The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 25, 1951
Page 3
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25,' BLiTHBVTLLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREB U.S. Makes Pre-Dawn Check of Slaughter Houses Over Nation WASHINGTON, Sept. 25. (AP) — The •government today tlircw all available price control personnel Into a nation-wide, pre-dawn check ot ime 500 slaughter houses In a'drive .stump out illegal pracllces In the ndltng of beef. Price Enforcement Director Edward P. Morgan said slaughtering operations In more than 500 cities are being checked. He expected hundreds ot packers would come under Inspection before nightfall. Price Stabilizer Michael V. Di Salle ordered all regional and district price stabilization offices to help special enforcement agents in the coast-to-coast crackdown. OPS agents were ordered to Inspect records of slaughterers, their cattle weights, scales and invoices. Aim Is Outlined The agency said the aim Is to determine whether they are purchasing livestock In compliance with the control law. and whether anyone is selling beef at illegal prices. Morgan said OPS agents had" been directed to request the aid of other ederal. state or local officials If iced be. Di Saile issued a statement saying -hat as a result of a drive against illegal slaughtering practices in the past week: 1. Violations have been uncovered in at least eight cities. He named Chicago. Cleveland, Newark. Spokane, San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles and Fresno, Calif. Court Action Started 2. Federal court actions already have been started in Newark, Portland and Cleveland. 3. One of the first alleged "black market" meat cases has been slartec at Wichita. Kans. Defendants In this case were identified as Bert O. Persons, doing business as the El Dorado Packing Co. of El Dorado Kan., and Calvin Virgil Adams, doing business as Willard's Fine Meals Wichita. OPS officials alleged that "un- graded and unmarked" meat fouui in Persons' truck was traced t Adams' market and then back to Persons' pscking house. Attlee Calls Cabinet as Iran Orders Oil Men Out by Oct. 4 BLYTHEVIU.E ENTRY —Miss Vivian Taylor is Blytheville's entry In the fourth annual National Soybean Festival's queen beauty pageant to be held In Portageviile Friday night. The festival, labeled Southeast Missouri's Grand Party, begins today. Winner of the queen contest will receive a $500 U.S. Savings Bond as first prize. TAX De Gasperi Urges West to Use Italy's Factories for Defense COUNCIL WASHINGTON, Sept. 25. (AP) — Premier Alcide de Gasperi of Italy today urged the western powers lo use his country's Idle factories and "manpower to turn out goods for defense. peaking to the National /frfcn •"Spe Obituaries Rites Thursday For R. E. Forshee Services for Ruins Edward Forshee. 6fi, who died suddenly this morning, will be conducted at 1 p. m. Thursday at Holt Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. P. H. of Calumet where he farmed. He Jernigan officiating. Mr. Forshee died at his home east had lived in this area for about 21 years. He leaves his wife. Mrs. Dottie Forshee; four sons, Willis Forshee and Jodie Forshee of Blythevitle, R. D. Forshee of Kalamazoo, Mich., and Monroe Forshee of Jonesboro; three daughters, Mrs. Lloyd Poff, Mrs. Deard Harris and Miss Mnxine Forshee of Blytheville; two sisters, Mrs. Ro.sie Ford of Osccola and Mrs. Lucy Greenway of Pleasant Tove; and five brothers, Buck Fore of Osceola, Clark Forshee and 'eorge Forshee of Pleasant Grove, L. Forshee of Dallas. Texas, and A'ewt Forshee of Oklahoma City, Okla. Club, the premier acknowledged that Italy LS so poor in raw materials that "its existence for years, when viewed from a statistical viewpoint, has seemed an impossibility. "Hals 1 has, however, a rich resource in the anility and willingness of its industrious people to work." he said. He said Italian factories could be used for defense production "in such a way that costs are less for you and at the same time the standard of living of our people is not lowered." Moreover, he said, there ig "moral aspect" U> the problem. "Astarving or discontendedpeople can not produce properly, they can not be strong as a defense force or can not resist effectively the lure of the extremists," he explained. "many of the people In our country who voted Communist are not followers of Marx and Lenin. They are simply people who do not have enough to eat or people who do not feel secure about work and their standard of life." (Continued from Page I) will be advertised, for 30 days am placed on the November ballo where the voters will haye the fina say. Would