The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 25, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1946
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 19-10 Theater Erected Here for Negroes Savoy to Have Scats F«r 482 and Prescnf Special Features. A theater for Negroes is ne.nilinj completion ni HOT West Ash, owned by W-Y. L...Moxley. also owner .vi>" Ciicratpr O f Chick Theater hero and several other motion plcuiv? hoUEes: The building, boinf! erected on a lot. purchfisod from Airs. M. Fitzsimmons, is In the Negro section of'the down .town district. To be modern In construction, HID theater will seat . 482 people. Its name is to be Savoy Thea'er. Built, or concrete blocks, the projection booth, of'the bvutdiiiK «'"! licof modern arrangement, there will be r?s't rooms :'or men and \vomen, and a concession department, vhfvc cold drinks, pop corn and ic-? crenrn are to be sold. To have nightly shows ind matinees Saturdays and Sundays, the theater will . feature motion pictures having all-Negro casts, Mr. Moxley isnid. Vaudeville , also will be a t'arl of the" regular program with plans underway to have the Savoy or. tne Negro vaudeville circuit operai- ing out of Memphis. With construction of Ihe building expected to be completed about July Ifi, a. formal opening Is br- ins planned . with several Nc'jro actors nnrt actmses invited l ;1 participate. Whether they will appear at .1 theater of this nominal size, hn 1 ; not been decided. Mr. Moxley snid. Mr.'Moxley also owns Incisors Planned for Newlyweds * I Nv 1 4^1 •'SJ If-'-*:-:- ' fTl>;.-" ' '••'^i = l : Si ih»!'-: < )K ,r.K. i .!#;! ; ffywiif:^ ..•;;• isS? 1 /"* .. . >A>:"J (l - '. . ;•'.•..<..-.••' |Si^ii::-i:t*^!:;ii »-ym T-irr-Tr-iiiir-iMaatrT.m I BATH! IP I BED RM |CL W. 12-2x10-3 |fi ^ Home Decorations Merit Special Study ,i> Architect Puts Emphasis on fe Action is Advocate'.! To Curb Controls By Btirerjucru's Tli r . con ;!li>cll-i!i iri'M-'jiry have In iii< :> Ml|li rii.'r jnl> ol I rn'lIK jl:; imnn 1 «'(,n! rill-ll i'lll (r natiuiiiil oc-.-ji-imv aM'l li-c nu'jiu- i: ', .,,,,, i, • • - |1UJ ' U iiiroiH; -chromatic wilfarc If 11 c; l:i i'!c:ij)i- invn••;;:;• If,. . . <;• nirul i'tvl rc;:lin.'nt::!iri'i l>y llu.' Federal (jovci-nmcnl, Jaiivs H. Motel" rooms wiiero there Is -'15- j quoting emphasis upon mcch'inic : u i uniformity of color, pattern 'iii-t line. ."->»!i' women, seeing slrlklnij de- ,. , ,: ; MMti-.e (frecix in theatre lobbies, . tl( ? 11 "vina conditions aie- so'j:r,i! Ira i-.--iii.-j. holds and other puljliu l)y "" Amcrlm »s today... .and t!-.!- :iU..|!i]H to trnii.splaiit ,-n-h rit 'B llliu ' Army Bives you licit In Into lh-> decoration of tueir g " ucl ™ m!iur « dm\n K pciicelhii- | !I-.",iRV( ['. thr ijrlnc-lple.s of Je(:<.: <li'"{ :-, hotel Ijidroum or a |l:i-ili! lobby an' eniirely illflei^'ii '|'r:,:ii tiiosi- of hoini; dccorntion. 