The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1949
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, JUNE 4, 1949 THE NATION TODAY Senate Ready to Begin Grind fn Effort to Revise Labor Legislation of 80th Congress By James Marlow WASHINGTON, June 4. Wt—lt you're IntcrrstotJ in labor, you'd tetter polish your e,vcgla.sse.s and gel ready for an awful lot of heavy wading. The Senate, at last, will tackle on Monday the job of trying to ffrite a new labor law. And once that stalls there'll be a flood of words out of Washmg- K>n on the Senate arguments, which may lake weeks. Since (here can be no new labor + , law at all both Honors ap-I , - . . prove a bill, onre the Senate im- !|nnki!i(f. among Republicans and Lshes, it will be the turn of the Demt ;rrat.s alike, that (he new law may bo written on the floor through House. That win uirie more time, maybe a week or 10 day*. Ai:ri that will mean another torrent of newjs. On the eve of the ft? arguments T don't think there's a man alii r e who can predict Ihe outromf precisely. One ihJnp .teem.? .SUIT: Neither President Truman nor oi'Kitnizod labor will got from Cong IPS* the kind of new labor law they w:inrpd. Both wnnted Congress to wipe out ^ t e T;ift-H;iiUry I HIV, which Congrc>,s pa.^ed in 1047 when Die Republicans were in control. And in it.s place they wanted Congiw^ to restore the old Waener act. with ;i few inm<T chftuse.s. Promises Hani (n Fulfill fine Wagner net. pa.^ed in 1935 when the IJemnrrHts wrre in control of Congress, put rtvt riot ions on in a nag en lent but none on labor. 'The T-H Art replaced the Wanner act, put some restrictions on management and pin more restrictions on labor than ever before.) In fact. Mr, Truman had promised, now that hU Democrats con- | trolled Congress, (hat T-H would ; be wiped out and the Wagner act j amendment.s offered while the argument is going on, ITonsr Position Uncertain WliiU the House may do about a labor bill i.s even more of a mystery. Some wppks ayo. iifier 10 days of debair and jockeying, the House 1 was just rjn (he pofnt of approving I a new hfhor bill and sending ft to j the Senate for action when— Whstn, i( dropped the whole i thins and hasn't brought it up ] shirr. There's even P. chance that | the won't act at all this ! ye; ( r, which would Icnve the T-K .ttt AS Is. This .^er-ju.s unlikely. thnn?li. wen* to w^rk almost MX month* aao 10 .shape a new labor law—throL[»h lonsi committee liPitrines—but the whole thing ha.s been snirh a me.\.s ami a puzzle thnl action )ia.s been del.tyrd until now. And it's just about as much ot a puzzle now n.s it wa.-s six months; ago. except thai Mr Truman and organized labor can't .src the same chanre of selling what they want thai they could i" January. EGGS FALL FLAT—This while leghorn hen owned by Mrs. Charles Valek, of Valley View, a Cleveland, O,, suburb, lays flat exgs, Rut every now and then, the bird Lays a normal rounded egg. Mrs- Valck doesn't know whal to make ot it. The healthy ben seems to think nothing is odd at all. She cackles just like other liens and Cor just as long, Mrs Valek says she is going to put a Hal egg under a setting hen to see if tl hatches a Oat chicken. A neighbor suggested it might produce a chicken ualtie. Obituaries L t • ^- • . MlSSCO T OUT nS brought back. ii-ii A • It didn't work out that, way and I V? Ill AttCHO it doesn't look as if has a chance of working out that way. A number of Mr. Truman's own Democrats won't go along with his | thinkin on what the new later law | R(jbe£ . Traimno Center w ..... 3 ^%-n-^.i Jjm shanevfelt of O.sceola and - Mrs. J. W. Greer Dies In St. Louis Hospital Dr. Edna Nies Addresses Osteopaths Boys Oppose Compulsory Health Plan LITTLE ROCK, June 4. «>>— President Truman's proposed compulsory health insurance program was condemned by Arkansas youth yesterday. The Boys State House of Representatives here adopted by a 2-1 margin a resolution opposing the President's plan. Mr. Truman Is to visit Little Rock next week. S'.alc Education Commissioner A. B. Bonds said, in addressing members of the organization in the House chamber, "the future of democracy in the United states depends on youth. You are the prime target of the communists, so it behooves you always to be on guard." He said Communists "promise you free medical care, free schooling and free everything and all they ask in return is your liberty." Bonds said a real citizen has a duty of seeing that governments remain in the hands of the people. "It is awfully easy for an elected eroup of officials to set up a dictatorship," the educator warned. "Look at the government in your own town. Who runs it? If it is not