The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 11, 1925 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 11, 1925
Page 10
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PACK TEN. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, SATURDAY. APRIL 11,'1925. MIDI • UOV. iif'l.t 1IUS- ,ANI>—Monday and Tuesday, Colleen .Mooro In the greatest roki <it her Irlnmplmnt racer "So Big" also News I'rosBWoril l-'U'/.zle, W wines. <lay nml Thiirsnhty, Lewis Stone mid Mary Astor In "Inez from Hollywood," N'pws nml Comedy, Friday ami Saturday. Hlchnrd Ulx in "Too Many Klspes" and Xew«, Comedy and 2 nets of Vaudvlllo. M/^-All next week, Kane Grey's "Thundering Herd" with .Tacit Holt. Louis Wilson and Noah Beery. XB—Monday and Tuesday, Edmond Cobb In "At Dovlls Clorge," Wednesday and Thursday, l'ola Negri In "One Arabian Night," Friday and Saturday, Wm. Desmond In "Big Timber." —Monday, Jack Dempsoy In "The Title Holder," Tuesday, "False Trails" with Pete Morrison. Wednesday, "Coyote Fangs" with Jack 1'errlu, Thursday, "The Man From Glengarry," from Ralph Connor's fiunouB story. Frldny, "Idaho" with Mahlon Hamilton. Saturday, "Mover the Train Shall Meet" with Alberta Vaughn. SDMUND COBB NEW WESTERN STAR AT DELUXE A. saw Edmund Cobb western will be shown at the Del.u.xe Theatre on Monday and Tuesday. It la colled "At Devil's Uorsc," ami la one of (be finest Wild West pictures made In a long time. "Two 1'iated Krt," as (bo admirers of tills popular star cull him. One of the foremost "Western" slnrs on the screen today. Ho Is clean cut, six feet two, slim, a wonderful horseman «q<l most daring stunt actor. Bargains In Used Open Cars Duo to the tremendous sale of closed cars which has been brought about through the Introduction of thn coach by many ot tha largo automobile niunnfacturcrers, there will be many fine bargains lu used opeu cars this summer and fall in the opinion of H. H. Heaps of the Superior Motor company, local Oakland dealer. "The bargains, of course, will mainly be amorii,- those makes oF open cars having ii permanent top for which glass enclosures may be purchased as an extra," said Mr. Heaps. "Oakland is among the few ; cars that have permanent top.- on ' open models and for which glass j enclosures may be purchased I through its dealer organization. I "A used open car, equipped with Iglase enclosures, may bo purchased tills spring or early summer at very low cost and ivlll give Its owner all the advantages ot open car service until cold went her. makes It desirable to use It as a closed car." HARLOW BROWN ELECTED TO LANGDON COUNCIL Harlow Urowu. former Hutchinson print simp oivner, now editor of the l.uiiKilon leader, was elected as n councllmnn at the recent city election 'there. Mrs.' KarloW Urown's name was written In for the office of police judge but Miles Clrlffln was elected to that office. THE DAILY RECORD j Wheat Girl To Speak Miss Vartn Watson, the Kansas wheat cli'l. has accept"d an Invitation to fipenk at the State Pharmaceutical convention, to bo held nt. Wichita April '2:'.. :-ho will be Biiost ot honor at the banquet. 'INEZ FROM HOLLYWOOD" t ,w 'i6 5ton« tn€ Ma,ry Astor i»"\nei from'Hollywood/' COLLEEN MOORE IN "SO BIG" First National is offering an innovation In vampires in its new picture. "'11107. From Hollywood," which will be .shown at the Midland Wednesday and Thursday. Aunn Q. N'ilsson plays the role ot », vivid screen Vampire, and she is decidedly blonde. " The story, by Adelit Rogers St. Johns, a former newspaper woman, deals with motion picture life. It gets 'behind the scenes" ot the movies and glimpses unconvention­ al sidelights of film people and their work before the camera. Another innovation introduced here is the appearance ot six tilra celebrities in one scene. Where Anna Q., as Inez, is shown at lunch In her studio dressing room, in walks Wallace Beery. Antonio Moreno. Lloyd Hughes, Ben Lyon and Ford Sterling. Snob it galaxy of movie favorites ! has rarely been seen in one picture j before. ' Blrth«. Mr. ami Mrs. O. D. Huston, .lit