The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 23, 1947
Page 3
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!\ FRIDAY, MAY 23, 1947 .<*• —^____ Standardization Of Arms Urged ; President to Renew Advocacy of Plan for Western Hemisphere ; WASHINGTON, May 23. (UP) — Truman soon will ask for the second time to S, participation in a Western Hemisphere anils standardization program, it was revealed today. Mr. Truman's first request for' the legislation, sent to Congrv a year ago, collided with a heavy legislative schedule, and died ^i-.t Saining approval by the House Foreign Aftnli's committee. Authoritative sources said renewal of the request might be a prelude to convening the iutcr- Amcrican conference at Rio de Janeiro to draft a permanent defense treaty for the Western Hemisphere. The state Department disclosed yesterday that Secretary or State George C. Marshall, Secretary of War Robert p. Patterson, and Secretary of Navy James Forrestal had Submitted their recommendations on a new hemispheric arms program lo the white House. Administration olficials Mid the three secretaries asked that the program be transmitted to Congress again. Under the Marshall-Patterson- Forrcstal plan, the United States would join with the 20 other American republics and Canada in .an "Inter-American military cooperation plan." It would include thu training organization, and equipping of the armed forces of all Western Hemisphere nations. Officials of the three departments prc<j|ted Mr. Truman's forthcoming retiafsi. would be blonder than the first jfcpeal of May G. 1D4G. Surplus Wicks or American arm are roughly hair those of a ye; ago. and ' a. larger appropriation would be necessary to implement the program now., There ha s been' doubt in officii-; quarters for some time that nil American nations would welcome tlie program. Some of them for many years have purchased arms from Sweden. Czechoslovakia and other arms-producing countries besides the United States. Mr. Truman's program was expected to provide for the purchase BLYTIIKV1LLB (AKK.)' COUU1EK NEWS When It's DDT Time in Tokyo Tokyo school children take turns before spray suns loaded with DDT powder as health authorities take steps lo check epidemic of lice. Here small hoys, whose heads are shaved according to an age-old custom, light hack sneezes while bnshy-haircd jjirls, usually the worst carriers, get dusted. 46th Typhoid Carrier Added To State's List I/riTLE liOCK. Ark., May 22. UP)—The -I'Jth carrier o( typhoid fi'ver lias boon added to the register in the Stnte Health Department, Dr. A. M. Washljiirn, heart of the Division ol Comnnniicabie Disease Control, rrporlcct yesterday. 'Ho said I IIP man. wlio had typhoid fever several years ago. was revealed as a carrier durhiK u laboratory examination following Ihc illness of his stop-child. Wiislibiirn said that at present two other persons are ill with the fever who visited in the same IIOIIGC befnro the youngster's Illness. 'Meanwhile, the weekly Morbidity Pcpdr* revealed five casos of typhoid in Arkansas lust week, three of them in Joffriv.on county. Thi year's total now i.s 18 comparcc' with 28 Hie .same time year. The report also showed 15 i\ r case s of cancer in the state lust week, brinuinu. the year's total 10 214. There were 85 cases in Arkan ^as the .same period ]:ist year. Pn- Uiski comity led with seven new casc.s. Lnnoke county hail two. rtnd HciUon. Cross, Oai'hincf, Faulkner. IndepriKlcnl, Union .ni'.l Yell reported rjiie each. A tolal of six cases ol Diphtheria '[were reported- two of them .'i> Mississippi County. PAGE THREE Stenographers, Typists Sought for State Jobs Applications for examination for Jobs as typist, stcm>nrapher and telephone operator are now Ijolni! accepted by the Arkansas Merit System omncll, j. M. Cleveland, manager of the Arkansas Stale Employment Service office here, nnnomu'cil today. Closhi 1; || ll(( , (01 . .submission of application* is May 31, Mr. Cleveland .said. Applications may be obtained, ho said, [rom the ASKS office here or by tti'lilui! John I. Honne. .supervisor. Arkansas Merit Syslem Council, MO Itivtor Building. Little Hock Underground Defenses Against Atomic War on Trial in Rockies DENVER, May 23. (UP)—The first of a vast system of underground factories to be developed for protection against supersonic, atomic warfare is being experlmeiil- no w ed svith in the oil-shale mine work- t'ear "8 s of Colorado's Western slope, the Denver Post said yesterday in copyrighted article. A "lilgh government official" lo'.d Uic Post that the experimental workings were beins: developed seven miles west of Rifle, a s part ot "the