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Asheville Citizen-Times from Asheville, North Carolina • Page 1

Asheville Citizen-Times from Asheville, North Carolina • Page 1

Asheville, North Carolina
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PRICE FIVE CENTS "It Looks Like Teddy" BIG CONVENTIONS FIGHT ON KITCHI'J PROTECTION AS AMERICAN CITIZENS IS DEMANDED BY TAMPICO OIL OPERATORS On Eve of Receipt of Note From Carranza, Which Is Expected to Renew Demands for Withdrawl of Troops, Serious Sit uation Develops. WASHINGTON, May 28. General Carranza 's note, which the demand for withdrawal On the eve of receipt of Mexico and with another conference between American and Mexican military commanders about' to begin, a pro test was received at the white house today reporting serious difficulties between American oil operators at Tampico and the Mexican authorities. The protest came in the form of a telegram addressed to President Wilson by eighty-four American citizens residing at Tampico. They declared the Mexican military officials were promulgating decrees designed to make it impossible for Americans to do business in the country nd said one of them had been arrested and imprisoned for( three hours because he refused to pay his employes wages fixed by the authorities in excess of terms previously agreed upon with the men.

Ask Protection. BULGARIAN INVASION OF GREECE HAS RESULTED IN SURRENDER GREEK FORTS WITHOUT OF VARIOUS A STRUGGLE The signers of the message asserted their right to protection from the American government, and announced Greece Protests Against the Invasion, But it Is Not Believed That their determination not to comply with arbitrary and con fiscatory orders and decrees by the Mexicans. IN OUIETJWAWNER Mitchell Men Are However, Working Hard and Saying VOTERS ARE BEING CANVASSED TO MAN Automobile Loads of Literature Distributed Throughout the District. (Ry T. W.

Chamhllss.) WTLSON, May 28. If tho Impression haa gone out that the contest In this county between Kltchln and Mitchell for congressional nomi nation Is a mitre bit of piay Vnm the wrong Idea is existent. The campaign started off with a hit of big noise like the firing of heavy artillery. Then things quieted down. But the scout-.

Ing parties were busy. This Is the last week and things are warming up. Ths local newspaper Is busy night and day working the force overtime trying to accommodate the demand for space and Job work. Automobiles loaded down with print ed matter are gone not going, but. gone, and every voter In the county is being- pestered Just now.

Notwithstanding the Impression which hsa been made the fight against Claude. Kltchln here Is much deeper and broader than any sour grapes, because of a postofhee appointment. It was published abroad that the whole sum and substance of the opposition was. the Wilson nd thereby hanga a tale. iAugh.

at line. Mitchell men are laughing st Tom Rost of Raleigh. He came down hereto get something of the situation' Raleigh being a bit dull He got It' In the hack room of one of the offices It ass a question Just how to' get Rost to tell exactly what tho Mitchell men wanted told -and want--ed It told aa Rost could tell It he be-' lng a Kltchln man. The trick worked and Rost told how all of tha former -candidates for the Wilson poetofnee-weTe for Mr. Kltchln now and It Is so.

Kltchln men are hard fighters and' they are working night and day. They claim ths county, hut are ahy of giving an estimate of the majority. They claim the district and say that It la all over except the shouting; out they have not stopped working. Just the same. On the other hand tha Mitchell forces and Kltchln will have to acknowledge that they are pretty smooth politicians he knows them (Continued on Page Two.) IS Will Be Kept Under Police Guard as Precaution Against Fire.

EVERY PROVISION. Army Has Landed at Salonika Only Artillery Bombardments Progress Along the Front at Verdun. White house officials sent partment for investigation. have been received regarding ranza government and it is representations on the subject just as soon as the controversy over the presence of American troop3 in Mexico is adjusted. "It has become practically impossible for an Amcri can to do business of any nature in this section of the country," the Tampico message said, "because of restrie tions placed by the authorities that we believe to be di- CAUSING OF Many Republican Senators and Congressmen Leave Capital.

DEMOCRATS LEAVE LATER IN THE WEEK Important Business to Come Before Congress During the Week. WASHINGTON, May 28. The pre-fconvention exodus of members of congress, already ha.t begun, many members of the house and nearly a score of senators 'having left Washington for preliminary business pertaining to the republican convention in Chicago next week. Democratic leaders will begin to depart later in the week on political missions connected with the St. Louis convention.

