Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 12, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 12, 1896
Page 8
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Si^^ ^^^^^ Nomination of W. T. Wilson SHIRT WAISTS, =:-:- AT CUT PRICES. Ladies'Waists Made of Dimities, Lawns, Percales, ftadras, Grass Linens. Persians, Etc. Etc. In all Beautiful Colors and made In the Latest Styles—Perfect Fitting with Separate Collars. Not One worth less than $1.75. Our Special Price for this Week Golden Rule, SCHMITT & HEINLY/ Don,t Put Your Foot in It, Unless It is right in Style, Price aud Quality. Our goods are built to ' wear—Up-to-Dato iu. Style; and as- to prices, well hero are a few: ; Men's flno calC, hand-sewed, razor toe $2.4S Men's Russian calf, hand-sewed, was $4, now 2.9S Item's wide toe, Lace aud Congress, cures corns 1.98 Ladies' tnu Oxfords, razor toe '.. 1.08 Ladles' razor toe tan -Lace 1.70 Ladies' Dongola kkl button, hand-sowed • • 1-T9 Men's working shoes, Laee or Congress, whole stock '.. .98 We have lots more. Come and* save money. E. M. Walden & Co. 315 Fourth Street. THE NATIONAL CONVENTION. Facts in Connection With'- Admittance—Seven Hundred)); ' Door keepers. S UMMER CELECT O Straws That Show Which Way the Wind Blows S'how that It must have 'blown a tie- incnclous gate, towards' Fisher's,'-for . they have straws of all the new shapes and sizes,-straws in straw color and ttuy other color yon' wish piled oil their shelves ami waiting to be called, "the last straw" in the'newest style bought at Fisher's by every pleased resident of LogaVsport • Light Derby's,, light nobby 'straw hats and. Jaunty handsome bicycle caps are wliat -we liave'a big run on now. nORRIS FISHER - N THE HATTER. WHEEL TALK. Though he punctured his tire twice, G. H. Broadbeut brought down the Australian 100 mile road- record to 5:4r>:00. breaking the Australian record nineteen minutes. The American record Is 4:40:00,' held, by A. B. McDonnel, of Toledo. World's record Is 4:21:45 held by A. E. Walters of England. Pocket Kodaks at the Burgman Cycle Co. No tnndem runs hard with one's, best girl on the front seat The Fleetvplng for ladles. There are more of these wheels used In this city than all other makes of wheels. Love and toll-gate keepers differ somewhat. Love never asks for pny In advance. " Have your blcyde Insured against theft. Burgman Cycle Co.,-will do It. WAS KNOWN HERE. Now Coptic Courier: T.he funeral of Mrs. Eanma MdUlkan. wife of Eli A. MIElkan of Hartford City, occurred at • the home of 'her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Rogers, at 3:30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, the body baring been brought here Monday evening. • Tho weiather was stonmy, yet there was a good .sized attendance of fnlends. The . aorviees w.ere conducted by tlie Rev. H, J. Norris, and were very impressive. A delegation of about twenty members of the Rathbone Sisters of Hartford Clity were present and conducted tbe beautiful services of the order In n most impressive;,. mnioier.- The ..n-ged . parents, the : bereaved "husband and a daughter, the, slstems and brothers of the 'deonsed 'have the sympathy of the whole oammnnlty. 'The deceased was a sister of Mrs. Chas. Bundy of Seventeentli street. . Shoes always-tho. cheapest at Stevea son & Kllnslck't).' TAKE NOTICE. Capt. .7. H. .Honey, '< who:-was. a- doorkeeper at the Na*:unal.Republlcan-,-con : veuiimvof ISS-i, . hucl wild -has.' toeen named from this 'district.asa-doiJr-keep- er at the. St. 'Louis convention;;.gives some iiTtei-est.i \ig • ; facts .In.." connection, wittr'the management :of-the-.que3itio'n oC admittance. He says:, •"Heretofore in National .'Republican- coiive.n1.i6ns all. doors and •. •entrances have been ' t'h'mugi) j halls -or;! entrance ways, making nil outer antl inner, dcor, with from'six 'to eight door-keepers at. ciicli door, -ivi th one man- In -charge' who - sett-lea all disputes!.'If .he-can. .If not, he wmdui-ts Uill pa'ir.tiies -to rtihe ^proper authorities,'. where ' suchi matters .arc promptly disposed of- There- are. usu- ally'two pass words; one'for-the-outer-, aiid 6110 foi' the lau-or! door, the posses-, slon of'both 'of wiilclr 1» -Just us necessary, as Hie 'possession of a ticket. T'liusc "can -duly 'fib '.Obtained '.from the;, proper •iiutihorlUSs,'.and:- cannot under inny circumstances, be- communicated CONVENTION Speeches by Statesman Stutes- •4v..,-':?maii, His Successor, and (•f^;':';•• ''•• ''"'Others. 