Army and .Navy plans for protection of strategic plants," WANTED! EXPERIENCED Shoe Salesman also fflady-to-Wcar Saleswoman only Those Wifh Experience Need Apply! FAMOUS SHOP 4^ Carurhcrsvillc, Missouri cd elsewhere in the Rocky Mountains for plant purposes." "The official pointed oul~lte 1.000-foot cliff s which rise lo sheer heights above the sloping mountains afford excellent protection against direct bomb attack," the Post's report continued. "He also said' the. high mountainous terrain also offered 'unexcelled' sites for radar protection against attack Irom high-flying missiles and planes." (he Post s aid. The entire system would be pr:)the tectcd in the overall plan by newspaper said. | "elaborate arrangement of stratci;!- "The fust plant in the vast sys- ca u v basc(I airfields from which tern of underground factories will sv ,-ift craft could take off to mc.:l be installed In cavernous oil-shale attack from any direction," the mine workings now being develop-'official was quoted as having said. cd on the Naval reserve seven , At Washington, an Interior Df- milcs West of Rifle, provided ex- parlmciil official said lhat no "uu- perimcnls with mining methods de-l vctop satisfactorily," accordin" to the Post. Th« government oflicial, the Post said, explained that "close attention was being paid to the oil snule development not only for its fuel and lubricant possibilities, bin for development of a mine operation method which may e employ- war plan for extricating oil from shale had been established at Rifle. Parents ot Daughter Mr. ami Mrs. Clnrenc-; Crawford of Luxora are parents of a JauiJili- UT horn Tuesday tnornin,; at Walls Hospital here. She has been named Mary Ihirriclte. Mrs. Ciawliird Is the d.:uahtcr of Mr and Mrs. Sum llowv.i ot l.uxura. Communist Convicted In U. S. Court NANKINO. May 23. tUI'l—A VI. S. army plane evacuated Ihc Avlve-s .., ,.,,,,. ,. | nll(l ''bililron or the American and Thirty-foil:- cases or Malaria were wrlllsli consuls today from ChaiiK- reporled. Columbia County had 20, c """. 'he Manchurlnn capllal be- cases ami Union County five. slee.'d by Chinese Comimmlsl.s. Tnlarcmia cained last week with 1 ' rlll> Army transport took off .for seven cases, rour of which were iul Pol i )in K currying Mrs. Kdinund O. Hoi Sprint County. Other cases! Clnhl). wife of (he American con- were in Arkansas, Griilund uncl '"'• "' c 'r daughter, three American Scvicr Counties. The total number! women consular employes, the wife mid two daughters ot (he UrUlsh consul and some UN UNA employes. Clubh and Ills teen-age son remained In ciiiniKchnn. Communist troops pcnelrnteil within two miles of the city's railroad station hi a pre-dawn attack. Chinese nationalists transport planes parachuted supplies to the defenders. The three American women flown to safely were Man-arc! Dunn, Ar- Icen Moshcr and until Clark. Government reports said Nationalist airborne forces would be mov- Wynne Man is Elected Rotary District Governor HOT SIWNC.S, Ark., May '43. <U1>) — Harold Harris of Wynne. Ark., will lake office as ijovornor of the 138th District of Holarjr Chitxi on July ), following unuoiii.ciMiK'n:. of his election ye.sterday. He succeeds Harold Tluuston ol HI !>•)•• 1'iulo and becomes Ihc prcslde'il lo be named In a ballot conduced by mull, Hotni'latis uatlicrcd hero ycster- iluy heard Tom A. Warren of Hour- nemoiith, Kiijilami. say thai Mio world must rerognl/c the browing solidarity or the peoples of Hie far east and thai these peoples arJ determined lo end (he domination of the white race. Electric Co-Operatives Of Arkansas to Meet LITTLE HOCK. Ark., May 22. (UI'l— K. E. Knrnns of Washington, regional hcnd ot the Applications mid Loan Division of the Buval Klcctrlfieallon Administration, will be the principal speaker when Arkansas' state electric ".oopciatlve members meet hero today. Other speiiktrs will include W. II. Cobb. chief engineer of the Ark- ansus Public Service Commission, and T. j. Htcnvstcr, rato executive of Ihc Arkansas I'owcr and L'eht C'oinpnny. They will discuss new wholesale rates to cooperatives recently put Into effect by A. I', ami L. u. E. Moore or North Little Rock. iiiuiingcr of the First Beetrte Cooperative at jackaorivUJ*. It dent of the state mioci«t>on. River Sand and Gravel Delivered to You Call A. H.Webb Phone /I4 of same period last abbit fever' cases now totals compared with 18 during the year. City is Forced To Economize; Salaries Suffer UTTLE FtOCK ,Ark. May 23. 