The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 1, 1950
Page 3
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I ' -SATURDAY, APRIL'1, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS New Businesses Sprout In Mississippi County NEW YORK, April 1. (Special to I the Courier News)—Figures just released by the U.S. Department of Commerce, based on social security tax reports, show that the number of businesses In operation In Mississippi County are on the Increase. A total of T50 commercial enterprises, small-, medium and large- are recorded. Of this number, 411 »te either owner-operated or have rnf^e employees or less. Those establishments with four to seven employed number 160 and the onr-s with eight to nineteen workers add up to 118. The remainder are larger companies. Data from T« Reports The data was gleaned from the tax reports submitted to the Federal SecL'rlty Agency for the first quarter of 1548 by employers In connection with the social security program. a gain from the 663 found to be In operation the previous year. Small business Is well established In the county, the figures Indicate. There are 68" firms, or 92 per cent of the tola), with less than twenty employees each. This is a somewhat greater concentration than Is found elsewhere In the country, where small business represents 91 per cent of the number of going enterprises. Employment Is Gainful Gainful employment Is provided by Mississippi County's commercial establishments to 5,703 people, more than in the previous year when t'» v local companies absorbed 5,157 workers. The figur? j represent only those engaged In non-public employment and subject to the social security tax program. Excluded, in audition to public employees, are domestics, railroad employees and The 150 local businesses represent most agricultural workers. Einstein Explains Hew Theory Of Gravitation to Scientists By Howard W. Blakeslee Associated Press Science Editor NEW YORK, April 1. (/p)—Professor Albert Einstein today ex- lams his new theory of gravitation to his fellow scientists in an article in the Scientific Anieri r can. He says he doesn't know whether it will work, but that he is expanding the mathematical laws of gravitation to include the mysterious forces which form atoms. In doing this he has stepped completely away from the thinking of his fellow scientists. He stands alone. 'Failed (o Discover Nature jtoc Is telling them they hnve £ted to discover the nature or laws of atomic energy, and then proposing a solution which is amazing. Gravitation' extends everywhere through the known universe. It is Is unbroken energy of some kind and Einstein calls it the field..Zn this gravitational field there is,solid matter, scattered . everywhere, I he form of atoms which" make the stars, planets and all that is upon them. Eeinstein proposes that the material particles of matter are nol really what they seem. They are places where for some unkownn reason gravitation is particular^ high in density. This explanation goes contrary to any now known mathematics Einstein'thinks he has found mathematics which will show this theory to be correct. Why Devise Theories "Why," he nsks, "Do we devise theories at all? Simply because we enjoy comprehending . . . there •gists n passion for comprehension PRt as there exists a passion to music.'That passion is rather common in children, but it gets los in most people later on." FLAPPER'S RETURN—Some . "new." spring styles look an • awful lot liive r tho flapper fash- Ions worn in the Twenties arid : laughed at in the Thirties. Parisian arlist Van Longen's portrait of a 1920 belle is almost duplicated by the model wearing the latest Jacques Fath short* skirted evening gown. MY-C ALUMINUM (CHIMNEY COVERS; lEfOU • Keep Rain Out • Keep Walt Dry Positive Protection Attwtiye BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. So. Hi way Bl Phone 2431 He then explains that the best TV to comprehend something new mystifying is to start with the ry simplest explanation. ,Thls mple way may at first appear silly. it stick to it until it Is shown to be rong. Einstein then explains what he is done to put gravitation and omic forces together mathematic- ly. He says it is something hardly 'er before attempted. He Is pvt- ng two kinds of mathematics to- ether—two kind": ' at have always een considered too antagonistic to ork together. Symmetrical Equations One of these Is symmetrical ecua- ons. The other is non-symmetrical he difference between them Is In IB rules by which they are worked The reasons for this Joining li ompletely simple. Symmetrical quations are used to explain jrravl- ati'on. Non-symmetrical are used explain what little Is known bout atomic energies. Einstein devotes considerable pace to mathematical explanations f why the impossible might happen •liy the two different kinds of quations may work together. If they do work, it means there Is new explanation of gravitation .nd atoms and atomic energy. Frwi 5000 to 10,000 Hussion troopi imported i* China, principally at Nanking, ak>«a. railroad fa Shanghai manning anti-aircraft batteries IN Shanghai. egocr cbc«r Nationalist* shown in Red propaganda films. People on rich farmlands near Shanghai forced toeatgrass. Red troops are fed well. Anti-Communist fading fo»- ftred by fomint conditions in shaded provinces. Son* 16,000,000 pen«« reported in irorvotMxi state. Famine reported wont ii 72 yean, wit* 30,000,000 ' ' short ra Nationalist raids on big Shanghai shipyards drive Reds to many small yards to complete construction of thousands of small landing craft for invasion of Formosa. Larae-Kote Nationalist om- phibiotrs landing near Sung- nen encourages Nationalist supporters. So does repotted destruction of 100 Communist boats in Taichow Boy. PAGE THREE •fuman Fly Grounded After Ledge Antics CHICAGO, April 1. (AP) — An amateur human fly was sentenced otiay to six months on the ground Tony Werak, 40, was seized yes crday in a room on the 23td flow of the Stevens Hotel,' shortly aftei a man was seen moving along a 12 inch ledge outside the 24th ffcor. O. I,. Garretson, president of th :eneral Tank and Steel Corpora .