1 )'. ,1111.lul and iivc-iim-sll'iH <.;i!in | jii:: mi nics, ofl.i n an- achieved in t ;i.lii |ilai:t.-.s liy v.-hnt i:i known :i:i dr-.'oral iun. For If', a holcl si'.lint- rcoin may i;h: "i^ a pl'iin blut carui't, with li«ld(>i- bhu>. A dash «i orinf), as in a vasi- uv hi <:r:i]K.-riis. Kd.'n'iind'i. Jr.. pi' <if An:ri-!c:in Jiv.lHuU 1 of Arrhi'i'-'ts , .".,', '"" -t-ile-l I'd iv ' i pr-'drees ;i stnkliiK color hui-inoiiy. ' "We. v.'ill haw,, rmin Mrw.iril l^',',',.,'!. 1 ,! "^ '? "^hn'^^^Ji"^ •Mlh jili,;-,.-; ::! oAV -iv.n which . 'i r! |:l n i. such "Ciriisid I-;oU:r''mi'lhnd'i SISDW Hint tlic Hcvcrmncnl: docs ; of ,| <oration arc dnl>ius last.- 1" not nci.'d t^ in:ilnt:iin 01 esn-iii'i .(.he :iome. which now"are snl'vlnTsi.,,"'"'-'•'" Klm ' l] ' [> '-' m<m ^'» '•»'<"• '>"•fill;. but. v.hii Ii ;d:;o lllllli.'Ci-::sni-||y hold ill': dovi, hy ti'r. rv. Llif uvmclancr.' fif inr; •Jlor.'i. ii nn'<!«i V.-H- thi' cr'iiil.- IIIM «i cliarai-tcr. chn:in and liv- GROUND FLOOR PI.- ilASEMENT SAND This iHltf one-:lory, foiir-rooni cd for lh<; small finnlly that seeks house i-nib'jrtli's ihi: spirit, ol Ihe coairorl, eonvoiiii nee and ease of liviiv;. Tin re. is real charm Hi the cM'.'rior ap[H'nr:inco and nil invit- !n<[ hoiniiH'is. Thi) approach in (he Irnni eiilrancc iilvcs an ah- of seclusion and (hi- larye arched liv- lll» )'oom window adds inalu-vially io tin- ;',--ueral |-lcaslni; effect, 'llic InterrstliM; floor plitn arrnniicmcnt, >vltii tinphnsis on cfjnventcin'c provide:, for living room, kitchen iwo luMli-ioins :uut liath with goinl ly siwd ri'crculion room below j stalls. This home Is one of 'Fifty Homes of Character and iHstuic- tirn." selected by Ihe Home Bnlldc: 1 ;!' As-ioclntion 01 Grcnti'v Cli:vit- land simple, pi-netii-al yd \rry atirac- iivc Amc'rica:; liiinii'. u i ; ; (lc::li;n- for whiles at Reiser. Ti'irri-ll an.l CiaMfonisvllh!'and also serves as piu'ciiasiiur a^eiils fur si-vernl -thri theaters in Morthenr.t Arkaiisis. lie p;!i-eha«<'d (lie chick Thi-.itcr last. Octcjber. For River-Washed an Phone We Also Sell Good Black Sandy Loam and Dirt for Fills LARKBN SERVICE STATSON 219 Easf Main St. '••«. M. I.arkln Hulcn Holmes i mr diicln;; nil -;( niicerlaliilly and confusion." Mr. Edi:iu>r!s siitd. so tiiat more ]n oji!c nn-l bn. r! i!u'.';s ' nnd iioinnninHirs ran nffnrd more ' new bnlldlncs. V.'p ir,-il to drvr-lup i Dine means of ijicv: mint; -> v: •iolein liuctiialions which hive' i^ht c\'C-h"; of fr i n::t and !:un:n^ the Inttnstrv Us workers. V.'o d fo streamline our dvifributl >n ystrm. "To rr<!i;cc co't.'i, ther; should bo nrcntly oxpanric:! iiroi.'.T.m ol r»- Mi-ch and some mean,! ol i- i- nrdlnntliu; research alvcndv con- :il;:L:.' Ul thp Inline. 