The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1944
Page 8
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fAGE Swedish Runner Sets Mile Mark , Andersson Beats Hagg il'WitK Mark of 4:1.6 t On Outdoor Track i' ALOE, Sweden, July 19 (UP)— Arne Anderss6n, the Swedish school teacher, hus-set a new world mile record of four minutes, one and six- tenlh seconds. He ran ngalnst Guilder Hagg, the Swedish (ircnmn, on' an outdoor track at Mnlinoe, Sweden. The two Swedish inilers, the world's most, brilliant runners, have raced each other for years, with Hagg usually coming out ahead. But Swedish experts have predicted that Andwssmi's superior timing ability would let him outrun Ills-arch rival at the fastest time ever recorded for a human being. Arnc set Die previous mark last summer, when he was clocked in four-minutes two and six-tcolh seconds, while Hngg was in the United States breaking o s records left and right. Hagg pared seconds off Glenn Cunningham's outdoor mile mark of four-minutes, six and seven-tenth seconds, going lite dMnnce In four minutes five Riy three-tenth seconds. . — • ; Since that time, [ans have looked forward to the meeting of the Scandinavians at the mile distance They've met several times this year, but In other distances, nml nave set new records on almost ev- ery.meeting.,. On July 7, Hagg broke the world ILYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COUK1ER NEWS Good Catch _ - : —•«->««»«x« ( ..._.j Dewcy Williams, recruit obtained from Toronto throw; so swiftly and accurately from squat (hat he has not « few s,,Tpco i°,g life _ Cubs' best catcher since Gabby Hartnell. !00 meter record by two full sec- iiuls, with a lime of Uircc-iiilmUe.s ml 43 seconds. Andcrsson .set a new world record or the three quarter mile distance w July 5, and before' tlial Huge roke Ills own two mile run mark n June 25. Today's mile race, imisl wail rec- SniUon by the International Atli- ! DID YOU KNOW? .<" That, your Congressman saw fit to fight the i-n. apporUonmertl hill, introduced in the Inst session of the Legislature, which, if it had passed, would have giyeniast Arkansas two Congressmen? The first rli.s- •tf'ct-haa'.over 426,000 people,, the scpnd has only J80,- &V?S M J nT m mn, h n I)CC " mado '" ovcr 50 >'«»•'THIS IS. NOT FAIR OR EQUITABLE, some chances if 1, Ir^T'T"' C °»K I ?»»™M 'ought this bill, a,,d Mvas defeated through hs efforts— IP THIS mil §h5nW Ifi! - A:LAW IT 'WOULD HAVE MEANT MORE TO EAST ARKANSAS THAN fho efforts of our ™ "We need changes in Washington " JULIAN JAMES for Congress Club. —Politico! Adv. FARM LOANS —No commissions to pay on the highest per acre farm loans available in Northeast Arkansas or Southeast Missouri. > COMPARE OUR SERVICE NOBLE GILL AGENCY "Complete Insurance Service" GLENCOEBLDG. PHONE 3131 Ictlc foundation in its next meet- Ing—probably after tlie war. • — ' Youths Display Skill At Riding In Horse Show .Youngsters of Blythcville have developed a tremendous Interest in horsemanship, inspired no doubt by the Jaycees sponsored horse.shows held last year nnd this vmr at Haley Field, when HlytlicVille entries in the children's classes wore enthusiastically received by Hie audience. IZIdiiif; lust, Tuesday in their first show were Mnry Jo Ni-.bers, on her horse, "Queen Mnry", riillle Louise Galnes, wearing u striking outfit of green nnd yellow, a.slride her own horse, "Qiteenlc", J. C. White, riding his horse. "Bnrny", Charles Russell Lutes, riding "Polly Cartel-", owned by Noble Gill, Hilly whync McParland on "Rip", owned by \V. L. Tatc 'nml the Wiills boys, Joe and Tom,' riding their horses, "Tony" and "Blncklc". Charles Russell Lutes, on "Polly Carter", placed first in Ihe Mississippi County owned horses In tlie children's class, while Joe Walls was second with "Tony", and his brother, Tom, was third on "Hlnckle" "Hip" ridden by Billy Wayne Mc- J'nr.'nnd, was fourth. Among the riders (n the junior group on Wednesday night were Mary Jo Nabcrs and Virginia "Ginger" Williams. Mary.Jo again was riding her own horso, "Queen Mary", while Ginger showed "Polly Carter", of the Oil! stnliles, Many other Blythcville children :mvc displayed a growing interest .n horses during llic past season' iiidioitliiB many more entries in (he future horse shows planned for Bly- thevlllc and neighboring -towns./ Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE Memphis nt Chattanooga. Btrininghntn