Asheville Citizen-Times from Asheville, North Carolina on October 16, 1925 · Page 19
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Asheville Citizen-Times from Asheville, North Carolina · Page 19

Asheville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1925
Page 19
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NINETEEN vSPORTS Tar Heels Win Impressive Victory Over Wolfpack At Fair, 17 To 0 SPORTS HlF. AM II A II 1 K CTIIr.. t Rin.W MORNING. t'Y'T. I C. nr Brilliant Offense of Wolfpack In First Half Overcome by Tar Heels to Capture Annual Clash The Dead Line it V I'll Iv WAVMIS I) ETTA T OLD RIVALS. S. C. STATU IX AilA L CLASH University Completely Outplays N. C. State During Entire Game SIZE OF SCORE SURPRISE TO FANS Robinson's Work in First Half Feature Defense of Tar Heels IIIDIHI K I IKI.h. llnleiiih, Oct. I."). '') 0Tcniuliili li-i 1 1 in lit niTt'Hlp hlfh Iii I'"' Ili-'-l tpiarier iippenred ihrriit imiIiiu. tlit Tiirhoels id Oir-llmi this iifleritnnii downed M Witirpnrk r Willi', I" ' ; 1,1 the a mi hh I n-newiil nl' the iilr iveek romlmll clnsslr. It hud been predicted tlml iirnllnn Mould iIHViu Stnli! hul Oib h.v "f l he m-uii- whs n (lis-ttnct surprlsi In supporters of Imlh histllulimis. Tht tinler-' f.M.v"iini simply mil played Ihe '' Jk in1'!! ii mi llmi li 1 Ik story A iizxIinK offensive, w hh-h Stat IMilonJTei! ill Hie tpial'fer ear- j ried ihn hall dnwn the Held in the I ten -yard line when- the ran din lans lui il strum;, mainly hee.ius. 1 of Robinson's exerdlem work. Jl.-l hrnki; up two al ! 'iiipli d iiism-s ami rolilto.l Slate of the prospect :ve j score, the 1 -a 1 1 mnnu over to ('urn- Una tm the "o;-yard I i in when a ! pa.-s was eiotiml' .1 in iii' ''inll one. This pmlt ) the State nflou-tslve and for tin- remain. If!" of the -:ai, tfanie T 1 1 - ifl eet i offensive work; in- ifi was mo-dy mi t lie f;noin,i s.ile, 1 k :.-ked with States 1 in- erutii h 1 i n ammi ih" ami attain to a. hint the Tarheel j a l 7-yard runner. Purithr the name State (: fir1! d in .it It four tiit downs while ('am- j if,,, m lina inutle 1 (. j Carolina I The line-up mid sununnrj : ; tcinptc "Sentimental Reasons Cause Senators Loss," Johnson Wires Bucky (Tilt (.o. on. ir,. I'lcsideiiL liail John-nil, of I hc Autorieuii League. I till i I it fill i cl-od Manai;er Murky Hani, of W a-hliim-in. lor -lartlim: Walu r to) i ii -on i it roe i i nit s, dorlaihii: that l ho -cries was lost to a-hhmion hcenuse nf seml-Mli Mtal reason," " tm put up n mime fly hi" smIiI I'rc-Klciii John-nil In hi -leh'Liraiii to Unrris. "This I aihiih-e. Pn-i the ,.cric. for - niiiiK ntal I't'itsons. Tlil-should never occur in li world sci le-." I'l t'slih'iit ,luhiitni Iretl Miiimmu' Dill Mckcchnlo of 1 1 1-c(ii.iti rinj- I'ltiiics f 'onrn I ii In ( -hiK him. luit to,la chall heini-ph. o heilits amc Ihn. ii' pert. out. ii -lit lor: lle.f eve ill Wieln i rules the t h rise .nui lainc -it I he no-1 Ml hlllll.i conle.l i line h. a- a vIchm i Mil In ilhanih tli. ii can't he HII llic IHIt ii -upporter. Scrip- hy iicno'is: ( 'arolim n S -I 7- 1 7 State li II (I (i ii Ca mi ina ! urn h , w n,-. Mc.l urrn , 1 . Kord lia in ( siih f . m Shlil'..'d 1 , 1 , el ra points, I nder- nod plro-e-mcnt kicks. Official.: I!ef r.