The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 31, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 31, 1949
Page 2
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FACE WO BLYTHEVTLL* (ARI.) COUHtER NEWS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31, 1949 Eight Girls Stage Another Break At Troublesome Training School LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 31. W) — Another mass break has occurred •t the Arkansas Girls' Training School where former conditions were described recently by a circuit judge as comparable to medieval dungeons. Eight/ girls broke away last night after smashing two doors In the main dormitory. None had been found by state police. Mr». Lavanda Pruitt, the head matron, aald one of the girls yelled as she disappeared In the darkness: "not a damn one of you is going to stop n» now." Six of the escapees were involved In the Aug. 14 disorder which touched off a grand'jury Investigation and led to the Indictment of two former school officials on charges of mistreatment of teenaged Inmates, During the rumpus two weeks ago, five girls fted. All were rounded up within a few days and returned to the reformato. 16 miles southwest of Little Rock. Last night's escapees were Identified by a school staff member ns Ruth Ann Wstts. 18. Crawfords- vilte, Tenn.; Juanlta Elsia Mulllns, 18, Little Rock; Juanlta Hall, 16, Texarkana; Edith Ross. 16, England; Joan Haney, 15, Little Rock; Ardlth Pettigrew, 14. Fort Smith; Rita Plckens, 1«. Fort Smith, and Clara Northhurst, 16, of near Fay- ettevllle. The Watt* and Mulllns girls precipitated the Aug. 14 minor riot at the Institution by slaglnft a drunken brawl on rubbing alcohol filched from the Infirmary. The Hall, Ross, Haney and Pettlgrew girls were among the five who fled during the excitement. Due For Parole Mrs, Pruitt said the Watts, Mul- llns, Pickers and Northburst girls were to have been paroled shortly. The WatU and Mulllns girls were removed from solitary confinement at the nearby women's reformatory Thursday and returned to the achool, on recommendation of the state welfare department. GOT. Sid MeMath directed the at»t* board of control to Investigate. Saline Circuit Judge Roy Danuser called a grand Jury Inquiry. In his charge, he compared reported conditions at the school to medieval dungeons. The (rand Jury last week returned « joint Indictment charging Mrs. Fanny Goodman, superintendent of the state's two white female correctional Institutions, and Mrs, Carlie Toland, SI, formerhead matron at the school, with cruel and Inhuman punishment. Th« (rand Jury reported it, found evidence that recalcitrant Inmates had- been punished by leather atrapi,' placed on bread and water diets and that one girl had had her hair trimmed. The report added that these practices apparently had been discontinued. Mrs. Ooodman, who paint* as a hobbj »nd admits being "over OS." •nd Mm. Tolanrt are at liberty on $1,100 bonds. At a board meeting week, Mrs. Goodman resigned. This week, two board members milt. Developments LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 31. Wj — Here are the major development*, day-by-day, In the Investigation of conditions at the Arkansas alrls' Training School: Aug. H—Two girls stage drunken brawl on filched alcohol from Infirmary; five other Inmates escape. Aug. IS—School nurse flrert for negligence. Aug. 16—Governor McMath directs State Board of Control to make Inquiry: two escapees found at Searry; Saline County officials begin Investlglalon of reported nude lashings. Aug. 11—Mrs. Ruth Hale. Little Hock, board member discloses that Aug. 14 break planned In advance and every Inmate invited to participate; Mrs. Fanny Goodman, superintendent f fenial correctional Institutions, announce. 1 : two more school staff members fired; another escapee returns voluntarily. Aug. 19—Last two fugitives taken Into custody at Texarkana. Aug. 20—Saline Circuit Judge Roy Danuser calls grand Jury Inquiry, compares former conditions at school to medieval dungeons. Aug. 22—Grand Jury begins Investigation. Aug. 23.