The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1936
Page 2
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£ AGE TWtf BLYTHEViLL|!(ARK.) COURIER > PU-urs. Naur,onc Women Meet Members" of (he Woman's Missionary Society 'of the Firsl Church of the Nazarcne met ai the church, Thursday aftcrnooi for (hp last' lesson In their' missionary book "MUsfonmy Plon- cci-s." There were 11 present Mrs. M.', E. C.ppk used tlie Hth chapter uf St John for the de- •sqtionnl, Mia Eddie McQrceoi offered l)iti>cr, Sirs, \V. V E Tilpp- !ett gave the study and Mrs. W E Triplejl fald the dosing prfijcr, 5 ' '» 1 . Born A daughter v, as c boi n ' lo Mr ?nd Mis, Wallace Mllloi of Joinei yeslerdaji at the Memphis Mclhod- isl Hospital . ' Bits of News Mostly Personal Mr and Mis Holsloif*Robinson ha\c returnee} from, 1 a inonll spent m Little Rock where Mi Robinson was emplojed R C Scott, of Osceola, h a patient at the Memphis Baptist 'hospital. W S Story and eon, Woocliow of Half Moon, \lsiled the c\pen- ntent station at Miulantia j day. Mis C W While. _pf Wilson, is, a patient at tho Memphis Baptist hospital Tom W. Wagner, formerly county W P A administrator and now district siincmsor of intake nii< certincatlon with licndqudrlers In Jonesboro, attended to business heie >csterda}. Airs J. L Williams, of Osceoln, was admitted to the Memphis Baptist hospital jcstciday. Miss Rose McBronn, of Chattanooga, Tenn, has " arrived to spend ten days with friends. Mr? R D Call In, of Sikeslbii, has armed for a \lslt with hci parents, Mr and Mis B H Miller Among the out of (own people here because of the death of H. L. Moore weie Jep Mooro of Stanford, Te\as, Mr ami Mrs. Lawson S Mooie and itaughlci, Mrs Bill JoJinson, of Aiiion, Texas, Mr. and Mis Hcimnn Momc of Tcx- arkana, Te\as Miss Rachel Moore, Mr. and Mrs O L. Mooic and Miss Brownie Louise Postal,.'.of ^Rlrtgely, Tenn, who weic gujjsTs of Mi and Mrs, L' T 'Klporc'T'•- Mrs WJiit Goodman and'daugli- (er, Lee, of Memphis, are usltlnj Mrs. Goodman's parents, Dr nnd Mrs. P. D. Smith. Mrs I, a Thompson and Mrs. Arch Lindsey diove to Maldin Mo, yesteiriay foi Miss Ruth Lindsej who had been visiting there since Sunday 'Among those who Usitcd the experiment station at Mnilanna sesterday weie Mrs S S Sternberg and Mis Louise Chapiiun. Dr. Washburn To Be Honored Tuesday Night Df A M Washburn, active member of Ihc Dud c.ison post of (lie Ametic-m Legion who is Bcinj to Bcston for a year, will „ be B'test of honor at an entertainment to be given bv other members of the post Tuesday night, u,ior to Ins departure on next fnday It will be known as ' Dr Wash- .burn's Night" and to entertain him there w|ll be suppsr at 6:30 o'clock, followed by a iiicctiii" at 1 00 when medals will te awarded for outstanding work this >car t the .icj officers wiii be Installed and then the fun •will begin with a "fan dance" as. the feature attraction. State Commander Sain Hor"x and State Adjutant R W Sls- scn, of Little Rock, will be guests. An imitation is being extended all service men. - Camplts Outfit A KNEE-LENGTH swaggeMop- /t coat of pure camel's'hair in a luxurious shade of golden tan is trimmed with a beaver collar and worn over a'brown twcecl skirt. This is ideal for college or travel. PempnsfTaliQji, The Dogwood Home Demonstra- loi\ cliilj met Wednesday after- loon at the home of Mrs, Frec- nont Scrape when 25 members and four visitors ' attendccl. The visitors w;cre: Mrs. Lee Stiles nnd daughter. Miss Lois Neal, Mrs. O. \V. Scrape nnd Miss Christopher Biedsoe. Mrs. Albert Payne presided -hi .he business session ,during which lie culling of chickens was dis- cuscd and nssigmnents given for making pictures for the club's