The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 25, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1946
Page 7
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TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 1946 ULTfTHHVELlJI (ARK.K (COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION aertjuna: Minimum Caira-a , —. cHJa L lluia r»r Uaa , , 16a ! tluiaa par Jlua per diaf . lla iir« i>wr Jinu [ier day Tr in"! nnr Una par day — (r ontV per Una —— I0r ant five Kreiaffa worda !• the Mae. Adj ordered (or tar*a or alx tlmpa and bp|.ini before expiration will ba charged r thn number of tlulea the ad appear!*! rt adjiulrn.-nt nf bill inada. All (JtriAKltiod Ad^nrtisinir oopy Bab- tie- 1 by i.iirciina ruiniJint; ouUEiU of tk« '}' "insl bo accoiiLiimiod liy task. Jtat»« . bo tasily coinivUlod from lb« bbore t>le. iTerlltlncr order (or Irragnlar biiar- tAkoii tlio uue time rate, Ko rr-mioniiliility will bo tnkon for niora nn one incorrect insortiOB of any alai- For So/e Mfl Acres (i miles west of Steele, .'Mo., on Farm lo .Market Highway. Tele- phonc, electricity, school ))us service, etc. This is all loam soil, very s r u(Kl, and will tjrow corn, cotton, soybeans ami alfalfa. There arc four houses. Ahotil half this farm is in cotton, balance in soybeans. Will sell for ?lf>0 per acre and buyer <jels this year's; rents. SO Acres about five mile." noi'lli of Steele, located on gravel road. Electricity available, school bus, mai route, etc. This is black loam land, and (here are two good houses and one tenant house. 37 Acres ir cotton, 2:! acres soybeans 12 acres corn and four al fill ft i. Four good mules tools, etc. Can sell lane ";ifd all the crops, teams and tools—a walkout prop osifion, for 512,000. Thi.<is a real buy for someone and immediate possession can be had. Many other farms in South cast Missouri and some ii Northeast Arkansas. C. K. GOLLADAY Itiincho Hotel Hayti, Mo. G-22-ck-2( i»i;1»i III' b't 7r,\j-i;>(>'_ nil \Vosi 1'ftrfc I'li^y .irid pud. r,03 U. n mv fmi. I'hono :lf>:!9. K'afi- nilli now ri|til|iuiiMil. Hi B ln™y 1 Lrnc-livillr. Ark. Call tiS, Li-ndivil ll'Ii-nly i,f Chick m:>5li; Iny mash "i" food, ,-ilsc, dairy ti-«-,l. lia <\i'U 1'onttry. 21) ipl:- l:iO lio.vl EI-U:O. A. T. Wilson. -1 '-•'>. ISIyllii-villo tin Ck-:ir Lake I!" slovo vrilli ivnti-r Lack. I'ip ill ttator tank. I'lmne 2-190. 19]. k2 Stnricts oucrete block lay,'r; i>lH)terliii!; cav ri-iiti-r work fcud tiyuse imltitinx. t'tll '-'*-'. 