For many days the halls of the capitol have buzzed with political discussions and administration leaders have encountered trouble In keeping a quorum present In either house. Realizing that ti ls difficulty will increase, extraordinary efforts are being made to hold members whose absence is not Imperative until next Friday. Important Ijpgislatlon, Important legislation that will re quire attendance of members during the week includes the 1241,000.000 naval appropriation bill in the house and the long fought river and har bors appropriation bill in the senate, The house will end debate on ths naval bill Friday and a vote before adjournment. The bill will than go to the senate where naval affairs committee will take It up after the conventions end. Decisive actinn on the t4S.000.000 rivers and harbors bill in the senate Is expected by Thursday or Friday at the latest Tomorrow the senate will vote on a motion to recommit with Instructions that the bill be re-reported In the form of a blanket appropriation of to carry on existing projects.

While senators who have persistently fought the bill have made many converts the were doubtful tonight that they could muster enough votes to send the bill back to committee. If they da. the commerce committee will at once report the proposed substitute resolution, which could he passed immediately. If recommitment falls other efforts at compromise will be made but no one attempts to predict what the result will be. Action on Brandies.

Another Important event of the week will be action on the nomination of Louis D. Urandels to the Supreme court. The vote will he taken Thura- (Continued on Page Two) GOVERNMENT TO COLLECT HALF BILLION DOLLARS IL REVENUE TDK Despite Prohibition's Spread Tax on Distilled Spirits Shows Increase. GAINS ALL AROUND. WASHINGTON.

(My Half a billion dollars will he the government's Intemnl revenue tax toll for the Aval year ending June 10 next, according to a statement Issued today by Fecrotary McAdoo. This sum, which Mr. McAdoo exceeds by many millions all previous estimates. will be made up, substantially as follows: Taxes on whiskey, beer, cigars, cigarettes and tobacco. $101,000,000.

Taxes on the Incomes of Individuals nd corporations, $115,000,000. Emergency tax collections, SXl.too,-0. The volume of money pouring into the treasury has steadily Increased month by month since last fell until It la now greater than at any time since the effects of the wsr began to bo felt, Mr. McAdoo accounts for the situation as follows: "The great boom la business) Is largely responsible for the Increase In receipts from ordinary Internal revenue. The prosperity of the country with the attendant wider scope of employment and Increase In wages has In Itself resulted In a larger consumption of taxable article, greatly augmenting the government's Consumption of whiskey, cigars.

cigarettes and fouaeco has Increased, according to revenues received, while consumption of beer has decreased the fiscal year. For the first ten months of the fiscal year, receipts of taxes on cigars, cigarettes and tobacco Increased over the corresponding period a year ago, due in large part, the statement says, to the great Improvement In business conditions. The statement continues: "Notwithstanding the spread of pro hibition, collections on distilled spirits for the first ten months of the current fiscal year Increase $10,011 140 over tha corresponding period of a year ago. officials believe will renew of American troops from the protest to the state de Other complaints already recent decrees by the Car- probable that there will be PAGE TWO.) OF J. J.

HILL UNCONSCIOUS AT TIMES Train Makes Record Run to Bring Desired Medicine From Chicago. HIGH TEMPERATURE. ST. May J. James J.

Hill, critically III at his residence here paw ed a restless unsatisfactory day, While the pioneer railroad builder's pulse was good his temperature high and he suffered considerable pain. Intermittently the patient was unconscious. Shortly sfter 1 o'clock this after noon, waiting newspaper men and others were aroused sharply when the Itev. Father Thomas J. Gibbons, vlcsr genersl of tha St.

PmiI arch dtoreee and pastor of the 8t. Paul cathedral, hurried from the cathedral edifice, where he had been saying mass, to the Hill mansion. At this time It wsa thought Mr. Hill had suffered a sinking spall and that members of the family had been eal led to the sick room. At 4 o'clock It was said Mr.

Hill had rallied some what. His pulse was reported better, but a high temperature continued. At o'clock tonight tha patient's tent peraturo was reported unchanged. Throughout the day men of pr Inenee In railroad business and pro fessional circles called at the wit home. All came away grave, uncom munlcatlve.

