Statesman Journal from Salem, Oregon on August 25, 1990 · Page 13
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Statesman Journal from Salem, Oregon · Page 13

Salem, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 25, 1990
Page 13
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Statesman Journal, Salem, Ore., Saturday, August 25, 1 990 CONVERSATION Page 3B Most wanted by By Amy Wallace and David Wallechinsky Since the FBI began publishing its 10 Most Wanted Fugitives roll in 1950, seven women have been on the list and six men have been on it twice. Through capture, dismissal of the charges, or because they are no longer seen as a dangerous menace, most people are off the roster in six months. The shortest time on it was two hours Billy Austin Bryant in 1969. Here are those who have been listed the longest. Charles Lee Herron: Murder, assault with intent to commit murder. Placed on list Feb. 9, 1968. Removed from list June 18, 1986. Herron was caught after 18 years, not because of his own slipup, but because an accomplice carelessly gave out Herron's address as his own on a driver's license application. Frederick J. Tenuto: Murder. Knowing what's right, wrong Dear Ann Landers: I've been carrying a column you wrote on October 5, 1969. It helped improve my life. Please print it again for the next generation. Thank you. -N.Y.C. Mother Dear N.Y.C: How nice of you to let me know you profited from my column. Here's the repeat. Dear Ann Landers: In this age of conflicting philosophies, shifting standards and the emergence of what some choose to call The New Morality, please tell me how a person can differentiate between right and wrong. Every day I am beset by new conflicts. I'm frank in admitting I am utterly confused. Can you give me and others some words of guidance? Dark Side Of The Moon Dear D.S. Mood: Several weeks ago I heard a sermon by Dr. Preston Bradley, the beloved pas-. tor (now emeritus) of The Peoples Church of Chicago. He discussed this very subject and, in conclusion, quoted Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick's six-point test for deciding right from wrong. I asked Dr. , Bradley if he would send me his distilled version, and he did. 1. Does the course of action you plan to follow seem logical and reasonable? Never mind what anyone else has to say. Does it makes sense to you? If it does, it is probably right. Sinusitis can be severe Question: Our new doctor has told us that my 6-year-old son's symptoms may be the result of sinusitis. He is taking this very seriously and wants us to bring our child back for frequent visits. We don't know a lot about this doctor and wonder whether he is just making a big thing out of a minor ailment. May we have your opinion and some explanations? Answer: There was a time when the diagnosis of childhood sinusitis might have been passed over as something minor. The Bymptoms of runny nose, a postnasal drip, cough and fever are common enough and usually associated with childhood colds and upper respiratory infections, generally of a benign nature. However, when infections of the sinuses are not recognized early on and treated properly, the complications are serious and may even be life-threatening. The sinuses are spaces that are still developing in the skull as the child grows older. Four pairs the frontal, sphenoid, ethmoid and maxillary are located in the area of the forehead, nose and cheekbones and are lined with mucous tissues. They probably serve to help make our voices Bound stronger, help with our sense of smell and reduce the weight of the skull. When infection strikes, the tissues become swollen and inflamed and produce additional secretions that must find their way out of the sinus cavity. When they fail to A recipe for Question: I have acquired several pieces of good quality cherry-wood furniture and want to take care of them the best I can. A while ago you published a great furniture polish. I used it and loved it but lost the recipe. Can you please let me know what the ingredients were? Sara Thomas, Seattle, Wash. Answer: The polish you're referring to is a homestyle furniture polish using vinegar, turpentine and linseed oil. Use V& cup vinegar, Va cup turpentine and Vs cup boiled linseed oil, found in most paint or home-improvement stores. Do not attempt to boil linseed oil yourself; it must be purchased. Mix all ingredients together, store in a clearly labeled container and keep out of children's reach. Use a soft damp cloth to apply it, then rub with the grain using a dry soft cloth. That's all there is to it! Column of Lists Placed on list May 24, 1950. Removed from list on March 9, 1964. Katherine Ann Power: Murder, bank robbery. Placed on list on Oct. 17, 1970. Removed from list on June 15, 1984. Leo Joseph Koury: Racketeering, murder, extortion, arson. Placed on list on April 20, 1979, and is presently still wanted for crimes related to his attempts to monopolize the nightclub scene in Richmond, Va. David Daniel Keegan: Murder, interstate transportation of stolen property. Placed on list on June 21, 1954. Removed from list on Dec. 13, 1963. Donald Eugene Webb: Murder. Placed on list on May 4, 1981. Webb, a master of aliases, is wanted for killing a Pennsylvania po Ann Landers 2. Does it pass the test of sportsmanship? In other words, if everyone followed this same course of action, would the results be beneficial for all? 3. Where will your plan of action lead? How will it affect others? What will it do to you? 4. Will you think well of yourself when you look back at what you have done? 5. Try to separate yourself from the problem. Pretend, for one moment, it is the problem of the person you most admire. Ask yourself how that person would handle it. 6. Hold up the final decision to the glaring light of publicity. Would you want your family and friends to know what you have done? The decisions we make in the hope that no one will find out are usually wrong. Dear Ann Landers: Twenty-five years ago my husband and I then newlyweds had an argument. I behaved in an immature Dr. Allan Bruckheim drain properly, the secretions can stagnate within the sinuses and form a perfect culture medium in which bacteria can easily grow. The clinical picture changes as the child appears ill. There is tenderness in the area of the sinuses and the nasal discharge becomes thicker and mixed with pus. Treatment is necessary to maintain and promote drainage from the sinus cavities, relieve the symptoms and fight the infection with the appropriate antibiotics. Treatment may continue for as long as two weeks in acute sinusitis and three weeks in the chronic disease, with an additional three weeks on a different