20-li!;.V 1 louse moving, levciin^, repair of foundn1ions. !2 years experience. Necessary equipment. Virjjit Foley, Phone 3292. (i-18-pk-7-18 ;i LOANS f you want a \% GI Loan lo buy a homo, sec MAX LOGAN, LYNCH 1JLOU. 1'hone 20IM or 502. G-M-ck-lf avo moved to ntw jtd.lreis. Wlllio Hell llrr.'i,. Acr.j>« from Ilnvii Blure 1112 . . efr hour, e.a.11 34^9 or 41)3. lien you oil itove Lteda eleaoitiK rBpRlriutf C&I1 3U8*. All work nua •DtL'Cd. 17-]k-J awn mower. akarp«ned aud rounirH. AM typoa aud kiti'da. Wo upL-clalleu ]i, liower mowur aharpening and motor ovcrbauliriK. Vm. wo pick UN and ilolivcr. Bly[l,»villo al.ttino Bli^p. Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone 8<>4. 3-15-ck-tr For Kent t':lll 27:1'). or .-ii,,ito>o.l in. :i|r) \V,->t Wonted to Rent IKI1I SC1IOOI, TKACIIKII i-ninhi" to Illytlieville »al,t, I,, r, lit modern" Ml.- filini < l,..d !,,„,„.. ,1,1,11,-x or ii|,aitnieril. •,. to five rniiiiiK. Con Wiints I., <;<-eii|iy s ,,,,n. Wril.. Jliville desiTij.liiil. nrid lnr:ili,,u u-ith rrfrrenn- lo l,i. i. n-h..i,l.J!,,x 127. Cnll.-r, Ark. 2:,.|,k-1^. IVanlcil lo ronl—Pivo or six-room liouse, in oxlrn eooil luc.itLon. ISox ••][" (N.urier Nrivs. u-21-.lli-lf *AGk 81V2M KEEP YOOR CAR ALIVE Keep il serving safely and (lo]ieii(l;il)ly uiilil you get cU'livery on your new I'lird. Your chiinces of n'odintr =' new auto in 1»I4(> i»ro VKItY Sl.l.M'L\I)IOi-;i). so don'l let your present car run down while von are wjiilinj;. WOULD YOU Sl'KNl) S^2l.!)(i or *2I.<)0 ner month and make your Ford look aiul run like new and worth much more when you trade or sell? Here Is What Von (,'e(: A Kaclory Kelniilt Motor, Cai'lnire((ir and Distributor, a Nc\v (.'Itilch—Nesv Ili-akes—New I'aiuf Job and New Tailori'd Seat Covers. Highly Trained and Kt'ticicnt ."Slei'lianU-s—(tonu- ine Ford I'arls. Oberl HiUh—Kcrvice .'Manager No Cash Needed —We- Finance On Easy Terms — Fall Terms —No Rnd Tape PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth:— Persona* Wanted to Trade Win trade 41-42 model cars for .'!8 or 39 models. Good deals. Phillips Motor Co., .5th and Walnut. G-3-ck-tt vvnji whnt you Imvc nnil don't want lor irhst we have yon ,)o w:ll it Satisfaction ynnranlcoil. 3-Uljt;rt Jltiffnmn Kwnp Slop, 401 KMI Main Klio.-t. I'lwno 859. 3 . ck .. r 10-Arro faun, ,-xra lar t -,. f ,,n,| r <-[,.iiri.,l 3-niiiin Imino. Inud nil clrari'il iiixnl iiplan.1, L'H, ncroB Kllirrln uj-acli' (,,,.«. «il(i*:r rrnlts, :i c.hirk.'n K.TTisos I,;ITII •J iinnila. $200O; >vill B ,01 cnillr 11 r< ^ fnrtiitnr,' anil thr f:iin, for $2.100; inuni'illalr iin<*r<isi<>,i lr«si. Onllaiil. \ViNni, Avi-.,' niv.r ' Hlvtl,,- villi! <>il -Mill. 2t-jik-2« Crufory Klor,. in,I Markot vv-ill, livinic quarlcr/:. Orowinf: Alsn 1- ruc.ui lionv, a l,l,,,:ks Ir.nn' Mni,, SI.,l»-,,o,l tl,,,, rK ; l.nill-in |, a tli lull anil Iniilt-in Mullen c^l.iiirl. llvni'iiu for Rfllins: leaving II.IVIL Apiily lit Lost Hoy 0 nicer]-. W. 18 Iliflmay. Bl'-pk-LVS Wonted to Buy DONT TAKE A LOSS. Get the top. price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS r 1 - MOTOR CO. Today. 