-'-. M.iyojfm t M ielKuii n : umpire, i ;;i-'s hi-,'h t ; head linf.-m.ui. M i t.,r t ,. lt-hin n I ; time ,.f onarte! . IMtM. IT. AY IIV I'l. ' vt 4 -i vj , r i a .ic - . - ! ! A ill.- .1 ll" :r. r-ii I t ; I I'.iii'liin iim.I.. nt , i a: l; i-.i:k!i hnc. I'.tii'inii ;i-iitt i..i Mi:i:, -i I lir hn, fur J (i'l.-. t':i-I. I I I '.iv 8. 'I """ v.-i:.1 '"I lf "'i'l r i.i lis... i ,. in In f..r I., mil, fr Km l. ,. ,,l, ,., Ki .l-,:. " li,..l s.n y.,l-.l ir. Mm. i ' .-.1 I. 1'. Shu!. ,1, 1 ( ul.'.l I., .: mi 1 i .-. I.i: I i i , ' ! M. I 'i.u., i pun, I ..1 i-,,iin.-.l 'I'.!.' I..,ii , .i ,. il,.. ,r. ! i - , 1 , in.'.i ,; , i ! ,,. otjii.i I. A Inn. i.l.i v .h. I II.. I V in. 'I'll- ,i ,,i! -r ,.i,lc.l. S. i.i, 1 . 1 1' , ;i;i i ; it . , , ; . .1 ;n i ,-n. ,.. ..I .. V-S.: J.'..: V'.W - r ' -S , . s- I ' I rtrst Quarter klcke.l. (.'ci-n (;''!!. t:d the 'A.I.- :rd hue. I-iide: u d ha in t )m M'j.'h .Many fans were pulling l"i a-liliiioii (oilay .simply m -co die -irappint: Ivaii-an t.liose wnll, has tilled tiiaM vohmics in (he hasehall tiles, ulcr that chri-tcncfl pat on which the names of .lint, ( ot mil)-, la he la ins. stnnlc ovlc-kic ami hn-ty .M.iih-e-oii arc in-cril)cil willi lliree iclorics In n world -e-lie-. It M''in a shame thai .his "hiy; li'nin" hVIcv -,U will lie ton ed P i;i-s up ha -im: hi- name put on thai until nil; lole ii l.llllt'. f ;y inliii. Inn ii a r, ni tense ilia he ott,ack could not restf-t, i he me '.it' I I eels est rrd.i ;i 1 1 ernnnll de- j ;u-e eated i h i r 'd-t t- rid! "on enemies, ' )-'ro!ii imw to ti. hcl'oro a .idorl'ul . nnvil ot U ol e ti Uln.- I a ir at ll.c Iv.t, Itiasvt. II, . h-ft lo r Tar ni'eT hi id M'Th. Tin d ,(, 'e,e-!i to Wjcj off .M, I Li I ,.!,).. p..ito. It..nnef. l i 1 1 i ell. i Coup. Loekh.irr. TIioimpmhi. I'-rhl, s..n, I lev :n and Vmiiii: .nol N a! l eu Klftli i ov ; I.julH. mvv t '..a. h liol.r-i t .'ei I I- a nil, imt. ,a nev , mnli. M in - i nnrv. l-alniei, Suiuoe. iphv. 1 1 Ita n i n , ,.!!-, . e , a . i ; 1 1 n . I tel. i in'ii , I , kills, i hi a I - I o a e h Hh mi t, K -'it 'er i nd Miul'onl I'.'Utri' and HilIi , h-H.-ph. Kxt i M.iuau I onri II (iiaricr L'ca .i!n i n, a Ir ,i Iii si -ion n il ,1 i hue di r:ii..iiM t-.i.n.- i ,i a : d en i ,j i ;v f i, - vHt t-t. u A ni hoe , win' ,n lor 1 1v num. a i; lh. i lie iep; i, . I AllUfll ft. i St If: l uolni i d .oe tin. I. ill to the A v.iid lln", I er.eil i.Lu me h;SI lehoon iho'w ( ' i : ol i e i for i .i v nd loC I. : :. mi. Johnson d fa lie, lll.