The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 25, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1946
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 1948 Poland to Offer Atomic Controls Compromise Sought Between Divergent U. S.-Soviet Views. L'y SI'EXCKlt K.LAW- l':iil(d I'rrss St;ifr Correspondent Mew York, June 25. (U.}'.—A TtiUsli atomic control phiu nimed :u ri penciling sharply divergent, Kurim and Amerlcsm viewpoints m:iy !«• l:ikl before the United Na'.tcns Atomic Eni'rgy Commission today. IJ.'l'.uK of Hi? Polish plui) were no' ninde. known; but it jv;is dc- MTJU'd 'l!l .'"111,: ((URrlel's M sitni'ic 1 . clement program. •' 'I lir l'_'-ni;i!ciM commission 'holds ilr, Iliinl meeting late today. Chairman Herbert V. EvaH ol Ausualui hr.:; served notice !l e will for fn'cjui'ni j-r-.ssions to comply with the UN KC'iiei'nl assom- bl.v'.s directive"" tluH the i-ronp pro- C-'.TO -'u-Uh utmost, dispatch" to devise world atomic safpuuinds. Hrt.sic Soviet-AniuricKn difference's over world ntoivue coiUml plans were underlined yesterday by the Moscow Communist pnriy firman ! 3 ravda. which di'ScribL'd. the U. S. proposals as an attempt |o establish world domination thin I'lomic pn'.vrv and the cle.slniolion c.f hi'.: power veto ii['hls in the UN. Ma mvhilo. a throe-nation rtr.ifl- ini; r-omniitteL' of the UN T Security Council today , sought, an accept - nl)! : . formula which would enable the council to kc^p Franco Spain nmlpr "contimiwis observation" without burrim; actiryi by the 51- nation t'enoial assembly mcoting hero in September. BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACK TMRfcfc She's Waiting For Her Nylons, Too Even" Batty Huys, employee of (lie now ,VH::i difliculty in actliii!t a |::iir of the new Kdinn Hie Rogers plant, thy nt:wcst in ihc couuii 1 -. IM rripidly tuu Lxpi'ct; (lie plant to be-in full produ;:liun'lini i!u: iii xi lev: iii'.n- .r.'irn In.ilerv factury, no.jer.s, Aitianuas, | S huvIK "hrisn ry nt lemon/ \." InslalHuinii ol' new muchlnny Vinson Takes Oath as Justice trok V/.VIILNJiTON, June '. '••'it M .Vlnsi.n MonO:iy 'ii'h :'s thhte nth chlvf juMhv ol lie-. UlllU'd SInle;; iu mi chibo'iUe iVI.Ilc liiiiis;> Ccicmony in which I'l '-.sklent Tnnniin s.iM >'.<)ld enhance national rrvp.ri UH Hi- lcml-rl;ldcri hlyh IrlHuoiil. "'hi- sAcullllK-lu ccrcinniiy nn I lie i-'o-ilh [v;rtu-o ill the' While House ''•'I i:!l Hie |:<nnp and trippliii; ; ,.: oi 1 tin 1 .second turn 1 i luted, tin. j,-on ija lte HullKC Vt-CL\- tllHl i|nibli" mid Ihousal'ii:; Reynolds Djvorcee Gets $3,000,000 | Settlement MIAMI,. Kin j June as. (l/l'i Mi:, i;il/ubclh Plllurd Hcynolds today wax reporlild li> have received ii divorce wtllvuic'iit o[ over $ rrcnn Klclnrd Joslnui Reynolds, | Wiu.ston-HalemJ N (.;., heir to n tobacco fortune, Turnis of the selUena'Dt were not made public, and Reynolds would j nuike no comment Uclltible rcpui<..s 'saldi however, thin' she will receive I o:|.04'.!.UDO, (lu> hulf-mllllun <: till':Reynolds home and ll.UQU.ucii,! fni'iii lit Wlnston-Silem. nnd :i lni-1 fund provlditii; $^(,001) :niim;illy r tlic foil' M)HS. She ol :he ehlldieii. U'li:; nt piT-H'l ^ ; .s the Instorle reu'iiiuny. 7insm siu'i-ceils the !nt|. ll.i::ut !•' Ktmie «n i-lili'I nt Hi-' n:t:Urn's !:i-;l C'i* coui't--;l]ld ;/l p p:< Into lilt' )! tin- ;|i in \Vash\ni'- lon. The court liitely lins heen mri' l>y :i piih'lc [end b:'l\vivu lusting Htbeit II. Jnekson niul Himo \. Vlr. Trumnn. in nn n:']i;iveii1 i-i 1 !- ennci' in Hie conn sl'lil, Milil :i\ .1 :;|J rt-n m:usin-; vnvjnii: '/ill of i" Imve the iiltr.'<3t n^- Minci for the coin-is of '.ho country. nnd we know Ihiil ii-::pr(.