6-3-ck-tf f7 Aorrs lanil 'lornlrcl on prmo] roatl i "• >itM|.]>i County. Sc-liool lins ,-l,-i .... linw. Mail ronto. tiooil rich li^yn Iniiil. 1C liontlit b.-for,- July 1, liti'yi' r.-!^ ( r.ij> r.-nl. 1'rii-.- -^ It.000, \'- cas> v.-i:!i h.-ilh, mi r-alllu loto. 1'rict: Sl.Hf.t ll.ttllii-r (-rn.-, sole .-igcnt, ]iliono 5K your Gould's Electric Pump now before they become scarce again. Planters Hardware Company. 5-28-ck tf |For Fine Portraits Tf's -„ O'STEEN'S STUDIO Ohl kodaka and ra O'Slern'a Sliulio. 41V-ck.|I e poj-/cash for omil fnrnlturB. on* piece or a. housr fall. Call 2302. Al- ^vin Itanly Ftirnitnre Co. 4110-e.k-tf Help Wanted -of natinnar arci-r Wi>iiiaii-I)irc>c-t liiiiiiuitlc.n n-ill iol,- Ililrtj- liifralivc' ilistnilii-.l |,,,,iii',-, Tvhisl In' fr,-<- 1o Iriivol Call Hontu 2lM. Xnlil,- ll,,ti-l. l,,.|,v|.nn II no,I 7 Sali'snuiti \Vp want nnc of tlio c-xoi'i- livc lyin? T criiianpnl. Sin is[ai-1or}- fi- | r»niu<i>l[iiii for itir rilsM man. Call Mr. 1'orln. >'ohl.. II.,1.1. l"'l.iv- Hi-.k.-J- 5-25-Ck-tt''.Mnn or 1mly I r'iclure frames made to order. . O'Stcen Studio. 4-24-ck-tt"[ >^ •ncrry Gtr>ro with livinij unJirtcrf. to- | irrttii'r with -I rontnl hoiisffl. Aiiprox- ( imr.tply 2 nrr.^ of larnl. Fronts in I - - - Hwr. 01. borders on Collcm Hull I R.K.. iilnnl InrntitJii fur (nrlnslrj-. Sec - s '-TrI n lU" Iriich lliisinrss ilnciinnan's Gorccry, X. lln-j-, 61. i rviro route of IV>lai;,. Sl:,ni|, iu;i.'liini'= fir-t ly INDOOIC-OrTlHIOK niarl,hi.- ori,-,.. lian.ll,, full ,, r ,,,„,-,, til,... rn>uirr<l. r'or ' inl,-rvi.'"v' i:i'vi- <liiilr-h- available. Itox M.IVV c'o Tour - - |l2n s.-ill-.n \Vrsti'it-ho,i<n c-lrrlric hot :i1i-r ln'ati-r. C;ill -JO.^T n-iik-"7 s plant for home. American Hed Flash Hoil- cr Hot Water System, complete with Carrier Stoker, l-'irc Timer and two thermostats. I'riced to sell quick. Now in use. 1'hone 28'M or 2182. G-13-ck-tf il Xi.rlli IMlHTi.h- . ].i.rlniiily IHIIV for |n'nnnn«iit alil.- u-..rk noarl.Y \\'rit,- ri:i\v -I.I. .\KF-27-K. 'MonipihiJ. -iV Wanted SKHVAXT HOOM for XPI.TO inaiil n Call >lr<.' S.ninK-l" K! Xnrris'. 7ill''4i inf 'lay. L't-illi-tf Lost ll)o you need a place lo go in business? Jdcal two story building in splendid location in Osceola. For sale, not for lease. Price, §20,00(1. Call Kobcrt HI. Graves Agency, phone 27!)(r, for appointment lo sec. \J G-13-ck-27 |IT VOT Ol'KliATK A TIIACTOK yon \'il:i!i/,'l MiU.-r Oil! It 1,'l.f: VN'SKS !i,l|K it "ran fo.ilur. Mnootlii-r—1.!\ S'l l.O.V^KK: II.M \'i!