cd ; ,i his home l«'lay. apparently (he vletlni o( 11 tv.ith struck the \eteriin of tor- olni SIM vice In the diplomat k corps on Hi,- eve of his scheduled departure |or ids new post nl Miu'.n'l- deo He was scheduled lo lly tfoi / llryan lo New Orleans loday, nc- I'oinpaiiied by his mother, lo lake Imat tomorrow loi 1 the Smith American cily. , He died durlniv the nl|:ht. Memi-. of Ills family [mind him dead when (hey \yent lo nwnko him a"<»it V a in. , llowell's appointment by Presl- Iviil 'rmmiiu lo the UruKimymi post ki'il his return lo tho dlplomnlle service, which he left In Ui:ir>. !o handle private business Inlerusls ill Ills home here and hi WnshliiK- Ncw Liberal Law Sought I By Florida Lawmakers TA'LUMrAfc'SrVU, Via.. Way 32. • UP)- A trio ol Florida luwrtmkers inlrcidurcii u li'jel law loday to |>er- mlt :;ulls against tieA'spapers even thuiiKh reli'actionii have been pub- llshcd. Under Hie bill newspapers could be sued lor publication of allegedly Uhelous Jinitefii] regardless of retractions printed. ton. Most of his lime slnee llu'ii has been spent In the nation's ea pi I al. , Ixtrtl * l.unr UfcUne* <rr1o« k 1'knn. HOI SEED SOYBEANS CfRTJFICO IMPROVED ARKSOY tAKLY MATURING ..Foundation Stock—Direct From Breeder Itcccut test proved yields 3 to 5 more bushels per aero and stands up belter than Kaisoy. Blytheviile Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main 1'hone 856-S57 The man bud checks. is wanted for cashing; 'Little Rhode Island once bail tv.i. capitals: Newport and Provi- di'iK-e. Peanut Vendor Dies Wll..K'I':SJBAHi!K. p.,.. May 11)1') — Amadco obiel. (ill. president of the plnnlerji Nut and Chocolate Co., <|led at Mercy Hospital Wednesday alter a nine-weeks illness Oblcl, an Italian Immigrant who became a multi-millionaire In the peanut business, started Ids career rellhiR peanuls <m the streets here at the age of 11. Fowlston School of Music Special Summer Classes PIANO — ORGAN — VOICE Mrs. Dalton C. Fowlston, B. A., S. M. M. Term still-In June ^ntl llmuiKh August ;>l, 19-I7. A spcoiitl price foe I he Uuvi- umutliK U»'i« iti p i:> lieiiin offered. l''or inrorniiilion, cull or write 809 Chickasawba Phone 2049 ATTENTION FARMERS You Con Now Get 100% Coverage On Your Crops Against Hail Storms! Thin nmy lie a year of heavy hitil storms. Wo represent the largest ami oldest Hail Storm Insurance Company nnd with the highest rntiiiB. Sswcial representative will be in Blytheviile and vicinity for a limited time to Uiku applications, Call, write or phone NOW for particiiliua—No obligation! UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 510 A. V. DIKTHICU, Mili Over Guard's Jewelry Store "Kvcrything In Insurance" City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 ^"or Expert Repairs 321 East Main St. Felix A. Carney Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Large Dividend Savings Low Net Cost Protection For Service W. L. TAMKE 10S Ii. Davis St., P. O. Bo\ 431 I'lionc 218T BlylhcviUc. Ark. Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawba Pacemaker AAAA CERTIFIED BABY CHICKS A complete line of ixMillry fcctl. Hallory fed fryers- buy them on foot. POULTRY WANTED: 1 him or truck load. ' O|icii til 9 SaLurtUy cvuniutr, 8 to 10 a. rn. .Sundays Plenty of Parking Space LEVV/S POULTRY Phone 949 410 E,, S I Main St. ^ GATEWOOD GROCERY '\ Phone 975! Ark.-Mo. State Line > on the left at the Arch M ri. Ff 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 Culvert 1.35 2 ; 65 Sch.nley 1.35 2.65 Craam of Kentucky 1.35 2,65 Three Feathers .... 1.35 2 65- Hill & Hill . ........ 1.40 2>5 Old Taylor ! 4.35 Four Roses ...'•. 2.85 5</ " B"' pcr.Case GAS, reg 17.9c; Ethyl Cigarettes . . per carton 5th 4.15 ? 4.15 >: 4.15 ;»; 4.15 $ 4.15 '•*• 4.40 4 6.90 £ 4.50 | $3.35 | $1.55 | H iiKK you see — in onc.plcck and tidy packtigc — all the things il takes to make the style-setter and the standout per former of the year. One eye-filling glance will tell you that here's the clcan-line'd beauty and hint-of-tomorrow look thai will cue the trend of car design for many seasons to come. But just wait till you get this beauty in motion, and you'll know why folks are saying there's nothing on wheels lo match it. That honnet's not broad and haughty for looks alone; it's brim- iilled with power the satin-smooth power of Buick's big Fireball straight-eight engine. -even standing still You get this in any Buick. But you get something more in the one pictured here. Its snug top shelters you at the touch of a finger. Its door windows and even its front seat are power- operated by push-button control. And thanks to the magic of Bmck's new Silent Zone mounted bodies, you ride in a solid and road-steady silence such as Convertibles have never known before. In other words, here's style and size, power and room, convenience and comfort all wrapped up in one of the most exciting models of the year's most wanted car. That means, of course, that il takes a bit of waiting before one can be yours. But tlie best way to shorten that wait is lo take the all-important slep — and get your order in now. We'll lake it with or without a trade-in. A FINGCK fOUOI-onJ llio Joor malice!//. Older Iru'id/ conl/aft raita or /o*er ffte fofi urriV ajjutl lh» liaul stul. "For Work Done Right" CALL 474-475 CoW Storage tot Furs and Woolens NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Go where you will, its I wo solid tons and soft coil springs on all four wheels make byroad and highroad equally smooth. Hm« fc> PftNSr J. TAY1OR, Mu^ul N«r*orli, Mornfon onj Fifdu ONLY BUICK HAS ALL THESE KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 "The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ T»«r flnre. .r PETROLEUM DW1HI.M. ferrfe. PROHUCTS KK mi CbCTTT * FIREBALL POWER - lor AIRFOIL FENDERS * FtlTEVVEIGHT iiuccd loaA on bcoiinrjl. * PEHrVir-FIRM STEERING — lifjhl bul po^iUNC control wllK tcduccd need for odjuslmenfi * BUICO'l SPRINGINO .» * fULi-ltNCJH fORQUE-TU«E DRIVE * ACCURITE CYLINDER BORING * siuwr ZONE Boor MOUNT/NOS * BKOADRIM WHCC1S - lor peat lira mileage, licllcr car control, freedom from heel over on curvci. * STfPON PARKING BRAKE * DICFfLCX SEAT CUSHIONS * CURl-AROUND BUMPERS * NINE SWART MODUS A *ODr »r f/SHC* Walnut and Broadway CO. Telephone 555 Clay Road Gravel Available in Yard or Carload Lots --DELIVERED-- Phone721

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