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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page B11
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page B11

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Sunday, March 29, 2009 THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER Bll Weather Report Conditions updated throughout the day on Exclusive EarthWatch 7-Day Forecast I L'JNBC NBCPHILADELPHIA.COM Today Tomorrow Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Today's Forecast There is a slight risk of severe weather. Thunderstorms could bring damaging winds. The showers and storms will end tonight as cooler air blows in. HIGH LOW 70 43 Showers and thunderstorms HIGH LOW 53 37 Windy and colder HIGH LOW 60 44 Not as cool HIGH LOW 63 46 Warm with showers HIGH LOW 65 50 Sun and clouds HIGH LOW 61 48 More rain HIGH LOW 60 46 Chance of rain TnHav'c Hicrhc Scranton -wmmj 5436 and Tonight's Lows National Forecast SunMoon Sun rises 6:49 a.m., sets 7:22 p.m. Moon rises 8:02 a.m., sets 11:15 p.m. New YorkQ 5542 sunny; pc partly cloudy; cloudy; sh showers; t-storms; rain; rs rainsnow; sf flurries; sn snow; i ice Weather at noon today Canada Vancouver 5034 and forecast highlow temperatures Montreal Allentown 0 5738 Reading 6038 Toronto 4935 4431 Seattle 5136 Portland 5439 Billings 3723 Trenton a 6241 nHarrisburg 6137 First April 2 Full April 9 Last New April 17 April 24 Minneapolis 4527 Detroit Boston 4429 New York 4940 5542 Chicago pittsburah Asbury Park 5741 San Francisco 6447 Air Quality Denver 5929 3928 5333 Philadelphia Lancaster 6237 Philadelphia Wilminefton 7043 St. Louis 4735 Washington 6842 The worst pollutant in the region yesterday was particulates, produced mainly by motor vehicles and power plants. Los Angeles 6653 6841 Memphis 5542 Atlanta 5738 Dallas Phoenix 8458 Low High Carbon monoxide Nitrogen dioxide Particulates PA Sulfur dioxide SO Ozone OZ Good (G) 0-50 Moderate (M) 51-100 Unhealthful (U) 101-200 Very Unhealthful (V) Hazardous (H) 301-400 New Orleans 6551 6855 Houston 7252 fronts: Stationary Warm Cold Vineland 6739 Atlantic City 5941 Rain Thunderstorms Snow Ice Baltimore 6640 Miami 8666 At a Pollution Standard Index rating of 100, the general population begins to experience irritation and other unhealthful effects. Dover 6942 Water Temp 44 Yesterday's Pollution Standard Index Cape May 5943 oWashington 6842 Burlington High Pollution Pollutant Forecast Yesterday Today G31 OZ G22 OZ G33 OZ M57 PA G44 PA M72 PA G31 OZ G39 OZ Regional Forecast Marine Forecast City Yesterday Today Tomorrow City Yesterday Today Tomorrow Albany, N.Y 66741pc 5037sh 4931sh Kansas City, Mo. 3430sn 3831s 5434c Albuquerque 5727s 6937s 5733pc Las Vegas 6947s 8051s 6547s Anchorage 2522c 4030sn 351 8sn Los Angeles 7052s 66753s 66751s Atlanta 6159A 5738s 7248s Memphis 6548t 5542pc 7153pc Boston 4740c 4940A 52367c Miami 8473pc 86766yt 8270pc Buffalo 6033s 5434sh 4230s Minneapolis 4120pc 4527pc 4331rs Charleston, S.C. 7362t 70467pc 7148s New Orleans 7460sh 6551s 76764s Charlotte 6359r 65367pc 6845s Orlando 9068c 78567t 8061s Chicago 3832i 3928pc 4637c Phoenix 76749s 8458s 8053s Cincinnati 63367pc 4430sh 5941s Portland, Maine 42367c 4237sh 4832sh Cleveland 5334pc 4930sh 4631s Portland, Ore. 5043r 5439pc 5338c Dallas 5234w 6855s 7447pc Richmond 5849A 7340A 6738s Denver 381 0pc 5929pc 4427pc St. Louis 4537r 4735pc 5942pc Des Moines 3429sn 5134pc 5233sh Salt Lake City 5730pc 4428rs 