antibiotic if the first course of treatment is unsuccessful. With all that in mind, the concern of your physician is certainly correct, and the need for revisits should be evident. Question: My neighbor passed away so suddenly as the result of a stroke. I don't think she knew it was coming, but I couldn't help but wonder if there were any signs that might have served her as a warning. I guess I'm also a bit homestyle furniture polish Hints from Heloise Heloise Dear Heloise: I've found that word games are a great way to help children entertain as well as educate themselves on those rainy or "shut-in" days of summer. For example: One child can name an animal such as a camel, with the next child naming another animal that begins with the last letter of the previous animal, such as leopard, then duck, kangaroo, and so on. The good thing about this type of game is that children of almost any age can participate with a little help on letters for smaller tykes. What better way to learn? Wilma Dye, Belle Center, Ohio Dear Heloise: I recently spent ttlhe FBI lice chief. James Eddie Diggs: Murder. Placed on list on Aug. 27, 1952. Removed from list on Dec. 14, 1961. Eugene Francis Newman: Robbery. Placed on list on May 2, 1956. Removed from list on June 11, 1965. Henry R. Mitchell: Bank robbery. Placed on list on March 17, 1950. Removed from list on July 18, 1958. Benjamin Hoskins Paddock: Escape from a federal prison, bank robbery. Placed on list on June 10, 1969. Removed from list on May 5, 1977. Amy Wallace and David Wallechinsky are the authors of "The Book of Lists." Their column appears Saturday in this section. Send your suggestions for the Column of Lists to P.O. Box 49699, Los Angeles, Calif. 90049. The authors will be unable to give personal answers. manner and locked him out when he slammed the door and left to walk around the block and "cool off." He went to his mother's house when he discovered I had bolted the door. She wanted to "teach me a lesson," so she talked him into staying there for five days. I'm glad to say we worked out the problem and I never again did anything so foolish. Last night, in a half-joking manner, my mother-in-law reminded me of the incident in the presence of several relatives. She congratulated herself on being so clever. I did not appreciate the publicity at this late date. My husband thought it was pretty funny. Our son is being married this spring. If his wife locks him out of the house, how should I handle the situation if he should come home to me? Still Learning Dear S.L.: When children have arguments with their spouses, they should be told, "Go home and settle it!" Parents who provide bed and board under such conditions do their children no favor. They merely postpone the growing-up process. Ann Landers accepts inquiries from readers. Address your letters to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11562, Chicago, III. 60611-0562. Please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope for a personal reply. in a child worried about myself. Could you please answer this important question for me? Answer: Sometimes strokes do come on unexpectedly. But there are many other times when the subtle signs of a stroke, or an impending stroke as some doctors like to call it, are there if you know what to look for. Strokes differ from heart attacks in that they cause no pain and their warning signs may pass unnoticed. But there are four major signals that should not go unheeded. They are: numbness, weakness or tingling in an arm, leg or one side of the face; loss of vision in one or both eyes; difficulty speaking; sudden loss of strength in an arm or leg. Less common warnings include an unusual or unexplainable headache, memory loss, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea and vomiting. These may signal a mini-stroke or TIA (transient ischemic attack), which if undiagnosed or untreated can be a prelude to a major stroke with consequences that are far more serious. The solution is to obtain medical help as soon as your suspicions are aroused. No advice offered in a column of medical opinion should take the place of an examination by a physician. Dr. Bruckheim, director of the department of family medicine at St. Mary Hospital in Hoboken, N.J., accepts inquiries from readers. Address your letters to Dr. Allan Bruckheim, co Statesman Journal, P.O. Box 13009, Salem, Ore. 97309. some time in the South and had my first experience with grits for breakfast. Can you tell me exactly what they are and what is the best way in your opinion to prepare them. Melissa Stone, Philadelphia, Pa. Dear Melissa: Aren't they delicious! I grew up on them. In the South grits are usually made of ground white corn hominy and are called hominy grits. They are delicious when cooked like farina and topped with a dollop of butter and a sprinkle of sugar or heavy salt and pepper and served with eggs, bacon, etc. Heloise Heloise accepts inquiries and time-and money-saving hints from readers. Address your letters to Heloise, co Statesman Journal, P.O. Box 13009, Salem, Ore. 97309. Heloise will use as many letters as possible in her column but she regrets that she will be unable to give personal answers. More monkey The Associated Press NEW YORK - The city's wildest tourists are up from South America. They've enjoyed the cuisine and spent their nights swinging around town. They also have razor-sharp teeth, and they can carry parasites and viruses. They are 25 recently liberated squirrel monkeys, and they've turned a quiet Queens neighborhood into a wild kingdom since they were stolen from a local business and turned loose three weeks ago. University tour looks at bridges CORVALLIS - Bridges as works of art are the focus of a tour Sept. 28-30, sponsored by Oregon State University's Horner Museum. The tour, an expanded version of a popular 1989 tour, will examine the career and work of highway engineer C.B. McCullough. The tour includes bridges along the route to Coos Bay, Gold Beach and Bandon, as well as a mail boat tour of the Rogue River Bridge. The tour will also include a visit to the site of the new Waldport Bridge. Cost is $275 single and $240 twin or double for Horner members. Non-members add $10. Reservations, due by Sept. 25, may be made by calling Horner Museum, 737-2951. Back to school supplies YAMAHA Clavinova. CLP-250 Now On Sale! $1 QQK Thru Sept 30th v 1.AVU r A-B0LT HUNTER BOLT ACTION RIFLE Short 60 Factory glass bedded Hinged floor plate with detachable maoazine O? Standard or magnum tAKA9t calibers MODEL "700 BDL" BOLT ACTION RIFLE Smooth action Hinged floorplate Monte Carlo stock STD. 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