Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 10, 1935 · Page 1
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 1

Oakland, California
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Sunday, March 10, 1935
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WIREPHOTO—TRIBUNE EXCLUSIVE—TODAY'S PICTURES WITH TODAY'S NEWS WE DO OUK PART Weather Oakland anil Vicinity— Clear, slightly wanner Sunday; frosts, freezing temperature in morning: .Monday fair, north wind ([Tribune VOL. CXXII-THREE CENTS-SUNDAY TEN CENTS OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA. SUNDAY. MARCH 10, 1935 B Hi I'AGKS-1',U;KS A-l TO 11 NO. 69 «fiMDllKDRIFT! German Actress to Wed Goering, Adolph Hitler's Man of Many Uniforms Prospector Sure 11 m 1> s to Exposure After Losing Snmv.shoes During Storm Fn>;ik Storm CHUT.- Peaks jXear Bay Area \Vilh Snow! A> Frn.-l. Sun Kt»ij!ii Horr MARYSV1LLE. Cal.. March 9.— ! flj.p)—Trapped in a deep snowdrift after he lost one of his snowshoes, : 'Arthur Gersl. 32. gold prospector of Antioch, California, died of exprw- Vre shortly after being rescued early today. Gerst was caught in nine feet of snow while hiking to his cabin on Slate Creek, eight miles from Strawberry Valley. He spent the night attempting to extricate himself from tho deep drifts. Miners living nearby heard his cries for help but attributed them to the howling of coyote?. He was found this morning and taken lo the cabin of Ed Mngmder, where he died. Coroner J. I'. Sullivan said he would he unable to bring the body out until the five- foot fall of snow in the past two days had hardened sufficiently to permit travel to the cabin. Winter Sports A\vait Throng in Local Mills Fresh snow was piled upon the » peaks of higher ridges of the coast range in Northern California yesterday afternoon by "freak storms" between periods of sunshine. Although rnin foil on Mt. Diablo, snow still covered the peak last night. Snow also on Ml. Hamilton. and on the Santa Lucia Range, in Kings County. The snowfall caused the closing of the Mt. Hamilton Road, ty avert possible automobile mishaps, it was announced. Meanwhile, a surcease in stormy weather, but 'an increase in frost, was predicted by T. Jl. Floor!. Gov. eminent weather observer, in the wake of recent storms which have Hlswcpt the Slate. v ' Reed forsces no rains but said the weather,would continue to be frosty. Continued snow fall was anticipated in various parts of the bay region during the week-end as a result of this predication. Snow sports enthusiasts were preparing their equipment for 48 hours of sport in.the local hills. These sports were expected to take place in the Tjivermore Hill?, in the Nilcs Canyon Hills, Mt. Hamilton, Mt. Tamalpais, and in other parts of the Coafat Hange. Britain, U. S. Map Joint China Loan LONDON, March !).—(U.R)—Great Britain and the United Slates may jointly grant China a big loan if Japan declines to join in an international credit tn the Chinese, it was learned in authoritative quarters today. Tlie loan, as a condition of which China is reported to be ready to abandon her century-old silver standard, has been cftimatc Jn ?omc quarters at $100,000,000, Uon-ili Play in Field Also llil !»y "Hi'iitls of Three (! a I i f <t r n i ;i niiivt'i>ili<v Nil Plan 1 nil I iatujnis fur (liiarh \Vlin (>|»rnl\ Solicit- Atlilrh 1 .-, I- riliniiilinii ConuiKHKlYr Tells Prohers ."16 (InmimiuUu Work in irkers in l.o it ill s Guns, Bombs Rage in Cuba As Strikers Evade Army .Military Reserves Organized As Dictatorial Power Is Assumed bv Government IIAVANA, March !).—(U.R>—The Government of Prfsidrnt Mcudi- eta tonight declared a slate of I (iharju'.i Are BKHKEl.KY. Mnidi 0.