The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1953 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1953
Page 9
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THURSDAY,'JAN. 29, 1958 BIATHE VTLLE (ARKJ COURIER NEWS Charges of Slavery in African Colonies Probed by Britain By STANLEY JOHNSON- UNITED NATIONS, N. Y, W— Brilaln is looking iiiib charges that her African protectorates are shipping at least 6,000 Negroes CAPITAL BADGE —Inlerme- • diate Girl Scout Iris Wool, of ; New York, points to an enlarged replica of the Girl Scouts' new ' My Government merit badge, i To be introduced March 12, in • celebration of the organization's 41st birlhday, It will be given for excellence in citizenship. Negro Doctor Is Honored by Texas Town TAYLOR, Tex. (/P)—A 59-year-old Negro physician Is this central Tex- RS city's outstanding citizen of 1952. Dr. James Lee Dickey was honored yesterday by the town's four civic clubs for "watching over the health of his people for 32 years." Thanks to Dr. Dickey, who came here in 1B21, the town had a 15-bed modern hospital for negroes, the infant diarrhea death rate is down, and tuberculosis is almost whipped among the colored. "We need time for the races to understand arid know each other," Dr. Dickey says. "Everyone jnst needs to be patient, and things that peem to be problems won't be problems any more." ' - each month for sale In the slave narkets of Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The British don't Ihink, the charges^ are true, but their government has begun' an Investigation anyway. The inquiry Is complicated by the fact that slave markets are legal In Saudi Arabia Yemen and neither country so far nas revealed its sources of supply. Both countries, the U. N.'s anti- sla.very section • said today, have Ignored questionnaires sent them on slavery and forced labor'. Britain's U. N. delegation also revealed. In answer to a query from Ihe U. N., that slavery still Is legal In the oil-rich sheikdom of Kuwait, on the Northwest Coast of the Persian Gulf, but that actual buying and selling of slaves now is prohibited there. Kuwait is under Britain's protection and" the British handle foreign relations for the Sheik. Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Kuwait all are Moslem countries and Moslem law permits slavery and slave trading. . * The charges of large-scale slave traffic between Britain's African possessions and the Arabian kingdoms originated with, Jaco.ucs Alain, who described himself in a communication to the U. N. Commission on Human Rights as a French explorer living in North Africa. Both Brilish authorities and U.N. officials said they knew nothing about Alain. Alain said the slave trade worked like this:: Armed, whip-swinging raiders swoop down on native villages isolated around the fringes of the Sahara and in the Central African jungles. Those captured are chained together and marched by secret trails to hidden "slave coves" on the Red Sea, where they are loaded on rickety ships and (aken to Saudi Arabia for distribution. During the march 10 lo 20 per cent of (he enslaved die of exhaustion, thirst or starvation, Alain said. Boisterous Pooch Foiled by Signs ?~ •••' NEW TjLM, Minn. (/p>—Limey, » 15-pound EngltsrTbulldog, is being controlled by a semaphore system these days. Owned by Mrs. R. A. Schmuckcr. Limes' became so boisterous recently he brought death to his playmate Augustus, a cat belonging to Clifford Ferlng, a neighbor. When the Ferings replaced Augustus with a labrador pup named King, there were misgivings that Limey might start tossing his fatal weight around again. So the two families worked out the signal ritual. When the bulldog leaves the house, Mrs. Schmucker puts a sign in the window reading "Litney out." King stays "In. And vice versa for the Fcrings. So far, the system has worked so well neither pet has seen the other. Church Learns Advertising Pays .