rerapbook. n a miilt contest Mrs. Claude Payne won honors for the neatest work and Mrs. Charles Bagwell for the fastest work. The club members remembered Wrs. V, E. Craig hacl moved into ier new home on Dougan Avenue iiul presented her gifts. It was announced that Miss LIt|lc, county recreational iupcrvisor, will attend the 'next nccting September 9, at the home if Mrs. Carl Green. An ice course was served. ' Society Osceola Personal Mrs. J. I,. Williams suffered a tcvcre heart attack Wednesday night at her home north of town and was taken lo the Haptlst hos- pllal in Memphis early Thursday • morning In a Swift ' ambulance. She was accompanied by Dr. W. J. Sheldon and her sisters, Mrs. W, L. Moore, and Mrs. Belva Martin of (tcnnell. physicians slated it will be necessary for her lo remain In the hospital about six weeks. Miss Ann Scmmcs Ba.rblers was lakcn (o Gnrtly-Rams'cy hospital Wednesday w-lth an acute attack of 'ipponclicltis. Her condition Is satisfactory today. Mrs. Eric Fletcher of Bassctt lias as her finest her sister, Mrs. Kd Myers and husband of West t'nlm Beach. Fla., who are en route home from an extensive western tour. Their daughter, Bctly Myers, who 1ms visited her aunt while they ivjji away, will return home with them. Miss Consucla Wade of Memphis is Ihe guest of M.iss Ethel Brlckcy. ' • , '| Mrs. p. j. Scimnes, accompanied by Clementine llowcn, ElizabcHi Ballouc, Madeline Ellen Edrlng ton, and Jane Flaimleiui, spent yesterday In Memphis with Ann faemmes Itarblcrs Ramsoy hosplta). at Oartly- Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Fletcher ttue In Mcmnhl? Wednesday where Mr. Fletcher, attended a sales inectlii(! and luncheon at, the Pcnljody of the Irl-slate dcnlcrs of the 'Studcbnkcr Sales Corpoin lion Mis rictchcr's_ncphe\v, Jack L>il\el came home with them for ,i \lsit ' Mis D I,. Olilcndorf has as her guests this week her sistci Mrs. Dick Hand and daughter Mij?i Dick Hand, oi Arcadia, 1 1 \ Mrs. Susie Kciser returned list night from Monte'ngic, 'icnn where she has spent the past. d\c months ns Joint owner and operator or Camp Urmkn, H girl's camp. Her ion, John Kciser aiid Miss Catharine Echols" of Djess drove up two weeks ago to ni, company her home. Mrs, Howard Proctor 1* Honored «t Fort Smith Mrs. Hownid Pioctoi, natlona coimnltlceioman of the Arkansas Department of the American teuton Auxlllaiy for tl« pas year, was elected alternate com^ mitlcowoman lu a meeting of the slate group at Fort Smjth thl' week, Miss Coin lea Coleman who was nominated ns chalrmar of the Fifth dlstiict In a recent district meeting, was .-formally' elected to this office. Mrs. Proctpi and Miss Coleman Attended the meeting, held at the » (.line lUe sldfe con- vcntlgfl «;a4 In session. •' ' " Pfl'U (W\ other ho'uois bestowed HROM thci.u MIS fwWr —-•-•- nt the Rational Refcnsc Miss qplcnuin, «it the ,.^ „, Me anil MIS Pfoctoi represented the slate, in presenting a 'gift 'tp the national piesldcn.1, Mrs' Mel-' vine Mucklcstonc, of Chjcajo, who WHS giiest of l\onor. They rcpieientcd. the BlvthcyUle cl\ap.l,ev wjiloh receded several ol- tiltigns toi outstanding wqrt These wlli be formally presented iit the licit meeting 'of the ' group, | Mrs. Proct.01. who rewejv,,^ the slate orya(i'^4tlon on the na Uo<nl boar<l bv virtue of her %e^ cent will li^ye a. vote on ivani's Sister Weds Again the boai,d this and wli; at , tciul th,e ineetings when her cew.pi h inwblp to be p;eient "^iw. Coleman as djstiicl oha&i nin^i i)l}l be U\ charge of Critten- deij poinsetl Ciaigheatl and M&- stssi\>pl counties TQ HoW Services At Rosa On Sunday Night will be services at the Melu.ocllsV . -AUGOST 28, Hayli Society — Personal he. famous marking brothtis. Pnncevi Nina Mdivtini scoins blessedness 'Ihc ctl wc «l «ife cf chailes H Hiibciich lie blgm the rc a lstei at London as the of pemm conan noylc IHU. son of th e l.Ue ravehst and psjchiL imcstigatoi 'fhcn worthing ?t,lrac^d a crowd that nearly mobhctt them CHURCH EXCUSES : B.v O. W. . . night g oclock, (ollowln ga me mg of l!