- An ulii-| ! matum for "Henn" athletics free j I from Ihr- tain! of subornation and! [ rouph piny was issuer! today by the' j presidents of California's Mirer , 1 ir.i;esi miivei-silics There is no place on thrir rollout; t i inpuses for the coach who openly solicits material for his foam, was the assertion in n joint statement I'-'iu'd by Dr. Robert Gordon Snrou! representing the University of Califnrnin: Dr. Tinfus von KloinSmid. University of Southern California. :md Dr. Ray Lyman WMbur. Stcm- fonl University Faculty, studonfx. alumni and (lie ^t-neral public were called upon lo maintain "clean" nlhlctirs on (he three campuses in order that ''unfortunate ;md unnecessary conditions" inn: hi not ensue. Alumni were cantionrd to he "frank and Fraulein Emmi Sonnermann, Prussian slate llicnlcr and film star, who is to marry Herman \Vilhrlm Goering. premier of Prussin. air minister, first cominancler of the Nazi "storm troops" mid leading aid to Hitler in the biter's rise lo power in Germany.— -A.P. plioio ill/I LE10 open" in scrkin^ iithlelic for flush' alma maler. Four "cloma f K <: \\ cio i siii rr- Hy 11O11AKT ('. MONTKK Vnitrrt Press Staff ('orrespomlrnl WASHINGTON. March 11—A sbakeup in all Anu-fican naval yards was viewed ns n distinct possibility timklil after U'slinion.v before a Housi; Navy Affairs sub-committee thai 3fi known "reds" are employed in the Washington Navy Yard. C'lHiimaniler S. A. Clement testified be hdirvrd there are communist party "rolls" or cbaiilers organi-ml in pniclirally every nuvy yard in the iMiimfry. Secretary nf the Navy Cliiude A. SwatiMm said the charges wmild be !:iven •'consideration." lit: intimated that iiiivy .vard L-mplnyees. known lo lie aclivf in spreading communist flnctrinrs might be discharged. NAVY IIKADS ADMIT KKI>S ARK ACTIVK llijih Niivy officials, anximir. to avoid nnythinii rr-yemblinu ;i "rod scare," nc\ i i. i rllu;lL's.> admit led con- ci'in aver the : ul)versi\'c activities •I today b.v the mii-j o r ;i;«jt.ilnrs, both in Navy esUiblish- veTFity heads. They wrn I—Open publication of alhlcth; 2 —Elimination i»f rousli laclJrs on playing fields. 3- Open handling of all .scholarships so tbiit no advantafie.s may be accorded athletes over olln-r students. 4—Sportsmanship in the hlcarh- ers as well as on tin; field. ATIIU'TIC IlI'XATIOXS ON WUOLKSOMK BASIS While athlclic relations of the three universities arc dee In red by the hearts of Ihc institutions to be Eii";i!irmeul <>f Gonring and j Kern County Dairvniiin. Wil'o °» ;i "whok'soinc basis" it was du., i I-, ]'i ,\rti ' »"»•• ' dared in lod;ij''.s formal .stale-men I (.rrnian Actress KrvrnhMl: Of Oqntrlre Arc. \ i.-hins^ rcsilMillfi from n conference Hint Wedding Set for April J J. Murdt 1 were fnimd shot tn ileatli today m BERLIN. March !).—CJ.R)— Herman BAKERSFIELD, Cn Wilhcim Goer-inn, one nf Chancel- | tu.Rl — Lnuip GnrroiT lor Adotph Hitler's best-known aide?, will marry Emmi Sonnemnnn, on actress, on April 11. Goeririf, \vhose titles have included Premier of Prussia. Reichs Minister of Aviation, General of Infantry, commander of (lie famous 'flyinif circus", recently has been seen frequently in the company of the aetress. "Iherr are cert n in tend nicies de-. vein pine, which, unless checked, niislil lend to unfortunate and un- iK'ce.s^iry condition?." First in the list of such conditions Goering was born January 12. 1803, in RoEcnheim, Bar.ivia. He was the first commandor of Hitler's ".storm troops" nnrl !-.