4132pc Detroit 5432pc 4429rs 4431s San Diego 7354s 6754s 66753s Honolulu 7871s 8170pc 8170pc San Francisco 6949s 6447s 6449s Houston 6441s 7252s 7564pc San Juan 8371pc 8472pc 8572pc Indianapolis 5840A 4030rs 56742pc Seattle 4337r 5136pc 5039sh Jacksonville 8863pc 7745pc 7449s Tampa 8571c 7455A 7861s Manasquan to Cape Henlopen Rain likely, chance of thunderstorms. Wind south-southeast at 10-20 knots. Visibility 1-3 miles. Waves 4-7 feet. Delaware Bay Rain likely, chance of thunderstorms. Wind becoming southwest at 10-15 knots. Visibility 1-3 miles. Waves 2-3 feet. Cape Henlopen to Virginia Beach Chance of showers and thunderstorms. Wind south at 15-20 knots. Visibility 1-3 miles. Waves 2-3 feet. Poconos Rain likely with a slight chance of thunderstorms. High 51 Chance of showers early tonight. Low 32. Breezy with clouds decreasing tomorrow. High 40. Jersey Shore Rain likely with a chance of thunderstorms. High 59. Chance of showers early tonight. Low 41 Becoming mostly sunny and breezy tomorrow. High 50. Delaware Chance of showers and thunderstorms. High 69. Partly cloudy and breezy tonight. Low 42. Mostly sunny and breezy tomorrow. High 56. Cities Abroad Ozone forecast available daily at 1-800-872-7261 and at Saturday's pollen, count and discomfort levels: Grasses, 0, none; ragweed, 0, none; other weeds, 0, none; trees, 30.9, high; mold spores, 857.8, moderate SOURCE: Philadelphia Almanac Readings taken through 4 p.m. Temperatures High yesterday 54 (3:40 p.m.) Record high for yesterday 83 (1945) 3 p.m. humidity 83 Low yesterday 47 (7:28 a.m.) Record low for yesterday 18 (1923) Normal highlow 5639 Highlow same date last year 6639 Season heating degree days 4,166 Last season heating degree days 3,805 Normal season heating degree days 4,220 Yesterday's barometer 6 a.m 29.97 rising Noon 29.95 rising 6 p.m 29.89 falling Daylight sky conditions yesterday 100 clouds with 0 sunshine Precipitation Saturday 0 27 in. Month through Saturday 1 .23 in. Year through Saturday 4.77 in. Normal through Saturday 9.71 in. Deficit in. In the Region Weather indications sunny; pc partly cloudy; cloudy; sh showers; thunderstorms; rain; sf snow flurries; sn snow; i ice. Tides Today Philadelphia (Chestnut St.) High tide 3:57 a.m., 4:32 p.m. Low tide 11:15 a.m., 11:18 p.m. Delaware Breakwater High tide 11:17 a.m., 11:37 p.m. Low tide 5:06 a.m., 5:07 p.m. Cape May High tide 10:31 a.m., 10:50 p.m. Low tide 4:21 a.m., 4:18 p.m. Atlantic City (Steel Pier) High tide 9:57 a.m., 10:16 p.m. Low tide 4:00 a.m., 3:57 p.m. Beach Haven (Little Egg Harbor) High tide 12:04 a.m., 12:37 p.m. Low tide 7:33 a.m., 7:31 p.m. Barnegat Inlet High tide 10:12 a.m., 10:24 p.m. Low tide 4:36 a.m., 4:34 p.m. City Yesterday Today Tomorrow City Yesterday Today Tomorrow Acapulco 8472pc 8670pc 8774s London 5237sh 4533pc 4936c Amsterdam 5041c 4433c 4231pc Madrid 6641c 6344sh 6043sh Athens 6035s 7254pc 7556pc Melbourne 8146s 7855s 8157pc Auckland 7052s 6958s 7156s Mexico City 8154pc 8152pc 8556s Baghdad 7557pc 7453c 6651sh Milan 5550r 66752r 6348sh Bangkok 9579pc 9276A 9075A Montreal 5937c 4935r 4231rs Barbados 8477sh 8575pc 8676pc Moscow 4127s 4229pc 4331sh Beijing 5530s 3826c 3628c Nassau 8172pc 8273pc 8472A Berlin 5036s 4229c 4131pc New Delhi 8664pc 92667pc 9568pc Bermuda 7061pc 7463pc 7259A Paris 5241sh 4634pc 4937pc Brussels 4839r 4935c 4733pc Prague 5739s 4836sh 4432c Buenos Aires 9064s 8567pc 8364pc Rio de Janeiro 8475c 8672A 8574A Cairo 6855s 