- WAMPSVIU.E, N. y. (/D—Elders Ij. of the Presbyterian church say they " didn't Insert that attendance-pulling advertisement in a newspaper last week—but they'd like to thank whoever did. The plea, appearing in the classified section of the Oneida Dally Dwpatch, said: "Wanted, men, women and children to sit In slightly used pews, Sunday morning; Wampsvllle Presbyterian Church." A spokesman, who a'sked that Ms name not be used, snid attendance Jumped from 12 two weeks ago to 36 last Sunday. Hays Store rhone .2001 \Ve Deliver High Qualify Low Prices Wayne Feeds Layer Mash Layer Pellets Kgg Pcllels Chick Slarlcr (irmrcr Mash Scratch Feed Sujarinc IBTc Dairy, Wayne ISf> Dairy.. 32f> Dairy Feed Calf Slarlcr P.cllcts rig * Sow Meal Pis A Sou I'cllcls 3or* Hog Ralanccr 40% Hog Sup'lnint I'orfc Maker , Horse Feed Rabbit rcllcls .....'. DOS Food .... WK Shorls I'olished Chops 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ibs 100 Ibs. 100 ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ib. 100 Ihs. 100 Ihs. 100 Ibs. 100 Ihs. 4.89 4.93 5.30 S.69 5.49 4.30 3.65 1.19 5.30 5.7J .5.19 5.19 5.SS 6.30 4.79 4.39 5.95 R99 3.89 4.19 Wealthy-Man Gives Industry 'Back to God' PENDLETON, Ore. (/P) — A 10 million dollar lumber jiiamifacttt*- ing business was turned over ts the Seventh Day Adventist church yesterday by a man and his wife, who said they "did right by the Lord and He did right by lis." The business Includes the Harris Pine Mills here, one of the nation's largest unfinished furniture produc. ers, and furniture assembly plants at Chicago Helchts, 111.; Alexandria, Va.; and Cleburne, Tex: Clyde H. Harris. 62, explained the gift this way:, "We have tried to be faithful In our dealings with the Lord and He has given us far more than we deserve. Now we are giving our entire business to Him." Returns from the busine. 1 * will liclp support churches, hospitals and schools of the denomination In .his country and abroad, President W. it. Branson of the Seventh Day 4dvcntist church, who flew here from Washington, D. c.. to complete the transaction; said. ' The firm has -a payroll of 600 here, more than half of them members of the Seventh Day Adventist church, which regards Saturday as the Sabbath. Harris will continue as manager of the firm until Charles J. Nagele, secretary of the North Pacific Union Conference of the church nt Portland, becomes familiar enough with the business to assume the post. Harris, who said he and his wife decided years ago that "tithing has always been a. basic, tenet of the Christian faith," has orchards, two wheat ranches and a cattle ranch which he will retain. New York's Bus Strike Ended NEW YORK (ifi — The biggest bus strike In New York City's history ended Dearly today and some buses'started rolling. Pull resumption o[ service was not due until tomorrow. The strike of 8,200 drivers and maintenance men was entering its 29th day as the last of eight struck private bus companies signed an arbitration formula. The strikers were ordered back to work by tin ion chiefs. Ad three-man arbitration board will handle the wage-hour dispute between the companies and the CIO Transport Workers Union. Production Pay Average Is Up WASHINGTON (/D—The average hourly pay for production workers in manufacturing Industry Increased from $1.54 In December. 1950, to $1.73" last December, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. This 12 per cent Increase compares to an estimated r? per cent Increase In the cost of living over the same two-year period. Atomic Strike Ends OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (/p>—Th.e las,,, of the striking construction workers at the huge atomic plant here were ordered by their union to re port back to their jobs today. Read Courier News Classified Ads. ,. REAL BOY OF AMERICA"-Danny Holt, 13, left, proudly shows his 1953 "Real Boy of America" award lo Eddie Ashby, 11, afler being presenled with the plaque al ceremonies In New York. The North Haven, Conn,, youth, who was stricken with polio eight years ago, received ihs honor for saving Eddie from drowning when he fell through the thin ice of a skating pond Basementless House and Automatic Laundry Streamline Modern Living House Group Cautious on T-H Changes WASHI-NGTON <,?, _ chairman McConnell (ll-r>a> said tndny the House Labor Committee Is keening nn open mind on possible changes in the Taft-Hailljey law until it. completes an extensive hearing . Will] the hearing set to get under way Pel). 