nt Nashville. Little Rock nt Atlanta. New Orleans nl Mobile. AMERICAN LKAGUE Boston at Chicago. New York nt St. Louis, night Washington nt Detroit. Fttllnciclphin nt Cleveland NATIONAL LEAGUE Chicago at Boston. Cincinnati at Brooklyn, nigiu Pittsburgh nt Philadelphia, night Only games scheduled. Voiselle Hurls Three-Hit Game Giant Rookie Curbs Pirates; Max Lanier Chunks Four-Hirrer liy United I'rcss • The keynote in tlie Nations Tongue yesterday was tight pitch- Ing. Young Bill Vokelle, the New York Giant's pil/c rookie, lumcj out a three-hit performance agalrft the PilUiburgh Pirates. And the St. I/mis Cardinals 1 veteran southpaw, Mnx latticr, twirled four-nil tell against llic luckless Brooklyr Dodgers. Voiselle was stingier with his tnfelles than he had to fee, be- Hie game was never l\< doubt afler the third Inning. Hugh Lul,y singled till! Juries home. And Uici Phil Wcinlraul) contrlbuled - a rouml-lrlpper to the causo with llircc ntanrd, which nave the Giants n healthy five-run lead Tlie Pirates inishcd over a couple before llic game was over, bul could only make the scorcboa-d rend 5 to 2. Lanier blanked the Dodgers 5 to 0 In an arellght giime nt Ebbete Field, Tlie Rodbirds clubbed young Hti) Grcee, Ihc Brc.-jks starter, for five runs In t!ie first four innings. Tlie New York Yankees started oft badly In their new nennanl drive, They took an 8 to 0 shellak- fng at Hie linnds of the lear-uc- —:cliiB Browns. Hob Miincricf did Hie hurlltig trick for tiio Brownies. And Mill Byrnes, Gene Moore -and Chcslei l.aabs provided tlie punch with homers, i Byrnes drove In Hires runs, Moarc nuvnmted for a single marker, and Lniibs finished off with a two-ruu circuit smash. Emerson Roser and Johnny Jolinson went down under the 12-liil pounding. Jimmy Outlaw sparked Die Detroit Tigers to an overtime 0 to 5 victory over the Washington Senators. Ho came t.o the.-plate in the IHli, nflcr connecting three times during the gnmc, nnd singled in Joe Hoover with the marginal run. Hal Newhouser, who relieved Dizzy Trout in the ninth frame, hung up the victory. The Cleveland indims squeezed out a 4 to 3 decision over the Philadelphia Athletics. Ag Smith blanked the A's until the ninth when they rallied for three markers, but it H<ns loo Inte with too little. Tlie Boston Red Sox came out on top of an llth inning battle with ttie Chicago White Sox. They pushed over two Iti the llth : to take a 4 to 2 decision nnd give Hurler Tex Hughson lite- 14th *in ol the season. Reliefer Gordon Maltzuerger was the loser, Idea Of Former Manila Resident Wins Award r I • MANItA, July IB-Roy I. Smith of Eudora, son of Mr. anil Mrs. R. ^. Smith formerly of Manila, now of St. Louis, recently suggested an improvement In operations at the Pine Bluff Arsenal where he hns been employed for the past two years, which brought him a cash prize of $25 when it was 'found''to be successful, *> His idea, which had to do with testing for proper threads on the tail of bomb bodies, was tried out, proved satisfactory, and put Into operation April 17, 1044. It has broken a serious bottleneck in production of bombs. The use of Ills spindle has increased production from 70 bombs per man to 120. Under his'pian there is n saving of approsiamtely $2100 per month. Have a "Coke"=: You're home again ...or getting back among the folks The bfcges. moment °" <*nh to a fighu'ag maa is W hea h c icturns hom , And your own, feel he's back with his friends. From the ' fh ; G 1; ? c . a ' Cola 5tands for *^ *" ^-^ ••««»« symbol of friendly living, «oni« u» DE « WTHO!)rr Of rHE COCA . eou eo|mHY >Y COCA-COLA BOTTLING' CO. O f BLYTHEVILLE ' "Coke"= Coca-Cola It's natural for popular names to acquire friendly abbrcvia- MM lions. Thai's why you heat '- 3] Coca-Cola calW "Coke". ,O19« It, C.CCo.. Airmen At BAAF Will Complete 'Chute Training All /lying personnel of the Eastern Plying Training Command, of which the Blythcvllle Army Air Field is an Installation, have been ordered to complete parachute training as rapidly as possible The order, originating from Headquarters of the EPTC nt Maxwell Field, Ala., was made for the purpose of reducing Hying hazards by instructing fliers In the safest methods of "balling out" of disabled ships Parachute training here will | je given by Lieut. Cecil Garrison of the Athletic Department, who has just returned from a course at Fort Bcnning, Ga. "BAAK officers and cadcls will be taught to manipulate a 'chute the correct method of hitting the ground, and other things that will IK of Incalculable value to them if they ever have to abandon ship," Lieutenant Garrison said today. Then lienr Ihou from the heavens, even from thy dwelling- place their prayer and their .supplications, and maintain their cause and forgive thy people which have .simicd against, ttice.