—Board of Control meets; member Roy Morgan. Hot Springs, says if state wants better administration at school "It's going to have to pay for It"; Mrs. Carrie Toland. former matron, brands reports of punishment as "gross exaggerations;" says she wasn't In sympathy with'school policies with reference to corporal punishment, but was "compelled to enforce them." Aug. 24—Grand Jury indicts Mrs. Goodman and Mrs. Toland on charges of mistreatment of Inmates, says It 'found evidence of whippings, hair-cutting and bread and water diets for recalcitrant girls. Inmates mingling with male convicts, Aug. 25—Governor McMnth calls special meeting of board. IMUM statement disclosing results of survey of school by Arkansas Council on Children and Youth; report decries lack ol sufficient anproprla- tfons, humane rehabilitation program, recreational facilities and trained personnel. Aug. 26—Mrs. Goodman resigns ns superintendent: board pinci-i Mrs. Lavanda Pruitt. head matron at school, and Mrs. Pearl Home, head matron at reformatory temporarily In charge of their Institutions pending appointment of new superintendent. Aug. 2j^—Board meets aKaln at call of Governor to consider appointment of new superintendent,' no action taken. Board member Mrs. Charles O. Smithers. Benton. resigns. Aug. 30—Board chairman Ben D. Rowland. Little Rock, resigns; eight girls escape from school. EXPKCT NO REAPPO1NTMENT BY TRUMAN—Gllmore D. Clarke, leading figure In unsuccessful fight, to block President Truman's plan for a "back porch" /or the Whit* House, sits In his office at New York as he says he does not expect to be reappointed as chairman of the Fine Arts Commission. Clarke, dean of Cornell School of Agriculture, made statement In response for comment on story In the Washington star which said that Truman would not rename Clarke to the commission. IAP Wirephoto). Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111., Aug. 31. CAP) — (USDA)— Hogs 7,500; market active; weight* 180 Ib* up fully 25 higher than average Tuesday; lighter wclsjliLs and sows strong to 25 higher; bulk good and choice 200-250 Ibs 21.50-75; top 21.15 freely; 2(50-300 Ibs mostly odd lots 20.00-21.50; load 354 Itw 1875' 180-1»0 Itu 20.50-21.25; 140-170 Ib* 17.26-19.50; 100-130 Ib plus In light supply at 14.2S-17.00; good and choice sows 400 Ibs down 17.00-U.75; heavier welehts 13.50-16.75; most stags 11.00-14.00. Cattle 3.200: calves 1.000; opening: sales confined largely to good and choice steers, thMe steady; little action on others; one load choice 1,- llS-lb steers 2650 and 1.090-lb averages 28.00; few medium and good steers 21.00-23.50; good Jieifer.i and mixed yearlings 24.00-21.00; common and medium 18.00-23.00; cows opening steady but less activity on fat cows than early this week; common and medium cows largely 14.CO- 16.00; cannera and cutters 11.00- Showdown Du* In Little Rock Milk Arguments LITTLE ROOK, AUf. 31. tin ~ Tomorrow, Sept. 1, will brlnt • showdown in a price dispute between producers and procesior* which miy ittt<<t unit Rock's retail milk supply. Processors, the several dairy companies which buy ran- milk, pasteurize and bottle It »nd Mil It retail, have cut the price of raw milk to $4 SO a hundred pounds. Producers, represented by the Central Milk Producer! Association are demanding $5 * hundredweight. Dr. T. M. Dick, association president, said last night the producer* will go Inln the retail business if processors refuse to pay IS a hundredweight tomorrow. Processors. »tandln« pat on their 14.80 price, -re Investigating the possibility of Importing milk from other states. But Dr. Dick A*ld 'this In our market and we're going to keep 11." He said the 444 members of the Association will be In position lo supply milk "«t aor price." and added, "we feel we can meet any competition In price*." The current Little Rock retail milk price Is it cent*' a quart. Coal Squabble Now in Hands of Federal Judge FORT SMITH. Ark.. Au«. Jl. (AP) —An effort to tore* three Arkansas coal mine operators to pay rovaltlen lo the United Mine Workers of America welfare fund to In the hands of a federal Judge. The operators claim the royalty requirement violates the freedom to work amendment to the Arkansas constitution. U.a. District Judge John E. Miller yesterday took under advisement the suit of the UMW welfare lund trustees to collect approximately l°3.000 from Jackaon and Squire Company, r. 8. Neely Company and the Midwest Mining Company. The suit Involved the ten cents a ton royalty which UMW require* operators to pay into the union welfare fund. The constitutional freedom lo work amendment forbids making union membership a requirement for employment In Arkansas. The operators claim the UMW contract calling for the welfare royaltle* stipulates that mine workers muat belong to the union. 