-f.l p Mlo. k. N'lt h- Itot.te !d P la Ne lllli . e I-H-.l hill ,1 Up In ' II I' :i - o'n ,. !, -,i tnd- .thd ' I nd. li .1.', vv hen 1 he hall v:ih on Hie one tool line (,,r off Mde, I loiiuell LI... ked mi attemplct k,rX and nan downed on the 1 I y,ir t i no. Carolina lost a tour lulou n i ' i a i 1 1 me hv im he,-'. I ' ndei u ood n.eived AiePowal'H 10 yard punt and i el in ned i i a iah. lor fjain-'l live vard. A pa.-ener train p. I.- r, t he I nd. I va hifi a red and Millie ll.u. Si. He eolois. and tll4 Mate -.lands Mood and eheen-'M. l ' 1 1 olltl.i gained ! kl'ee yards nV'f the l-'errell .not Sl.llfor.l ma- II. It. Jiwsoii, . ,,.,,1,,.,. i,v ..mi mid Fordliau., j oinii; made n yaitis tiiroiiuii Urn leM -pie of the line. llcmt-I -( , , . I i h h i eplaci'd 1 lollitell tor State, i( , f,,-: l''ordham n-iim-.l three yard.--. T!i , t 'm,...,,, m ' s'',fr w;,ri t:!'!"1. ,r) Indd. I'll- ... i di rv n. lined a vanl, Carolina i, , ,., .,, Ut ide I...-, down, and ll.L-1 Uu. V.UM.I 1 .1 the en , ."Is. v n p!a Id I.i dine w : 1 ( n l.e a -j. Cnrolina JIcMurray . .Mottitliead h nsw ell . . . Knblnson , . Whifsriant . Mclver . . . . Jlndtlerer , . Kpflrrovv . . . rrell , . . , 'nderu ond I.. Shnford . rofilloti , . .I.K. . . . . i ;r . ..i.r;. . . . .ii-; . . i:t. . . . . UK. . . . . .jH. . . . . .i,n . . . . . mi . . . . . . en. . . State, . . KiU' . . . lamhe . . I onneU . . . I,oan XieholMon . . Bvnuni . St uddert . Jennetto C. Shufonl McPow Who iiave ai'lli. V.'l I1 1 e. i. IIil to an i 1.. for;,-., - the ill. (ill I n rd on a n .(di I he line, n' loft tackle. Shnford i:. lined yeanl; around left -jit, nd. Cn Una piinWd to the ten-vitrd :i After an attempted iru i n a roil nd ! H v i )o :n left end -McPowe punted out for; the most -Slate to the 411-vard line. 1 'n.ler- ; a t ili olt.ii wood ynt tlie punt. Carolina failed warn for lh to legist " i" on I In next pa over da s and a the line. An Hifnipt around rilit stars that v . i t?f d netted ;1 ynt'd. A pass, Slarrov famous -in.,i !n Shufnrd netted la yeartl.s and the sli's we,- r. hi.- me. I nh.l p- ' ' . a ! ' 1 1 vv ' .,:i ' o,. p- :, i .' '.. in V Shnlor.l t.i Me t I. S ! : '. i 1 . i 1 1 : ' I a : - d to . , p 1 ! i e : t : ., ,v, 'a; ..:1. na (o-r five vardK I- : i : -! Si .i.lih i-i w c: t ilia in al.d W atl..,n . roplaee.f hilll. Si t! ' lo !d on a ru-lir end drive, f ir-d-na : i ;N"d t !: ! ee i rds a round i . -.1 . I 'toh : . I , n : in the hall Tin il;' le ill!' i'l" e in nine ' li i: i niu Th. W. Shnford j liist. down. The State line he hi Itiht for i wo dow ns. I nderwood rd. The im int haltcit was hmiiy ht out for rrnw He had an In.uned ;i:i,:Je. Me coniinueil in ihe uame. Me-, Powell hit errept e,l Sparrovx'.s drni-kiek for ro.i1. punted 4 0 yariH. Studdert reeeieed had pass and Mo I to wo 11 returned seven ya rds 1 around riht. cml. The Cardlna line held on n dnv. lhnnn:h