in the hands of the people, find out why," Medical Student'* flea for Bend Again Denied LITTLE . ROCK. June 4— IJfl— A motion to release from jail a 23- year-old medical student charged with murder was denied for a sec- oiul time yc.sterday. In rejecting Harold Raymond Houchlns, Jr.'s plea for bail, Pulas- kl County Circuit Judge Gus Kulk commented: "The main tiling Is to guarantee thEs boy's appearance here for trial. The court should not take chances In such cases." Houchins is charged with first degree murder "in perpetration ot the crime of robbery" in the slaying of Seth L Reed, 61-year-old Cinrksvlllc insurance executive. Reed, his skull smashed, was found in the bloody bathroom of a Little Rock hotel last Nov. 23. Houchins' first motion for release under bond was rejected last month after Judge Fulk was told by Prosecutor Edwin Duna\vays that the defendant was being investigated In "another murder." Hollywood Continued (ran Pmte 4 lead h«r across the stage, help her to a seat and simultaneously go Into a song. The nasty prim* donna discovered that by hesitating a few seconds before sitting down she could throw Dorothy off cue. It happened several times and then Dorothy chinned herself a couple extra times on her portable gym bar. At the nex (performance she put a vice-like srly on the singer's arm. practically dragged her across the stage and whispered"Vou sit down (his time or I'll knock you down." Dorothy said .she didn't have any more trouble after that. Greenland was first settled in the 10th Century. Negro Deaths Funeral services for Amanda Jones. 17, of Evansville, Ind., will be conducted at 1 p.m. tomorrow at the Hickmaii Bend Methodist Church hv Rev. F. M. Norman pastor. Burial will be in Carr Cemetery in charge of Caslon Funeral Home. She died Thursday at her home in Evansville. Surviving is one daughter. Funeral services Cor Mr.s. Audrey Gn?er, wife 1 of J. W. deer of Number Nine Community, will be conducted at 2 p.m. tomoiicnv at the Nil tuber Nine Baptist Church by Ihe Rev. Eugene 'SehuHz. pastor. three months. She had been sick for about six months, and ....,..,. , r „ n , i -•» -«...„.»„ of Joiner have j *™ formerly a patient at Walls Hos- should be. And mast of the Repub- , been M|( , |0 ,. esellt [he So ,, th p.lal in Blylheville. licaiis are agmnsi hl.s ideas loo. | MissUs[ ; Cou]1 , R(>d Cro5s c , i Mrs Grecr was born near Trrn- So the Tfumanncs will Have tho (er a( (h(1 . • Rc(J > , Ion. tenn.. but had l.vfd noar Ihe job of trying lo get the deal they can out of whatever happens in the Senate and House. But there Ls .so much divided tii£ Center in MoiTilton. it \va.s announced today. 'Hie Uvo arc scheduled to leave Tuesday for a 10-day camp. i Delegates lo the camp, one of three to be condueled in the Mid- ; We.stern Area thi.s -summer, are selected on a basic of past Junior Red Cross work, and to £ivc training as ; potential leaders In next years work. Spenkin? before the annual meeting of osteopaths of Arkansas hi the -state association's annual meet- Ing in Little Rock yesterday. Dr. Edna Nie.s of nlytheville reviewed activities within the profe.ssion Mrs. Cireer, 'J4. died yesterday at| since the beginning 75 years ago of Ihe Barnes Hospital in St. Louis.I the practice of the science of Osteo- Mo., where she had been a palient pathy by Dr. Andrew Taylor. Today 11,003 osteopalhic cians, sui-seon.s and other speciali-sls practice the healing art throughout the world, she said. The profession was founded on the belief that the human body has it.s own healing resources within iuself. Dr. Nie-s said before the Arkansas uroup which met in the Alcert Pike Hotel. "The piofe.s.sion has progressed MINNOWS WHITE RIVER SHINERS and GOLD FISH • G. C. Hawks • 328 E. Main Phone 3292 i State Line here for some time, ivhcre j her husband if> connected with hii j father in farming interests. j Mrs. Grcer is survived by a son, James, and her husband. Other survivors include her parents. Mr. ana _,.,., .Mrs. M. B. Beckett of'"cooler Mo. ; ''aP'tlly and today there are six os- lour .listers. Mrs. Elmer Fisher of! teopathic colleges in this country Cooler. Miss Reba Beckett and Mrs. I • vlllcl: require two or more years of Ballard of Cooler, and Mrs. I IJre-profc.