The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 30, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 30, 1949
Page 5
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TUESDAY, 'AUGUST 30, 1949 Rental Changes Are Streamlined Landlords, Tenants Must Serve Notice Of Intentions To simplify the steps laken by landlords and tenants in getting their full rights under rent control the Housing Expediter has bsncd new procedural regulations. Hereafter landlord's and tenants will serve notice on each other when applying to the rent adjustments, eviction certificates and other actions affecting the oilier party. Previously the notice was served by the area rent office after the application or petition had been filed. The new procedure will reduce the workload on local offices and speed up the final determination on requests Appeals Direct (o Washington Another change provides for direct appeals by the landlords or tenants from the area rent director's decisions to the housing expediter in Washington. This eliminates the intermediate step of review by the Regional housina exneditcr which was previously available to landlords and tenants. Apolicatlous for review now pending in Ihe Regional Offices will be handled as follows: 1. Those involving a tenant's stay of certificate relating to eviction or landlord's deposit of money in escrow after a rent reduction will be forwarded to Washington for consideration as appeaTs. 2. All other apnlications will IK dismissed by the regional office, but the landlord or tenant may ask for reconsideration by the area rent director or file an apneal with the housing expediter In Washington. Housing Eloediter Tighe E. Woods emphasized that the agency policy of requiring notice to affected parties is retained and in fact strengthened under lliis streamlined procedure. Under this policy, either party to a rental agreement is entitled to know when the other party files a request with the rent office for an action which will mean eviction, change In rent or change in thr accommodations or services. Conies Go to Area Office i The new method [•alls for the landlord or tenant to serve the notice directly to the other person jiLsiead of providing a notice cf»iy to the rent office for service. For example, a landlord will now deliver & copy of bis petition personally to each tenant or by mail, or by leav- intr it at the tenant's residence, provided there are no more than four tenants involved. In cases where there are more tlie.n four tenants, the landlord may use this same method or post a copy of the petition form on the premises. If the notice is posted, the landlord also must serve each len- nnt with a notice of the nature of the posted document and the place where it is posted. Fn those cases where a tenant is seeking action .he can serve notice only by delivering a copy of hi.s application personally to the landlord, by leaving it at liis place or residence or principal place of busine,ss, or by mail. Tenants are not required to serve each other with notice. As before, two copies of each document must be. filed with the area rent office, together with certification thaf, notice has been provided the other party. Wind Increases The force of wind increase* with the square of velocity. A 30-mile wind compares with a 10-mile wind as 900 compares with ICO. For this reason, a .small increase in velocity accounts for a great increase in wind damage. BLTTHEVTLLE \AKK.f COURIER Natural Gas In Pocahontas By May Seen LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 30. (.!•) — Natural Kas for Pocnhontas by May, 1950, appeared lo be a possibility today. William G. Mnit»iry. president of I he Mississippi River Fuel Corp lias stated in a lollcr Hint his company probably can supply the ens by that, date. His letter was filed wltli the Arkansas Public Service Commission yesterday by A. J! Hnr- pcr. president or the Fort Smith Q:is Corporation, which is seeking authority to supply gas lo Poca- honlas. The application for permission Lo build a distribution system ami a pipeline to the Mississippi [liver Fuel Corp.. line has he™ taken under advisement by tile PSC. for several years. He operated a lai-Rc hardware firm here for many years. He served two terms as county treasurer, his last term ending in 1920. Hayues Is survived by a son," daughter mid two sisters. 1'I.ANS UH)-I>AY FAST — Pen Coplon, all 357 pounds of lili stands beside the liny house i which he plans to fast for 100 da in Birmiiiuliam, AlR. The srna house is atop a 30-foot steel poll Copton says he will erect, Hie stritc lure in Tan-nut, City, a Birmln; linm suburb, and bei;ln the fa; Sept. 1 He .says-his fast will ta off extra poimdage and "prove fas ing and drinking pure water v cure anything." (AP Wirephoto). RELAXING RED—Italy's Commumsi leader Palmtrc Togliald is usually pictured angrily shouting in arm-waving speeches. Foi a change of pace. Toglialli if seen above at Miitugnagii. Italy, enjoying the sunshine ol the Italian Alps in 3 manner Hint would do credit lo a« American businessman-tourist. * WE, THE WOMEN By Ruth MiUtlt, NEA Staff Writer One Woman Shows Her Way Of Doing Things Calmly Read Cm- r Ni ws Want Ads tasty tasty lasty tnsty tasty ta ly lasly tasty tasty lost'/ tasty insly tasty tasty tasty tasty ty tasty tasly tasty ,.,-,.,,.