6851s 7353s Rome 6452c 6351sh 6250sh Copenhagen 4537sh 4230pc 4130pc Seoul 5030s 4834pc 4533sh Dublin 4530sh 5239sh 5039c Singapore 9179pc 8776A 8875A Havana 8672pc 8570A 8371A Stockholm 3934c 3625c 3524sn Hong Kong 8470sh 7666sh 7967c Sydney 7563s 7863pc 8367pc Jerusalem 5244sh 6345s 6646pc Tokyo 5041pc 5037pc 5240pc Johannesburg 7957s 8560pc 8262pc Toronto 5434pc 4431rs 4029c Kabul 5243c 6445sh 6748pc Mincouver 4539c 5034pc 4637r City Yesterday Today Tomorrow Allentown 5844sh 5738sh 5033pc Atlantic City 5246r 5941 5040s Baltimore 5247r 6640sh 5936s Harrisburg 5548sh 6137sh 4734pc New York 5847sh 5542t 5838pc Pittsburgh 6142c 5333sh 4830s Salisbury, Md. 5848r 7140t 6238s Scranton 6347pc 5436sh 4331 Washington 5248r 6842sh 6139s Wilmington 5446r 6841 sh 5539pc Ellen L. White, 91, secretary at Quaker service committee A manager for an office, a warrior against disease Mrs. White was a secretary at the archives advisory commit- 11 Sidwell Friends School until 1944, when in her last year she was secretary to the headmaster. Back in Phila-delphia, she worked at the American tee there. At Gwynedd Friends Meeting, she was a member of the Library Committee and the Committee of Overseers. Besides her son Richard, Mrs. White is survived by sons Ronald and Robert, a sister, eight grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter. Her husband died in 1989. A memorial service has been set for 3 p.m. April 18 at Gwynedd Friends Meeting, Route 202 at Sumneytown Pike, Lower Gwynedd. 1 Ellen L. White Friends Service Committee from 1962 to 1980, most of that time as director of central files because of her "meticulous eye for detail," he son said. She was also a member of Contact staff writer Walter F. Naedele at 21 5-854-5607 or By Walter F. Naedele INQUIRER STAFF WRITER Ellen Lisovitch White, 91, a secretary in the 1960s and 1970s for the American Friends Service Committee, died of a stroke March 2 at Foulkeways at Gwynedd in Lower Gwynedd, where she had lived since 1989. Mrs. White's husband, Allen, was the first executive director of Foulkeways when that Quaker retirement community opened in 1967. "There are those there now" who still "refer to her as the First Lady of Foulkeways," her son Richard said. "The whole culture and tone of the place was largely set by my mother and father." She had no hand in running Foulkeways, he said, but "came from a generation when spouses worked side by side," so "she had a lot of input to the interior design." For instance, when flower arrangements were proposed as a daily feature, "she put her foot down and insisted only fresh flowers." Born in Philadelphia, Mrs. White graduated in 1934 from William Penn High School for Girls and worked as a secretary in the business office of Sears, Roebuck Co. in Philadelphia from 1935 to 1939, when she married. A daughter of Russian Orthodox immigrants, she became a Quaker. The couple moved to Washington, and bachelor's degree in sociology from the University of Pennsylvania. She and her husband married in 1987. From 2003 until last year, Mrs. Gildin was office administrator for Dickler, Braver, Matusow, an accounting firm in Horsham. Previously she was an executive for training and development for 16 years at the Strawbridge's department store in Center City. She enjoyed traveling with friends and family and entertaining, and she especially loved listening to Michael play classical piano music and watching the 76ers with