The Kokomo Tribune from Kokomo, Indiana on February 25, 1999 · Page 18
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The Kokomo Tribune from Kokomo, Indiana · Page 18

Kokomo, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1999
Page 18
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THURSDAY, FEB. 25,1999 PRO WRESTLING KOKOMO TRIBUNE > If you order WrestleMania XV on pay-per-view for March 28, your free gift will be the limited first- edition of The Undertaker comic book, "Undertaker and the Creatures of the Night." *> ECW plans to release a series of action figures soon. *• Warner Brothers and Eric Bischoff will be working on a wrestling comedy series or movie. *• Reckless Youth will not be going to ECW; Paul Heyman never sent him a contract. It now looks as if Youth will head to the WWF. >• Brian Lutz, a writer for the WWF Web site, said that the WWF will hold a WrestleMania Rage Party on March 27 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. > The Headbangers are headed to ECW, as Vince apparently has no place for them. >• Mankind will appear in the movie "Big Money Hustlas" with the ICR > The masked wrestler, El Diablo, that has been working ECW shows is Tom Marquez. *• Missy Hyatt and Kimona Wana Laya will appear at the Jersey All-Pro Wrestling show Friday at the Hardcore Hall in Bayone, N.J. ' For details, call 1-888-478-0667. Wrestling Qalendar WWF Friday: Washington, D.C.) Saturday: Boston Sunday: Dayton, Ohio (Sunday Night Heat) Monday: Cleveland (Raw Is War) March 2: Pittsburgh, Pa. (Raw TV tapings) March 6: South Bend, Ind. March 6: Rosemont, III. March 7: Milwaukee WCW Friday: San Antonio Saturday: Huntsville, Texas Sunday: Greenville, S.C. Monday: Chapel Hill, N.C. (Nitro) March 2: Rock Hill, S.C. (Saturday Night TV tapings) March 3: Cullowhee, N.C. March 4: Winston- Salem, N.C. March 5: Florence, S.C. : Bethlehem, March 6: Pa. March 7: N.Y. Rochester, ECW March 12: Trenton, N.J. March 13: Philadelphia David Flair turns to nWo; Piper's streak ends I t was evident at SuperBrawl IX where the power lies in World Championship Wrestling. Since Kevin Nash has assumed the role of head booker, the promotion has been focused on the nWo Wolfpac. Every member of the red and black was victorious at the pay-per- view from the Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, Calif. • Thirteen-time world champion and figurehead president of WCW Ric Flair challenged "Hollywood" Hogan for the WCW title in the main event. Despite warnings from referee Charles Robinson, Hogan used a series of chair shots to bust open Pay P By Steve Gerweck Flair's forehead. Hogan bled when "Nature Boy" bit the champion. • The mysterious blond (fitness guru Torrie Wilson) that has been seducing a WCW star on recent Nitro broadcasts appeared at ringside. After being taunted by Flair, she slapped the "Nature Boy." Following a suplex, Flair attempted to cover Hogan, who not only kicked out, but also landed Flair on top of the referee. That allowed a masked man to enter the ring. • The man under the hood used the nWo's stun gun on Flair, laying him motionless for Hogan to gain an easy pin fall victory. When the mask was removed, it turned out to be Flair's 22-year-old son David, who revealed an nWo Wolfpac T-shirt. Kevin Nash came out to embrace the newest member of his faction. • Two nights after challenging "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to a match on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno," Goldberg defeated "The Beast from the East," Bam Bam. Bigelow. Goldberg nailed Bigelow with a spear, but decided he needed a second one before delivering the jackhammer to gain another win. • Wolfpac member Scott Hall ended "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's 13- day reign as United States champion. Piper applied the sleeper, but nWo "wanna be," the Disco Inferno, interfered. With the assistance of Kevin Nash, Hall used leverage from the ropes to pin Piper for the title. • Buff Bagwell appeared at ringside during the television title match between "Big Papa Pump" Scott Steiner and Diamond Dallas Page. Bagwell cut off two turnbuckles but was spotted by referee Charles Robinson, and was tossed out. Steiner took advantage of Bagwell's interference, and dropped Page on the exposed steel. "Big Papa Pump" oddy "Rowdy" Roddy Piper >• Name: Roderick George Toombs > Height: 6' 2" > Weight: 247 Ibs. > Birthdate: April 17,1951 > From: Glasgow, Scotland *• Pro debut: 1972 Did you know: *• Roddy was expelled from Don Mills Junior High School (in Toronto) for carrying a switchblade. ^ In Piper's early days of learning the ropes, he worked seven days per week putting up billboards, while living in a Chevy Vega with his pit bull. > He really does know how to play the bagpipes, along with lots of other instruments. > He was stabbed by a fan in Raleigh, N.C. *• In addition to wrestling, Piper was a golden glove boxer until he broke hand. In the ring: > In 1975, Roddy gets his first big push in Los Angeles, where he also wrestled as the "Masked Canadian." > At Starrcade '83, Piper beat Valentine in the legendary "dog collar" match. Roddy lost 75 percent of the hearing in his left ear, and he was told his wrestling career was over. > Piper signed with the WWF in 1984. >• In late 1985, Piper had a show called "Piper's Pit." It was a segment in WWF programming where he talked to other wrestling stars. *• He became a color commentator throughout 1990 and 1991 on WWF Superstars and WWF PPVs. I* The "Rowdy" one served as President of the WWF in early 1996, after Gorilla Monsoon was injured. > Roddy defeated Hogan at "Halloween Havoc" '97 in a steel cage match. applied his Steiner Recliner as Page tapped out, and the match ,was stopped