^li:,'d Oil in ilnim [.,1- for i« L.-.V as 71= k -al, (plus t\,l. Inx). MO.NTUUMK11Y \VAKD. 25 ck-28 Small white purse containing money. Reward. Phono 817 G-25-i>!<-28 frnm .M 7 M.iili.nn. Slnl - -1 'H" e . il'l. l!lav-V >.[",[ Hnlrli. l'hi) iii'inlh Artsvv 1'nu-c K.llrliff Situofron Wanted Ty|.ist Refrigeration Atr Conditioning The Ultimate in Mechanical Ability and System Designing M. D. TULLOS Telephone 2200 IWPi v U 13 Bj 1^ If you nie troubled with Johnson Grnss on your land you need ACiDE Ir's a Sure Killer Gel a Supply Today Special Prices On Quantity Lots! PL R'S HARDWARE CO., INC. Phone51 5 126 West Main St. /• V ^f'^tl AKo lr<ins sizi- c'lilrki-ns! Call 36!) , Iliilmsnn ?,,i ll,.r«,' onl molor. oo at Iloono Hall's liar.vo. 2.1-i>k-27 ,|'i.^t iloslros Kiilnmrr pnsitinn. Can <Io filing nnil shortlininl. Cull -MO. ^.|j.l;l!i Female pike are larger than Hie inr.les aiul often devour a courting suitor. Join the Refrigerator Service Club (Two Service Calls a Year ?1) Repairs to Electric Appliances Fully Guaranteed BLYTHEV1LLB SALES CO. (Where Courtesy is Not a Memory) 1S» E. Main St Phone 3616 Your present car may have to last you for some time yet. Don't wait until something breaks down, bring iv in to our expert mechanics for a check-up today. Langston-Wrofen Co. Sales U. S. Tires OPEN 24 HOURS Walnut & Hi-oadway Political Announcements Buick Service Mobilgas WRFXKER SERVICE Telephone 553 h« lo« RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Except Cancc.r DRS. HiCS&NIES Clinic 514 Main, Klytltcvlllc, Ark., 1-Jione ZKl K««t bM Dm to unouix)* Uu (ullott- cautttldiitc*, «ubkc% to UM prlmu;* rrjiurr AND COU.MOMM JAOK riNIiT KOB1NHON WILUAV. HKItUVMAN COUNTS' J 1)1)0 1 OENK E. BRADLKT KOLAND QRE^SN roK TAX ASKKfiSOK DOYLB HKNDKRaON W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT CI.KKK. HAUVEY UOUIUA COUNTY ClUtKT CI.KKK EUZAUHTH BLYTHX COUNTY TKEASimEM DEI,1,A VURTLK •TATK KKPKESENTATIVI Al.KNK WOHt) K. C. K1,EI-:.MAN IE "I3UKIE" Sl'ECK L. H. AUTKY W. J. WUNDERUOH (For rr-i'lfi-llon) HTATF. SENATOB J. rjiE BEAUORIN JEPFEHSON W. Sl'ECK K. O. WAHU r. M. aiiUKii CIIAHLUS W. IjKi FIREWORKS Crispy Cold Fruits Vegetables Watermelons (Jrocory & Aliirket (>2(i North (ith Street Opm 7 Days a UVfk Ice Cold Watermelons Peaches BlytheviJle CUKU MA1UCKT t:lO Kiist iMnin Street Phone 931 /or better TAX SERVICE Fur Ion*; trips—5 »r nunv lo iMoniplils or l.llllc l.niii, near train f.ur rt>r rn,u:,l trl;>. LOCAL CALL Twin Gables . . 35c Midnight Inn 50c Golf Club . . 50c Manila S4.00 Osccola . . $4.00 Ollu'r iilitrcs In comimrhuir]. J. R. Payne, manager I.nKo null nhiln Used !ce Refrigerators - 50-75-100 (Sooil Used Singer Sewinjj iMachine—sewn like ni'w N'KW C10DAK I'ISKSTS—New Perfefl. Sleeper Inncrspring Mattresses — Box Springs Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. 