One of the phvsVtsna In attend' ance upon Mr. Hill Intimated that certain lnfrequently-ued sedative might be of some possible slight benefit to the patient. doc. tors present questioned the possible efficiency of sedatives and added argument against the i stated that none of It could be ob tained at any point nearer than Chicago. flouts TV.

Hill, prudent of the Great Northern railroad and son of J. J. Hill, chanced to overhear this conversation of the surgeona He had his secretary telephone a firm pharmaceutical chemists In Chicago and upon learning that a supply of this sedative could Je obtained there, he ordered a special train on tha Chicago, Burlington and Qulnry railroad to bring the sedative ta fit. Paul. It arrived last night, having made the trip of 431 mllea in eight hours and three minutes or at asj average of fifty-four mllea aa hour.

Railroad met stated that this shattered all speed record tetween Chicago aad St. Fa al. the Protest Will Be Backed by portant one. It dominates the defile leading to Kemlr-lllssar bridge, which la the key to Bores and which also Is reported to have been occupied. An adversary thus controls the railroad from Halonlkl to Kavalla.

C.IVKN TWO HOURS. VWPON. Msy J8. The Kxchange Telegraph company correspondent at Athens says he learns from Halonlkl that the nulgarlnns gave the Greeks two hours to surrender Rupel fort, which Is six miles from the Iemir- Hlssar bridge, recently blown up by the French In anticipation of this at tack. "Athens newspspers say that the deputation of German snd Rulgarian officers In demanding the surrender of Fort Rupel explained that Its oc-cupstlon was necessary to secure the Rulgnrlsn left wing against an eventual allied flank attack.

The fort was surrendered at I o'clock Friday morning and the pro tocol signed by the Germsn, Bulgarian nnd Greek officers. The Germans and Bulgarians, the newspapers say, undertook to restore the fort to Greece so soon as the reasons for Its occupation no longer existed. croks frostikii. INION. May A dispatch to Reuters Telegram company from Sa-lonlkl says: "Htrong forces of Bulgarians, astt-mated to number 25,000, crossed ths Greek frontier at Rupel Pass and occupied Ihe Oreek fort and earthworks at the entrance to the Htruma Gorge, near Pemlr-llleear.

The Greek garrison, retired, without cRtrtrig any last sfsnce. "The Rulgarian advance ruard then pushed forward and occupied the station and bridge at femlr-tltsaar. Ac. tlvlty at other points Indlratea an Important movement upon Greek Macedonia." r'HRXCII CAITI Rf, CRATF.ns. PARIS.

Mar J. Occupation by the French of portions of three craters formed bv the Svnloelnn of rjer- tContlnued on Page Two! MEXICAN BANDITS ARE Cervantes and Beaucome Interred Without Priest Officiating. riEIJl NEAR NASIIVlllPA, Jlel. May II wlreleea to Columbus, N. M.I Cm delarla Cervantes and Juan Beaucome were buried today without religious ceremony.

There were no flowered carts; no wonls spoken over tha gravee of the two bandit who had caused the eiedltionsry command almost as much trouble as haa Villa himself. Kvea the village padre at Namlqutpa, where Cervantes had grown to man hood, declined to officiate at tho swr-Tlces. Two duty two-wheeled carts, drawn by dustier mules, bore tha coffins, through the huddled adobe huts of the town to a little cemetery on the outskirts, a few Mexicans wrapped In dirty blankets, one of them Cervantes father, a toothless old woman and a few doga comprised tha funeral party. Ths quiet burial was ordered by the ctvtt authorities of Namlqulpa, the majority of the citizens having Insisted that the body of Cervantes, brought here after he was killed In aa attack upon an American army engineering party last Thursday, be goUaa oat Arms of Greece Serbian in C.RKKCK MOURNS. ATHENS, May S.

(Via Lon- don.) "Whoever dreamed to see the Rulgarian flag supplant the Oreek flag In Macedonia! Just for this we have maintained that mobilization at tha cost of the economic ruin of the country." 4- A. JT VanUaln. th. fnrmM RTIt. mler.

thus wrltVfci Tha, UaraKV Venlsellst organ. Keeling runs high over the Rulgarian Invasion or t.reere. The Herald appeared today with 4- a black border aa a token of na- 4- tlonal mourning. 4- LO.VPO.V. May f.

