The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 27, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1936
Page 7
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THURSDAY, AUGUST zt, load (ARK.)' COUKliiU NKWS PACK-SEVEN Itou can CiT WHAT YOU WANT /™/// CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dully rale \«t line f° r consecu- lOc D8c live insertions: One lime per line Two times per line 'per day Month rate per Hue. Minimum charge 50o Three times per Hue per day .. OGe Six limes per line per day 05c Cauls of Thanks 50c & 75c Ails ordered for three or six limes and slopped before expiration will Ire charged for the number of times Hie ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy} submitted by persons residing outside of the eity must uc accompanied by cash. Rates may bo easily computed from above lublc. Advertising ordered for Irregular. Insertions take the one time rate. No responsibility will be laKcn for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified'ad. Real Estate Lands for Sate By Tlionus Ittnil Co. For Sale: 20 A. Improve;! farm on | N. Division, Hi mile from city. •, tilllo Calcman; Gen. delivery. ' : • 28-P-K-2 WANTED TO UUY LAND: Wo have buyers for any size tracts. Complete course In typing, short- If you want to sell sec us at once. hand, bookccping: Also review shorthand, class. Prices very- rea- .scnablo. Mrs. L. M: BiunctUs. Call 824 W. vou SAU-: i room IiiniSP. b.ilh. La rue lot. . Across from hl^li and trade schools. Cheapest (axes in town. Could bu made Inlo apartment. 20 A on new gravel • road; nice cottage 1 and small barn $1600. 10 A north of Blytlievlllo, all in cul. $2000. . 40 A north of myllievllle, all. in cul. $2250. j 40 A north of Blythevillc, all in cul. $2350. 40 Acres N of BlythcvHlc. all in cul house- and barn $50 A 1 cash. Thomas Land Co. For Rent 4 Room Unfurnished Apartment, cheap. Call- 327 or nll'ht,' 55. : ' 25c k~!J Pour room furnished- apartment 1015 W. Ash. Call 445-W. APARTMENT—5 rooms,,'Until, nil: furnished. . 1st,, class condition. 'Mrs. Matt Monagliiin. Phono •J. 3-ck-ll'i' eon chlck.ii.-Hwb dh tf Good Used Trucks 19:M-V8. l'i ton truck 1S3-I Chovrol:'..' Ill Ion Iruck I A3 International I'.i Ion truck • fi tt-.illcr IC35 Inlevnallonul 1','j ton Irucli & trailer it Ion Intc'riiallonal I'lck Up TKRMS Delta • Implements, Inc. Want oil linnu-clialcly. Single, middle IIBO woman as companion. 124 K Muiu, t - ' 25p k'i') Experienced Cook n n d Housekeeper. 128 E. Mnln. Ho ktf Batteries IiETJ'1511 BATTKRy BKKV10U Call J. B: Chine At Tom Jackson's Service. IN nil? CHANCERY COUIlTFORi THE ClIICICASAWHA DISTRfOT! OR MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, All- KAN3A8. Tiio Georgia filnlij Savings ASSO- Up lo $10 paid weekly makliit; wood IIbei- flowers: sieailj' work. Mnid I5c (or sample, ilovvcv, insliuc-iloas and sutllclent mitlcrhl to silarl. I,, Jones, Hept. 50, OhU'j', 111. Wauled To B'uv BARGAINS! 1032 CHEVKOIET S 1! 1) AN. Mulor Overhauled .....' 5225 13331-'OKi) COACH. New Tires. Clean As A Pin $3SO 1931 CIHiVKOI.KT MASTIiR, DE 1.VXK COACH. Tills Car Musi lie Seen To Uc Appreciated 5^ 193G 1'ONTIAC COACH. Dscil As Dcinonslnilor. Has Less Than 5,000- Miles. New Car. Guarantee, l.iberal Discount. Lee Motor Sales Inc. 9- A near Belli Fine land. 4- room good house $1500 easy terms. 