The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 27, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1936
Page 3
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 193G BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER jN^ Reaj s t r a I ion School Sludenls Begin Sept- 5 Rev, Ira Brideulhal who has been i pastor of the Methodist Church in Centcrlon, Ark., the past four ] years. The Rev. 1 Mr. BildenlVial "(II have .charge of the song services and the young people's work, lly services during tlie week be held nl 0:30 A. M. and 7:30 P. will be 7:45 p. M. The Rev. Mr. Nanking will Manila Teachers Want Sale* tax Left Alone '* PAGE .THREE The second liiththoust built- on Cnpe Haiteras was a mile Inland frcm the. original tower. The At- X.^VTT,. . i. . A, ,„ ,, in " Uc 'Wfrf dec years to'reach MANILA, Ark., Aug. 27.—W. W. ii.i, „„..., „,,;. . '• ..„ Fowler, superintendent Manila ', , pc1 "'- wllll> " was ""'"»' ,i c » Mn it i, n , ,„«,!„! abandoned for a third liBhlhciiss, school Dlst. No. 15, lias made M. The Sunday services ^b\lK portions of a letter re- lield.nt 10:55 A. M. and cclvcd from Miss Willie Lawson, . . . . secretary of the' Arkansas Eilucn- preach 'ills first sermon Sun- 1 "onal Association, In which slie Inland, built, ol steel. I day night. WILSON, Ark—Opening exercises for the Wilson public school will begin at 8:30 o'clock Monday morning, September 7. Regular class work will besfin at the close ot the opening exercises. Registration for nil high sclwrt students, Including 7th through tlie 12th grades, will begin at 9:30 Saturday, Sept. 5. All high sciiool MuclenU expecting to e'nt;r sclioDl I in should be at'the s:hcol house al' thill time. All memter, of U:o faculty have attended school this summer and taken special work in tlie curriculum revision program no'.v uncljr way lu Arkansas. The psioDiincl of the faculty is as follows: llarton Goodlos, firsl grade; Rachel Berry, second grade; Marian HuliMi, third grade; Mrs. M.irv Lau Mann, fonrtli grade; Rmma "C.iire Hairston, fifth grnds; Jean™(.l<i •Phillips, sixth grade; Verjjie" E ! Rogers, English ami Latin; p. f, ' MeRae, principal, science- w E FurnUs, mathematics; Louise Phil-1 lips, saclnl science; E. U. Bsall a-'- I rleuHure; Mrs. ;.; D VeMi lmn ,.\ economics; Mary E. SymonJa, music; Sarah U Green, commercial' Mary Alk- Waddle, librarian; CJ. lj, Bird, social science. AR' WAIININ<; :N 'i:!P CHANCERY M.'SSISSIPPI COUNTY, KANSAS. Albeit Jclky, Plaintiff. vs. No, G2 The dcfuidam, f.lslp Mir!-- ' ' j 'v. :s «cr::ed tc app/ear within '!;• .'; In till cuii'i nu .i-. i 'f C"i; Ir-' hnri'i.t a i,d an- j tlie complaint of Ihe pi. l.i-: I slated that the Manila school Jt\C' lulty was the first In the stale to contribute 100 per cent for ",he funds to fight changes ii> tim sales tax law. Miss Lawson also wrote Hint .c faculty members were third {in the stale to be 100 per .c-ht , "'cmbeis of. the Arkansas Edticn- Uorml Association. Pile Suffering Endeclat Last To tli o UMR j i o( Buffcrer* from tli« p»Ln ot 1 llea. Thornion ft .Minor I'Jto O!nlm«nt hai brouitlit qutrk relief. Thli 1'rlvati lOTinulft I'rtacrii'Uoti )ms been Jtvtlopcd !il OU l' j' l *^ r *' **verl?nco »* th# worhVa I>&ckt£e on a Woiitj'-Uack auarant**. Vw Robinson Drug Co. h'.'SO. llils iit.i tla; u'. " II. M. CRAIO, Clcik, liv A. 1 : . Sir.ith. u' J. Graham Sudbury, . • : ;• A.^J. rtO L. lem. Neptune's Ealeillle \Is supposed to be about as large as our moon and it moves; a round the planet In a Jiltle less than six days. Uvilng the ICth century ccrtai i theatres met the , popular demand for the unusual by put-1 ting on nets of madmen who had i been borrowed from nearby asylums. NATIONAl DISTILlltS PRODUCT f>f M STORES MUCKS FOK FRIDAY ami SATURDAY i^ l iir V .