1-Tlie"''i''Republicans -of Cass and •Mlann v ;.. ; 7;c,o'unties met . In joint con- ^eiitlp.n^-osterday afternoon In the iiewY'i'Oiirt'-'' 1 room 1 at. the court hquge$r£or the purpose of selecting a .Toint-1-Jfej.ireseutativo. In accordance with the ;!ici»red custom, tho .nominee was conceited' to Cass county, Miami having luta the last Representative. The Hon. William T, Wilson was chosen unanimously and the selection was approved by every delegate present The convention was called to order '"Kh'ortiy nftei-'l o'clock'by County Chairman rmvell. Rev. Reed, one of the: delegates from Miami county, invoked •Divine blessings on the convention aud on. the nominee. 'The Hon. James F. .iS'.utc'smaii, of Peru, wns selected pci- .luancut chali'tuan and was greeted with a ..round of. applause as be' took charge of the convention. He said, in part: " "Mr. Chairman, and gentlemen, of the "convention: I thank you for-thc honor you have conferred upon me, for such I .regard it, iu selecting me as your permanent chairman. I feel it an honor to be, called upon to preside over a Republican convention of any kind. The Issues of this campaign are' not yet made up, but they are foreshadowed. As a nation.we are in a precarious condition and hi dire peril. The people are looking to the West for.the savior of the'Infant industries of the.'country, He will be chosen next" Wednesday at St. Louis, and I predict by acclamation FOURTH STREET HARRY FRANK'S Great Closing Out Sale FOURTIf STREET and Chalu. by .a door-keoi>er,''h'euce.admission cannot. bt\obtixmed"'tliiv>ugh friendship or acqnajmtjmce with a.ny-one dwgle doorkeeper. .There have been printed for- Hie St. Louis convdhltlpn.'tickets Cor the- ad-mission' of 1,',000'people por day for a five days' convention of '• three- 'Scs- slous each .. day. -Tills means - : , -73,00 rickets aud 225,000 .coupons,:to ..hand which, and the -poisons 'admitted, o them, ftn army at' 700 doorkeepers an ushers have been appolnted^nud- wl be stationed aud properly designate by. badges. These have- the strictest o orders issued to thoin by GoL'Tlmoth, E. Byrnes;.the serg'eaiiit-iit-arms^-and n one iiofho-ldiimg :t ticket can-oriwill t admitted e^(Ap.t'''iipoiii application 1 t The Free Distribution of this Watch. Col. Byrncs'sfofiiw} hud -then only on th scnititloii of j the shpng-est"kiud.o -evidence tJiat the 1 appHcaiut Is entltlei to adittl'ssl'twi!- ,.TWe prluting- of tickets •for a five days'•'-session docs not ueces sai-Hy ludlcait'c tbat'the convention, wil remain lii -session for 'that length, of .tiiine^.'-'TJuiless coraplicatlons arise ove: the'a''aoptlon of a'pfntform 1 there is.noth ing now in eiglit to hold the/convention togeth'er later thaoi Friday.• -The'work of ; -Tuesday' will necessarily. ..consist < in tho .'O^js-anizatloii- of'tiie convention Wednesday wllf'all-lie,taken:up In- the adoption of/the platform and-'Thua'sday will, be -devoted' to 'the nomination,of some man for president, and will : be the nolscst.ilay f.-ver wltn'essed:in St.'Louis, • Aftor resting Tbursdnyi .'night lt:'.wlll be a short job on Frtdny:.to;'nominate a candidate-for vice'"president-and.'(id Journ. 't'pon tbe worklafflihis.iconven- tlon and the electloh'oiE.ithe'.tlcketi'illiere phiced in nomination depends- : ihe happiness and' business prosperity, offit 'United States for the-'next :four :J years, and possibly ..for' thc. : 'nejct,-quarter; of; a century," .'-. •' •••' ; ' 29,96. Bear In mind It's not a Toy but an accurate Time piece and Is Glvea Away Absolutely Free The WATCH With Suit. The CHAIN With Shoes. Either Men's, .Boy's or Children's. Otto Krau5 "Of Course" A WHITE PELICAN... State Geologist BlatcMey has contributed 'to the State museum' the 'finest specimen of a white pelliean ever found - Indiana. It.te pure white and measures five feet. from tip .to -tip, while Its great beak Is fifteen' Inches' long. . Tne v )lrd was caiptured' at Atttea, April 20, tvhlle- migrating from' the south, to' the' great, lakes. GR VDUATED AT PURpUE Mi Oila IlaiUm of this atv, was one >f the Rradiuntes at Lafayette H<> took B M E , and rend a thesis on ' Loco rnotlvc'Link Motions.'.' ;- '. ' NEWSEAPERiMEN. .