40 A 1 ml of Bly. Wonderful tract' $100 per A'. 40 A -1 i \ilcs of Bly 2'II 1 B Loan $1900; $3000- Easy terms: 10 A 1 Ml W of Bly nice properly 54009. 40'A', adjoining Bly no Imp. $85 A 40 Near Whilloni 3H- IV. $2350: 40 near Armorcl 2H IB- $75 A. 40 A' 3 Mi of- Manila 1H m S2800 40 A C Ml NW of Illy. Improvct $3500. 50 A adjoining Bly. $125 A\ Nice home i room; fur. apartment. Private bnlli. front, back ' entrances! 22-c-k-lf or- 3- room Furnished Apart- incut; reasonable. 914 Henrn. . 21p k 3-21 2' or 3 room apt. Reasonable. Mrs. j; T. Collins, 1020 llcarn. 20pk7 3 ; room fUrnislied apt., gfiniye-free. Cheap.- 1315 W. Main/Call 335W. 15c ktf FURNISHED' ROOMS. Phone 814J O'lilillJN'S CAFE, compldeb cqulpiird. Bolii;! gooA business foi' past 18 yeavs. BAHGAIN.' Bnms«-ick I'OOL TABLE, complete. C11EA1 1 . JORDAN SUDAN. In yoocl condition. 'At liive aw:ty price. I'. SIMON. Cull 704 1 1-2 ton TRUCK,. '.I-! or '35 mud- C"l. Muit 1m burnaln. Everett H. Gee, Call 07. -ai-ck FoniuV Persona). 1'OB SAI.B—StiickinB slicks and heavy, wood—1.00 wanon load I. o, b, plant, Chicago Mill, ll-ck-9-11 Lost Mrs. Ted Green. 1 ;,' 7-pk-13 Furn. Apartment in Shano Unplox al 1114 W. Ash. Call 197 or,571. 3-c-k-tf For Sale Amethyst Stone, out. of pin, down town. REWARD. Mrs. JiimrK B Clart. Plione 4S11-W. 20o MJ KtliiBEli HOOT by Coca Cola ])|[nit. Owner may havel j-ainc by pnyliiR for (his ad at Cornier News olHce. FOI IN' I) A't' CAM I' MOULTliFE'S tutu, L— Key riir.! conttilnlng -I keys. Including Yulo key ami key. Owner may linve same liy paying for tl\ls Cornier News. ad al s. Poultry Salesmen Wanted UAI1Y CIIICKS-Dlood Tesled Burred Rreks, White Roc-kn, IV t. lii'ds, White Leghorns. S7 |ie- Imnilml. roslpnld. FRANKUM COUNTY HATCHERY. Union, Mo. 55-A. near Keiser 2 - H 1 B-$2900; : 58'A'iiear Armorelj well, improved- $3500. Large upright piano, for sale cheap. E. A. Deatle, Chlckasaw- ta Avo.' . 31-p-k-l Holpoini, Electric Slovc. Thrift cooker may be- installed. Mrs. i Business Directory' GET. OUR 1'RICES ON We Have The Best 03 A'S\V of Bly. improved' $15 A. G4 ; A, near: Frenchman's- Bayou 2 HI 1. B ; $4000: FIGURE WITH: US ON HARNESS Large Supply Coming In Hubkrd Hflw. 1)0-A-near. Manila^ 1< II 1'B $4350. 80 A-. near Blirdettc 3 H' 2 large • barns $6400 easy terms. 50 -A-Highway. 01 North $135 A right- at Bly. 100-A near Carson take all cul. $5000 easy payments. 127 A at 48 School- fine land $90A. ;159 A Poplar Corner, well Improv- -$45 A. V '" " ••.'•--•• Salesmen lo rail on schools, leadiers aud p^rctits. Conveiii- cut teirilory. Plrasnnt, dignified, steady and permanent. Call at 117 South • Broadway. SALESMAN WANTED— A Reliable Dsaler tor HEBERLINC. ROUTE « f >> to 2000 fl "» llles A. M. Wasliburn, 1025 Walnut, j Phono 471. 300- choice spotted Poland feeder PIGS. 25 Ibs.. up. T. M. Casino, 20i- k'" _ _ Dcpt.,'02, CO. Bloominglon, 111. 27-ek-Sl Highway 120, Luxora. 2G-p-l:-2 WANTED lor Rawlcigh Routo of 800 families. Writs t-\-lay. ANTIQUE soda- founlahi. Mre. W. j Ra\vlcigli'.s, . Dcpl. AKH-27-3A, '.. B. 1 McMullin, IJ22 W. Main 1-tf I Memphis, Tenn. Cash Feed Store Pnys Top Prices For Eggs & Pi AUTO LOANS CUM. Atlvnncc(t**Coi.flclciUt»l PAYMENTS KKDUCHD No Cd-sjyjicr.s, biiuu car mid ii i yistvu(!