«:? been a power in the rise of Nazi strength in Germany. He is a familiar figure at social functions and attracts Hie grratrsl attention at such affairs, brine; known as the "most uniformed" mrnibrr of thr. fjovernmenl. Frniiloin Sonnemnnn is n "Prussian stnto actress". The place and hour nf the wcddin? were" not nn- nounrcd. County dnirymnn, nnd Mrs. -lose- [was _plnccd "undue roughness^ ii phinc Boninn. 35. of Bnkci>fieltl, (l| . |1(!1 . uur spurts m;iy nn automobile parked near the oily f be clean and satisfying In partici- limits. Police said Carronc apparcnlly had shot thf woman llir<m';h thr, heart and Mini committed suicide. The automobile was seen parked it there yesterday after noon, was nol until today, after fiarronf's family became nlarmod at his absence, (hat a f-'i'urrli was made and the bodies were found. A revolver (ay in the car near Garronc's body. The dairyman, owner of two larpr farms, was married and bail three children. Mrs. Him inn's husband was deported to Italy a year jifin f' p;ints and spectators alilcc, the highest standards of sportsman- sbip between contest incr tpains should be maintained at all times" reads the statement. "We favor (he most rijjtt! and persisfenl vifrilanrr and action nn (be part nf all officials in penalizing rou^b play." J3ehavi'>r of Iho.vc a I lend in/*, in- Ici colletiatc rontests in university .stadiums IKIS bonn "tfrylifyintf" as a whole, the si a foment continues. RKST OF CONDUCT IN IlMtACdlCRS URGED "We hope that the ^Indents ami public will mniiifnin as Iii«li a quality of conduct nn thr: bleachers as In the TRIBUNE Today MAGAZINE SECTION « Geraldine Tribune Flower Qnilt Crossword Puzzle Stamp Collector Aunt Elsie Jimmy Dickie Home Mafic MAIN NEWS SECTION Complete News Report Calendar Greater California News Financial News Commodity Markets SPORTS SECTION Sports News 7-A to 9-A CLASSIFIED SECTION" Classified Ads, 1-T to 7-T Shipping COMIC SECTION 12 Full Pa-es SCKEENAND RADIO WEEKLV 16 Pafrcs In Color SOCIETY SECTION Society and Clubs Boy Sronts Radio Schedules Fraterna News Art anc 1 Music Stage and Screen Book Reviews Playground News KNAVK SECTION The Knave ' Automotive News Develnpmen. Editorials DIRECTORY of ADVERTISERS i AlUtm Sprinr* **-* format" *rf Al«mrd« Thntrr *-P Amrrinn Theater 7-S Biatman. j n.,\ BttTtnc Brn-(inr Mar. ±>rc. Bfndfll t Co 6-B Brrcrr. HolHdcc< C'onlcT "-B Broadway Thratcr 1-^ BaickCan 1-B raiudian Pic! Ji'.S. Co". «-A Chevrnlet Motors r>-B Capirrll'i. H. C 3-S Cattanfo. Dr. E. E 5-A Centrnl Theater <- s Clarified Adver- tiilnr J-7-T Contra. Co lit a Laundry ti-A Cnnfc, Thni i Son J*A Cjsiyt '.. M»r. Sec. Dolofr'x Prt mirr School 4-A Dri Ciloria, J 2-A E»»tB»TCinh fl-tt F.I Miridor Hotel 3-S 1'nrmaT '-S Ford Auto 5-B, S-A Firestone Scrrlre Rlorrt 5-B Fnx Grand-Lnkr. Theater 1-S Tot Oakland Thpal^r.. 7-S FnT OrphMim Thratrr, 7-S FrlrdmaTi Co.. S *-B fnlton Thfulrr 7-3 Plant f>. Hnmr Tannin H X. I'rnrrr^ivr Optical A -A ne I-S r Bitrrau C-B U. fir U Montanra Hnuard Xiit Ka'Chfstfr Mfc. Tn .. Kendall-Tho Kunst Rrns.. Lincoln Gar) Mirinnetlrs Studio Marlon ."Mads Ma«on-Mrlti Mrrrick. Inc Mitch f 11 A A Morton A Co Nrlrhhfirhon Thrater* . . Novellr Stud Oakland For Attraction Ptriflr Cm Pa^JmlunU Salon Paramount ' F^rrlriK Hul Pnntiac CATS Prn Fxehani Poil n m Prrrfoiix Mft 'r«.";.".V ii-i* Ifld A'\ mpion J3-A (!-A IP |.P. 1-S fflr Co... «-» (i-H ,|t,tln 7-B ,11 3-A d ... i-s in 4-A im ••• ' -o 1-B rantr 1-A hratcr 7»S l-ln r. fi-A .. Cnmk firr. alt 2-A Rirr. Wm. S P-A RnhT^ 1 Artists Matrrhlv 7-S RoHif V'hMti-r?. ".'.'."."." 7-S San Franchen Rsy Tnll Bridcf fl-A Srhnpldcr. Dr. i;. r... S-A ' Shfpliiril. Pi. M. f ... 'l--\ Simon ir»rcHvar« Co... f,-B >tamn Dirrrtnry MSB. Ser Stair Tlii-.ilcr ... 