The Bcilgarlsni Invasion of Greek Macedonia haa reached to Ienilr-Hlsar and from that town forces of II I gars are said to be making their way southeastward toward tho Aegean seaport of Kavalla, northeast of Halonlkl. Unofficial estimates place the num ber of tho invaders st Along the Struma river ihe Greeks have evacuated the forts of Rupel, Urago- tln. Kpatovo and Kanevo to the Uul-gars without offering resistance. Hermans nt MlmilkJ. Coincidental with the Rulgarian Invasion comes a report that the re juvenated Herman army the ancient enemy of the Hulgars nas limited at Halonlkl to reinforce the British and French troops slready there.

This force has been variously estimated at from (0,000 to 100. 000 officers and men. It was re-orgsnlxed on the Island of Corfu. Only artillery bombardments have been In progress on the French front around Verdun. No Infantry attacks have been made.

Around l-e Mnrt Homme, northwest of Verdun, snd In tha sector west of tha Thlamnont farm northeast of the fortress, the hombardmenta have been violent. In the Argonne Forest the French have captured craters caused by the explosion of German mines and In Al sace have put down an attempt of HOPEWELL CO TO NORFOLK Five Hundred Men Take Place of Striking Longshoremen. KORFOI.K. May 2. Five hundred strike-breakers, composed of foreigners and negroes.

Imported by water fom Hopewell. were today landed at the wharves of tha Old Dominion Steamship rompaay to take the place of longshoremen, who have quit work lo enforce a demand for an lnereas In weges. Tha property of tho company Is being carefully guarded tonight by a squad of pollen-men. while the strtke-breakera are being housed and cared for on one of the company's river steamers, to prevent the possibility of clash with strikers. The tension Is aald to be acute.

Tha heavy shipments of truck by this Una to New York have been subject to serious delays for several days owing to the shortage of labor due to the strike. THK WFATIIKR. WASHINGTON. May It. Forecast for North Carolina: Local tbunder- ehowera Monday.

Tuesday probably the Germans to advance. In the fighting Saturday night the Germans In the Champagne region at several points penetrated the French line and took one hundred prisoners. OffCllrilvO hUlNMl. Pctrograd reports an attempt of the Germans In the Lake Itrlavlaty region to start an offensive. The movement was stopped by concentrated artillery and rifle Are.

The Austrlans are still on the of- feDlv Mre'nst tha Itallana In the glons southeast of Trent, but Rome reports thin wherevor Infantry attacks were started the Austrlans met with repulse. On the Isonso front at Kan Mlchele Ihe Italians In mining operations- destroyed Austrian trenches and took the defenders of them under their rifle fire as they fled. Turkish contingent which trtct fo advance against the Russians on the Caucus front In the region of Klvan-douEa-Pcrgnla were repulsed by the Russians, according to retrograd. C.llF.KTF, ATIIF.NH. May protest against tho military operations undertaken by tho central powers and by Rulgarla In-Greek (was forwarded last night to the ministers of Greece at Rerlln, Vienna and So-fla.

The Hulgnrlans entered Greek territory virtually unopposed and this hss caused violent comment In the press snd considerable agitation among the population. The Greek military authorities here claim they were unable to communicate with their troops In esstern Macedonia. The belief Is general here that It Is the Intention of the Greek government to confine Its action to a protest. IIIG MI'lTIMi CAI.M.n. PAI.nNIKI (Via Purls.) As an outgrowth of tha populsr Indignation resulting from the violation of Greek territory a Mg meeting haa been call.

ed here fur tomorrow to protest against the action of the German and Utilitarian troopa. The position of Rupel Is an Im DILUTE WISHES FOB NO APPEAL III HIS BEHALF Convicted Murderer Says He is Satisfied With the Jury's Verdict. NEW TORK. May II. A declaration that he wishes no appeal In his -behalf was contained In a statement Issued from his cell In tha Tombs by Tr.