<c ^pw \\n\ pieach L«ague at / o Asnew irn From . „ v _, Of S^te Legionnaires inqmlci of mo local Aineiican ;noodlleplo» post E A %c Clarence Will Talk To Arkansas Alumni Tonight spent the, past ihrce months. Mrs. Gil Mastln and chlldicn are In Memphis today consulting an eye specialist for Betty Sir Masons and Eastern star mem liors who attended the annual ( home coming at the Masonic | Children's Home In BiUcsvillc yesterday were: Mr. and Mrs! E. S Chiles; Mr, anil Mrs. B R Moore; Mrs. J. T. Fowler ami son, William; Dr. and Mrs E ri Bogan nnd Mrs. W. L. Clarke of Luxorti. , The n.nminl catch of whales in the Antarctic exceeds 10,000. "S> '•^si&m S l-Fff m;i WASH and $| I Grease Job A I Standard Ksso Scrvion Sla. ^!nin fa Division Raymond Echmuck, Lcasec Hurricanes which blow at a rate of 80 mites an hour exert a pressure of 32 pounds a squara foot. Drs. Wert & Wert QPTOMETRtSTS Over Joe Isaacs' Stor* "WE MAKF 'EM SEI r Phone HO Bakery Specials ALL DAY - - FIUDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY ^ Large Cocnnul nr l.cnion Cniffon JJ },• fon IO nch iO Fudge Nut Brownies, doz. 18c" • faiit Filled Stqlleus, coffee cake jj Oatmeal Cookies, doz. 8c Raisin Bread, loaf 7c fresh Orange Layers, each 19c Special for Bntercg Hour, 5 to 6~p.~~m. only, Friday, Saturday and Sundaij Cherry Nut Gems, doz, i(Jc Coconut Macaroons, doz, 3 C •Hot Donuls, doz . l\c Carmel Ciiinamon Rolls, doz. 8c Nividual Pecan Pies, each '"''~'i 3c Special Altcnllon Given All Special Orders Baking Co. 't' ' 'i I A ' ' - n ' ~+^ .,._..•.,' •_,,.,.• Smith I nm terribly worried about our | but' dance and play cards and club "coins? I could not ex- dUnk the most harmless r cf,4h- jcU full atendance, while the mcnts. weather Is so warm. Some of ouri biit members have been stijlng[ out on account of tln.ii church having -\ meeting but said ns soon is the tvingelist left and the; had lime to recover fiom the ef „. ,„ . • fects Ihei would be right bick I 1 " c a '"eeting of for- .ctoiit know just what this fellow me , r stwlc " ls of the University of $ii<l but the recoveiy his been 1 ms> who llvc in Blythcville, slott I hen too about the time ° Hotcl Noble tonight, 7:30 tint fcllovs Llosed his mcctiii" ind ° clock ' wlle » D t>)'<l Oypeft. clirec- moicd on borne of oin othei mem I ' •»"''»'•'« at Faycttcvllle, bcis hid to sta> away fiom oin '" 6 " c ' 1k meeting as then church not onlj J Oscar Fcmllcr is •president of brought m anothei Finngellst " lc B'.vthcville Booster cliib^ or- but albo n singer and the singci e nnize <l last year. He Is asking -Marled, ^ lot of prayer meetings slucienis ° r (his school to attend It just looks like they -vie stt to j lllc uieeliug. bicik up our club and I clout' ••-.' ; : •Beoplc li oul°of lt Uie "leadln ^chm l° f ' A gc ' lcral .'" tllc Un '°n army es find only meet foi a goo\l era • '^ l )ves .' tl ^P.t' of the Confcd- Forly members of the Intermediate department of the Methodist Sunday school and chaper- o.ncs Mmcs. J. W. Golden, Wiley Kirby, Hugh Lewis, John Morh- sta^t, George Merril Jr., and Misses Jiranita and Louise Golden bad, a picnic and swimming party at Walker Park at Blythevillc Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Mont Sullivan complimented their daughter Alielu Ann with a party Monday afternoon the occasion being the Little Miss' sixth