10. McConnell said there are "no hills, no amendments, nothing to which we-are wed." "We'll let the hearings determine Dint. When they are ended, (he committee will endeavor to write a bill based an the testimony." Sessions nre expected to continue for at least two months, possibly longer. Sen. T:ifl (R-OliIo), a co-niitlmr of the labor-management relations law. has introduced five bills proposing ' 16 changes in it. Tho bills arc up for consideration by (he Senate Labor Committee, expected to begin hearings before Mnrch i. McConnell paid he expects the House hearings to deal mainly with the sections of the law whli'h cover the National Labor Relations Board, unfair labor practices, the non- Comrnunlst oath requirement, union elections and national emergencies. Singer Rosemary Clooney Makes Gala Homecoming MAYSVILLE. Ky. W%— A little girl who sang barefooted in the streets here for pennies and nickels returned yesterday In. mink to the plaudits of thousands of her home- folk. . Rosemary Clooney, who skyrocketed to fame with the singing of such songs as "Come On-A My House," was back, home for the world premier of her first motion picture, Paramount's "The Stars Are Singing." Mayor Rebekah Herd recalled during the celebration that Rosemary and her sister Settle, now making recordings In Detroit, sang barefooted in the streets as children, in a 20-minute parade yesterday, Rosemary,.draped in a $10,000 mink coat. rode, atop the back seat of a red convertible. Later, she was commissioned a Kentucky colonel. Escaping Gas Injures Workmen LEWISTON, Idaho W) — Deadly chlorine gas, set loose when a workman cut through a pipe with an acetylene torch; sent 32 cough- Ing and choking workmen to a hospital yesterday. Three of the most seriously Injured, suffered' chest burns from the gas, which Is used In bleaching wood pulp at the caustic plant of the --Potlatch Forest, Inc., paper mill. All of the Injured were reported out of danger within a few hours. Window Trimmer Proves a Robber NEW YORK (IP) — 8 r 0 « d w R y crowds paid no attention to the man working In-the window of the' Jewelry store. What the crowds didn't know was that the window stripper was a robber, with a pal inside Murray Bricks' store. Bricks, held lip nnd bound by the pair, watched helplessly as the window •"trimmer" removed between £5,000 and J10.000 worth of gems. The bandits also left with $370 In cash. iVS BIG NEWS ABOUT IARLY TIMES - tVERY OUNCE A MAN'S WHISKY NOW-AMCMCA'S LEAQWG- PREMIUM STfW&HT tVHtSKY/ + YOU, TOO, WILL PREFER KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOIRBOH WHISKY *I*«LY TIKIS OUTSIltS All STUAIOHt WHISKIfi AT 0» AIOVI ITS VtlCI - EARLY TIMES DISTILLERY COMPANY, tOUISVILiE Ij KY, rioof By KDWAIin S. KITCH CHAMPAIGN, III. Wl—The bnsc- mentless house nnd -automatic laundry equipment have streamlined modern living. This is (he opinion o( Rudarcl A. Jopes. director of the- space study laboratory of the Small Homes Council of (he University >f Illinois. Jones is cxpcrinjonting :o find the ideal house plan and low best to use space In B small house. The space laboratory, a flexible dwelling erected a year ago on -he campus, Is used to study family living habits. Flexibility of room arrangement in the experimental house Is possible by movable interior and exlerior walls. So fnr, eight floor plans have been studied under controlled conditions.' Two families have lived in the house. Traffic through the various house plans is clocked nicloinndcally by electronic eye. Occupants of the house also commented on the plans. It generally was concluded that location of a first-floor laundry In a ulillty area off the kitchen was most satisfactory.. Although the basement wns-useful for storage, it is believed not necessary to comfortable living. Laundry schedules were three to five times n week. These, said Jones, required only about five minutes of the housewife's time for -each cycle of. laundry.':'This compares lo Hie seven manun! operations _required for a single cycle by older washing metho'ds. To overcome the shortage of slorage space In bnsementless houses, closet storage space was widened—at least fcur lo'flvo feel for each person. Each person 'also was assigned a chest of drawers. A larger than average garage is found a necessity for storing tools, odds nnd ends. . The ultimate goal 'of the study is lo make