- tns tnsty tost ty tasty tacty ta ty tast IT tasty tasty tasty tasty tasty (PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Oui years ol experience assure you that when you present a prescription ordei to us, it will be expertly compounded from fresh pure drugs. You can be sure at Rnthroclc'5 ROTHROCK'S DRUG STORE Most of us have great admiration for the woman who has achieved an easy-going, unhurried way ol doing things and the calm habit of meeting emergencies without a lot of useless carrying-on. But how do such women achieve that calm, unflustcred wav ot living? One woman who \viis willing to explain her method says. "In my a ttw simple rules seem to do the trick. "I never used to be able to get anywhere at a specified lime without last minute confusion and hurry. But one day it finally dawned on me that my whole" trouble was that I never allowed enough tmie to do any job that had to be finished by a certain time or get, anywhere at a certain hour. I always thought I was allowing time enough, but .something extra always came up to slow nie down or detain me. 'Now I reckon how long it will take me to get to a certain place or do a certain job and then add IS minutes to the time I've estimated. You'd be surprised how much difference that makes. "In 15 minutes you can take care of the unexpected telephone call, get rid of the unexpected caller, do something about the rip yon discover in the dress you planned to wear, do your hair over if it doesn't go right the first time, etc. It's such a simple solution it sounds silly to mention it, but it certainly lias made life easier tor me. Do ,V [.idle At a 'lime "Another thing I've learned to do i s break up a bis job. which because of its very bigness would tempt me to put off doing it. into several smaller jobs. If I can tackle it a little at a time, l can go at it calmly. But if I figured I had to do it, all at once I'd wade into it grimly. "Then too I've borrowed the wnr- lime question. 'Is this trip necessary?' if s surprising how many errands can be combined and how much running around can be cut out entirely if you ask yourself that question before you jump in your car to do an errand. "And I've quit looking for any- Miiiig, unless finding it is practically a matter of life and death. If I wait a lew days a lost article almost always turns up. And since looking frantically for something that has been mislaid is one of the most confusing things ! used to do, I've stopped it. 'Tve also discovered that poise is mostly taking your time. Most kinds of invkwurdness can be avoided if you don't rush at situations, if you lake time to think what you're doing and saying." There it is—one woman'? recipe for keeping calm. You can probably improve on it. but as a basic recipe, it sounds pretty good. Rites Held for Civic Leader in Lake Village LAKE VILLAGE. Ark. AllE. 30. tiP) —Funeral services were to be held here today for John RuUer Haynes, 74, civic leader and former Chicot County treasurer. Haynes died yesterday at his home. He had been in ill health K K Y S MADE t-'til p.ny Klnt] ol lork l^ckp opened and repaired SI'KCK'S LOCK SIKIP Ml \\. Main. I'hcine as? Behind Juhns I'nol Hall Good-bye to banging when SLATS-O-WOOD. Awnings go over, doors, windows and verandas betause they're stuidily anchoied to form a pail of the house. Peimanenl K the fine wood of which they are made, SLATS-O-WOOD i-CTKilalcd awnings biing lasting comloit at low cost They let in the lignt—but keep out the sun. Coax the bfeeze—but icpel rain. Cuslom-buill to fit the lines of your home, a personal call by our designer a essential for an accurate estimate •of cost. To insure early installation, phone NOW for this free service. DEAL'S PAINT STORE 109 East Main Phone 4469 Now! Toni Home Permanent TWICE as EASY- TWICE as FAST Right Now Let s s»l up a dale for you | o drive a Nash Airflyle —the big, exciting car with — • Enclosed-wheel streamlining . . . p| us room inside. • Weather Eye Conditioned Air Syslem . ; ; 4-wheel coil spring ride. Lei us demomtrole both great Airflyle series; Ihe Nosn "600" and Noih Ambassador Snelton Motor Co. COMPLETE SET NEW TONI SPIN CURIERS No more rubber h3nds-ail plastic - n!,-m.o;ie I Grins spms . . . lock! mlh * flick of Ihe finj;r.r, AMr:es t\^ry wave (roro no^ on tmct asedsyl KIRBY DRUG STORES Blytheville, Ark. THE GRAMS COMPVNY nj \ i T c > i\> - Real Jvj atl - \l,, r t,,. l.'. rtn .. xr !• -<m- - hiMirdnrr Phone 3075 PAGEFIVB Ruby Tone R«4 Spike He«l Flemish Blue Suede Sling. Pump—Med. 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