West nth fltvuot, boy. April y, at Urace lies- WML Mr. and Mm. a. D. Huston, boy, Aiirtt l l , at llnice hospital; i Mr. and Mrs. Hay W. Alexander, ! :!7 .South Reformatory, daughter, | April 4. I Mr. and Mrs. Clifford I,. Teeter ! IOIRII Ulanrke), i:t East I'tlli street, daughter, April 8, at St. Klleabelh's llOKlllllll. I Man-lace Licenses. David William I'.lsc. legal age. Concordia and Mary Mollsslc Mum, legal ago, ijoaeordlft. J. V. Taylor, !?. Wichita, and Florence Johnson. M. Wlclilin. It. H. Morton, legal age, Hutchinson, I and Mra. K. Wcltur, legal nge, Hutchinson. Building Permits. Charles stroberif, HIS Second east, parage, 52QU. Suits Filed In ofitrlct Court. David K. Lceper v». Martha M. lipoper, divorce. Viola O; Coin vs.- Samuel G. Cole, divorce. Deeds. Frank 0". Maxwell to C. C. Johnson, lots 1 2 bit 3 Junction odd Hutchinson »1,G50. O. 1* Chesbro lo Wylle Hemphill, ri 3ii tt lot « hk I D I) Miller's odd Hutchinson Sl.nt). Feny Claude Uachus to F. M. Dunn, (ruct SEVi 9-iM-iJ ill«o bk CD AbbyvlUo H.OO. Alloa McAlilly to John B. and Anna J. Hodge, tract neo 15-2;l-|i. a. w. Alton! to F. M. Dunn, tract . Mary H. Kelly to Iteno Hrown, W'j 11 all <S Ave K west Hutchinson ji.on. ;SK'.i D-2I-S & tract bk «3 Abbyvlllo ( T. r,. llaj-den to C. K. ICIntr. lots :: S a Mi MallcU's add Hutchinson I Sl.ou. ! I'.alpb W. Handles to Carey Ileal i Fst. & Inv. Co., lot •: bit I McN'ughlcll inv Co 1st add Hutchinson f 1.00. ; ICaii H. Orovefl to Almlrn Van Cam- I pen. lots 15 16 till ; Arlington Heights ' add Hutchinson {1.00. I Susie A. Short to W. C. Henderson. lot 6 bk 7 Crescent Tark 2nd add Hutchinson J1.00. John F. Miller to "Valentine Farncy, S'4 ot SH MV'i s-ia-s $1.00. ! Kttza J. Dtehm to same. N*'* S'A < ywu n-'js-o CIUII-ICM P. Mltler to same, N'i XW!i 3-S3-B St.OO. It. C. Wells et al to O. II. Legg,- lots !l to bk 2 Oreonvtow Heights add Hutchinson Jt.OO. " May A. Tliorton" to '-same, N>,4 N',4 NW'U it.OO. . Valentino Farncy to John Rcbwelzor, S!', HB« 27-2i.» $1.00. Win. Harris to Virgil K. Kmlth, a tract In NF.Vi i0-22-» ji.On. Joseph N. Meyer is; a i <o John Anton Mei-ni- et al. NBVl 21-2H-4 si.oo. Kilnn P. Jlllier to Charles K. Souder, lots 2S 20 bk 1 l.eo's' tBt add llutcb- liison Jl.00. JtcN'aghten Inv. Co. to Suburban Inv, Co,, lot 17 bk 3 McNtighten Inv Co 1st add Hutchinson SI.on. Jesse Langrord Shff. to alerting College; SWU 12-52-9 47.C27.2S. "TOO MANY KISSES" YAGGY and MITCHELL larold linker left Sunday for Osage City. Ho expects to setid fo Mrs, Bukcr'ns soon as ho gets located, Mrs. Glenn Kollliolf and son linvo been sick for tx few days, Infi the grip. Mr. and Mrs. \\\ v. Kollhoff liavo a now baby boy, Mrs. Murray Redburn ot Holslngtoti are caring for mother and babe'. Kznt M'ootlel enme Frldny and Saturday from Wlcliltn, to visit his mother. .Mrs. tra Fravlle. Eler Dukelow taoit nn nnlmnl to tho stock sole in Wichita last week. Bud Cunday dirt Ills chorea while ho was Rone. The M. Y. H.'Home Demonatr'a- tlon club met with Mrs. Frank Brown Tuesday. Mrs. Will Sterling is impboved nt this writing. Quito a number from here attended the program given nt the convention ball Sunday evening. Tho Shnlt2 family aro about all s ck, the sick ones are Hurry Shullz, Mervin, KiHth and A'.,cel. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Shnler entertained with a rook party Wednesday evening; rnose present were: Mr. and Mrs. Karl Cumpbell, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Dwight O'l-lura, Mr. and Mrs. CJlenu Kollhoff, Mrs Harold Baker and .Mrs. Morgan. Delicious refreshments ot ice cream nnd cako were served at a late hour. Uverycne enjoyed j the evening very much. Native Samoaiv To Speak to Students Dr. Wliernhlko Rnwel, the son of n cannibal chieftain of Samoa, who was educated at Oxford, nnd for fifty years has sorvod ns the only practicing physician in American Snmon, will address tho Senior and Hutchinson tourist park-ore'Just about at nn end, C. M. Lymnn copitnls,slonor of flnnnce, stutotl at yesterday's commission meeting that