birthday. Cintncs and contests were the afternoon diversion and Mrs. Sullivan sewed delightful refreshments. Mrs. Amen Khonrlc and children of Dcwar, Okta., Fred Khoinie of Lawton, Okla., and Mrs. Sam iiamra of Paragould, Ark., were here Tuesday and' Wednesday visiting their aunt Mrs. Wolf Khourle. Mrs. Joe Kohn and Miss Ester Barkovitz spent the day Tuesday In Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kowe and son Fred jr., and Mrs. Howe's sisters, Mrs, Orvcl Surgeon ami Airs. Sterling Martin drove to Si Louis Wednesday night to visit the ladles father w. O. Surgeon. They will return home Saturday. Misses Hazel Baldwin tnxi A-l- elmo Slaufll returned home Tues- oay^ from Memphis where they had checks MALARIA in 3 days COLDS first day . . Tablets Headache, 30 Salve, Nose Drops minutes Try "Rub-My-Tism"— World's Best Liniment 666 returned PICKARD'S GROCERY THE SAFEST PLACE TO CIJY YOUR MEATS .AND DAIRY .PRODUCTS Wo r e c c i v c Swift's Premium Beof twice weekly. Green's Grade A Pasteurized Milk twice daily. We b ;t v e the 'most modern Frig- itlaive meat, equipment'.' \Vo 'Deliver. Phono 0,73' 10'1'1-Chickiisawufi •••.-•' of 30 MODERNISTIC BEDROOM SUITES Only.,. Similar to plcdjre wllli Poster Bed While Then Las.t for one of these beautiful 3-Piece Suites Consisting of Vanity Dresser, High ^^»m • ^^^ ' ' *J ' Chest of Drawers and Bed - - . ThesG,30 suites arc the very latest styles with lar^e round mirror on the Vanity 'Dresser, -the bed is very ow and most modern in its design. These suites tire beautifully decorated and finished, and the most -it- tractiye part of all is the low price. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO Ijcen vislllng relatives for iim past two weeks. ° Miss Ek'linc Vnncul"""iias~rc. turned home from St. Louis where she has been visiting relatives for the past two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Wright, anil Mr. and Mrs. Flnons young were n I'ortngeville Sunday visiting Mr. and Mrs. J, E. Thomas. Aaron Thompson, small son of Mi 1 , and Mrs. John Thompson is In Luxora, Ark., visiting relatives. Cards have been received from Misses Jasymlne and Virginia Sanders nnd they arc now in California. The girls arc on a ino \v_>c!:<> tour having already l!':l the Yellowstone National Park and other points in the west. • N. O. Mclilroy of. Cape Girardeau W as here Wednesday attending to business. Pally Phillips of Swiflon is here visiting her erandmothcr Mrs. John Alsnp. . M; Hollenbcck of, Sikcston was here Wednesday attending to business. The Alps mountains cover an area equal to tin.!.' of En»land. fc.cotlancl and Wales COOLEST SPOT IN TOWN I PAL NIGHT 2 Adults Admitted for Trice of 1 All Children—10c CAN WE KEEP THEM THERE? JUN.E.IRAVIS '.CRAIG «THOU)5 BARTONMattANE-RICHARDPURCEU -- " u C'cnwly "Bluu ntid •' —Admission— Ala I hire— II) A- 25c—AVith lo Tav NJgh(—10 & 35c—\Vitb Ic Tax Saturday Only PAY! He's Back flgaiti! llo'sfn (lie flrinj cosl - Rioji* hjifec... sriMlia'failcr... Siit^inj grander tftaii %P, &m .*«*£• \«»S Car Icon, arv.l Serial— "Pliautoin Itidcr" Jones Adm.— Maliucc ft Ki;hl— 10 & 25 C Will! le Ta\ — Contiiiuoiis Showing — Sunday - Monday r* /if CHINA CLIPPER , PAT 6'BiflEN <&* k X_<.44*' raraiitomit N'cus anil Shorts Adm.— Matinee fi».Ki s ht~lo & 35 Will, lc Tax TUESDAY, .SEPT. 1_ 575.00 BANK NIGHTt MNTtlONV IN'O SOON— ADVKI'.SF." uitll 'I'lCCADIM.Y ,11 SI" nil], Kol'ert Alpnti-nincry and IVTachc livnns. TliXAS UA\Gi;!tS" wllh Trcd MacMni-Kiy. c;6iiGi-:otis HUSKY" wiih .toin Crawford and iiolicrt Taylor. Sl'ECIAI,! SHARKKY-!,()UES FI(; At the Uil7 Siiiidiiy anil Monday N'o Atlvancc In 1'rlres!

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