7-S SnnM-t Mutual Mfe Ins. Co 2-A SAM' fi-S Syndicate Mori. Co... 7-B Sludrhakrr Cars S-B TA n Thr.ilrr "-S Trnih Street Sanitary M.irkel 2-A Tlip Thnma\ 2-A Tobacco Hy-1'roflum Co K-A TriiitprI Auto Sfrvftf .. 3-B IJptiiwu Tl>»tfr 1-S 1,'nitcd Fruit Co 4-A ~Vahrfth.nr.venr 2-S WVftVCr; Chewier N --B \Villlam I'rlihlr Lewis ('n 7-B Windsor, ftfontr "-B Wond. Hill 7-B Wondhurv'^ Farr PoVdpr.. Mai. Frc, Tphiidi Mrnuhln PnlTlechnkCftllfirr... 2-A Conrrrl i-n illegally rnirrin" (tin Unitrd Stales, ivn anlicipale from our conlestinf; ... «. trrunr." if was stated further by the N. Y. Millionaire Is Sued for Bairn LOS ANGELES. March 0. : bends. "We are r-fin.seious f the increasinz: complaints regarding flu methods u. c ccl in the solicitation of —Sam Chesney. New Y'jrk million- nfhlMes for Pacific Const instil aire, rnrne to California to fnjny j lions, including those we repre- thn Winter hor^r racinc, but lie ' ::rnt." Hie statement rends. "If thir 'difficult, problem is lo be handled il must como through Hit cooperative nciifin nf the faculties. Mud on Is and alumni of these institutions The members of the faculty associated with the dcpnrlmcnls of phy- found (he charms of Mrs. Martha Collins, 10, far more intcrei-.liiiH, her husband, Raymond S. Collins. charged in a 5200.000 alirnation of affoclinns Kiiil filerl today. Collins complained that Chesney entertained hi.s wife at the racetrack, hotels and night clubs; caused her to become intoxicated on many occasions, and won her love through gifts and piulusta- lions of his affections. Chesney, according lo C'oHins* attorney, owns real estate in Manhattan and Texas worth more than ss.ooo.ono. d uca t inn classified and particularly the 'coaching xlaff" should have as their primary business (he proper instruction and training of students engaging in athletics." The thrrr rnllopr. presidents place themselves as "heartily acrreirtf,'" with provisions of the Par if id Coast Conference of I)r- rember, lO-l.t, which prnvr til 'Stomach Girl' May (r . , D 9 r , n TT TJ/VL- in ri (Continued on Page 2, Col. Be Up Within 10 Days nls ashore and a! sea. ivilieF. officials said. Miough to ctinslilulc a griuiinc brent to discipline and the Navy 'Mablishmctits. mil alsu art: vc--y lifficult lo prove in a court of lav.. In Miinr cases saliolaRr, is feared in Navy yards where new ships an- under nnistrudion, or ships are umlergoiiiK repairs. Navy officials declined to state the. basis tif IliL'sr ft-ars. Thr.y added, however, that they had sufficient information cmim-nhij; zmunmnihl activities in the Navy yards to make thr fears well grounded. Althnngh indicating Ihcy favored li:--misi:al of any civilian employees if the Navy found guilty o,' coin ttii- fare of violent demonstrations attrndhi^ thr revolutionary strike again tin- government. Hy l.AWIM-NCi: S. HAAS ' FVA\' l ANA!Mnrch l O P ---iU.R'---DPSpilr riiiid military c n n 1 r o I which amounted to martial law. scattered phootinK and bombincs kept Havana n turmoil tonight as the revolutiun- iry strike spread. A dozen bombs wrrr exploded, injuring' three persons and ruus- ini; police (n clear the streets. Forty blocks of (he Malci'on »is- trk-l were plunged into darkness when terrorists cut an elm-trie trunk line. flun fire was heard in almost every area and HP the situation became more iense, the Ciiivuniineiit issued pruclamniions banning all Sunday carnival celebrations. KKSKKVES PLACED UNDKR ARMY ORDERS Tlie Mend tain-Katistii regime, .suspending' all ronstitntional law. placed all or^ani/.ed army reserves under military ROVi-rnors eom- iniiudin^ Ihc istand'K six. provinces. President Carlos Mcndicta slopped short of a one-man dictatorship, however, and included his Cabinet