It. A piss. MrlJiiwiil to C. Shnford netted 2 yards and first down. ,)en-nt-tle failed in cup. Tim" nut for , Sta'e. The eloar sky heeaine ovei - east, and If lool.ed likn rain.; Spa rro w et a nk le wa w ra p ped In tappi in t ho f liter ml.Hsioii, Me- PowjiI wfiK injured hut rematned in r the iray. state had three dow ns , tlnnnmt of I h to ten yards. A pass, ,I(poval to! SliuCoid notteii nix rd "o tights or lefts , Lf W,,.,... II,-. i wiin ivories theyte all tight and you'll say so too when you got apair on.wi'-di no pads to bindno imetal to tusuthsy Oi-e the clean health atters.Hieylast fonder. Tell your dealer you want Ifoin Ihe vttiler's ieptiinl of Ihe fciiine l here !is one oillsiailtlinu example of the lahillty of ilttf. U.mcr I'eck-Inpauuh reeenily xotcil ihe lim-l alualile pluvcr III l he Aniericail league, was iimut ni' less re-pnii-ihle for the tie-feat. lh mis.jmh-.fd a hiuh fly. inn n y nl lis kind he has siinretl whhoiit even halting an e.e, anil in the tduhih a slow pa in Harris on a force play resulted in nn error. ; n Ciee I wo pla v s I he I'll ales .e".,e il o he lavoreil ami II uuve (hem II renewed eoliridein-c. T f h. I- had five aids t- tvveen Cieni and 'lo- fo.-il Cnder- .-N. w i mad" a il,ii''innil U h k for I ed a l. tine,, pom1- li w as a hea in If a 1 . lina 1 I..- f .ni. i no an .undo j aioini s ' .1 .di' Minn: in I went : -.i dtn In for 1 lo,,ne!1 Ke.-,-:j re. eiv ed I Inn M I )in in t he ) i ill' I In- Sta t I.-e h.m.l in full rn:h.i loo), field and i In . rd Co Ir t i with tuneful mu-je TlU'f an III .1 Ml all Willie V ' 1 1 r-'d Ihlul O Icr u .,.,,.,, .-nl N i. ".-,.! ii.., rnn.n-r repl.ierd Whi-tninl fop i 1 , 1 1 i u , .... : , . ( ( 1 'a i ; n n Yo u n .i.iii'O fmir , , ,, , , ,: ., 1 nd. -.. .. s '!.- I it h i ,v we in over ,i p , , i., Mi ! .c . Pn.-eiw.., d ' ' ' !' "" ' i'or.Iluim , j.,. , , , - a ..!,'inn. a vai.1 I'otdh mi earri.-d - iii.r'i I,.)- ' Tin- Pa-.. lina .'.n..-i ' l'"' ' H "''- t lie h tie lor ,-, m l(. li-o:veni wi:d im .(i, the hind h : dov n Pudei wood made ti.i i the ,..oJein.: V. Shilloid kl. iied i' l"",ir pi'aerilienf fvlciv. Hllti- Im State and the hall W a - ! k f r replaeed W. Shtifoid. .lolni- I . w n 1 d .,n Hie ar.l line, imoi'"" t"'-iv.-d the Kick off nnd wa 1 w h The f.'.'cs W ill uiendoiis i i n slar.ds. TI d- 1 Weed fe. , !e 1 'he kick olf , I i. d II . VII P.. Si Udd.'l I pi tMp period for- Widdii. dl fniohh , and reeoveied ami a . v a nl tt itn ( 'a i olina ; . Cain on a Ino. .li ; w- I , in d in, id" th. ',. a ,-ds ,.v i r . nli s p nil- d lis v.n.N and tin 1 . . 11 .is St .it.-t on Icr own l'i d .town on th- .1.1 iird line. 1"HJ1 re-plai ed I Inddern , Statu Jn.-t 4. v ai d W ai teii replaced 1 lor Carolina, A forward past faP.C I i cd. l-'oi dhani intercimted M low n cm u hue pl.iv. J line. .1 ri.ii.