-n chronicles u ', 30, WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, JO-M Baseball Standings SOUTHERN I.KAGVE Niislivllle i^' t' Atlanta ,'.'.".,'.' g 5 Memphis 7 fi ' liirminghain . ... n 7 Chattanooga . B 7 Little Rock . ,..'.','.'. 5 o Mobile c a New Orleans ..'.'.'.'.'.[ 5 g AMERICAN LEAGUE St. Loills «' ^ New York . ....";"" n J, Pet, .100 .638 .461 .401 .385 .385 .385 ....... Washington " " T, Dct™it ....... :;;::::« Cleveland ........ ,, 4 , Chicago ........ ;;;•• ^ ™ Philadelphia ...... .'.37 43 NATIONAL LEAGUE m T St. LOIlis .... ee oi Pittsburgh . ..... 1 , 3! " . Cincinnati . 'New York . Philadelphia . Chicago . Brooklyn . .. Boston . •14 30 40 ,41 34 43 32 42 34 4(i 32 41 Pel. .569 .528 .524 .494 .•182 .482 .402 .440 Pel, .70e .547 .550 .434 .442 .432 .425 _ The thermal belt of Polk Counlv. ". C., is so acutely located that grapes on one farm will prosper " Ice cream Is 10 to 20 per cent butterfat. Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LEAGUE Memphis 4, Chattanooga 2. Nashville 5, Birmingham i Atlanta 8, Little Rock 7 New Orleans 10, Mobile 1 AMKIUCAN LEAGUE Detroit 6, Washington 5 St. Louis 8, New York 0.' Boston 4, Chicago 2. Cleveland 4, Philadelphia 3. NATIONAL LEAGUE St. Louis 5, Brooklyn 0. New York 5, Pittsburgh 2. Only games scheduled. England now has only one maker of hand-made nails, C. Williams who turns out 50 pounds of giant targe nails In eight hours. The lead in pencils Is-actually graphite. \Ve liave plenty of WHISKEY At all times! CEILING PRICES ALWAYS HASSELL/S W II r S K E Y STORE 315 W. Main Phone 2531 Big Gun Ace Red ever Outstanding factor in army's defeat of Nazis UV v.-i since Stalingrad has been Russians' overwhelming superiority in offensive - artillery worii. Credit for this goes to publicity- shy Nikolai Voronoff, ,-ibove, marshal of artillery, nicknamed "the man who married a cannon." Proving his thesis that "a cannon is mightier than a tank," his guns do not fire from safe distances behind the front but roll ahend with the first wave, battling Nazi lank columns by . . themselves. Qualified by Experience Endorsed by Kan* dredg of lawyer* because of b 1 • outstanding r«« cord as Circuit Judge of Pulaskl and Perry conn, tie*. Ask any lawyer about Judge AUTEN< BROKEN our swirw RELIEVE SORENESS -PROMOTE HHUNC Easo Itclmiii-lnirijiiii! will, anliwpliu JJlucc and n mte Ointment. Use only al directed. Sold in lt)(, 251, Ml sizes. Cleanse with Hbckaitrl White Skin Soap. BLACK m WHITE A "Good Neighbor" Policy— VOTE FOR & SUPPORT Julian James of Jonesboro For Congress Ho lias always supported Mississippi Coniily In his- six years service in the Arliiinsus legislature. CHICKASAW West Sfaln Near 21st St. Sat, starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1:15 Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sat. and Snn. Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "THE JUKE GIRL" with Ann Slicrldun & HouM 'Rcapm "AFFECTIONATELY YOURS" with Kiln Ihiyivorlli- & Dennis iMorg.-m Tune in T an ; K l,l a, 7:15 mA Hear Juige 'Aulen Speak Of over h A R K ami Ike Arkama, (Velicork __J2< Judge Lawrence C. AUTEN for Supreme Court ••••••••* <<(l(((l Sport Shirts Gel llic mosl on I of summer; pick up a few cool sporl whirls and a couple of pairs of slacks. Get in lunc with July. Meet July more than half way And all through Augusl—until after Labor Day i u September — cn joy ihe wcalher in sporl shirts and slacks. sport skirls from 2$ 0 s l ac k s f rom ^9 5 Leisure Jackals $25 MEAD'S lit MAIN STRtET »•••»••»«.«»*........,,....,, tttl ..,,......,...«.,..., New Theatre Manila's finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. M. Matinees Siiluriliiy & Sunday Best Washed Air Cooling System Wednesday & Thursday "MADAME CURIE" wilh Grcer Garson VOX NEWS & SHORT Open 7:30 , Show Starts 7:45 Wednesday & Thursday Today's yoirtti 90 the wildest iompflaaf -airjlfeel Crime This lib shows why! *^(1IER O»ll • • PATIKI-A Nc\vs of the Day Shorts •VI-

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