The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 30, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 30, 1949
Page 11
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TUESDAY, AUGUST JO, 1949 BLYTHEVn.LE (ARK.) COURIER OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OurBoerdingHouM with Moj. HoopU PAGE ELEVEN fMCtMBMT/LMTM . ~ A«a*T-TU*T «io**e TU*ti -~ — wr 0* — tt.*W MLPMM -09 TH* VJMLD/ . TA0U*, BASK AND LtAWC* . L —AND Hft «M3OV6 A PA&fr > OH TWO FROM A MAIL OADCR CATAL06 OfiCt . flMrt -O A UW OP FOR SALE 44 Concrete culverts Vi inch t inch, plain 01 reetiforeed Concrete Building K lucks chrap ei llian Mi in her foi barns chit ken houses pump fiun^es tenant hn uses tool sheds We deli vet Call us for free estimate Phone Kfll OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS [LESS' That's why you'll "save yourself many a dollar by Having coui shoes repaired by our expert wort- men Next timt try us H-flLTCRS unuiY SHOC SHOJ • 2 i w M a i M = T . For " the ' Finest Prescription Service Call It . Wilb Hower, THE FLOWER SHOP Ulenco« Bolldhlt rTione 4491 IM Z1« Steps Copyright by f~ Hillnvm-Cyrl, I.e.; Oitlributtd b, NEA SERVICE. INC. TH B S'l'OK V t n • 7- Mel Tr« r* , bread M-innrr af • «MU* **rM-lu-d* Umlly whlrh Ik' H0 w rrdurcd t* •*ndor«u B*ea»». U rx|ie«i«-4 fey kcr ratlin? rx-Niaall? (• marry mmm • •* Marry ha» ••k<-4 (i»?Btl 10 Mxrrjr kfw. IVM^Mff, mnctrt»i*. h«« »ruMl*r4 !• Ifclafe 1 1 nvrr. \IR. THORNULOW finally had complel&d His deal Play. Melvin Masby had selected its cnsl —Pal was not any>ni them; the iets had been constructed and painted ant hammered together in what had formerly been the reception room; rehearsals had be- •fiin. "Shall we go up and watch?" Gaynel asked Fritz when he stopped in one evening. "1 promised Mother I'd stick around awhile and lend a helping hand if needed. Though I don'l know what I could do tc further the drama." Fritz said. "I like lo be useful. Besides, imagine the thrill of seeing art in the raw! 1 wouldn't miss it for anything." Gaynel led the way to the Ihird floor. The theater was full of people, including aL ol the players, > few friends who acted as sc«n« shifl- ters, prop men and what-not; even the dogs and cats w«»-« present. Mr. Thornblow approached and Gaynel presented ' m to Fritz. "Delighted. I'rr sure." Fritz sai'd. shaking hands. Then seeing from Mr. Thomblow's expression that even that was not enough, "I've had one lite-long ambition. Jun one. To neet • live playwright and see L ht was alive, U you sec what 1 mean? Do you mind— I know this is askim a big favor — but would you mind, old ciiap, if I were to say . . . er . pinch you?" "Ixxik!" Gaynel broke in, "Mother's beckoning. , She wants us to come on irt. 1 know you'll excuse us, Mr. Thornblow?" She smiled at him and took Fritz by the arm. "You're terrible." she told FYilz. as soon as she could. "You're really a nasty man. 1 shan't let you stay, or introduce you to another person, Fritz, if you can't be sweet." "But I was being sweet,' 1 he protested, as she dragged him along. "And helpful." • « • "Y ES - '"a''-* fight," Emily caught his last word, giving them each a fleeting, .vague smile of welcome, symbol ol all thai she had on her mind. "We need help. We want everyone to help. Dear me, 1 had no idea things could be so confusing my poor nerves We're about to begin the rehearsal. As soon as everything's ready. oh. there you are. Melvin! Are you sure those steps won't fill down? it would tit frightful if i were io break an ankle or a leg jr something and have to hobble about a. crutches the night of the performance." "You won't b* on crutches," Melvin said severely He looked grimier and lirtier than usual and he kept running his long fingers through his long nair. Friti volunteereo to test the Jtairs and while he walked gingerly on them. Barry dropped in from his home next door. The stairs held Fritz's 180 pounds. They even permuted htm to trip up daintily in the manner of a ballet danseuse. then to thump down tteavLy in imitation of the wolf approaching the door, or the »iliain in the piece. Isn't