and Council of State in the enirr- nency setup, lie also sonpht forma- i of nn advisory board of conservative political leaders. REVOLUTIONISTS AIM AT I'KILSIDENT A\. KATLSTA Terrorist violence accompanied spread of the strike movement which was led by students, radical opposition elements and labor groups serktnjv Colntic 1 Mendielas' (ivrrlbrow and the ousting of Colonel FuljfciK'io Batista, cliief of the army. Bumbs exploded in buftes amJ street cars nnd broke store windows ;md n water main. Tlie strike of Artillery Barrage Poured on Foes as Two Armies Line Up for Last Stand; Many Towns Suffer Big Damage From Planes BOMBS RA1NKD ON BATTLE AREA Thousands Mourn China Film Idol's Love Suicide iCoDvrtfTlit, 19115. hy Hip United PrriO ATHENS, March 9.—(UP)—The Government opened a crushing offensive against the Vcnizelist revolutionists today, preparatory to a decisive batilc in Macedonia expected to decide HIP outcome of the civil war aimed at restoring EloulhcM-ios Vcnizclos to power. The opposing armies faced each other across the river Slruma in Macedonia along a front of 12 to 15 miles long in the snow-clogged valley. The battle, which may be the most decisive in modern Greek history, was expected to reach its height at dawn Sunday. It was reported tonight that seven trains of nrtillcry reinforcements-, had reached the Government troops facing the rebels across the Struma River. From 10:30 a.m. until early afternoon and from fi p. m. to 10 p. in. Saturday smashing artillery and airplane attacks were delivered by ihc .Government forces, the morning bombardment preparing for the attack and the afternoon barrage apparently covering a preliminary drive which forced the rebels to retreat to their previously prepared positions for a last stand. PLANES SENT TO ATTACK VENIZELOS' STRONGHOLD The Government fleet, headed by the reconditioned battleship Kilkis, formerly the U. S. S. Mississippi, meanwhile sailed from Piraeus, port of Athens, for an undisclosed destination,' and airplanes were sent to attack Crete, stronghold of By DON KING (United Press Staff Correspondent) SHANGHAI, March 10. (Sunday) — While thousands of fans who worshipped her great screen beauty mourned in the streets around her home, all Shanghai talked today of the tragic end of Yuan Ling-Yu, ill- fated cinema heroine. Yuan Ling-Yu died as her star was in the ascendancy on all of the movie screens in China. She swallowed a fatal dose of sleeping potion was about to face in the a cold recital of marital ist aclivitirs of n scdili«-us nn- ture. Navy officials snid lbc\ wished to move cautiously to avnirt | UK ammimitinn to sus);ected hy summarily dischfir.L'iim employees who mifihl be merely "purlnr pinks." NAVY TimEATKNF.I) ISY RADICAL DOCTKINKS "There i.s a lot of difference bc- Iwrcn a man who merely h;is> 'pink' red' ideas and une who ot'trnnU; lo put those ideas into predict: through bis actions, or actively irrads seditious doL-liiiics." one h'iKh nnvjil official staled. "Wr-_rto not wish to yive the communist 1 : MicniKclves, or the country at, l;irj;c, an idea Hint we are a lot of nlnnn- f:i down liere b.v nppenrin?: to In: stampeded by parlor talk. IJut we dti bcliuvo there is :i dcfimio nl- tcnipt aroiit tn affect Lh»: efficiency nf the Navy through ^'.lovL-rsive nc- fivities and Hie spread of subveivivc doctrines. When wr have our information definitely established we will move—and swiftly." Rnlh the Army and Nnvy are solidly supporting the bill of Repi-n- r-r-ntfit'ivp- -John \V. McCnrmack (Dem.. Mass.). which wnuld innko it unlawful for any person nr prr Govenmirnl employees was pom- plctc in the provinces Ih«; ilitary or