The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 25, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1946
Page 5
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TUKSDAY, JUNK 25, 19-10 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COUH1EU NEWS Bilbo Defiant On Negro Vote Mississippian in Challenge to FBI On Ballot Ultimatum. f JACKSON, Miss., June an. (UP) , - Sen. Theodore G. llillw. D., Miss ("day rlmllciiKccI Hie rifjhl of Hie fi'dcrnl Kovcmmeul lo tell Missis- sii'pi it must nllow noyrocs to vole in next Tuesday's Dcinoenuic pyi- unu-y. Billxi's defiant sliitemcnt was prompted by an ainicuneeinciK !n Washington Hint, (he Justice Department, was making prcpara'.ions to protect m-grocs who ik'sire tn vote In Hie primary during \vnicli 15111)0, an ardent while supremacy itclvucatc, is miming for rc-nonii- iK'.tion. In a campaign speech last ni»ht Bilbo flatly I'halleiiBPil Ally. Gen. Tom Clark, tlie Department of Justice and the FBI to "try and keep tlio while people of this state from riuinlnf; the white Democratic pi'i niiiries as we lliink they shonU be run." Numerous complaints of negroes being denied the rtelit to register lor the primary have been received by Ihe Justice Department, One negro war veteran, through the National Association of AU- vaiiccmcnl of Colored People, lias . cd a co)>y of an affidavit eomciul- ms lie was flogged by four white men when lie iUtcmnlcd to register nl Brandon, Miss. "We are checking Ihcse eom- l>lain(s very carefully lo determine whether federal aclion should be taken," Assistant Attorney Oencral Theron L. Caudle, head of the Criminal Division, said. Broken Rail Causes Train Wreck PAGE FIVB Gangland Guns Bark in Chicago As War Opens to Boss Gamblers Tragedy Strikes Early As Bikini Bomb Test Preliminaries Are Held ABOARD THE USS MT. Mc- K1NLEY OFF BIKINI, June 25 r (UP)—Traacdy marred the inial cii-«.ss rehearsal yesterday for tlie nlomic bomb lest whcn'n Brnimd cre-Aiimn met death by walking hilo the slushing propeller of the superfortress selected to drop a dummy bomb. Tlie death"- of the crewman was (he most serious of a series or ill- omened incidents that put everyone of the 42,000 men participating in tlie historic test on edge. Yet none of the mishaps prevented the crew of the "Dave's Dream" from dropping their dummy bomb sfiimrely on their target. The crew of Ihe "Dave's Dream,' found when they took lo the air th!:t their radar failed. And worse the weather was miserable. II cleared Only long enough for Ucir- bardier Maj. Harold Wood lo drop a dummy bomb filled willl flash powder between the battleship Nevada and the carrier Independence i in Bikini Lagoon. Two Kwajalein .based photographic planes had engine trouble and were forced to turn buck before they readied the target area. L'•-.$* I'his engine was pulling an empty Rock Island Iraln, the crack ••Califmuiiin", from ll u > l.aSalle Station Clilcngo to the yards, when a broken rail gave way ouising (his wreck. (N10A Toleplioto.) CFnCAGO. June 25. (UP) -Police, fearing a .sudden outbreak In the long-smouldering war for control of Chicago gambling, sought live former leaders of Ihe old Ca- )>onc mob today In the ambush shooting of James M. Ragen. Sr., wealthy tycoon of racing information. Ragcn was shot and seriously wounded lust night when lie stopped his sleek, silver-colored car for n reel light at a busy Intersection. The shots came from a dilapidated fruit truck covered with a tnv|Mu- liii which hid the assailants and their weapons. Police said the shooting was carefully planned and executed in typical gangland technique. The camouflaged truck, however, was .in innovation in Chicago shootings, and led police to believe that the gunmen had been imported. Tlie shooting