14.00; bulls steady; medium and good bulls 18.SO-1S.7S: cutter and common 1400-14.00; realen 100 lower; good and choice M.00-38.00; common and medium 17.00-23.00. a CONTROLLID COMFORT 1 relaxes you from today prepare* you for tomorrow • Perfect rest and relaxation, and irresistible comfort, are yours lo enjoy every niglit ... on a genuine Spring- Air mattress and box spring. Scientific, Spring-Air innrrjpring units provide, luxurious "Controlled Comfort" advantages (automatic adjustment lo every body curve and body movement) to everyone regardless of their weiglil. Details explainer! at right. Come in for demonstration and the "jt\\ inside itory" about Spring-Air advantage*. 50 1UIFACI COMPOIT i?S^ Huh quality. » cntton ftll ptdilin*(uphoMery) eiilhiont body from •pnnf con- Ucl. xivr* Aiirfrca M/IBMB and luxury "(«•!" to ft mtlti CONTOUI COMFOlt hirr tpEift* C««M fro »nlt, - iirioui rjfpflrt ta »U body ee«- tAiLr* and »p*ei*l buor«ne>- t* lichtor !»[t»aC tte bwtWich M arm* *nrl !«*•. COMPOIT Ficm tupport t* h««rt*r JH-*-I to nt af the body M r-r Avi.*4 by Ih^ciidHIa »rcti<mo< tfS«"ho<kr- ih>. "]>n* PpflM ftlllP ««MfOtT A • Mky M •»•• 4//rrr*r \jf*» of »pnA« roik. •ei+ «l»rf throucHoul. , comfort ynr-i*, y WADE Furniture Co mis "" " '<f {, v '• , !•} •>' ' ' ' P,-.,», 's-tijt( t s , V. f«A., 4' • i ? NEW 'SUPERSONIC SHAPE'—The XF-92a, Jet-powered Air !*>rce research Interceptor built by Convalr, Is shown In flight over Mui-oc Air Base. Calif. The triangular (delta) wing has a 60-degiee sweepback In contrast to maximum of 35 degrees on current Interceptor types. The wing is said to have a high .stability and a low drag at high subsonic tpeedi. The plane has "elcvons" for aileron and elevator action, witfl vertical stabilizers and rudder providing directional control and stability. (AP Wlrephotoj. Foreign Study Tour indt for Six Negro Students ROME — (O-i— A group of six Negro students from the Virginia Union University have complete! their first Foreign Study Tour of Europe and North Africa. The group visited Ireland, England, Belgium, Prance. Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy and Tunisia. They left the United States June 19. This first group was a small experimental one; to study the possibility for larger tours In the future. Students participating In the tour will get nine semester hours college credit for the trip. The credit la equivalent to that given to a student satisfactorily complete a full summer se&sion course on the campus, " Dream Prediction OH; Buses Are Substituted MELBOURNE—</P,—A school bUK driver, J. c. Doherty. had a troubled dream the other night. He dreamt a rear wheel of his bus fell off, Next day he checked all four wheels of his bus. His Journey to che school was uneventful. But another of the school's biises hud an accident. A rear wheel came off, No one was Injured. Dreamer Doherty drove out and picked up Hie stranded pupils. House for Sale Scaled bid* will be received «t (he Methodist Church Offices up lo 2 p.m. Saturday S«pt. 10th for the purchase of the Methodist Parsonage totaled at 709 YV. Main which must be removed from the «il* lo make way for the new church. . Purchaser will be given thirty day* in which to remove house from site. If purchaser elects to wove house permission will be given to cut any trees on lot < inside of sidewalk. Purchaser must leave lot clean of all debris whether he moves or tears down house. Right is reserved to reject any or all bids. BUILDING COMMITTEE First Methodist Church Trade With Wade and Save enters your picture You'll diicover • world of delightful autumn fathioni whether you see k a coat, a tuit, or a d r ei«. Be guided by the namel you know —Printwu. Betty Ro ie , and FaihionbiH, . . Paul Sacht, Carlye, P au | a Brook., iach lovely, , m . rti p, rtorii || y your ,. Ard you can b« sure of being fiHed comfortably in rh« air-conditioned coolness of our liore. Come in and shop fhli weok — there's »om»- thing hers for you.

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