(!ii t'jird along, U. W. MULLINS Suillmry Hhlg. I'lionc. •il'i A'lii'NI ciirrviqoiiATONCKI IVIJjn. N( , w oili-ex Tonic Tub- lets ecmlnln piw. oyslci; Invlg- onilors and oilier . sllnnilanis. One dcse peps up orcans, ul. If not delighted,'' innker ivfnmla few cents pnld. Call, write Kh'by Bros. Drug Store. }•. 'TO TIIU CITI/liNH W MISSISSIPPI COdNTY: Iliwlni; been nomlnaled iti USD ecenl iirlinnry in 1'olnselt County or' Hie olllee of Slate Senator. I lesirc-lo Hike tills mclliod of ns- urlnrj the citizens of Juckson uml ILsilfslppl Counllc.s Unit It will bD ny ]IUV|XBC an<l desire io represent he district a s n whole to the best f in'y nblltty lo the'end Hint this llslrlct sbnll hnve been bctiellted by 'my services us your Sennlor. I lu'llc your counsel and snune on nil mutters tlmt nre of Interest lo you mid the district tit'large. Sincerely yours, Lncien u. Coh'man. tiffB vs: No.'., 0228 } W. II. Slpvnll, Admlnlsd-nlor, el ill, Defend a nt.v ' WARNING O1ID1SK Tim defendant, Mrs, Homer Burns. Is warned to uppear In Iho Cluincery Court within thirty diiyi and answer tliu complaint of tlie above plnlnlllfs. Witness my luuid, as Work ot s-.dd Court cind-lhe seal thereof on this Hie 121!) day of Aiisust. lOHli. H. M. CllAIO, Clork Uy A. R smith, n. C. FOR SALE Wo have on liantl : now r niul iTurty for delivery new "crop of Alfiilta .Spcri''for retail or lo denim, .If Interested sec .iis, LJ.MattasGinCo. rotloii, C'nllon Seed and C'o.ll Tel. 1511-J Yaibio, Aik. Ilciul Courier No\vs Want Acs. K M i:u:CTltIC * ACKTVLiiNB WELDING AT DUST PRICES PROMPT SEUVIOE Barksdale Mfg. Co . PHONE 10 STOCK MINI. NOW •ASOTIlKIl— Hiuiillr. All I.Oiiiliiii; IllniLils nl 11I K I, lli-i.du Cunl (-JRBAT -HBAUT, 1UUIJJANT, etc., i our fanious A spider has clijlit- leys from six lo •• eight oycs. RADIO REPAIRING A Compleft Line ot Tnbe» and ParU HUBBARD T1BE A HATTBUV CO. I'll ONE fl \ Siipurkir C«ii! •&' Mining C'o. 7«() ONE STOP' SBRVIGB STATION •FOlt VOlllt CONVENIENCE' SINCLAIR GAS AND UnmtCATJON WRKCKKK.SEIIVICK Day I'honc Nijjhl I'lionc 888 SSH —BATTERV SEHVICR —HAIHATOK Ittll'AlB —IIODY WORK / —PKNDEIl WOKli- —AUTO 'TARTS' W, T. BARNETT; AUTO SALES Dodge ft Flymnnth ' Dealer > Now UicaU'tl at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWAKDH, 1'roprlclor All main 01 rebuilt Tj-iKSHrUtre, Adding IHatBinc* «Dd c«I- cnlators—Rjpalrlnj—rarts~-Itllibon« AT.T.KY 00!' ALL AND ACCOUNTKD FORI Blrs J. J. Davis—Silencer Corscllerc Call 421-NV for appointments _ Siiip by U J: W. FARKKIt TRUCK LINE Dependable Daily Service to and From Memphis Keep Freight aioncy al Hume Call 127 COS W. Ajh St. Final Close Out Wall Paper 1936 PATTERNS- LOWEST PRICES 160 A-Flat Lnk.0,- Nice-home, ty buildings. $87.50' A. ' ICO-A. near Burdette 2 nice home, plenty bams $30 Ai 180-A' 5 Of Bly. 4 IT •!- D $15 A. 1GO A'< Poplar Corner,, well improved' $75- A-. IliT A Clear, lake, well improved $50 A easy payments. ARDY,OL' 80V; f OH V ALLEY-I FORGOT TO TELL ''SURE PULLED >VOl> WHEN DINMY CAME BAGK- OOLA OUT 01- j TO MOOyALONE^FOO^-/ BEGAUE ' \ HE DOESN'T DINNV? WELL) KNOW-HE SAV5 5AV- WHERE 7HE LEFT THEM ARE THE 1 / /BACK THERE , Uiimlin BACK THERE? GREW HONKf MAYBE THEY'RE ALL BURNED UP BV NOvV-C'MON,We GOTTA FIND 'E,V\-OR.AT LEAST, WHAT'S LEFT Or '' HEY,OOPr LOOK? ) l-IOT^I&.'-AN'.LOOk.r S •-^ A s~~~~^ THERE'S KING GUZZ'lE , BIG / IT'S \ A^4 C I-IIS MEN ) 131NQ5AURI ^OIMNV \ WITH 'EM? AMD: . FOOZVJ THE ARRMO LUMBER GO. I'liONE 40 ALADDIN LAMP PARTS J)t?n't fcrsjet' \vc hsive Kcnutnc' Alaildtn Lamp Purls—2Jio Each' BURKE HDW. CO. Highest Prices Paid For Used FurniSure WadeFurnitureCo. 