-ion of Roswell, N. M., said he saw Werak move past his 24th floor win dow. Municipal Court Judge Charles S Dougherty sentenced Werak to si months in the houEe of correction an a charge of malicious mischte saying: "Tell Warden Frank C. Sain f [he Bridewell (County Jail) to kee this man on the first floor." First Shipment Of U.S. Arms to taly is Loaded NEW YORK, April 1. </PJ—The 1st shipment of American arms Italy under the Atlantic Pact rogram was loaded aboard the meilcan Export Lines freighter ixtlona yesterday. I" n ceremony at the Brooklyn rmy Base just before the Army round equipment was hoisted ' a- oard, jnmes Bruce, /-merlcan dir- ctor of the billion dollar rearm-' mciit program, predicted the arms ill bring prosperity and stability the Italian people. 'As security for a'l is promoted," iicc said, "the people of Italy. Ice those of the United States nd other treaty nations, will reap Isible rewards in the creation of n atmosphere more favorable to irospcrity and stabll'ty." Alberto Tarchianl, Italian am- lassador to the united States, said he weapons were a sign Uint the 2 North Atlantic Treaty allies re determined to ward off "any inane Intent of aggression." The arms Included 155-mlllmcter lOWitzers used in moulain service, 7-mllimclcr field pieces and smnll rins. The number and unloading iQints were not disclosed,Although he ship Is scheduled to go to "rieste, a trouble spot neighboring n Yugoslavia; Naples and then to lalfa. RED TIDE HITS A BREAKWATER —Trained observers sec recent events in China as signposts of two significant trends—growth o!"Nationalist strength in adversity and weakening of the Communists in the midst of victory. Significant factors are indicated oil rnnp. Nationalist aggressiveness under Chiang Kai-shek's renewed leadership, Red confiscation of. sorely-needed foodstuffs and the effect of famine are reported diminishing the people's submissiveness to the Communist conquerors. Magazine Burns Copies, Melts Type for Article on H-Bomb Czechs Expel Second U. S. Correspondent PRAGUE, Czechoslovakia, April (AP) —Czechoslovakia's Com munis! led government yesterday ordere the expulsion of John R. Higgin. lone American representative in th country of the United Press. It was the second ouster of an American news agency correspondent in two days. Nathan Polo- wetzky, correspondent for the Associated Press, was ordered Wednesday to leave the country before April 8, - . Refusing to renew Biggins' accreditation, the Czech Foreign ministry accused him of a "constant tendency towards unobjective reporting." The same accusations had been made against Polowetzky. NEW YORK. April 1. (IP)— Scien-* ;tfic American said today it stopped ts presses, burned 3,000 copies already in print and . melted down :he type of a new article on the lydrogen bomb—all at the instigation of the Atomic Energy Commission. Then century-old magazine said the incident "raises the question whether the commission Is thus suppressing information which the American people need in order to form intelligent Judgements on this major problem.*" The article was by Dr. Hans Bethe, Cornell physicist and former theoretical physics chief at Los Alamos.. ' All but a small part of the original article ultimately was published in the current issue, the magazine said, adding it is clear that the AEC did not object to facts in the article but to Dr. Bethe's stating them. The commission has directed t\U persons now or formerly employed by , it to reaffirm from public discussion of H-bomb matters. • The Atomic Energy Act gives the commission wide powers to declare atomic information secret. The Scientific American said In a statement that all the technical portions of Bellies' article consisted of Information "that has been widely published and is well known to nuclear physicists the world over." Those parts deleted by the AEG, the magzzine said, "included some statements which had already been widely quoted in the press and statements which since have been made by Robert Bacher, former member of the commission, in a speech In the Los Angeles to*ii hall on March 27." Th published article said among other things that the flash Ivom sn H-bomb could kill people within a circle 40 miles wide. This compares with the 4,000 to 5,000-feet radius of the atom bomb. Bethe Is sometimes called the "father" of the H-bomb. It was he who discovered how the sun makes hydrogen. British Announce Funds for Atom LONDON, April 1. WV-Britain's atomic energy program will cost $111,760,000 during the 12-month period starting tomorrow. That's $13,075,091 more than the development program cost In the preceding year. The estimated expenditures , became known today with the release of allocations for the ministry of supply which runs the atomic dcv-' elopment program here. Robbers Take $10,000 From Rapp Market ST. LOUIS, April 1. (IP> — Two men held up the' Fred P. Happ, Inc. market in suburban Pino Lnwh today and escaped with about $10,000 in cash. Tl\e money was taken from the cage of a woman cashier, Mrs. William Martin, shortly after it had been delivered to the store by Brinks messengers. The holdup was executed so smoothly that none of thp many customers in the store kliew about it. One of the robbers flourished a pistol, Mrs. Martin said, and both were unmasked. They escaped in an automobile driven by a third man. • S Red Planes Seen Over North China KONG KONG, April 1. (AP) — Soviet air crews have been flyin patrols over North Qhina sea route four clays, American shipping rep resentatives radioed yesterday. The reports from North Chin said the Eussian aircraft were pa trol planes or bombers, possibl Ilyu shins. (Jane's aircraft lists the Ilyusht us a four-Jet bomber armed wit 20 mm. cannon and heavy machine guns.) The reports were received by Hong Kong shipping agency frot American /shipping 'representative i North China citiess mid a forme American merchant -ship which left Tientsin in the past 48 hours. Opposing Candidates Are Man and Wife MORRISON. Colo,, April. 1. OT— Elmer P. Sims nml his wife. Helen, don't see eye to eye - city politics. So they are running for the town council on opposing tickets. He Is seeking re-election OP. the progressive ticket. Mrs. Sims Is an jidependent. Mrs. Sims doesn't figure she cnn beat her husband because "he's good." She figures, though, she can pick lip one of six plnces. OLD IRONPANTS—Tills robot motorcycle rider stole the show at the Frankfurt, Germany, spring fair The metal creature starts the eniiinc. changes dears, applies the brake at proper limes and turns (he handlebars us ncully as any human. Jusl Ihe thing for exercising your motorbike when you're too busy to do it yourself. Our Telephone Number Shelton Motor Co. Rich Dream Shattered By Cashier's Error TOILEDO, O., April 1. (/n— Ed Shea, Toledo appiinnce dealer, thought he was a millionaire for a few minutes Thursday afternoon. He got a cashier':; check from a Toledo bank through the mall. It was officially countersigned and made out for $1,000,300. Shea had been expecting a $300 check for a discounted bank note. The bank cashier sheepishly explained an error hnd been made— but he couldn't tell how. Pressure Kills Bacteria According to Scientist LA JOLI.A, Calif. (AP)—Bacteria usually die when put for very long in prc.ssure zones much different from their own. says Dr. Claude E. ZoBell of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. He put 83 species of bacteria under pressure up to 9,000 pounds per square inch. None were Injured by a few minutes of such pressures. Nor were they hurt by sudden release of the pressure. But, alter a few hours or days most of them died. On the other hand bacteria taken from the deep sea where pressure is high lived and multiplied under such pressures. Hamilton was First "Philadelphia Lawyer" PHILADELPir \— Ml—The term "Philadelphia lawyer" generally Implies shrewdness arid sharpness of Quaker City attorneys. But Arthur Littleton, chancellor of the Phlla- dclnhla Bar Association, says few people know the term's exact origin. He says It goes to pre-revolutionary war days In 1135 when Alexander Hamilton, a Philadelphia lawyer, successfully defended John Peter Zenger of libel charges In New York City. 7-enRer was a poor printer who published the New York Weekly Journal. He wrote exposes of New York's graft-ridden administration and incited the ire of the governor. Most New York attorneys, fearing disbarment, refused to defend Zenger. So Hamilton—America's first secretary of the treasury—was hired to defend the printer. "Without a shred of law with him," Littleton says, "Hamilton carried on one of the most magnificent defenses ever conducted before a Jury." And In earning acquittal for Zengcr. Hamilton earned nn enduring tribute to the sagacity of the Philadelphia lawyer. K'tocky No. 31 Fescoe : Pasture Mixtures, Alfalfa, SEED CORN State Certified COTTON SEED and SOYBEANS BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. 1000 W. Main Phone 0856 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Hesl Prices Kirby Drug Stores IT PAYS YOU To Keep i'rmr Shoes In GOOD REPAIR For Improved Israel Sells Roses TEL. AVIV. Israel — <JF>— Israel's hardy winter roses and other flowers arc finding a fo'relgn market, from the United States and Grent The ministry of agriculture reported | Britain. orders for flowers had been received Initial consignments ready shipped went by air. I S-100 & Dortchsoy 2 We hare a small quantify of these seed beans for sale. Now is the time to have your seed beans recleaned. Our cleaner removes grass and weed seed, assuring you a clean stand of beans. Henderson-Hoover Seed Co. High way 61 South Phone 2860 fn a majority ol cases investigated In several hospitals and clinics, subnormal Kidney function was improved, Bladder pain and discomfort reduced atler the use of Mountain Valley Water. 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