Arthur Warren Walte. convicted. Saturday of the murder of his father-in-law, John K. Peck. "I am satlfled with the verdict." he ssld.

"and don't want any apiiesl made. 1 am wtlllr.g to lake the punishment for my 111 deeds and the quicker tlvU punishment comes the better." Walte's demeanor underwent a change today ar.d he lost mu-b of the mask of Indifference ahlrtj he has maintained since his removal to prison. He slept fitfully last night and appeared nervous when he arse. He expressed a desire to attend religious services and was one of those m-ho heard the Rev. J.

Callahan preach a senr.on on "The Two Thieves" at the Protestant service conducted la ths prison. In the afternoon Walte sent for a copy of the Rlble and spent several hours res diner It. The young dentist also read tha Sunday newspapers, especially tha account of his (CONTINUED ON TO DEAL ONLY WITH MOST VITAL PUKSIIBJECTS Difference Among Party Leaders Over Suffrage, Says Hilles. TO HEAR WOMEN. CHICAGO, May J.

Chairman diaries D. llllles. of the republican national committee, today expressed the opinion thst the platform adopted by the national convention nest month would deal only with the most vital public questions. From Informa tion obtained In talking with party leaders he believes the principal planks will Include: A statement on Americanism. 1 A statement on preparedness for adequate military and naval defense.

A declaration In favor of a protec tive tariff to he prepared by a bob. partisan tariff commission created by congress, with special attention to the needs of tha country's Industries after the European war enda A declaration In favor of a merchant marina. A statement dealing with the alleg ed shortcomings of tha democratic nstlonal administration. Chairman llllles said there wsa a difference of opinion among the party leaders aa to national woman suffrage and be did not know what action the convention would take. The national conaresslonal unton will urge the republicans to Insert a plank for a suffrage amendment to the constitution and Chairman llllles ha promised the women a hearing before the committee on resolutions.

Tha only other organisation thus far to ask for a hearing Is the Navy league of the I'nlted States, which will send a committee to plead for a plank for the enlargement of the nary. In speaking of the probable action of the progressiva national comentton. called for June 7 In Chicago, Chairman llllles said: "I Imagine everybody assumes that the progressives will nominate Roosevelt for president. If the republican convention adopts a straightforward. sincere ringing declaration of the vital public questions now being discussed, and nominates a man clearly equal to the Important tasks which will confront the next president, Roosevelt might not think there would be any need of his entering the field.

But if tha republicans nominate a man who Mr. Roosevelt thinks is a misfortune and adopts a platform which he re tards aa 'bunk' ha may feel so outraged aa to run, and perhaps help re ft, eel fxabdaol CHICAGO. Msy t. Work of pros paring the Chicago coliseum for tha republican national convention June has ben completed. The big building, with Its ll.o; seats.

Is ready. It will be kept under police guard day and night aa a precaution against fire. It cost Chlcsgo about to provide the republican party with a suitable meeting place for Its 1J14 national convention. Tha arrangements of tho hall are declared to bo superior to thoos of any hsll over used by the party for a slmllsr purpose, and credit Is given Colonel William Stone, of Raltl-more, sergeant-at-arms of the national committee, who had full charge of preparing tho hall. He personally supervised tha work of arranging tho party's national convention halls lit 104, lion and 1U.

In planning tha press section which contains nearly seven hundred seats and desks for the use of newspapermen who will report the convention proceedings. Colonel Strne haa made every possible provision for tho comfort and convenience for those employed In this Important work. There are sufficient exits to give easy access to every part ths hall, and opeeta! exlta leading to tho large telegraph and telephone room in the basement of tho coliseum annex, where hundreds of special wires hav been Installed to connect tha convention hall wffn tha otrrtfa world. He haa established a restaurant, an emergency hospital and a branch postofTice for tha use of delegates and others. When Jsmes Reynolds, secretary of the republican national committee, undertook the task of allotting tickets to tho various news associations and newspapers of tho country, ha found there were mora than five thousand applications for tho seven hundred seats provided Ho Is now preparing tha temporary roll of delegatea and alternates for tho convention and later will oompila the) evtdenea in tha contest eases to bo hoard by tht national conimuiea Jans a.

tors, ewnvtcUon,.

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