-|, "-,11 b;. cilhlllU'i-d ulicn Mr. Vlr.ieii ');•• dunes chief Justice of Die UnMeil j f'Li'.iv; iietlvely on (lie lii'llch." Young Doctors Warned Against Socialization NAM Official Snubs Labor Committee Gunrc! for Pappy WASHINGTON. J;me 25. 1C. — An irate House Labor subi- uiittec nieptr; today to frame Us reply—which mny be n cuntcmpL (.il^lion -It) n "snuh" from the Ni''ic.nnl Association or Munufuc- vurevs. 'tile .suhcoinmiUec ]]eadt?fl by I!e|). Auiiiisl.iuc B. Ke!li:y, n,, Pn., hud scheduled :i hearing i!Hd the ''jnsic causes" of labor disputes. But the linn invited' to fiivt — Walter 15. Weisenbiirger, NAM executive vice-rjresitient. — declined to f.ppefir before the coniii-r-ssineu. lie said further s'.udy of tlie labor problem would only "delay legislation correcting the al.uses which alrc-iidv* are cut.." "I Ihink it \yas a snub to the cuinniiVce." Kelly toiii repi "I think they have assumed a position above Congress and above the government. Tile very least, they could do is to appear before the comnnf.'cp, and present their jrosilion." Kelley said that the NAM v;ould be "given an ample opportunity" to leconsicier its decisions. "If they (lo not. then we will have to consider an appropriate reply !o this hifih-handed refusal," hesnici. ihoukl the r.sKrir.iation persist. in I'rs refusal, he continued, "then we might have to go before Congress and request a contempt citation—at least. I shall so recommend to my subcommittee.'' As ihe subcommittee \v:is cor,- slilutcd without specific congressional authorization and has no subpoena power, it was doubtful whether r. contempt citation could 1:0 obtained. LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. June 25. (DPI-Graduates of tlie University of Arkansas Medical School were lohl last niahl that enactuuaU ot the Wagner-Murray-Dingell na- lional health insurance bill \voiV.d kill the Bill of Rights. Dr.'II. King Wade of Hot Sprliii'.s. president of the Arkansas Medical Society, made the charge :U, the commencement addict hevc. He said .socialixation of ined'cine would mean socialisation of ihc' country. "Shall we sit idly by and have our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness taken nway from us?" he asked. . "As American riiedicinc goes, so .goes the nation," be udder. 1 . Judge H. S. Yocum of El- Dora- .do. a member of the .university testify | board of trustees, conferred degrees of doctor of medicine on 01 'graduates and Bachelor of ScU-nc'? in Medicine degrees on 37 inriei 1 - Biaduates. Forrest City Watchman "'"""•-.5/oin and * ARREST CITY.- Ark:, June iorters ! IUP) — Cit .v a »d Stale Police re today were investigating tho death of M. H. Loyd. night ftfitchman at tlic Federal Compress in Forrest City, who was shot nml killed Sunday night. Loyd [lied from cheat wounds jn- Ilictod by an unknown assailani, | investigating officiak reported. j They said that the 02-year-old • watch'mau's pistol nnd watch were I SAVE Try ALL-BRAM Muffins «« sue/** AND sioirtnmc, jooi HeriV.s n lu'nvon-sotu rctilpo for thrs'j drtyH of Rborl:)i;e,i— llw uip <u tousled erniK'hy KiUnui;'" All-llnin riiplHcro iibmit one tup ol piTrtn.n llourl AU-BtAN riul'FINO 2 tnblcspoonn 1 cup rlftr 1 <.iK- • hhorli'luiK iiiirpow.'nr '', cup imiUis-ses "l;U';:."l llanr I CKH 31'jtcnsiu'onr, 1 tup iCellnBi'.'fi b'Akliu 1 , iiuwiU-v All-Uiini \'i '.inispouiiiialt *\ eup milk Crcnin shortening and motecc:; l!ir>r- ouKbly: ntlcJ em imrt bcH well. Kllr li, All-llrnn mid milk; sna'a unfit mtisl t>i wolslura h liiktn HJI. flit Hour v,'!'.:. baklni: pmvikT mid unlli wld t> llrni nnxt-mi;, f^H 1 onVy. MlilM Uvniv I'.iMvp- iienrK. Fill (tri'iisod inufiin pirns two- thirds lull and buko hi niivUfrudils' bo' ovon (•1(11)"]''.) nboilL :») minute MakesOto l:> hiulllns. 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