-sional training. There are rk - ' Berta Hickmaii of Trenton, Tenn : ] 35 ° hospitals and .several hundred Gamp Petit Jean is the camp loc-: arid four brothers, JaJmes, Fred. 1 clinic.s which attest the soundness alion this vear. Harrison P.T.A. Honors Seniors and Faculty The 21 seniors of Richard B. Harrison High School and the faculty members were honored at a banquet by the Parent Teachers Association recently. The prog ra m ouencrf M It h th e .sinking of song under (he direction of Veronia McCorkle. Others f»r] the pro era m were Rev. J. J. | Johnson, Ti^hie-Taylor, Anne Phillips, and Rev. Weedman. A brief talk was presented by Rev. Hottten... pastor of the \Vestend BapUstr Chmch. ""G. \v. Hollis is principal of the school. Susie Gumming, president of i the P.T.A. and Veronui C. McCorklc. j acting secretary. j Danny, and Branson Beckett, all J of osteopathic principles. [of Cooler; and two half-brothers. 1 Roy of St. Louis. Mo,, and Algie Mcfntosh of Tienton. The pallbearers will include, Gerald and Billy Johnson. Wayne Moore. Lloyd French, Roy Lewis j anti Tom Kelleck. i Burial will be in Memorial Tart i Cemetery, under the direction of' the Holt Funeral Home. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 I Mrs. Eva V. McCanless \ Is Buried in Tyronza I j Graveside funeral services were j conducted this afternoon for Mrs. T.I.Eva V. McCanless. 58. at the Ty- ! :f-r6nza Cemetery. ;• Mrs. McCanless died in Blylhe- ville Thursday. She is the mother : of Mrs. Eslell Maupin. She is also i survived by four sons, Sam Mc- BUTCH COMES THROUGH —Threc-y^ar-old Bulch Kriebis v.-anted to do his part in the annual clean-up campaign in Chicago, so he grabbed (he family broom and look off. He was picked up several hours later and escorted to R police station to await the arrival ot his pareMs. Even Oklahoma Cowboy Has His Ups and Downs LAWTON. Okla. —i,p>_ Cowboy Jack Hnwcnstille of Gaelic. Okla". is going to stick 10 his bucking bronchos . . . Hi- rntcrrd Ihe fell-service county jconn house elevator and mewed l Ihe button to go lo the second ! tloor. The [-locator dim shot up to the top floor where the jail is hou.sccl. Hovvcnstinc <imckh- jammed the i button to go clow is to tvrn-aiici I the rlcvaior dkln'i stop until it Canless of Joiner. Ernest McCan- ' less of Marie. George McCanless of Bassetl, and Rubel McCanless ol Memphis: two brothers. Prank 'White of Memphis: and two sisters, i j Mrs. Ella Lawson of Marked Ticc and Mrs. Julie Rod;;crs of Cold- '' ; waier. Miss. ', Trie Cilizens Funeral Home of Wesl Memphis was in charge of arrangements. University of Arkansas Budget Fixed by Board FAYETTEVILLE, Aik.. June 4. '-*•'- A proposed 1919-50 budget for the University of Arkansas was approved by Ihe board of trustees here yesterday. The Vnidgel was based on anticipated revenues of S3.830.000 for the fiscal year beginning July I. It did not include the Agricultural Extension Service or the Medical School, whose monetary needs were to be considered separately. The board authorized the University to conduct research projects for the U. S. Engineers and the Atomic Energy Commi.ssion at a cost of S2S.OOO each and a rice mill- ilia project at a cost of $23.400. Tile bourd approved Governor McMath's appointment of Joe Hardin nf Grady as a trustee. Under law, such appointments are subject to the board's okay. Hardin. who succeeds Dr. Euclid Smith. Hot Springs. ii'sinncd, was not present at the meeting. Bread-baking Ls one of the most ancient of human arts. SPECIAL ON ATTIC FANS • 30" Fan $65 • 36" Fan $75 • 42" Fan - - - - $85 Sheet Metal Work of All Kinds FRANK SIMMONS TIN SHOP 1!7 South Broadway Phone 2651 cot lo the basement, where it cot Muck. After some fancy \elliiiu, bvstanriei.s save the cowboy inslruc- lions Tor getting out. $ 25 or more trade in allowance on your old washer, regardless of make or condition on a new BENDIX Automatic Washer This Is Your Chance for •4 Real Savings—Come in Today HUBBARD&HOKE Appliance Co. Service — That's Our Motto! We spare no eaort in providing an EXTRA everyday prescription service which means- extra convenience to vou Peel tree W can on us at any time \Prompt delivery service Phone 507 WOODS DRUG STORE BUTLCR^BUILT C. A. Tatit Construction Company Authorized Dealer for Sutler Steel Buildings —General Contracting P. O. Box 83 Phone (98 Blylheville. Ark. It ... With Flower* THE FLOWER SHOP Glencoe Bnlldlnt Phone 4491 or 27« The fir.'t ^mlcments In Iceland were made by Iii^h monks. : Venetian Blinds of Such clean Ver.ellanl.lfmk! Dust skids riplu off Klcxa- liim, it'j so satin-smooth! Tliis aluminum bends for quick brush-ups, snaps hack into perfect shape! Lighter, easier to operate. And the beauty lasls! Plastic finish won't chip or crack. Flcxa- lum is fireproof, lusl-proof. weather-proof. Cuilom-made only. Come ctioose from beautiful colors... bring window mcas- uremcnts. So inexpensive! Custom - nude only. Comr chnose front hcautiftil colors. . a.vk Inr obligation. estimate nithoul BUILDERS'SUPPLY CO. Inc. W So. 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