naval Jobless Lay Siege To SERA Quarters GLENDAI..K. Mnrrh 0. (UB — fty uncinplnyr-rl Inirl Feiiin In the Glr-ndnle SERA he:Kl(|uar(cr« today with an ultimatum Hint they would not rli.spcrsn until food nnd clothing wore issuefl thorn. Miss Myrnn Brnce. district SKUA director, countered with n rrrila! of rcuul.it inns which forbid issuance of supplies without invest Sen Jinn and dcclnrcd .she nnd her staff would stay as Ion;: as the unemployed. The Krnup clinrncterixcd itself as a rommifU'e of Ihn I'ublir Works and Uncinploymont I.oa^U' Police wore called to watch the ;Tonp. nlthouqh there was violence. FALL RIVER. Ma^.. Mnrcli 9.-- IU.P)—Alyro .fane McHcnry, 10-yrar- old Ornaha t'irl, wiKi<-e upside-flown =tomnch was rorrrcftrd by a delicate operation, may be abie to Cft. mit of bed within 10 rirtys. i) was di?- closrd today. She wns able to out a lunch of minced chicken and rice. Mrs. Leuella McHenry. mother of Alyce, credits the "ma??rrl prayers of tlicj N'alion" with her dnushtor's near- ! De MOSE, 11-year-old son of Clar- miraculouK recovery. Fifteen bun-; once De MO?F, convicted slayer of drerj letter-- and messa^ej. were ro- j ceivod hy Alyce today. Head of Napa State Hospital Stricken NAPA, March !).—Dr. T. H. Slice, medical superintendent of Napa State Hospital nnd one of the foremost scientists in the State, died today at Victory Hospital, where he 'underwent a major operation three week;; nun. He was fifi. Dr. Slice wns bom in Napa County, of pioneer parents,, and was a pradualc of the University of California medical selmol. He formerly served on the Nnpa City Council. •Surviving him nro hifi.wife, Jewel, and two brothers. Wiie Killer's Son Opposes New Trial for His Father By JACK S. MrHOWF.U* (United Press Staff Corrfispnn TURLOCK, Cal.. March !).—Davirl*"puhlicily stunt," and desi?neri to his wife, rtriesn'r want his father j to receive a new Irinl nnd doesn't] care what, happens to him. | David made this clear in a letter lo the Turlock Journal, the newspaper said in a copyrighted story today. Some time ago, the newspaper published a letter to the boy, written by De Moss ys he was about, lo start for San Quontin's death row. The letter told David to be "a Rood boy," mid to lake care of his younger brothers and ?isters. It was this letter that nroused David's ire. In the first plate, he wrote, he didn't receive the letter. In the second place, he declared, the letter was intended his father as a arouse sympathy for the condemned man. "1 don't knrm* what ivas In Hie Irltrr," the buy urnlr, "and I don't rare In know. I thniipht you and your readers should know that Hie letter was not meant fnr me. It was probably meant for publicity and to awaken people's sympathy for linn. II was most likely a pack of lies. "I dnn't care what happens to him as lonf,' as they don't let him mosc, brcause, if they do, lie will try to fiet SOUK; rrviuigc. I liopr they don't (,'ivn him a nrw trial, heruusR if they do, be might be arquiltrd. It was partly David's 1eslimnn> that sent his father fo the death row to awnit execution for the murder of Mrs. De Moss. lis. FYiiuiunul AVliiMi Mcni- Ix'i" Tuinl)!cs During Bath; JNo Delay in Trial Likely SAN JOSE, March !).