and awarded to Steiner. A gurney was ushered in, and Page was placed in a neck brace. It was not clear on the telecast, but a stipulation was added late to the match that if Page lost the bout, Steiner would gain the services of Nitro Girl Kimberly (for 30 days), Page's real-life wife. WCW returns to pay-per-view March 14 for Uncensored. Steve Gerweck, 27, posts the Web site Gerweck's Wrestling News on the Internet. Visit his Web site at: gerweck/tvrestle.htm. Between the Ropes By Steve Gerweck McMahon criticized on 'Dateline' W hile most of his audience was tuned into the "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" on pay-per-view, Vince McMahon was being dubbed the "Lord of the Ring" by NBC's "Dateline" program. McMahon, owner of the World Wrestling _»«-««»^_^^ since 1982, Have a wrestling n question? E-mail Mankiewicz steve Gerwe ^k at abouUhe dSionof Pl^e include your the promo- name and hometown. tlon, The WWF boss was asked about characters, such as the Godfather • portraying a pimp and Val Venis, who portrays a former adult star. McMahon replied, "These are characters. This is what we do. We sell entertainment." "Sexuality is extremely important," McMahon said. "People are very interested in sex, and we will exploit it at the best we possibly can." In the piece, McMahon was under attack for marketing sex, colorful language and gestures, and violence. McMahon defended his product by citing the television ratings and stating, "apparently, a lot of Americans really enjoys what we do." WCW President Eric Bischoff also was interviewed for the segment. Bischoff called McMahon an "idiot." He went on to say, "with that success comes a certain amount of responsibility, and he (McMahon) has none. "McMahon makes Jerry Springer look like the pillar to the television community. Springer at least doesn't market his product to children, and McMahon does." McMahon claimed that 60 percent of his audience is older than 21 , and the wilder stuff is reserved for pay-per-view. Wrestling world must utilize talent, not special effects T he Wrestling business never has been hotter than it is today. Arenas are selling put faster than tickets can be printed. Pay-per-view buys are increasing at record proportions. Television ratings are at an all-time high. But yet, when wrestlers actually wrestle, you could hear a pin drop. This doesn't make sense. When wrestlers do their jobs and wrestle, the place is quiet. However, when the wrestlers music hits and they come to the ring and deliver their trademark sayings that everyone can shout along with, the arenas go nuts. Is this a sign of things to come? We know that Vince McMahon • stated that he is not in the wrestling business, but when is enough enough? As I watched the WWF St. j Valentine%s Day Massacre pay-per- |n the Dog Pound By Bubba the Bulldog view, I couldn't believe how silent the crowd was for the majority of the show. Other then the wrestlers' ring entrances and the final two matches, the crowd was dead. I think this is the problem that Professional Wrestling will have to deal with in the upcoming year. Would the fans really like a show that didn't include any wrestling? Would the fans like a show that was all ring entrances and pre-produced acting performances? I say no. If the wrestling industry really believes that to be true, then I think that will be its downfall. When a 20,000 seat venue sells out, what are the fans there to see? They are there to see their favorite wrestlers doing the same things they see them dp on Monday nights. But that is not what the fans get. They get two or more men in a wrestljng ring under a spotlight wrestling — no fancy pyrotechnics, giant screens and special effects. Sure they can do their catch phrases, but in the end they are wrestlers. Some will argue that angles are essential, and I agree. However, what you need is balance — angles that come to a resolution as a result of a battle inside the squared circle. Among the big three, ECW is doing the best job of this. What is most amazing to me is the fact that now, more so than at any other time, these organizations have wrestlers who can perform in the ring. If the product on television only is angles, why would fans show up at arenas to see wrestling matches. Just as the wrestling world balances the edgier angles with the not so edgy angles, the wrestling world needs to balance the angles with the actual matches. Maybe I am just crazy for thinking that it I turn on the World "Wrestling" Federation or World Championship "Wrestling" that maybe I will see some wrestling. Expect the Undertaker and his Ministry to dp battle with the Corporation and seize control of the WWF when they take McMahon's daughter in the near future. Just what we need — another • McMahon on TV. Shawn Michaels has purchased the Texas Wrestling Alliance. It is an organization that he will use to develop the talent that he and Jose Lothario are training at their wrestling school. Konan is in the dog house with WCW. It stems from the heat between him and Lex Luger. Apparently Luger did not protect Konan's back during a match between the two after Konan had told Luger his back was injured. Luger has tried to get between Nash and Konan. The two used to be close friends, so it's apparently working. In WCW, James Fullington, a.k.a The Sandman in ECW, will be known as Hardcore Hak. Now there's a name. I'm putta here, so remember to keep it clean ... unless the refs are not looking. Bubba the Bulldog is NWA East Heavyweight Champion. Where will you be living in the next Millennium? Find out what the future of housing will be in the first issue of our Millennium series KOKOMO TRIBUNE Transportation, Home £ Work

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