301 East Main All our Employers lire \Viir Vctcrnm. WE NEED lOO Cars & Trucks Any Make or Model Drive in Today and iet the Top Dollar. We pay ihe finance Co., and give you your equity in cash. Visit Our Bit) Used Car Lot Today LO Y E I C H CHEVROLET CO. Texaco Gas & Oil* 30 1 W. Walnut Phon.JTB i CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blytheville" 1'hnnoKraplis — Records and Accessories. Huttcry and Kk'clric ItadioH 219 W M;fin 1'hone Dr. J. L. Guard Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main Local £ LOUR Hlnttince M.ivln Ooiniictotit H«U> Knil IKJ til}> MI out. Ade qiulcly ln>Mtu4. Uunlraci Until] 11 ntiiL Misc. Soivlcos, Jlorrto Srrvlcft & St Cu. PRESCRIPTIONS Kills Rats - (ainninl'eeV iiest Prices KOQChiUS Kirby Drug Stores BiddU ExNrminatora Member Nat*L PMt Cvainl A»/n. 115 8. Third St. Phone n&l Perfect rfpnlr)t]|.r fnr rjiilsiti'To(^w«:it- itJAUrc IniJll In uur nimlura DON EDWARDS "The TyliOH'rltcr Mi\n" ' KOYAI,, SMITH, COKONA 1'ntl UKIMIN'GTON 1'OKTAUI.E 110 N. SECOND ST. PI1OMH 3i'W (E\ p cry Transncllon MUST BE SATISFACTORY) See us about your service on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-ups and lubrication makes your car function properly and more economically. Have your brakes checked for safety. Wi have a complete lubrication department. Wo carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars and trucks. T, t. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete filooks of Pnrta For Chrysler Product* 121 E. Main Phone Z1Z2 BOOTS AND IIKH TUFDIW.S Yes. Indeed! O-OOCOVl 1 p\VX TWS -„ f OR -^l A'A\ /V5 1 ;;-is'-V^"-^^ 7 -- ' BY EDGAtt MARTIN t GUt&S \'v>t VW\N3& \» ft V-'!ORVD J RtV OF WWW F OS TUt ft\-V. THt ' you HPME i;o 3;P^?Sli FRFfiCKLjilS AND HIS FR1KNDS TAKP A LOOK. ] THAT AT THE BLUE- LOOKS PRINT, LARD.' FRETTV 1-JLlTTy COOK SWELL. AMD L DESIGNED BUf WE'LL iV n/'f'rA/,EHYICE. INC-.r. M. RCC. U. B. Yi'ah, Show Us How RY MERRILL BLOSSEE HOP . J MEED C'JRSELVES/ /FLEMTYOr ' &-••-'$<} J i.-c't'^tJ VeAW, AMD SINCE v/E'Re FPCGM our Or- DOUOK,SVEVcS GOTTA GIVE IV A , i.or or 7HOUOHT/ is 16 / AIN'T THE MAKE I WAY TO ALLEY OOP THAT ELIMINATES ONE PfiOBl-EM ' .y SHOW vou HOW ITS DONE' fTWRD AM'Flliftf.. ROUND ICOMIHG UP... LAST CHANCE IFOR TH' TAMERV1UE FLftSI-1 I TO KAYO TH' tiULCR AN' t, COLLECT TH' FIVE HUMMERT DOLLARS I!ml Has a Plan EJT . . . . TH' cTuRTAIW T'PO \v. BY V. T. HAMILTON J'FoNTiVfO'V, &JT ' \HE AMD Al LEV BUD feOWfe ) HAVE &O" -• SlJCHA j SCMETH1X6 /VS, COOKINJ&; /i';V

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