-." ' Richmond Item : Tuefeday "a^ special train of seven cars p'a^sed--tlirougli:ithl3 city from. Washingiton CJty:.to.v3t. 'Eouisi It carried 07 ne.wspaperi'men who .will- attend tlie National convention; /and -re 1 port It for various ineijrnpplltan.-panei's'.- Evely man. on board; ..With i-one excep- Jtton, .expressed! the|.be]ji«tf that 'McKln-' ley ivould' be ; 'noonitaitedi. -and that;one m'ia-n ,<?Un^ .to^ej.i^e tb'at'.Mr. Harrl-j son wlil.be tiiie'Qhoi'ce r pf the convention. &t difference of opinion "' Tliere:\vas a . among "'to which port)'. wUl ^in;" whalj 'the, different plat-' forms WJU'bej and so on; .".-.-' ':.-':.'• -:".;'THE' Dc-lphl Joucna (Ddltorla) Mr W T Wilson, ot LogonSiport Js mentioned Jn connection with the jtojntaatlon for Joint' .repTJesentaitlve froin- ..Gass <h.nd llbunl counties Vi Kh- such men In the State Legislature is A t B Martin, of this county f and W T WflsoU of Oaas county, the people of Indiana will have no reason to- complain William McKInley of Ohio, (Applause.) The people have spoken, North, South, East and-West, and they have Joined In a demand for McKInley to head the .National ticket, not because he is In favor of a siujrle. gold standard or is a free silver advocate, but because he stands 'before the Amaricau people today as tlie exponent of protection to American Industry and American labor. During the 1 administration of that greatest of Americans, Benjamin Harrison '.jqheers and appla-use), you heard 1 no. complaint- of a scarcity o-f money; the, financial question did not affect us. 'Every-dollar in circulation was good and no one questioned It. Make no mistake, the issue this year will be that of i protection. In 'tills, campaign the protection of American " industry and American labor, is the issue that is paramount, although'.the Republican party •will' declare itself a 11 the financial question in terms sutliclently strong as to not be .misunderstood by anyone, and I tell you the plank of tho National convention win be substantially the same as that adopted by the Republican S'tate convention 'recently, -held-at Iiidlaua- i I)olls...,!GeutIeuieu,I thank you." Frederick Landls was unanimously selected secre'tary of the convention, and.nominations for Joint-Representative were, called for. G. W. Walters no'miuated William T. Wilson In a neat speech, and the Hou. W. C. Bailey of, Peru seconded the nomination, saying: "I liave had tlie pleasure of. listening to your 'Bill,' and he gets the meat o.ut o-f the cocoanut. On behalf of Miami county, I'secoud the nomination; and move that it be made unanimous." The motion was "carried with-a shout aud the nominee'was eiscorted to the speaker's desk wliere lie made acceptance of. the honor In a short speech, In which he outlined tlie work which would be expected of the , next .legislature, and pledged himself to use his best endeavors for the election, not only of himself, but of tlie whole ticket. John. F. .Barlow, candidate for prosecutor of Miami county, A, L, Lawshe, editor of the : Converse Journal and delegate .from, the Eleventh) Congressional district ,to the National. Republican con- yentlon, Q. A. Myers, and others spoke jriefly, and the convention adjourned. Still Continues! Our remarkable low prices* are a blessing these hard times. All this week we could not begin to wait on the people as they knew where they could get $2. With of Goods For $1. Cash! Economical Buyers Will Need no Urging to Attend This Marvelous Sale. SEEING IS BELIEYING! Complete base ball outfit gratis with boys' and Children's suits. HARRY, FRANK 3i30Fourth Street. Mrs. Catharine Striugham, who is in the business of beautifying complexions by a process of treatment with '.electrical appliances,- massage, etc., etc. Nebro and M3ss Pofinger met in some distant town and, to use the expressive term, "the stuff was off." 'Twas a case of Jove at first sight on 'the gentleman's part, and he endeavored to impart some such reeling to the lady.', Here Is where the romantic part of the story comes in. Nebro claims that, when Miss Pofinger is out from under the Influence of Mi's. Stringham, she is a different woman and he has reason to believe that the spark of affection has kindled Into a 1 blaze and that Mils blaze bums cheerily on. the altar of his love. Whenever Mrs. Stringham is near, however, the scene changes and Miss Poflcger rejects his advances. In'other words, he claims that MI-S. Sbringham exercises hypnotic Influences oven- the object of his adoration, and prevents her from following her inclinations. 