'UP)—The Pargs and Recreation Commission today is attempting '.o find a nen- site for n proposed Negro I ed lo Changchun shortly lo rein- park in the capital city, following ' lorce the garrison. The city council action last night. i were closely enveloping the city nncl In oilier action the city fathers have captured the main airfield, ordered a 10 per cent reduction In > Refugees from the Changchun the total pay roll ot Little [lock to } area -wer c reported arriving in meet an anticipated deficit. Mukden, further soulh In Manehu- Under the plan department heads rla. The communists also were re- will liave the responsibility of trim- ported threatening Klrln, a coin- mini; the aver-all pay rolls and not iiminlcallons ccnler GO miles Hast, of by cutting individual salaries I Changchun. Livestock Too Late to Classify For Sale .1. Kayinoiiil Kn: "111 imnii-dialrly. He Services Cnrolyi nil.I sii'ri- S-. Mrs. SALESMAM WANTED I'd C. KirVni it Soulh Dun >. I'niiliirti. si mils- Wi. hi ur. lilU Lilly. . Ulil'i-jiill,-. Ark. 512 I ,:k '-' I Personal I,. Kussull. of non-standard military criui|>ment trom other countries and replacing it with American types. Regular Lubrication-•• and a "tightening up" will save For utmost motoring pleasure and moncy-.saviiiji car performance, drive in now for a complete car luhrica- tion. Remember — when I>od£e-Plymouth luhnciuion sfwcialists <lo the jol>, j-ou kxow that it's done right. . , . end let's give the UNDERBODY a thorough going-over) We'll examine spring shackles, U-boIts, shock absorbers, body and fender bolA. and all the other pans thflf-!nii>ht need tightening or replacement. Attention BOW can prevent, repairilaler. Blutheville Motor Co. Dodoc, Plymouth andOoA&Kjyoa- tffft'feff.- li'iick 217 S.SECONO STREET " , PHONE 4- Wrecker Service Gulf Gas Fisk Tires Owned & Operated by Tom A. Little Jr. ST. LOUIS NATIONAL, STOCK- CARDS, May 23. (UP)—Livestock: •Hogs G.OOT; salable fi,530; market nostly 25c higher; spots up 50c. Bulk 1GO to 210 Ibs 23.50 to 21.00; op 24.00. 250 to 210 tbs 22.7.'i lo 323; 130 to ISO Ibs 21.15 to 23.S1;] 00 to 120 Ib pigs 1B.7S to 21.0(1; 70 to 5CO-lb sows. 18.00 to 13.00; j c\v 19.25; lioivier \vnights 17.00 lo 7/75; stags 14.CO to 10.00. j Cattle 1.HC!); salable 630; calves CO, all salable. Generally steady hi n up trade. Loarl average ancl op Boocl li|;ht weight steers; nedium kin(l s aroiinri :!0:oo to 21.UO; ocd hellers mid mixed ycarlinus. 22.00 to 24.CO; medium kinds IB.O'J 19.00; cows. 17.50 to 18.50; coni- non and rondinm beef cows 15.03 o 17.01; canucis and cutters, 10.73 o 14.50. Camcl-halr brushes are not made oi camel's hair. They arc so-called because they first \vere manu- ncturctl by a man named Cumc. 1 ]. SPECIAL! FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY Washed, Rinsed 3 Times And Damp Dried One Large Throw Rug: One Large Blanket 1 Chenille Bedspread 25< THE WASHERETTE SELF-SERVICE, AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY Crosstown s Main at Division 2 small AT DREIFUS GREATER VALUE Charge It 1.25 Wcckl; The diamond she's always dreamed about now can be liers. Select Ihc thrilling diamond she'll cherish forever os the symbol of your devotion, from our large slocks of gorgeous, sparkling diamonds . . . solitaires and lovely dirclles... magnificently mounted for enduring beauty. Truly, you'll fini! Ihese the most exquisite diamonds Q5 ' n town. OPEN AN ACCOUNT USE YOUR CREDIT It's the easy way fo buy oil your fine [ewelry. Arrange convenient terms lo suit Yourself. . . take up to a year to pay. No Interest—No Carry ing Charge 159.50 ,j Open an Account! HETFTJS GENERAL @ ELECTRIC DISPOSALL JUST SCRAPE IT DOWN THE DRAIN ~ The electrically operated Disposal! shreds nil food waste—including bones—into fine particles, which arc carried down the drain and out ief die house— immediately. Your sink is always clean! NO MORE GARBAGE 1'lierc arc no garbage containers or garlingc odors in trie I)isjws»ll equipped kitchen. The food v/ustc is gone before it can spoil, Hubbard & Hoke Appliance Co. Your G.E, Store in Blythcvillc •ODD. FA-»M MCPOM1I. $124.50 * Prlf* the LAST WORD in DEEP FREEZE UNITS By General Electric 140 Ib. Capacity 4 Cu. Ft. Dimension Enamel Finish Fine finality, '! inch, genuine Spun Glass insulation gives better service, cuts down cost of operation Heaull Cully finished model comes complete with new noiseless General Electric compressor. See it today! Immediate Delivery Sec Us For Your Commercial Refrigeration Needs \Vu now have on display GKNEUAl- K1.ECT1UG COMI'UHSSOKS. PUFFKU-IIiJBBAKD UEFK1GKR- ATOUS and UNITED 1JKVEUAGE COOLERS. These represent the top lines of the market today. HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE CO. Your G.E. Store in Blytheville

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