the small home more livable. Most folks, it seems, eat Iti the kitchen. The "L" and "IT shaped cabinet and counter arrangements In tho kitchen were found easier (o live with. A playroom for children is necessary in the basementless house. This was located in an extra bill- room that could double ns a guest room. IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS JOAN SWIFF, by her mother & next friend, " Audcrnel Freeman, Pltf. GUY W. SWIFT, JR., Dft. WARNING ORDER The defendant, Guy W. Swift, .Ii is hereby warned to appear in thi Chancery Court, Chlckasmvba Dis trict, Mississippi County, Arkansas, within 30 days to answer the complaint of Joan Swift, (lied therein. Otherwise, the allegations thcreol will be taken as confessed as by law provided. Dated this H day of January. 1953 dcralciine Uslon, , By: cherry Sue Barnes, D. C James M. Gardner, atty. for Pltf W. S. Rader, Jr. Guardian r.d Lltem. PAGE NINB TIME-PROVED ADVANTAGE... V Sure, you get 3-point triple quick-hitch V Naturally you get Hydraulic Touch Control V Constant Draft Control of mounted tools V Implement Position Control, too! y 4-wheel stability; row crop ability V Exclusive Proof-Meter gives you the facts you need NEW ORD TRACTOR Gofde/i Jubilee MODEL : ...PLUS MUCH MORE THAT'S NEW! j f Live-Action Hydraulic System, last response y Hy-Trol gives choice of hydraulic speeds V New Ford "Red Tiger" overhead valve engine V A bigger, heavier, stronger tractor V New Live Powfir Take-off* V And many more new features y Plus a low Ford price! How on Display... Come In and See It! Snow Tractor Co. U2 No. Franklin 1'hon* 8951 »-»! Resist Assaults On Jews, A!! Christians Uraed NEW YOHK (/H-Chi-lsllmis everywhere arc urged to resist "assaults upon the Jewish community" behind the iron Cnitnln. The National council of Churches of Christ said yesterday "the lives of 2i(. million Jews are In Jeon- ardy." , ' ' The council's General Board said It wns shocked by reports of Jewish "persecution and mass deportations" In Eastern Europe nnd called the conditions "painfully reminiscent of the anti-Semitic madness of Hitler." WARNING ORDKIl In the Chancery Courl, Chlcka^ sawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Charlotte Mae King. Ptf. vs - ' No. 12,306 Norman King, Dft. Tlie defendant, Norman King. Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Charlotte Mae King. Dated this 21 day of January, 1953. ' C. P. Cooper, attorney for plf Ed B. Cook, atty ad litem. Gcralnme Listen, Clerk By Lnvenie Ball, D. C. IJ22-27 2]5-12 CHOOSES WELL—Although her parents are still behind the Iron Curlam, Eva Morowski, of Minneapolis. Minn., decided she \ could serve this country best as a WAC. She has been in the U. S. only 13 months. Above, she takes the rocrult's oalli. Arkansas Angus Breeders Association ANNOUNCES SI'RING SAI,K OF 60 REGISTERED ANGUS BULLS IS months to 3 years FOH COMMBKCrAl) HEHDS FEB. .13, ARK. LIVESTOCK SHOWGROUNDS Little Rock, Arkansas — 1:00 P.M. For details— Contact Louis Jones, Madison, Arkansai HEARING AID CLINIC ACOUSTICON OF MMIFHIS-WH hold . Hearing AM Clink at the Noble Hole! In Blythcvlllc, Ark., on FEBRUARY 2nd— frnm 10 A.M. lo-3 I'.ai. If you are having tremble with .-/our present alrl nr are In need of service, come In t» rwe me. 5n the new "All Transistor Hairing Aid", which aperafti without "B" Bait or lubes (Vacuum). '. See - Mr. D. Henicksman Hotel Noble Blytheville, Ark. "Here's the tire I want!" * GOOD,- SUPER-SURE-GRIP TRACTOR TIRE First choice for 2 1 reasons! Deeper soil penetration — gre«rl- * cr pull. Goodyear's open center (read has straight deep-biting lugs. They cut cleanly into the soil, penetrate lull depth, lull length. Straight bars closer together at the shoulders wedge tho soil for firmer grip — don't "plow oul" soil aMhe sides. 2 Goodyear Super-Sure-Grips don't cost a penny more. Get t! -m for your tractor. Balanced straight lug tread de*sign — longer wear. Goodyear open conlcr lugs are all straight, all equal in sizs and spacing. Thai's why every lug works equally, pulls iully, wears more evenly. ASK ABOUT OUR FALL TERMS! GOOD, J YEAR ^ TIRES. ^ GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 410 W. Main Phtnt 2492

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