The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1947
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (A«K.) COURIER NEWS Hew York Police Are Convinced I Women Will Do Screwy Things Pickets Arrested In.Cleveland LEO TURNER Press SUM Correspondent) NBW YORK, May 22. (UP)—Wo- jnen nill do the dog-gon«test tilings, poilcj! sald^joday The blue-coals stood guard as N«w; York po'iien's organizations held'a parade as! part -of tilbutc to Women Week, it would have been an ordinary parade down Fifth Avenue, except. They held it at ntehl, when Pi [In Aveijue 1s almost deserted. TKey Held it' in the rain. They made !t a torchlight Procession, the first Now York lias seen In several decades, and turned it Into' the spectacular -show in years. They drew a crowd oj 250.000 and held'lt InV Wore' than-an hour despite ". the : steady drizzle. Some of the crowd huddled under umbrellas. Some"covered their heads with newspapers, Most of them took thcii rainwater straight. The rain drops glistened In the flickering torchlight on the bare skins of .bathing-suit clad models riding the floats. Socialites from' other floats as though the rain; wasn't ruining their white sn tin gowns. Women in the sidewalk audieno applauded. Men whistled. Trie drizzle started shortly befov Lucille Ball, the Movie actress and parade marshal!, moved out from a horse loats. drumheads, horns, uniforms and faces. Confetti drifting down rom Fifth Avenue skyscrapuers ookcd orange In the weaving line of flames that stretched from 5lith o 35th street before the parade vas over. Three thousand women took part. The parade broke np at 35tli streel and Seventh Avenue where .he women scurried to Bet out of the rain. •They've got B ut s." a police captain said as the .street sweepers began cleaning up the soggy confetti. . , Experiments on Animah Defended by Educator , • CHICAGO <U!'> — The medical profession should stop apologlniiiH for its use of animals In experimentation, according to nr. Andrew C. Ivy. vice president o[ the University,'of Illinois. It should also slop carrying lo "ridiculous lengths" Us present ethical ban cm publicity for research scientists, he satd. Ivy, who heads the university's professional colleges on Chicago's west side, ciicd as discoveries rc- siiltin!? from animal experimentation insulin for diabetes, liver extract for pernicious anemia, the use of ancFlhcsla. dlnthcrh immunization, sulfn drugs, penicillin 56 street on the rear o[ .. - - - . . drawn hansom. The red-haired mo- and operations of the lungs, heiirt vie star, flanked by GOO torch-bear- [blood vessels, brain, stomach and inu theater 'ushers, threw roses to Intestines, the spectators on the curb. She carried an umbrella. The raindrops glittered in the fire light like brilliant beads on Approxiinatelv 4.000,000 American located on unimproved farms arc roads. * An unidentified .striker, light, protests ns polio; ulK'inpt to another striker ciurins; a melee at, the Ohio Hoi] Telephone C(i inn in Cleveland. Police, pickets, and non-strikmc; 33uild telephone woikci skirmished :iftcr the non-strikers attempted lo cross picket lines (NEA Tcleplioto.i ., -Ttfrvyf )2- 5-27- THURSDAY; MAY 22, 1947 Read Courier News Want Ads. FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy 61 at Stale Line Phone Blythevill* 714 "The only arguments 1 ever win are the simple ones— UXft which shall I do first, empty the garbage or sweep *r>?i Sidewalk?" FKKCKL.ES & HIS FRIENDS By MKURILL ULOPSER Noble Dames 0aaejnfu>)d Copyright by Gwen Dovenpoii; Distributed by NEA SERVICE; INC. little ; - XXXV AFTER she got homo from the Bagots', Sophie was so tired she went back upstairs to lie down. ItAvas good to rest. In the hack of her mind, ns she relaxed, was a little nagging consciousness that she'might have secured Vicky's happiness at the price of her own soul, and yet—she had not lied, she .had not actually told an untruth. Godfrey's mother hnd been named Ida Victoria Jubb Thus reminded of Godfrey, she rang for Bridget and asked to havc;him sent np. She must in- sureTlis silence. When he strolled into her prcs ence, .unaffected by the events o the day and self-assured as ever she sighed-with impatience. Trul "It mailers a very great deal, am through. Through with you, t last! I will not stand one more isult or one more evasion. You re to promise solemnly that you vill nc,ver mention .your vclntion- hip to Vicky—or you are to leave his house today and never re- ucs." Melodramatic," ho rmirmured. 