ho belloved a chni'go of 00 rents for tho first night nnd 25 touts tor succeeding nights should be levied against tha tourists. Almost nil tho cities maintaining loitrlsts parks In this nocllou lira either making u charge .or discontinuing litem, Mr. Lyman stated. Tho cost, of keeping tip tho parks is too great to permit trco use of them, ho pointed ottl. ! Sherman Junior high, schools noxl Tuesday afternoon'nnd evening. • This lecture will be th'e final | treat ot the Hutchinson schools ! lyceum course. -He will appear nt • Sherman Tuesday afternoon In the :auditorium and at. Senior High | Tuesday evening. Anyone curious j ; for something different Is Invited ; ! to attend. ' I I Dr. Uawnl lectured at the Liberty j j junior high school AVetJnesdny eve- 1 I nlng ot this week. ! CHARGE TO BE LEVTED I AT THE TOURIST PARK Ktlna Berber's Greatest Xovel (STAirriXG MOM), •IV. MI DlfAN D • Free days and nights at tho, m THE DOMINANT THEATRE Richard. Dix md Fraju^s Howard .In Picture * Too AVa.ny Kisses .•' Colleen Moore /» So Bic^ Colleen Moore, in her greativt j an-hour purring came drifting down picture, "So nig," will give the Midland theatre, patrons her version ot Edna Ferber 's tamous novel Monday nnd Tuesday, In Edna Perber 's novel of the early Dutch settlement ot Chicago, the horso was still the greatest servant of roan. Today steam and electricity, combustion engines and generators, have relegated the horse to the limbs of curiosities. Prom the Joggling seat ot an old creaking farm wagon, bearing a load ot vegetables to market, Colleen Moora looked up as a covey of great, cloth-and-motal "ducks" cams winging overhead. In that second, as the 100-mlle- through the gleaming sunlight to drown the click of the film cameras following Colleen's journey, two centuries—the past and the present—were suddenly linked. Twenty wheeling escort planes, darting like fledglings about three giant mother planes, told the story of the arrival of the around-lho- world filers at the point from which they bad started — San Diego, Calif. And below them Colleen Moore was making her first starring picture lor the First National, an adaptation ot Edna Ferber's colorful novel of the preceding century, "Bo Big." Too Many Kisses," a new Para- mouth, picture starring Richard Dlx and featuring Frances Howard at the head of a strong cast opens Friday at the Midland. It's a ro- matic comedy-drama laid in Now York and the little Spanish .town of Potigny in the Pryeness. The story opens with Dlx, as Robert Uaylord. being sent abroad by his father on the pretense ot searching for some valuable mineral—In reality to keep him away from his own weakness—women. It's a big laugh *hea Dli and his companion arrive lu Potigny during siesta time. It is the custom in this country for the people to take a nop between the hours of twelve and two-thirty o'clock. Wlieu tho siesta bell rings they stop work and doze off wherever they happen to be. This is the scene that greets the star's eyes when ho first arrives. A big scene is the annual masquerade hold on the town's biggest holiday, with ihe star and William Powell rivals for the honor ot dancing tho "farautlole" . (betrothal "HOW BIG IS MY BABY —MY MAN? SO-O-O-0 BIG! TWO DAYS ONLY ZANE GREY'S "THUNDERING HERD" daucei with Frances Howard. The event is an occasion for much colorful romance and rapid-tire action. Other high spots in the picture Includo the scene of Dix's room where be "takes all of Powell's distills because he has promised Yvonne (Miss Howard) not to fight. Then the girl releases him from his promise and a real battle follows. Tho episode In the bandits' cabin In tha mountains where Dlx is carried a prisoner Is another thrilling sequence. And there's a real smash climax when the star escapes and arrives at tho sceno of the masquerade just In time lo encounter Powell making oft with the girl. IRIS Mat. 5c and 10c Evening 10c Tonight—"In the Knicker Time" with Alberta Vaughn. "The Storm Kino," wenprn with Kdmund Cobb. "His First Degree," comedy with Buddy