—Gus Mauer. jne of the jurors whose task it is o decide whether Mrs. Allene Lnm- ;on could have received fatal in- iiiries by falling in n bath tub, slipped and fell in his bath tub oninlil, and broke two ribs. Tin; accident happened in the fotcl Sic. Clnirc, where Mnuer and LI'S fellow jurors in the second mnr- ler trial of David Lamson, charged with slaying hi.s wife, nre bciny loused during the trial. nianrr, as lie was stepping onl oflils tub, slipped and fell heavily, striking; on his side against the, rdfip. A physician HviiiR in the hotel was called, and found that two ribs bad hr.en fractured. Word of Maucr's injury was- at >nct: conveyed fo Jud^c R. R. Syci, ivbo is in charge t»f flic trial. .Indf, r r Syer, after ronferrinp with tlie physician, said he understood that Mailer's Injuries would not be. serious enough to interfere with the progress of the trial. Iwirnsnn, who was saved once Croni the callows hy a Supreme Court reverpnl of the first jury's •crdict of guilty, is basing his defense on the contention Ilia I his wife was killed by striking her head •igninst a wnsh stand after slipping in her bnlh tub. Hitler Hopes to See Simon in Two Weeks RERI.IN. March fl--'U.Rl- R-firon Knnslnntin von Nouralh, foincn minister, w;is icpni'lrd to have lold Sir Eric Pbipps. Britirh Ambnssn- dor. today thai il wnuld tnke Adolf Hitler fwo weeks to recover from his cold and that he hoped after that Sir John Simo.i, British foreign minister, would visit him. Hitler's cold developed just after issue of a British White Paper criticizing German military spirit. Hitler asked .Simon lo postpone indefinitely a visit he wns to have made Thursday. ( ; Manchukuo Troops Drive Out Bandits HARBIN, Manchukuo, March !).— (U.R)—In a sharp battle, Government troops today expelled hnndits from the town of Fcngehong, which the outlaws had captured 24 hours earlier. Tlie bandits, led by Hsieh Wen Tung, wore the most powerful hand still remaining in Manchukuo. They numbered ROD. FciiRchonR is on the lower roach of the Sungarl River 200 kilometers East of Harbin. she courts troubles. And in going to her death, the young Chinese beauty followed the gay path of the heroine she played in her last film role. The heart of Liny-Yu was sad during the .scenes of the final film drama. But true to the actors code. she hid her feelings. She laughed as she portrayed a givl who was vnin. who loved flattery and who flitted from parly to party in quest of pleasure. But as the cameras licked at Ihc studio, Ling-Yu was f limiting of the serious charges nade by her husband, Chang Tamin. ETERNAL TRIANGLE LFD TO TRAGEDY The husband claimed that LinR- Yu's screen beauty had attracted attentions of Tang Chilian, a wealthy tea merchant. Stormy household scenes were many and finally Chang Tamin filed charges involving adultery. On her last night of life, Llnu- Yu attended a j*ay dance. All present remarked upon her radiance and her beauty. Then—when thy parly was over—Linp-Yu swallowed poison, the, fate which bad enmeshed I be carefree jvirl shn had portrayed in her swan soiifi lo Hit: screen. The delicate movie star died and word spread rapidly through narrow Shanghai streets to all parts of the city. Rich and poor, who had classed Linc-Yu as second only fo tin: glamorous "Butterfly" Woo, another Chinese star, gathered near her home lo mourn. MOIWMMJ LIKENED TO THAT I OK VALENTINO They wailed and tore Ihrir clothing. Americans said the demonstration was as intense as that pre- fonled in New York when the body nf Rudolph Valentino, the famous Hollywood star, lay in state years ago. Police were hard pressed to keep bark tho crowds which fought to secure some little souvenir to keep through the years the memory 01 ('ban): Tamin, the accusing husband, was ffrief stricken, For- pivrn wrre his serious charges against lirr as I u knelt and wrpt by lite coffin of Lrnfj-Yu. Tanp Oh if 1.1 n, tlie wealthy merchant named by Chang as his wife's lover, remained silent, his faer a mask to those who saw him. Beautiful I.hiK-Yu will not RO t( rnuil io hear the cliarfies shi dreaded. Instead, one hour