was the scor.d attempt on Ragcn's life in seven weeks. Police believed it marked renewed efforts by former hciici;- nicn of Scarfacc Al Capoue to muscle into control of Ragcn's lucrative news service which supplies race results to gambling jointc. Accardingly. detectives sought for questioning five Capone Hypiie "Loud Mouth" Levin, .Jake "Greasy Thumb" Gu/,ik, Murray "The Camel" Humphreys, 'Joseph Mnrcnngelo and Tony Acc.irdo, sometimes called Joe Baiter;. Ragen was driving alone Ihrouii'i the hour tratiic, but he was followed by his bodyguards, Walter Peilclicr and Martin Walsh, in another car. As Kaijcn braked for the slop- light Ihe fruit truck drew alongside. Suddenly the tarpaulin vras jerked away nnd two sIiotRiu';; \\rn-. thrust out from between fruit crates. One gun sent a bias; into H:i- gen's car. The oilier fired a volley at the car of the bodyguards, a few feet behind. Shot spalU'rcil the street and tlie rush hour crowd ran for shelter. Slugs struck ern across the street and slid beneath tallies. Ragen slumpud over the wheel Bill Hart, Gun-Toting Cowboy of Movies, Dies HOUYWQCD. June 25 (Ul>>- llia;n S. Hart, 75. Broadway, , iimlct" who switched his; style to become tlie greatest aun-totiii' cowboy ever to ride the nigvicln-id mnge,-,.,, last x iiight froni '.wlint his doctor dcsc'rib6d-as I ""dld''S!;e L ." Death came to the veteran actor at 11:20 p.m. PST Sundr.y. Hart sank into a conm at California Lutheran Hospital nfier n critical three-week illness, jt-j.. )-. n d been ill for several year:... Select these: • Sterling cups, spoons, etc. • Children's grccdng cards • Daily's auio seat • Books— adult and children • Ilifihcliairs and pads • Crib bumpers • Chux disposable diapers See Us About "Perma- bronizin-r" Your Uaby's Shoes. Phone 2308 105 South Second "MAKE IT A MILLION!" MAKE A CAREER OF AVIATION ! GOOD JOB FOR YOU U.S. Army tHOOSC THIS flNt PHOFfSSION NOW! American Legion Hut BlytosvrMe, Ark. Tho iine&t (raining with tho latest equipment ia the Hold of aviation U yours in the U. S. Army Air Forces. Good pay while you learn. 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The tniil truck .-.'.arldl UK. lta;;en p s bodyyiiards. uiunjni'd.1 despite the If. slu«s Unit rippil into their car, followed :he tnifk and returned Ihe fire. i 1'ellelier drove and Walsh em tied a .;i3 caliber revolver ru I r.r.sailiinls but Ihe truck /puller Fp-jcd and the bodyguards va- foiced to p,iv<; up the cha.w. Helurnini; 10 find Ua^en still co ::cious, they drove him to Mi<-!'Heese Hospital. At Ihe nospiia: ;: yuaru was si tioned outside Haycn's room. Lust April 2S) RIIKCII led. Iwo in he believed were would-be, ass: sins In a M-inile per hour .niton r- bilc chaste through crowded tiree lie escaped by driving lo a ]>j) station and running inside. Peron Promises Trials of Nazis President Insists Argentina Wants U. S. Friendship. 3UKN08 AIHKS. June US. (ll)» — President Juun D. IVion lus PDmlsed Ilua his Kovommenl will •>i!HK to Irlul (hose Na/ls who still rcinnlii In AnjetUlnii. He also told (he Untied IVi.w hi "i. exclusive written Interview yes- Ic-jlny thai "no (hint pcr.son.i 'are liri-i-venliiB" In Art;enllne-Norlli Anerieun fi'lemlship, "epiieela!!, 1 tl?se who inluhl be uolccl (or im altlludi! hostile" to that friendship. 11 Is believed (hat 2(1 P'TMJMS rruvloted of beinn German .