he too cute?'' Miss Pierce remarked ecstatically. glanced from her to G»y- nel. "Do you wish, Gaynel, that I hud been born cute?' J "Heaven Igrbid." Gayne! s:ud. "You're not the type, Darry dear." \ I EI.VIN pouitded for quiet now. lie told each player to be ready with Ins n-ripl. The rest found chairs or squatted on tli« flom KriljL sut or one side of Gaynel, Barry on lh« other. Punch and Judy crawled over to curl up in her lap and go to sleep. "1 think we'll start with the scene in Ihe second set where the young country girl—that's you. ol course. Miss fierce—talks with the city boy. Give me the line. . . Have you the script for cues, Miss Cupples?" Melvin rapped again for silence. They began the scene. After they had gone over H three times. Gaynel said "Why it wasn't bad!" She really had been amazed at Melvin. He seemed to know whir, he was about: al least the effect he wished to obtain. "He's got something," Gaynel said. "If he could inject it into all of them. Even Miss Pierce fils her part- It's too bad. though she's so pleasingly plump, lsn'1 she supposed to lie ,,ender and alluring?" Fritz said. -You'd be surprised at the illusion footlights can create. Sh« -na'\ look nearly n stout from a distance." Melvin rapped for order again. Now they were to j-o through the Big Scene. Where the husband cl-.ooses the Other Woman. •The Eternal Triangle is always good—and interesting." Barry said. Ht looked across Gaynel to include Fritz, signifying thai he interred a personal significance by L r i rernark. There-i nothing I like better than competition.' Fritz said. "Providint. at cour»e, it's clean fair and unbiased." (T« Be In England It'i fh« Chemist Shop In France It'* tht Apothecary Shop In* Blyrheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service More than a hundred kinds of birds have become extinct In the last 200 years. RENT A CAR l)rive Anjwhrrr Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 will enjoy using Plate Glass full length Door Mirrors. . . and they're priced much loss than you would think at BUILDERS SUPPLY; Inc. •«'. H. Tease J. Wilsnn Henrr So«(h Riway «1 Phone tO» PIANO TUNING \Vilh (he world famous "Slroboconn". The onlv 100% perfect tuning No'l available elsewhere in this area. RADIO REPAIR All work done hy a ROT- ernment licensed operator and every job ijuar- anleed. Whv lake less lhan (he bes(? PIANOS for SALE NEW AND USED Sheet .Music, Records, Supplies Everything in BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main Tel. 811 We Follow Your Doctor' Prescription Nichols Drug PHONF 4f»l SHRUBBERY We ofle' a complete line ol Stark Landscaping plants and trees Ordei now foi Fall planting Stark'a 131 years experience In thu fleld auures youi Betting the most for youi money Allow us to give you a free estimate Telephone 554 today BLYTHEVILLE WILLYS SALES COMPANY TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL Beware of fraudulent nperatorx! II« the protection afforded bj the Slate and drmand a llrrmed operator. Experienced, Reliabfe. TermKei HoiKhoU Pests. Bljlheville't only licensed * pen tor. WALLS CERTIFIED ' TERMITE SERVICE Rle. 1. Box a-W. r.nt Phone 3792 Main St. TUDEBAK New Low Prices On GOOD USED CARS COME BY AND SEE FOR YOURSELF 1917 Mercury 5-Passenger Coupe 1942 Kord S-l'assenger Coupe 19-11. Ford Coupe. 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HIE 7 WHY, JAW! THW W(\S UNFAIR. 3AU. SPsEft JUSTDIOW , . HAD TO Sir 8RCK AMD WATCH / SHE DIDN'T . CEAIIZ6 HOW WECESSAey THOSE CONTACI ~ VOL! TRVTOCOME BETW6EM US...BUT vou'Re NOT GOIMG TOIUTEEfEBE IM THIS! AEE FOB AM ALCOHOLIC 1 (HWTfUS WORSE. CIG IS BLIND TO SAWS WOTKJ65, AMD rfS HOf ELESS TO HAKE HIM 5ffc BUGS BUNNK (Iiwiri Morning, Chiel HI, BLJG5/PO YOU LIKE Y HAT A PLEASURE, PETUNIA/ E£c MLJ5T \ LET'S HOPE THEY / i-^v i ^i/-ii^ BE A-D^Z£N YS£S-?I™ZT EV (£&££& &Xt*S THEV MUST HAVE SEEN 1 TH=>' ! ' H:M.:.THEy'EE CISCLiNG BACK.' VvEKE IN CATCH roz -rw^BLS. 1 rue HOW CO I STA5T TH,S SHCOTINS...JUST VET. ANYHOW,' HOOTS AM) HKR BtlDDIKS H;D(;AI? MARTIN Cf\%D CfSVAt "VOOftV

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