afte: thf trial was scheduled to start, she will be buried. Arizona Snow Traps Scores of Autos FLAGSTAFF, Ariz., March 9. — (U.R)—Scores of persons were drivci from their stalled automobiles forced to trudge through three fee of snow to Ihc nearest habitation tonight in a blintlinp storm betweei Williams and FlaRstaff, Ariz Dozens of automobiles were drivci off the highway and abandonee HUKO freight trucks which wcr slill able lo plow slowly througl the drifts aided motorists to pus! their stalled machines from thi highway. House Unruly 9 Home Loan Action Held Up WASHINGTON. March !).—(U.R>— Hnablp to control an unruly House the Democratic leadership late to day poslponnd final conslderntio of the Home Owner's Loan Corpora tion bill until next week. Venizelos. Three planes loaded with powerful bombs attacked Candia and Rethynmo, Crete, inflicting- heayy damage and probably causing: many casualties. The planes-bombed and set afire an oil freighter in Candia Harbor Canea, headquarters of Venizelos, was not bombed because of poor visibility, which would have endangered non - combatants. The planes mcrrty dropped leaflets calling on the people lo support the Government. In the Macedonian sector,. Gov- rnment planes occasionally soared ver the rebel fortifications during le lull in combnt late tonight, try- UK la spot artillery and dropping 'ombs. iOVKKNMENT SHELLS •»OUKEI> ON REBELS Government shells and bombl ere poured in rebel barracks and. oncentrntiuns in Eastern Macedonia 11 day, apparently causing considerable damage. General George Condylis, Government c o m m a n d e r-in-chief, an- lounced from his headquarters at Demirhissar, near Salonika, begin- ling of the offensive. The battle map of the general ffensive was expected to be on hree points: A Governmental division would ufih northwards from Salonika to- varris Lake D.oijran, on the Jugo- lavian frontier near Ihc border of Bulgaria, to close the frontier and prevent the escape of rebels. The main Government strength would be concentrated against the rebels in Macedonia and central reece. Another division would advance <;oulhwards lo cut communications 'or supplies to rebel troops and warships. REPORT OF BOMBING RAIL LINE IS DENIED The rebels were reported lo be Bombarding the Athens-Salonika Railway to prevent troops from proceeding to Macedonia. The report was denied officially. Salonika was disturbed by an un^ confirmed report thai a rebel warship had landed fresh rebel forces at Passandra, just across the narrow peninsula from Salonika. Salonika so far was not threatened from the sea, being protected by heavy eoaslal artillery and mines in tho harbor, where traffic is permitted only between 9 a. m. and 5 p. m. Strong Governmental forces were reported to have been sent to Stavros, on the Gulf of Orfani, due east of Salonika, where rebels were rumored to have landed reservists from Crete. Government leaders did not appear particularly disturbed by rebel occupation of islands in the Aegean, —they hold at least Samos. Chios and Mitylene, if not others—but were anxious over Macedonia and Thrace, where the rebels have many modern weapons and equipment seized from the Government's well- cqnipped camps near the Bulgarian frontier. MAJOR ENGAGEMENT AT SEA IS EXPECTED So far there has been no major engagement at sea, but action seemed impending. The Government is r e 1 y I n C strongly on its airplanes, of which, it has 70. The rebels apparently have none. U was reported the Government had arranged to buy five additional bombers. Airplanes were ordered to drop .(Continued on Pt|« J^ Col. LI

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