-Ue's pa;.s h. h.nd I'ow a, X pass Mint run I X yai ,s. i ned tine vaid -ni illiue wa fumlded , c s h 1 1 f . . i d .1 ) i n o ii intercepts V nderwu .id'H piav Shnfoid n.iinid and a Ins- of tine- vaid- M e- puf't. McPoWal putlte.l to th 4.'. a i nd left end P.. w 1 1 m pass wis ml - , - .i . d i I ;ii d Hlie. Vnunt; mailrt 2 yir ,4 olma It id t w.i dou n i . in ik" l-'ei ndl, who ran Pi -aid- Tic 'olf luckle. I'tiderWoud fi:il jied 3 I'd-, and llo- Ii II u ..ii h., II w I'linllii.V'i on ! lie : ; n d a i'i P- mi pi.-s he hi ml line. ulin I !,! n .Jo!i n sou tolil Ma na .'" I la r i n a I idem -n m .ju.-u what lie ation and inanv A pitf-M. i h-an m presidrn;. He slated thn ,j ... :. netted vurds, nm SfjJid&iMisJM CfMffr.ii im:i 1 (.irolina wis fnihtin lennette to W . Shnford nnilei! lOjtno nnteh se n t i m" n I had h"en tn-yards ami f ir-st down. A IT r a Hue ! je,ted jnio the final wame and ; In t play :if tn'vvard p:iH failed. St ale t Jidi n-ioi should not have lie n had two tlown.i to ain on ten used, .lohn-on had umi,.,) in two . prev to us a:i in it- it to I It m if, h 1 he. past. MePowal In S: uddert heen unn h s'-n'lim'nt mi Mar netted yards, nnd first down.1'1-' t'-'P !" k-i'-'-s'-nl him hark an' ft end eau-ed 1 -'"hri-on nmh! hUve I.e. n .,.. failed He selli them in wide or tnndurd weh. sinjilc or double rip. 2S cents up. Ivory Garter Co., New Or! earn. ny Inn d n l! h . .;. . olH.v ten .irds a w a v. An- tither -a.s.s was grounded hehjnd j the K'al line ami lh" hall was Paio- Una's on Hie I'm-.u.I hue. Ilohn,-son was the man who saved Cam-iina hy hrtdiinu Up .v':ate;, ,.H'i nsAe Jose ( llail a -hi mi on", pitchim: I ecu cipial lo lhal d I'M I - -hiirh's ji itiricrent laic mi". hi have i-e-nllcd. .lohii-nii and oelc-kle ucrc (he onl iwn tdhl Iniiiilers wilh I'linnuli c-peilenee In shoot hllti the 1r.iv w hile Mi Iverhnic Pail Aldi iilc MtMii-oM and Meadows, all hraitiy and eapnhle (dichci's to rely upon. 1I..-.V. v-r. T fTTT TMATTSM, nptirJtls nnrl mhrr kinHred ntlinrnt.i frrqnently follow pj-orrhca, the dread diseise of the guina. Yet carelcssne.-t makes pvnr-rhea alj too pre va lent. Fou r ou t of fi ve Buffer from it after forty, tnd many younger, according to your dentist's own figures. To be ttmong the fortunate few who escape pyorrhea, begin at once usint I-'orharTs for the Gums. If used regularly rnd in time, Forhan's prevents or check- pyorrhea and safeguards your health. It contains Forhan's Pyorrhea Liquid, hich has been used hy dentists for the Lst 15 years tn the treatment of pyorrhea. It is a pleasant, cleansing dentifrice that the entire family likes. Today is none too soon to start brush ingyour teeth with Forhan's. Buy a tube right away and don't give pyorrhea a chance. All druggists, 35c and hoc in tuliei. Ptrmmla tf R. J. Ftrhan, ft. . S. Forhin Conipn-. New York Rely on your Dentist Your dentist ikuhi'j to prevent fiain, not to caust it. He won't hurt