Retire Previous Debt A part of the money obtainei through a bond issue would go fo immediate retirement of S32.000 bor rowed in August from future ta turnback funds for completion o the Walnut Street project afte sidewalk, driveway and 1 storm sewc work upped total costs. (If not made immediately throng the bond issue, the money will b repaid gradually from parking mel er revenues, the meter fund bein fhe source of repayment in eithe event.) Mr. White also said he would favo opening Ash Street from Frank!! through to Lily Streets and pa: Sudbury School. "A bad traffic condition is crea' ed at the school by this narrow a ley," Mr. White said, "and we nee to acquire necessary footage widen th'e alley into a street." Parking meter revenues origina ly were designated for street 1m urovements, Mr. White has polnte out, and he says he favors the revenue bond issue in order to get some money into the street fund, which was depleted in August. Probers Hear Gifts Tale WASHINGTON. Sept. 25. <&* Senate investigators today brought two tax agents and investigator into their wage-hour developing story of expensive gifts and big yments by American LUhofold . to federal employes.- MAGAZINE (Continued from Page 1) year's campaign, which hegan today. As in the past years, 50 per cent of the .subscription price for certain magazines will be retained by the high school, and 30 per cent of the sale on all others. A five-dollar cash prize to the top salesman in each homeroom will be made daily during the 10 days. Each homeroom will retain 10 per cent of its sales provided it reaches its quota. Albert Fairficld, president of the Student Council and general chairman for the magazine campaign nnounced yesterday a quota of 10 fccllars for. each student, Top seller for the entire school will have a choice of a 25-doHnr cash award a radio, or a wrist watch as firsl prize. Four second place awards wil also be given. Money obtained from this drive will be used to mok various improvements In the school Fairfield said. Larry Baker, president of thi senior class, will be publicity chair' man, and Bonnie Nell McComiick treasurer of the student councl will be in charge of checking al subscriptions. Miss Frances Bowen is faculty adviser for the drive. Homeroom captains are Ben Young, Oakie R.opp, Dwaine Gra ham, Freddie Gore. Carol Ann Holt PaUie Privett, Calvin Czeschin Peggy Gilmer, Jack Halstead. Dctl Johnson, Joyce Ingram, Shcrr> Sparks, Jimmie Lee Moore, Charle Langston. Martha Ann Foster an Miilie Ann Bradley. FAIR P? (Continued from Page 1) tend, Mr. Lipscomb said. This morning, carny crews stoo- ankle deep tn mud and called me some beef" as they ncedc muscle-men to help fight the canvas covers over the consession Last bolls were slipped into I in the whippet and merry-go-roun and kewpie dolls, teddy bears an plaster statuettes found their piac on shelves as the opening hour dre near. In ths Commercial Exhibit Buili ing. displays ot modern gadget iiiethcxls and hobbies began to form as business firms and governmental agencies used miles of crepe paper building booths to advertise tl.eir particular cause. LONDON, Sept. 25. W)— Prime Inister Attlee summoned, his top abinet ministers today to decide hether Britain should use force resist an. Iranian order giving ritlsh technicians until Oct. 4 to nve the Abadan oil refinery. There are 300 Britons still at I'ne uge refinery. Premier Mohammjd 'ossadegh gave them the ultinu- iim to get out, and Deputy PJE- iter Hossein Patemi told reporters he technicians cannot stay und?r ny conditions. Three previous ul- matums given London In the Brll- h-Iranian. oil dispute had given technicians the choice ol leavirg ;e country or working under In- tvldual contracts tn Iran. Attlee was expected to confer with opposition leaders Winston Churchill, Conservative, and Clement DavieSj Liberal, on Britain's next move. The British have worships tn nearby Iraqi waters of the Persian Gulf, and British government leaders have hinted in the past they might order use of force to keep the oilmen in Abadan. If the oilmen decide to defy the ultimatum, the question of use of force must come up. The technicians have until a week from Thursday to settle their personal affairs and leave. Some could be absorbed In the British operations In neighboring Iraq, where some already have gone from Iran. CEASE-FIRE (Continued from Page 1) icfore taxes in 1939. Dividends paid by corporations in he second quarter ot 1951. he con- ended, were at an annual rate of !9,100,000.000, about three billioa dollars more than 1939 profits be"ore taxes. Furthermore, he said, undistributed corporation profits also exceed 1939 income before taxes. O'Mahoney claimed a "g o o i chance" of success in his effort to beef up the excess profits tax. Boost Amount Listed The bill would boost federal tax i—largely personal and corpora tion income taxes — an estimate! 