'Anything you wish, my dear. I lave never \vanted to do otherwise than make you happy—" "Promise?" "Very well, my dear, I promise." Sophie collapsed., "And now— please, please—leave me alone." The door closed behind him and she sank back OH her chaise, sobbing. She was through with him she W<s atoning now lor what ever she owed him! "Come in, Godfrey. Shut th door."" He did so. "1 have been io see Mrs. Bagot. Voting Salty and Victoria are to' be rharricd'as soon as possible." Godfrey loolced incredulous. "I must say," he began, "you seem to have taken matters out o£ my hands entirely. I/am, after all, the child's grandfa£her." r "Stop!" she cried, facing him with a hand raised. "Ysil are not her- grandfather!" •"Come,, come," he protested, "when you wanted a lather for our: child I would do quite well enough. You can't change about now because for some reason it happens to suit your convenience—" ,"How dare you!" she exclaimed fixing him with burning eyes "If-you even menlion Vicky's ancestry again I shall turn you out lock, stock; and barrel. Ami 1 shal cut you of£ without a cent in my will.* ' He looked frightened and wary "Don't get sr> upset. What does i matter, my dear?" nt last! She had sent him out of her life, out of her heart, laid his ghost, nt last, at last! Hoi- heart knew now what, her mind had always known: that he had never been worth one salt tear. * « * 'T'HERTi was » knock on Ihc door -*- and Sir Charles's voice risk- ing'it Madame we're receiving. "What is it, Sir Charles?" "Mr. Admri Bagot is downstairs to sec you." Sophie gave'Her toilette a hasty glance and hurried down. She found Adam Bagot in the drawing room standing in front of the portrait of Juliet, leaning on his cane, looking very distinguished n his spare, b*iy way. He greeted her with his usual pur«-- ilious and rather long-winded courtesy. The formalities taken care of he said, "Serve her right it Victoria refused to make up young Salty now." Sophie knew at once that "her 1 was Mrs. Bagot. "Vicky won't refuse," she said. "She was half sick with love." She sighed, indicating a place for lam beside her on the sofa. "It's a good match," the old nentleman snid. "Bring > new blood into the family." "Yes," agreed Sophie. "A'.id such blood, loo!" She looked sidewise nt Adam with n twinkle in her eye and he gove her a solcrm. wink. They both laughed aloud. "The money, at any rate," she added, "is legitimate. I was married to Max." "The money w.ill not corro amiss," said Adam. "Yes, it is 'a splendid match, and a Rreat Kalis- faction lo me." He fixed her with his fierce, sunken eyes. "As you can well understand, Sophie, I need not tcil you why." Sophie clasped her hands at her breast. She felt suddenly giddy, as if she might be going lo faint. "They must not make the same mistake we did." Was it n mistake, Adnm?" she asked, very low, knowing beyond doubt that the final piece was being tilted into the pattern of. her past. "Not to get married was n mistake, I mean." They looked at each oilier. "I didn'l know you ever wanted lo marry me," she said simply. "I was only sixteen, I came from the wrong side of tho tracks—" i "So you do remember!" She nodded. "Certainly I remember! After all—" she laughed shakily—"yon were what is known as 'my first false step.' No woman could ever forget what happened o her at sixteen." "I, too," he assured her solemnly, "have never forgotten, for forgiven myself. That is why have never married. Jinny a glit I have lain awake thinking that but for me you would never lave'rini away from home, never RADIO REPAIRS 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We