you, if you go viiit Aim often enough. Have him examine your teeth andgutm at le ait twice a year to kee i Arm healthy. He may prevent serioux illness often muted by mouth infections. of n-'rv .and lo Mill A 1111 ! the ' nd a w d. ,.f sph 1 plel.t til tha 1 1 r-i 1 her Jo h n-nn nor h .K could .top found is end 111 Another Mint nf fale wiis Culler's sia-hin doiihle which scored Iwo men hi lln eililh Iniilnu. '('his .seiisaiioiial -lar who I- now wearint: his sei ond serice stiije In Ihe major leJine-., wiis wltholil dnuht the "hiist" of (he series with (lie feep ion of I he -econd n ml final j;nmc. In W ii-hlhutoii he looked pilllnl oil main n- ca-ion. mid hip ciisv meat to WaMilm-Inn'- pin her-, 11 1 'he rji-.v ijpviI Pd -l.;jd- ;i -thr lien nf Ihe series. ill r (hi f FOU THE GUMS v4dW than a tooth pasteit checks Pyorrhea i.- -: Charts J i .mmi FOR . THE GUMS MIWWmTMN WITH lT"i -I Well IllnM all ' fill Pint the affa h.'i v e had enoui; h ! time nnd now W.Heh fnotl.all fo Jnncei. Pnrolinq ,nfi thr.wn for n two jard loss. 1'ive ynvt wa; LMln-d nroiti lft end hy Tide; woorl. Stud '' . kicked out. fnr Carolina. Mep,,w Kfllliii: the hall on the 4H-vat d I;n Mep(,wa tool; n pasfl hehlnd 1 1 linn fintn .letinetle f,,r a l7-ai nil In and first down. C. Shu 1 01 2 yards on n line plav. IV: I 1 1 llltei-eeeplrd .lennefle'v p . an P e I, ill was 0:1 the Tarln-el-C on Tt-.vaid line. Seeoml (Quarter ;i ridin.i kh Im d s"v tm vai d t . Shnford nnd l-Vrr' II 1 a- i ;. nn. I hall. ,M I lowal punted .Vi v .11 and Mm hill was Caiohnn' ,, n .sevMi-Vard line. Ciiitdin:' puti d and Meiowal reiurmd from ' l"-y.ird liiiA for 2- yanN. Tin' w.'is laken out fm M Ix.wal with a Innirt il p- e r' tinned to th mmie d to -.-ah, 1, Shnford Ititereepf d M- 1 n-ual nnl letiiimd I 1 .vai.h.. s:., 1: pt'tializt d f, e a . a Is o( f , dow n was ret ord'-d f-u' Car"! 1 i.a The Caroiirta slatnia wie f-n- -i top, lidown. I 'mlei'w o ,d (iinm d 12 yards and firs I dow n w ,t n 1 loJlowin it line plav and fn . i a tun around left end, Tinn- wa' taken mil tor I In hi in.. 11 , wi'h an J'i.lUf. Sliuf . pass fail. d. I r- rt 11 fcalm'd jix y.11 oh I hroiiv h in1; It'll line. SpntTow trij'pf d nnd tn l j 3 tTel?k i J I'-'!. : i -Jt J. :. ." " . . i nd i.M j7 -eC.J. r ofrr f;v f f , v 1 rA-: w . v,.' ;jL la mount Grove Park Inn At tlio cotmlry club on the avrnuc wherever well-dressed men are seen, Worth and Thoroughbred Hats are eminently appropriate and proper. This is due to their fine finish, richness of color and elegance of detail. The hat featured is merely a suggestion, shown here because many discriminating men have bought it. Worth and Thoroughbreds are offered in a complete range of Fall colors and styles. Price $5-00 ant- UP 111 RR1S" PO LK I I IT" CO. SAINT LOUIS. U.S.A.' "Look at your hat, everyone csc docs!"

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