•.spion- nr£ "Bents inict oilier "uudeslinljles" already have been depoilcii. Iml llul some Nn/ls si 111 reniiilii in Ar- ginlhm. Peron said "those who remain" will be dealt wllli by Hie Argentine iiutlonal courl.s. lie declared that Arcentlne Noith American friendship, should continue and said (hat "excessive im- liirlance" should not be nlveu lo sivcnlallon abo\il (lie naliouii and international cliecl.s of Ihe recenl ouibllshmenl of dljilomatie n l.i . IViis between Argentina and the Soviet, Union. The Regular Army olfi'rs n man n relireaieiil imijsnim. II allots Mm to rellr,. In comfort at the rate ol lialf pay at |h ( . cud of nyenly years service, and thrct>-(|uaiU.T.s PH.V at the end of thirty years of service. Radio Service "I'll!" AllKcl ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. .T. W. Adams, Mcr. I'liont 2071 ZOO-08 W. iMaln Hoodlums Rob Delegates to Peace Parley NANKING, ,l)ine •>-, (U!')—Mem- birs of n IIMU-I- cli'li'Kiilinn Irom ntjlinl, Inclining Iwo of th; m- 1 Inn's most pivniliieiU cduciiUirf, were beaten mid u.bbed by uppi-uxl- imli'ly ItiO pei-Mmi, ye.slcrday. Thousands of other pei'Mins ij.ith- I'l'eil outside the Nmikliu; iaUro;ul station lo shout "hit Itiein. b:'al them up," while Ihe attack tmil. place. The in'oup ,va:< robb<>d while waltinn hialdled i:\ ilir station. The uroiip of nun partisan |vace makers had lett ,S.iaii::hal v:illi (he cheers of about !(),[lllt) ili'mialstr'.'.- tors wishing Iliem t!vnul luek. Members ol thi deleiiatlou said Since the post-war Regular An |,, i,, i )0 .,„ Annv i,f Irelm ' ' ' j:v -juiHl .specialists, reel-nils 'each promotion brings .. monthly pay. Enlist today. ilBhiv 'INSURANCE Dinl 2311 Kor Complolc I'rolvcliou • ACGIDKNT t IIKALTII • HOHIMTAUZATION • I'-lltU • AUTOMOStlLE • LIAUII.ITY • l)UKCiI.</.HY • PLATK C1LASS »TOliNAi)O • 8U11KTY HONDS « AVIAI'lON FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 N. 2nd hey had conic lo pt'lltlon Otn clique who - Intelpret, anyone, pro- "looi-Rc O. Mui'shall, GcnciiiIlssJtna lcstlng^0({iiij)|( (he eiyj'war'or 6/ ihliuiK Kul-slick mid Cici;. Cliou libcrpj inclination us being u Com- lii-liil lo hull Ihu civil wnr lo inunlsl."* '" Jllllln> Poltco arrlv«d four lioiir-> ,af)pr, Tliey said Urn nUnck "obviously tho attach and 'arrested llvo by- vas otvani/.cd by Hie reautloniny etnnclenn. r , f linkc niiike ryncss u-iili its '1-i^ts only seconds. No need for Itxnc pow-Jcr. Jn ^Icjtuin.i,'! p] istic coiiip.icc, full 1\'\ oz. — witli cosuiciic sponge, all for $ «{) I'lni wo DRUG STORE Rose I and Service Station STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Ol'KN SUNDAY — CJAS 20c (icoi-Ku Diivi.s, niiiimf>;cr Hiwny IS West QUALITY OF PRODUCT IS ESSENTIAL TO CONTINUING SUCCESS cnfiravinB by H. McCormicJt liaiul upon itic <j[>Ki":il tn! l Means F/ne Tobacco So Round, So Firm. So Fully Packed So Free and Easy On The Draw ROY WOODS - - RALPH .. . -.. . PHONES 607-50* 211 WfeST MAIN ST. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Sales Stiidcbnkcr Service WK T!I)Y AND SKLI, GOOD USEF) CAUS LL-X Chnndjlin i«|| Chambtin Phone 211)5 Railroad & Ash Sta. Terry Abstract & Realty Co. Abstracts of Title — Lands — Loans 213 W. Walnut Phone 23181 FELIX A. CARNEY " City Radio Repair Radios and Appliances 324 E. Main St. Phone 2407 &=z==z=^=^™-*??!=z==Z^^±~^ss^i After Your 40th Birthday y ' . . . T.ife Is often one nche -after 'another, -i,Drink••• Mc.unliiln Valley Water us a natural aid In tlie treatment of AllTUIirntS atitl NKURIT'IS. Don't neglect" rccnn Inpr nalns. Ask your Doctor ' about Mountain Valley Wnler. and how It lielps lo eliminate nain- caiijilii[; toxins. Order a case today. CROSSTOWN Main and Division ville;" Afk. Need a ... 24-hr. Service Call Bonded and Insured Bill Wundcrlich Join the Ark. Automobile Club and enjoy it's many benefits YOUR MEMBERSHIP SAVES YOU 20-" ON AUTO INSURANCE Ivan R. Van Patten Your Sales Representative '118 S. L:\kc St. Phone 2-109 Top Prices for Cattle, Hogs Short haul — Less shrinkage and no commission means more money for your livestock. LEO SWIFT BUTCHER'S'- ABATTOIR Phone 3458

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