'Mrs. Stringb:]m said to a reporter for The Journal hist evening that Nebro's claim that she had hypnotized Miss Pofinger was nonsense, or words to that effect. She says that • Nebro has annoyed Miss Poflnger-with, unwelcome attentions for some time, aud has followed her about-from city to city. The latter, has been here about two months, coming us the agent of Sirs. Striugham. She established the agency for the conduct of the business here, ;and Sirs. Stringhnm came along a month later. She added 'that Ne-bro had, on June 8, met Miss' ; Pofiuger on Twelfth street •and had threatened her with violence of an unexplained nature, if she would not consent to marry hta> or receive his attentions. CYCLONE COMING. EVERY ONE IS REQUESTED TO LOOK OUT FOR THE .-.-•' . COMING CYCLONE. •WE HAVE ARRANGED TO HAVE ONE STRIKE THIS SPACE NEXT WEEK. If you don't remdtnber who this space -.'• belongs to just kindly look up an old'-'? paper and see whose advertisement al ways occupies It. r;;<NEBRO WAS ACQUITTED. A Curious Story Brought Out in Justice Walter's Court. The case against" Charles Nebro, a )arber employed at Joseph Haworth.'s shop -on" Twelfth' street, who was harged with provoking an assault by Hiss; Ada: Ppflnger; had; a trial In'Jiis- ilce' Waltdrs's court yesterday morning iiid "'"Nebro wend acquit, ' the mag^sttate 1 ' deciding, ' after • hearing he .evidence that he was 1 not . INDIANAPOLIS XXP RETURN 51.00. The Lake Erie will sell round trip tickets to Indianapolis Sunday, June 14, for $1.50. The first, train, leaves Peril at 2 a. m. and the second .train at 7:10 a. m. Returning the special train will leave Indianapolis at 8 p. m. This rate Is made on account of Lutheran Orphans' Home, Indianapolis, and everybody should take advantage of It. ,T. J. SKINNER, Tteket Agent. GARMENTS FOR THE NEEDY. The sewing circle of the Ladles of the G. A. R. met Wednesday at the home of Mrs! John E.' Qulnn of the Southelde, and about twenty-five garments .were mad* to be distributed among tlie families of the needy soldiers. . /as;' charged. The main acte;Ih the ease are substantially as tated;.iirTlie Journal, of yesterday moVriiing;, Nebro, It'.seems, 'has been ac- rialnted- ! witji the: woman 'for '•-. some Ime, and there Is an admitted attachment, on one side at least * From the story told to the Court yes erday ;it seems that Nebro, .'. who Is. ordering on twchscore years and has ess hair on the top of his head than jnee adorned It, Is an admirer of Miss >oflnger The latter is employed by DEATH OF HERMAN FUNK. . Herman A. Funk died at -his residence In Upton township Wednesday evening of hemorrhage of the lungs. He leaves six children. He was a -member of the Knights of.Honor and carried ?2,000 life insurance In that order. To The Ladies This, is tine- eeaeoa of tbe year when. the unpleasant but necessary work of- house-cleantog claims the attention of the housekeeper and not a little d». N pends on the appearance of your law curtains aa poorly. done-OpcurtalniBpoll the'effect, of a well-furnished home quicker than anything else. We hav* experienced help In this class of work, who 3o nothing else and w« fcaow w« can give you perfect satisfaction. We axe also making a specialty this year of laundering shirt waists, behig th*only firm in the city using machinery exclusively for the purpose. We win appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. FRACTURED AN ARM. A slxteen-yeai^old lad, giving his name "as Harry Lucas, . home at Cr»w- JtordsvJUe, stepped from the East approach' of .the Market street bridge Into a .hole-Wednesday evening and sus- talnfed a serious fracture of the loft knee. Trustee Johnson paid his fare ;home yesterday. .Slippers,: SOc.—Stevenson & KJiasiek. THE] FIRST NATIONAL BANK • - . • -OF- - •- ' LOGANSPORT, . . mOIANA. < C APIT All I «25O,OOO. A. J. Murdock, Pros. W. W. ROM, J. F. Brookmeyor, AnL Cuhi. DIBXCTOB8: «. B. Bice, i, J. MotdOCI, 9,-F. YanOs, W H. Brlnchntit DranU mil F H H&rwood. , T. WUion fc Banking fn ai; Its DcparbnenU promptly^ 'v and carefully done. ^jJj J* Safety to Cu>tom«n and Stockholding ' •ought for. , Btronc BM«TV« Fund m«int*tn«d.

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