301-303 E. MAIN Get the benefit of. summer prices. Pill Up Now -My Coal Is Ehck But I Treat You White LOCAIj HAULING JOHN nuCIIANAN—1'IIONB 101 FKBSH' UREV.POO'P CRAPPIE 35c Per Order Mnn fiiis 16.Sc l>cr Gallon 240 A. in woods near Tomato,, 25 A cleared' will sell in 40's. 249 A-S of Bly. Res. 10 houses, 1 born, 36 x 56, others. $22,500. 320 A. right at Dell, provedi SH.500: Well 320 A at- Bnrdellb iiniiroved $15 A. 320 A near Osccola, lots of buildings $75 A. 15 A S of Blytheville, fine place S'12,500. J50'A-near Joiner- $65 A"; J95 AS of Ely. finely improved 90 A. 375-A near Big Lake $20 A. 0 A 1 mile' of- Holland. 1-2- mile frontage on gravel, Pretty new home—cost $10,000. 56500 getsit. HARRY EAiLEY'S At (he Arch Slate Line DECORATING Expert Floor Sanding and Finishing JOHN. W, BURTON, Knst Ark Builders Supply riionc 20 WANTBII — M.T. KINDS JUNK $5 lo $G rcr Ton Aluminum, 10o Ib. Brass, 2o to 4V5c Ib. Copper '.Vlre, ic lo 5c Ib. Radiators, 4Ho ib. HIDES & FiniS WOLF AH I AN PHONE 17fi 128 E. MAIN TRANTHAM TRANSFER CO. Moving 50'c room up. Pianos $1 up. PHONE 061 We have some wonclerfiil tmcts in Missoiiri. Pemiscot Co., • also !3 farms. 40 acres and laruer in Diinkliu Co.. nt Ciiirkton, Camp* bell, and. Maiden. Most of this property is owned by Mortgage Companies who arc selling, for, enough to clear their mortgages, and on low rale of interest- and on long time ments. Let-us show you these and oth- ,er lands \vc' liavc. Thomas. Land Co. "We sell- the Earth' FOR SALS Several thousand' acres southeast Missouri ric'n alluvial cotton Ss corn lands; Any-sin; tract: TERMS UKB RENT. Everett B. Gee Blythcville. FOR SALE APARTMENT HUILD1NG, 1415 W. Main. 4 apartmcnls, -t garages. Building new cost' $6500: Mortgage company wants lo close out; paying 15 per cent at reduced rentals. Price $3750. Small payment, balance less tlian rent. S LAND CO.. FOR SALE—Handsome McCulclicn home on West Walnut St Steiiin heated, all modern conveniences. Beautiful grounds. Prlci right & lerms' easy.' For appointment, call. 527. THOMAS LAND CO., exclusive agents. y^ ^ BAD HOLE'. ( AlARMED,SO : THEV'CAM£ OUT SOMEWHERE AV-HOW COMES. HERE LOOKING FOR US- OU MAPPENEP 'BE OUT HERE NTHiSOL' SWArAP? \ftm^~- ii ?^ • ify. .-.'-^ •'- f ' ; ' . | By Marttll ' A TEKR1KLK THOUCH'L'! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 6OVTPi TWKV 60 V CFvWi SHOOVO SHOW OP \JtVX W- <=.'£•£. •\v\\wvi OOT WVOQW AKs' ftOKi UiTO "VHO<b\i WASH TU«BS WetL,TA,TA., BOVS. WE'LL SEE \ AFTER. OUR HONEVMOOM. IT WAS THEAA BUTTHJSCOTCH PI65 THAT PONE rr SON'MV. OME TASTE AW HOLLV BUSTEP RIGHT OUT AW PROPOSED FRECKLES AND HIS FK1ENDS ( klO \VOWDER rr SEEMED IT'S A CHEST; ALL RIGHT...AW IF IT HADNT BEEW YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE SAID THAT i - TO OSSIE ! HE'S TFT/WG TO SEE V/HAT.'LL HAPPEH IF HE PUTS A CAW OF BEANS IW THE CPAWKCASE AMD WARMS _'U UP A ?)LIARr OF OIL.! f DO THE: WROJJG THIMS/fT USUALLY TURWS our TO BE THE. .' YOU'RE A HANDY GUY TO HAVE: AROUWD.' BROKE OPEK1 THE DECK V/ffH A SMALL SLETXEE,\\'E RX1SJD THOSE PELTS, AMD \VHEM TOSSED THE CLUTCH OVERBOARD, THE ArJcHop., AMOHDEB \VHAT "WOULDN'T HAVE P3UWD rr!

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