'Mini ".some- is K<I(I(| . Klusivc hnrc. to deiinc. yd i;ood last v/a"; l.s plainly cviiienl. A roinn ••••'.•I ln!l:« r.slr-iiiRllmi. .such :: i- ti\ I reilcctji s;<::ui last:' is natural , I:; IHL sclf-eons/jions. :i , ; arc "Grand FARM LOANS / Low Intarwt J Long T«na / fmt* Apprmlul J Prompt 8*rrioa J^AY WORTHINGTON Kervinc Tins Section for 21 Yrurs 115 So. Sril, 1'iylheville, Ark. "W--— !ii> IMPROVED <£•• Biai rB • Recent scientific rlcveTop- niPtus mean ([dicker, surer Oeaih lo must lioi::<eh»M in- socts--f lies, mofu)n i loos, roaches, btilbu^s, ileus. ...s ^.itcli.-r. L--3..- .- -- - . CorHTimg iujrifii'J pyrcthtuiu anil pipp-o-iyl c> - c!o!irKrnoii?. Safe- to use :Miywl:crtf. Mosl effective .. - fanft VL-liirl. is '-urt tU-.'itli to in- ei'i'ts ttiril touch it Klfrciivcticss Jnsils lar tnoinlis. [Vc;Jfss bctiljua dcs-tioyjr. OW SALE AT ALL STORES . Tk. P,,.! !„.„.„,. C.-,..,, .1 l^.-i,. Tune in I'rildclllinl l"rnKr:uu p.m. over VVJIVO Asbestos Shingles Give Style and Fire Safety Asbestos cement/ shingles liavt •rain--1 steaciily in popnlnrily lit cuu.'T llis'y arc <;urtii>le and "re j-r-Mt-. In addition to thi'si; inipovhnd: fcaraies. they afford ; c'enniii! !,lia-low line. Tlicy nrc nuMlt In VRi'lniiM colors and surface lex 'tun's:. Tliry usually are laid ii I'omTiUinnal styles, but may he hn< in hc'xn^on:il or Dutch-liip iinttcm.s Head Courlrr News Want Ads. in the Industry. We need :n Hi:, .use ,,f !ul:t)r ;-Livini \lscd. rlal'; in ir.ftv need to dr'\-e[o;> ]nlvi'i,- . i-' i- can be ile- lillln larsti-i- th,,ii ;( r..-..|ii ;1 .' ilihln lio \vill cool y-uu- living n:o'j.v rhiK (ho suinnicr. it «.ci;i int-i llrj. window and phiirs inlci a stanrlar.-l ket, says Practical fiui'd-".-. r ClllCKBO. r <- / V V s ? ' 4,rvy.-\ t «^ When Your -*•» Thermometer is Hitting ; inffje90 / s Values are UP—most liornes arc world double what they were wculli ten yenri ago. Possessions ciccjmulale. Household goods cost half as much again to replace as they did before the vrar. Will youi present insurance pay for Ide rcplace- meol of everything you ov/n? Before a FIRE hits you—mcke a dale with Genera! insurance Agency "Everything In Insurance" F. W. WHITNER I'lionc 2(iH First National Hank Rld I H • M Nature's Most'Efficient Cooling Agent! fake plenty of glorious refreshing Baths. It will help keep you coo! and relieve the heat fatigue that is so wearing on the body Drink plenty of water! Water is your cheapest and best commodity. Use it to promote belter health for you'and your entire family Coo? off the oir by spraying your Garden and Lawn. It will Help Keep the House Cool! Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity!" «n U idci i i n > c ill 1 t n two mother planer. Ihe r I 11 cat IlKhtcr plane in It c. i i j is one of four pi]-/r:LVj 'lUvr-.c:; j that will liy inio li-.e r-;:r.i'.;ic i cloud fruit will i-iro from tl-.c j ;nomic bo:-.