Measenper. Monday—JACK DEMPSEY in "The Title Holder." First run. "Zeb v«. Paprika," comedy with Stan laurel. "O What a Day," comedy with iSi* tiumris. Tuesday—"False Trails" with Pete Morrison. A western HO- tlon comedy drama ot a vendetta that lovo vanquished. "Two After One," comedy. Wednesday—"Coyote Fangs" with, Jack Porrin. A clean anil forceful story of the west. Also a good comedy. Thursday—"Tha Man From ' Glengarry" with PaulJn.: Karon and Anders Randolph, Adapted from ltaJph Connor'ft fatnuua story. "Hats,'' comedy. Friday—"Idaho" with Mahlon Hamilton and Vivian ltk-li. "The Fast Express" with WH- Ham I>uncan. "When Love is Young," comedy. Pathe News. Saturday—"The Shadow of Suspicion" with XJUeen Sedgwick. "Don't Fall," Century comedy. "And Never the Train Shall Meet" with Alberta VanRhn. EDNA FERBER'S GREAT NOVEL For mouths Edna Ferber'B great novel has consistently led all others In book sales! For almost a year "SO BIG" has been on everyone's tongue. And now at last it has been produced in screen form with the delightful— ' SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Owing to the high film rental of securing this attraction extraordinary it is necessary to slightly increase our admission prices as follows: Mat. aSc-Evc. 40c-Kl(l (liCfi lOv. Schedule — 1:15-3:15-5:157:15-0:15. ONDAY AND TUESDAY cT&ob. Holt in ,Z*n.e Greys VTtie History will come lo life In vivid realism Monday at Hie Royal thea- tro wliou there is presented "The Thundering Herd." Paramount picturizutlon ot tho powerful novel nt the Riuno name hy Zano Grey. It will ho slioivn all weelc Those who are fiinillinr with the story know (lint, it Is written urouud the winning of tho west, nnd drills with a. particularly liu- jiorluiit nml violent period of American history--the rush ot the. pioneers In 1876' from (heir farina iu (In- eiihl lo the buffalo field* ot Iho fjr weat. , Lois Wils on. and Noah. Be cry Thundering Herd..' A Patam.ou.nb Picture Nothlm; has been omitted from tho film that would contribute to uu lu-uurato and faithful portrayal of the old west. The hardships and privations of the sturdy pioneers la vividly depleted and the wholesale massacre ot Iho Rreat herds of buffalo Is pictured with Btni 'tlili!,' boldness. The caat was selected with care mid (ho featured players, In par. Ilcular, acquit themselves with considerable distinction. Jael; Holt Jins seldom been seen to bet- beauty and histrionic ability; Noah lloory playa u villainous role iu his usual effective style; and Tlay- mood llallon wins new laurels lu his characterization ot an experienced buffalo hunter, I'lcturoKoers who prefer their film fare season with plenty of thrills will find this screen play much to their liking. The Indian battle fs oue of the tremendously excltliiK highlights in thd picture, and the Kiautpcilo of two thousand feurinnddened buffalo is certain to ter advantage; Lola Wllaou has a! make even I ha most, bluso flim fan part lo which ahe Mugs boll) nit up and lake notice, "We've got the capacity we give you the show." Any Scat lOc T ti! v . Moncray*Tue8day t .' Edmond Cobb, world's champion athletic alar, in "At Devil's Gorae," liiughe. ilirilU and *iunt intlodrama. Buster Keaton in "The Love Nest^v comedy. Wednesday-Thursday: Pola Negri, In "One Arabian Nlght l "jprtental Intrlgua, notion nnd burning romance. Andy Gump Comedy, "A Day of Rest." Frlday-Saturdayr YVtlffam Desmond in "Qla Timber," a thrilling melodrama ot Ufa and love among iho Giant Redwood a. Comedy, "Exit Stranger/ 1 Friday, "The Riddle Rider." HOW BIG? ^DDEO •News, Views [ and Judge's Crossword Puzzle Movies When you leava the theatro it'll ring In your earn and you'll bo asking yourself— "How Big?"—and. you'll ,be thinking ot Selina whom life couldn't down—and of how great Bhe made the Ufo-'tuat was hers to llvo--So many things you'll think about and, maybe, when all is qu,le(; and you're all alone you'll think again and then maybe you'll be saying to yourself—"How Big Am I?" 1

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