her other son, David. In addition to her husband, sons, and sister, Mrs. Gildin is survived by her father, Edgar Sykes, and a brother. A funeral was held March 18 at Goldsteins' Rosenberg's Raphael-Sacks Memorial Chapel in Southampton. Burial was in Beth Abraham Cemetery, Rosen-hayn, N.J. Memorial donations may be made to the Kimmel Cancer Center for Colon Cancer Research, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, 111 S. 11th Philadelphia 19107. By Sally A. Downey INQUIRER STAFF WRITER Susan Sykes Gildin, 49, of Horsham, an office manager who battled colon cancer for eight years, died March 16 at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Mrs. Gildin was one of the patients profiled March 11 in an Inquirer article about the anxiety of living with cancer. Since her Stage 4 cancer was diagnosed in 2001, she had undergone 19 surgical procedures, chemotherapy treatment every other week for six years, and CAT and PET scans every four to six months. Mrs. Gildin told reporter Stacey Burling that she could do without hearing the details. "I've had to deal with so much in the last several years," she said, that sparing herself from the specifics was "just a little bit of protection that still keeps me going." Her enduring graciousness was an inspiration to other patients, said her husband, Brad. Instead of becoming annoyed with hospital workers for their constant poking and prodding, he said, she befriended them. She made a great effort to select special gifts for her caregivers, said her sister, Randi Sykes. She was always looking for something purple because it was her social worker's favorite color, Sykes said. For her dog-loving anesthesiologist, Mrs. Gildin had the pet's name inscribed on a mat. She gave her surgeon a clock with the inscription, "Thank you for the gift of time." Mrs. Gildin's nurses and doctors stopped to say hello whenever she was at the hospital, Sykes said, and to snack on the chocolate-covered pretzels she hid under the sheets for them. She loved to bake and cook. In November, though weak After cancer was diagnosed in 2001, Susan Sykes Gildin, of Horsham, inspired many with her bravery, her family said. from treatments, she prepared Thanksgiving dinner for more than 30 guests. For desert she made her father's favorite, pecan pie, and baked a chocolate cake to celebrate two of the guests' birthdays. After everyone sang "Happy Birthday," Mrs. Gildin took the cake back into the kitchen, said one of her 16-year-old twin sons, Michael. He heard a thud when she dropped the cake. Instead of being upset, her son said, she sat on the floor and laughed. In December, after her sister was hospitalized, Mrs. Gildin insisted that she recuperate at her house. She even helped her sister bathe, Sykes said, but teased her that she had better not fall because Mrs. Gildin wouldn't be able to help her up. "She fought her illness with such strength and bravery that it often appeared she was perfectly fine," Michael said. Mrs. Gildin volunteered to raise money for colon cancer research and to increase awareness and education about the disease. A native of Bridgeton, N.J., she graduated from Bridge-ton High School and earned a Contact staff writer Sally A. Downey at 215-854-2913 or It's Simpk The region's biggest collection of jobs, cars, homes and stuff is all in one place not a million. The simple place is Marketplace. 7l

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