55,506,000,000 a year. It was th sixth day of Senate debate over th big tax hike. Despite urgings o administration leaders for speed, final vote was not yet in sight. O'Mahoney told a reporter h would base his case against light erring corporation excess profit taxes voted by the House largely o: his three claims that: 1. The excess profits tax Is nc yet a year old, and Congress shou! wait to find out what its effect, have been before any changes sue as those recommended by the fi nance ccmmittec are made. 2. "The taxpayers on whom falls are amply able to pay the -ta: 3. "The government, In a strug gle for survival of the free w needs the revenue." Italy's Arms Limit Cut PARIS, Sept. 25. (API—The United States, Britain and France will publish a joint declaration tomorrow saying Italy "Is no longer su»- ject' ; to.her peace treaty arms limitations." (Continued from Page 1) atisfactory fur resumption of the rmistice talks." The talks have been stalled ays. That word "conditions" left the ituation Just where it was whei he Reds walked out of Tuesday's neeting. Meellng Ends Suddenly The tense. 50 minute session end d with explosive suddenness. Air Force Col. Andrew J. Kinnej enior Allied liaison oflicer. ha' proposed that both sides discus conditions which would guarante uninterrupted talks by the negotla ors. Chinese Red Col. Chang- Chun ;an flatly rejected the suggestion said the meeting was ended, leaded for the door. The belief prevailed at Allic leadquartcrs that the Communis walkout did not signal a complet breakdown of the stalled truce talk A source pointed out that a fim jrcakoff could be called only b :he higest levels of the Red or A lied commands—not by liaison of fleers. The Reds broke off the high' level cease-fire Ulks Aug. 23 afte charging that an Allied plan bombed the Kaesong neutral z:i the night before. The Allies ii estlgiUd and denied th» charge. The Red high command had tried i vain to resume Tuesday the full res* armistice discussions Instead the liaison talta. But the move was saddled with a provision that the first session set up machinery to deal with a long list ot Red charges, already denied by the Allies. Ignoring the Red offer, the Al- lies sent Klnney, Marine Co!. Jameo C. Murray and South Korean Lt. Col. Lee Soo Young to Kaesong by helicopter to bring up the «ubject of conditions. This may be "Just what the Doctor ordered" J4CKKHES ore frequently tensed by steeping cm o mot- lre« Ihofs loo toll and logoy, ond doem'l give 1h« My uniform luppcrt. The jpirw U foiced | rto „„ U(lnolu , d [Million oil night ond »h«i It "(omploim" you fed pain. Get correct support for the spine Tlie Orthotonh h mode to Help hold the spine In o not«d poiilion. A lorge number of Hjhrir wiled springs moke) it firm, but Ihey're flexible fw pleoiont comfort. You re!a* i (omfoilobly. See it! Tiy il here! Recommended fof those whose Doctors advise sleeping on a firm mattress TO RELIEVE OR PREVENT BACKACHES AFL Set to Elect Green Today SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 25. Wi— The AFU was set today to elect 78- year-old Bill Green, one-time coal miner to his 28th year in the Presidency and to make a strong bid to the CIO to "come back home." Delegates to the 70th convention tousht to wind up by nightfall with K grand unity push and an invitation to the CIO to return to the federation it left in the big labor split of '1936. Record Relief for SOUR STOMACH TUMS FOR THE TUMMY «[ no tulu, Ivmpi or bjrtanj ta rfislurb yowl "P. M»(i » jcl.Mid « r i»r lotfji,) Hrnfort. No shifting into lumps tr hollow!. No lulling wfds to »em ond irsok. Has fquapoise Inrtenpring torli. Coil odion is not lied down. Upholstery layers ore locked to lh» coils with patentee* P»DIOK inner lo[tene/s. COME IN AND TRY IT! Charles S. Lemons Furniture DWIFUS BULOVA WATCH VALUES! Greater Consumption Americans consumed 17.8 pounds of coffee per capita during 1949. :ompared with a H.pound avcrnge of 1035-39, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Lay away a gift today. 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In all horn' reducing history there's no easier, no safer, no faster way to takf U} without danger. Now, get MYNEX. ..the only exclusively^ tatlet made in tha U. S. according to the original Canadian MYN Full Week's Supply S 3« 14 Days' Supply... 'S* 'air Sunday

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