\ S i l - t ^". a f 1 " im r C V hal jtlclt /' avkur *V Ui }mn l il0 '»«U'il ^ ini»kcl nwinaijer in our Kroner store. He j A MILLION BOTTLES INSdDAYS! Shoe Shop Opens CCCTER, Mo. — W. M. Barker of tills city opened a shoe repair •"hop in t] ie wagstcr buiidlii" formerly occupied by the .lohn Uumpass Qroccry this week. This is the only shoe shop hero. Dry wines are those which contain little or no sugar, and sweet (vines are those in which the proportion of saccharine matter is clearly perceptible to the taste. Positive Relief for MALARIA! Sure End to Chills and Fever! • l relief for Malaria — 'less Chill Tonic I Quickly it stop, Ihc cliilli and fever anil restores your body to coralort. Many remedies nill merely alleviate (iio First Methodist .Church To Hold Revival Meeting c "; cr ,f^, Revival services will begin at the First Mcihodist Church Sim- day, continuing two weeks. The symptoms of Mahiii temporarily" biit cmirch has secured the services Cirovc's Tasteless Cliill Tonic goes all the of Evangelist, Herbert. C. Hankins V;I1 - V an[| completely rids your system of Springdalc, Ark., for tile of 11|C '"f«lion. preaching. } , , Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic is a re-a! Tlie hi'v. Mr. Hankins has had ' cotre( ' l . ivc of Malari* because it contains many years of successful work in tvvo "' mss ' I '' irs| . tasteless quinine which the evangelistic neld in Arkansas ~ "! c . Mn . I:1 f«l infrclion in the blood.. Missouri, Oklahoma and other kilii Hie Jvlnlarial Second, tonic iron which icljis overcome states and has the nanuTof heine " ll:1 . r , avaBe3 . of '' llc cllills an<1 fev " »»•» MIL iinniL 0[ neing J f ortl r lcsa8a j nstfui . (h{raUa<:k _p | . 1J , s . ircl a forceful an<l fearless preacher nccordiui! to Rev. W. V. Womack unslor. Associated witl l;ius: In (his"meeting Take Grovc*s Tasteless Chill Tonic. It' now comes in two sizes-SOcand Jl.Tha , ft size contains 2J/5 times as much as tlia Evangelist .Han-. SOcsizc and gives you 25% more for your Jiouey. Glet'Jjolllc tqcTayat auydruiistoic. be the'-! Jf even one of thne million Louie* h» founj In to your palate—you already know that Town Tavern is Ainerlca T » freatext ryebiiy! If youhdvc no* ytt tried this older, belief not pick up a bollle today! .OLDEST RYE AT THE PRICE! 93 PROOF-STRAIGHT RYE WHISKEY K*TIOl<At PHTILUK3 *HODUCTS tORPORATION,.r~" «"j'" Genuine Spi ing Hind, Quarter Forequarter pound Daisy_orjoop., lb, 25c BUTIER, C. C. Boll, lb 39c MEAT u, W I BACON s ' al> '" HBe S, 25° VeaS Roast Ib.l5c C.Q.Steak H33c S Bacon Lard i^sffam Weiners Kull I'ouiul Kwick Krisp I'otinil Compouiul i'onnii 12!c Hams c:. c. Half or .Whole Pound 33c Aiul l'V"i Pound ITzC I Veal Chops ib. C. Q. BEEF ROAST licxl Hccf In Town (IlHIfl,, I'.IMIIld CAKh: VANILURABS,.,-,. 15 c ANNOUNCEMENT Shouse-Henry Hardware Co. FORMERLY OBERST STORE CO. H)y I Neville's oldest hardware store Nas been acquired by us and will be open for business Saturday al 211 West Main, in the same building occupied by the Obcrsl Store. We will carry a complete line of Quality FEED, SEBI) and HARD\\AKK and will be glail to serve your needs. OPENS SATURDAY, AUG. 29 J.W. Shouse - Wilson Henry MUSTARD SPINACH ar/a n 's? SALMON Chum '1'iill Can CRACKERS a? g!5 c IN ' Sml111 W } V.& I'Hir. 1U SI^KAD 26-0/. Jar •AP-PIF PAUCB c - c - Rll LL NO. 2 d CRAPE OI'AOHK'iTI nr Macaroni lAC C Dixie M.iiil. 3 for lv ^French, I,li. .. 20c C. C., LI)! .... 25c Jewel, 1,1). .. I7c Jewel, ,'i Lb. .. ,(!) c Fork-Heans : C«i)ti(ry Clul) .Mtmbo Can 21'orl5c Peaches C. C: Cnn Ific Avdiulnlo l-sirg'c Cnn .Kii\. Hi ami No. 2 Can 2 for Pickles Sour or Dill .Quart Jar 'i for Knr\v .June No. 2 Can 2 for Little King 2'1-Lli. Sack .. 7flc 18-Lb. Sack ?l.rir> P. and G. Giant Size 4 for 15c SANDWICH Nlic. GRAPE KRi; ' N ;^n If HCMINY ,^-c.n 5° LIMES """I- Jl t, f APRICOTS S'c Country Club 20 " ry Club 1AC -O/. I,oaf ID PRUNES Slod. Size Lb. r Prince Alhcrl lhcrllAC 'I'in 1U RICE 1 Pull Head. IJIue Knsc PURE LARD 8 lb clr S112 S-lb nail SI.22 MOPS " )cditl If BROOMS I SYRUP ^^Can 1 CIGARETTES >„*. FLY SPRAY ?,""c!.23 <: C. C. Country Gentleman No: 2 Can Lettuce Fresh, Crisp Heads K:icN Oranges Juicy Calif. .'ill Size Dozen Cauliflower iilOc _ ai a Pears Preserving Bushel ' Olympic •IS-lli. Sack $1.25 2-1-Lb. Sack Large Ulcachcd Stalk Tomatoes Red Ripe Slicing Quality. Lb.. Potatoes U. S. No. I Bright, Clc.m Pound Grapes Key. Concord l-Qt. Uaskcl

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