Call lor and Deliver FRED CALL9HAN Electrical Appliance Co. t-^thorizeil Motorola Radio Sates and Service IOC South First St. Today's free MGSl Record gone to Paris, never put ou grease paint. . . ." Ho bowed his head. It is n terrible responsibility to have had OH one's conscience for sixty years!" Sophie laid n hand on his silver hair. "Oh, Adam—my dear! I am the one "who should feel remorse. Jt was your life that was ruined, not mine. I have had fame, success, a rich, full lite. While you—you've had nothing. And all because o£ me!" (To Be Concluded)) Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY Second ARE YOU CRAZY? ER EXCUSE ir. ' FORSOT.' Dr. W. C. Grice Veterinarian BACK at Dell, Ark. Radio Repair ,et our college trained exports kfup your viulio working with guaranteed service ... no, job too ittle or loo big! S|jecial- sts in change-over from buttery tr, electric set. Musical Instrument Supplies and Uepaii'K . . . Special orders handled promptly. Gift Goods — Office Supplies -T- Variety Items Call Sll J. Me 11 Brooks Jr. 107 E. Main St. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 For Complete Protection CIIAS. THTTNEU WU, WILSON JUST BRIMG- us ONE: I ETTUCE AMD TOMATO SANDWICH. AMD TWO BIS GLASSES OF WATER. / ( • THIS i KINDMESS " BUSIMES'j IS SLAVING (WE —vie COULD AT LEAST GET A SAME APIECE; L'M FAMISHED TOO; Bur REMEMBER, OL'E SUFFERING- IS 1M THE' CAUSE" Or WOMANHOOD/ CHAMBLIN SALES CO., Inc. Sales Cars and STUDEBAKER Service Quality Trucks of Outstanding and Economy Skilled craftsmen Insure dependable service, keep your cars and trucks in tip-top condition. Bring your car to us for he.-.t all around work anywhere. We specialize in trucks, ANY MAKE, ANY MODEL Expert Painting and Body Work Complete truck repairs, electric welding, complete ni^tor overhaul, radios and seat covers, tires, tubes, batteries. spulli^hU, Sag lights. We curry a complete line of StudeUaker parts tor cars and trucks. Climatizers, Bumper Guards. - . , We Have Several Good Used Cars for Sale —Cars and Trucks— CHAMBLIN SALES CO., inc. Your Studcbaker Dealer , "First by Far With a.Postwar Car" Bill Chamblin ; IxR & Ash St Lex Chamblin .......: Phone 2195 WASH TUBES AT LA.ST EASV fc^TRML: BOW TO Ml 1SIAMD \nd Watch Your Step! RY LESLIE TURNED CIMEOME HAD TO (jUARD DALE ArJP ALLEN WHILE SWEEP WAS 60WE. :,;-* ;«=N WILL 8E ARMEP,., HEV. SNEED! YOUE. BOM"S CR1FTIN' OFF VOU DIDN'T TIE WELL, HUEE.4 CUT THERE GET IT, TOtl FOUL'. I'KVRUSS! Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople DO VOL) "DO IT, \\llTU "MO 6TRII<tS OXiVCU, HIT A TOPPED THERE IT 1S,TWGGS, |M ALL ITS PR15T1NSE CLORV.' If-1 TJO SAV [T M.V6ELF, HO DOCTOR COULD REPAIR A FRACTURED WHIT HEATER. TAP\!^ r\!E THIS VteE.' OMLV 1HE TvAINS WNRLlNiE- iH OF ^ CRf\CK l& \JiS\8LE DUST 8LCW5 OM •THIRD BPSB.'-«-VOL> COOLO GO THKOUSV\ A CP.RR.YINI& OP EGGS/ { 3LJ3T GREKT THAT'S ALL- Out Our Way By J.R. Williams POOR RAPAR.' HE W-V6> HIREPASA GARDEK1ER, WITH CREPEsniAl-S., AW HE'S BEE.M TRVIW TO CUT TH' GRASS FOR A S-.OMTH--AM' LOOKIT TM' STOPS AM' STARTS IM IT.' R-XDAC.'.VOULD you HELPIMG US =. THE FIAMO? ABOUT -I A FOOT IS —V ALL! HOUSE PV.AMT WD RVDh'H r\ow Applicant. WILL tOU V HELP ,^E f \ MISS GLiesy ItY V. T. ilAMLfr- "friS. VRofOSEO ADDITION -DEPErtOS ass RE.O R-f PER— IF ME LOSES "ME RACE, THE PRUE- i-\0,^EY GoES to 'M AM/KY OOP Time Is Short • ^C FLINT i WONDER HOW CONNIE'S COM1N' AtC>* WITH BXf DENVER. SUE SAID NOT TO PHONE HER BEFORE MIDNIGHT. BUT tr'S TOUGH WftlTlN AMD THAT GUY FLINT/ I SNOUM'T^E Yeah, Some Joke Sn ConmVs aparlment I?Y MICHAKL O'MAI.LKY nnd UALI'H LANK WEIL, MOU COULD RUN WTO THE CHAMPS RIGHT HAND AND LET THE REFEREE ,« COUNT TOU'RE lilKOt'RIDOltS, HONEY. HOW COULD I MAKE ENOUGH TO RETIRE IN ONE mam? OH, NOW I GOT.IT--YOU'RE OIVIN'ME THE RIB. GEE, CONNIE A GREAT I'M 1 ' KIODEK HAT SGUAVsXU. WHOLE Cr= TRI°OH DOWN CN ^T'S sccc=> =SF- RCCKS I D,V= GO By V. T. HAMLIN C.VS&ED IF-: DOM'T M Bl-E OUT A WiMOOW F/VbT.' BOOTS AND HER RUDDIES Let's Talk Over PPOAR V L;Er~

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