-,!) c:\^lo. c ion :•.{ Hi- ' liini Atoll to collect fcicnlilic ciata. It j.i :;ho\\in in tc:-[ f':i :ht i i.cur S;m I)ic,:->. C;-lil C-jr.lrol | <:f ill-ones will bo first from deck of c;:-.-ricr Shai.jjj.n-Ln, j li'.cn tram nmllu-r pianu in l!,c I ;,:;'. finally by r;;\iiin-| OIK'! ;,n.n- // You Plan to Build or Remodel. Call us for your Phinibinj; Needs. We stock ami install all I'liiinrmii; Fixtures. JESSE W. PROVENCE I'liniic 2-19 1^7 Hast Vine Hlrcct 1'lionc :!7 \Vc I'uniish .. COMPLET! For the Ifalhroniu and Kitchen PLUMBING ELECTRIC PUMPS SEPTIC TANKS I WATER HEATERS SATiN-FINiSH VARNISH! Ql. • Brush on one coat of this lovely, tout-lasting Satin Fiiiisit'll get a finish with that handsome, costly, lund-runbcd 1 oo kl Tough, too! Mar-Not resists scratching, scuffing ... discoloration from alcohol, fnrit juices. Won't turn white from cold, hot, or even boiling v..'.;r! Aiioiii Gloss—if you prcf.r n n-.orc bril!ia:.t finish. Sxzftwin- y/. HOUSE PAINT Consclcss research r iw gives tli'j C.inuim paint NKW coVcro^v, durability, beauty, economy, fc SHER w/w - Wit LI A MS PORCH & FLOOR ENAMEL Rich lustious criors that t]r,- h;irt!. Pr de Amn^incJi' wnslmblc, "savin- finish" fur kitchen and l^'h- ri'om \va!!s auj c-::l- . . "His. Qt. j SmnsviN-tVjtLUMS [KHHELQIB C:in r,'r>t makosriuritiiri-.lxxik- Mii Iv* =;. \vfMid\\ork, loys yk-am «• 83° Prevents rotting and Q.»tl} decoy. ' O(;;il. SHER WIN- WILLIAMS PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. Kills Ugiy Weeds bi«// Won't Harm Corr.riia.ji Lav/n Grasse-si NO MORE Iwc^-brc.iLii,- v.L'cd di(;qing\ Mow yon c.m enjoy ,-|, wi-ccl-fivi: ICV.-M liy just i:nV, : ii(T 2 ta'.ilcspociis uf v/i:i;D-NO-MOIlfi to ;i ^iilloa of -..iKcr md Ejjrayini; it o.i. Weeds- will soon licgin to shrivel S::'J die. WEfD-NO-MORI- hills J.uulci;u ;i , [ilnntain .-.ncl o;licr ugly wceils— >'c[ -.vo:; ! t CiEt it! J 1K[ en ... V. ; I ; FD- NO-j\iOIiE. CO V Inc. Phone 513 126 V/est Main E. LUMBER C9, Will EnsuSot-o Your Home the 5 Point Way. I. HP..\T,TH: l\-<it<-ci the hrallh of your family with 1'KOVKU •J. <-OMlX)l!T: 5T:il;n your lininc COOU'.K IN SI'.MSiri! AND AND WAKMKK IN WINTKK. ::. IX'OXOA-Y: Your fno.! savings will pay the. insiiinlion cosl in ;'lloiii Z years. i. AI'IM.Tf'ATJON': T.ct those ivho l;no\v iiisidalioii .\l>\ r ISl' vor. «<! M:rc <>r I'uorKi: INSULATION. ."i. t'.ASY l'.\Yi-\tr\'r.S: Xn down payment, and as Imi£ as 3fi oimuhs Eo tiay. iii: sri;i; YOU SKI; vs nwour. YOU JSUY AN INSULATION -IOH. F'hnrc or write fnr APPOINTMENT. K. C. UOniNSOX. I.UMItKK CO., !!l.\ Hu'vilH 1 , Arliiinsas. i'lr.iM- fi::uish n;i:i' rslin^alc of (lie co=l nf iiisul.ilin^ my liomr. E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. 319 W. Ash Phone 551

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