The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1944
Page 5
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.WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, 1944 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.); COURIER NEWS H Cotton Industry Needs Outlined Gihncrs Told That New Economic Setup Be Necessary HOT SPRINGS, Aik., July 19 — John E. Roberts of Memphis, president of the Arkansas-Mlssou^ dinners Association, addressing delegates attending the 27th annual convention, Monday predicted si new economic setup would be necessary for the cotton industry following pence. • "H Is quite certain that the present subsidy to the producer" of parity prices supported by 00 per cent loans cannot continue beyond llic end of the war," he said. "Neither can we continue to produce crows ol 11,000,00(1 to 12,000,000 bales without an ex-part market, since our normal domestic consumption Is about 0,000,000 bales." Mr. Roberts gnvc the membership a verbal "spanking" because only 79 gins out of 1200 in the I mi stales had' provided cost, data for 1043-44 as officers of the association had requested. He told tlic glnners that If they dirt not take more Interest in protecting their business they could not expect Government officials to pay much attention to them. Because of question.; arising that threaten the industry, Mr. Roberts recommended a full-time executive secretary and marked increase in membership In defray such expense. He suggested lhat/a nevi and powerful organization might be formed by merging tli c Arkansas-Missouri Dinners Association with lhat of Ihc Arkansas Cotton Shippers and - Cottonseed Crushers organizations. Floyd Sharp, head of the Wav Manpower Commission in Arkansas, explained regulations issued b} /W-yorgmiizatlon. He announced the •'fyf /™ of war goods manufactured 1 :n 1940 was $1,400,000.000, with civilian, goods at $81.000,000, and thai In 1043 war goods totaled 561.000 000 and .consumer production $70,000,000. Judges, Clerks To Serve At County Polls (Continued from Pat* I) uey. Clerks: Mrs. Marion Dyer, . Y. Green. Alternate Clerks: Alin Nelson, Sylvia Dunlnp. Tomato-Judges: L. M. Malone, R. L. McAdoo, H. V. Milchorson. Alternate Judges: Sum Oilman. A, A. Carson, U. if. Slien. Clerics: Orvl! Malone, J, T. Carson. Alternate Clerks: Henry Freeman, Aaron Dunham. Hector—Dell, Judges: E. A. Stn- y, Bob Henderson, Lester Oil!. Alternate Judges: J. F, Hiurls, R. F. Crawford, Jack Hardln. Clerks: R, D. Hardln, Malcolm Greenway. Al- termite Clerks: Roscoe Raymond Koehler. Morgan, Rose la nd— Judges: Floyd Hector, Dewey Shepherd, Eva Church. Alternate Judges: Charlie Hose, Dticy Owen, Charlie Rose, Davis, Mrs. Charles , Clerks: Fred Rose, Alternate Clerks: Abe Keeling, Mrs. John Wyley. • Scott—Frenchman Bayou, Judges: F. N. Brist, C. 0. Speck, Mrs. Gladys Hyatt. Alternate Judges: Aubrey Iliggins, Oliver Clark, Leslie Speck. Clerks: Mrs. Mary Green, Mrs. Jane Norton. Alternate Clerks: L. E Speck, M. Speck. Scott^Bassett. Judges: E. M. Bell, Nap Etta, Calvin' Williams. Alternate Judges: E. B. Bell, Albert Suit T. J. Orcy, Clerks: Charles Elklns, Ed Bcall. Alternate-Clerks: Mrs Louise Mtislck, Efton Jones. Carson—Judges: Bnker Springfield, Harold Ohlendorf, H. A. Nicholson. Alternate Judges: Eric Waddell, Bill Fowler, P. E. Rslnnder. Clerks: Mrs. Dick Cromer, Mrs. Bird Morrison. Alternate Clerks: Mrs. Jim Eslandcr, Mrs. J, D. Rankin. Hlckman—Huffman Box,, Judges: W. E. Hagan, R, H. Green, Harry Hughes. Alternate Judges: J. T. Walker. Regenold Hughes, w. D. Hatfleld. Clerks: Max Ray, Jr., Rex Hughes. Alternate Clerks: James Ray, Dick Green, : Hlckman—40 & 8 Box, Judges: Harvey Atkinson, II. H. Welch, Mar- Altcimitcs: Krniik Wliltwortli, Friink Douglos, Joe Alexander. Clerks: Dixie Crawford, Henry Humphrey. Alternates: John K. Dean, K. W (Dutch) Becker, Blylheville - Smith Building, Judges: G. a. llubba«l, Paul Pryor, Russell Durham. Alternates: Tom Jackson, R, A. Nelson, Loy Welch Clerks: W. C. Illgelnson, John Cau- dlll. AHernales: J. R. Halsell, -Bernard Gooch. Blythevlllc — Pi-oxen Food Store, Judges: Hnny Prlt/.ius, W. t,. Horner, Estes Lunslord. Alternates: T J. Nance, w. M. Williams, Oils Eberdt. Clerks: R. E. Blayliick, Frank Orcer. Alternates: Charley Peim, Ben Hal). Yarbro, Judges: J. jj. Panlsh, Richard Haynes, Herbert Mullin. Alternates: Plfns Yarbro, W. A. Hol- llngsworlh, Edgar Sivaln. Clerks- W. N. OIT, J. R. Lambert. Alternates: U. L. Trlmue, L. R. Malth- 9. Judges: chas. Langston, Bciin, J. J. Moore. Alternates: Percy Slovitll, Dave Ablwll Dr. R. V. Hill. Clerks: Rcecc Moore W. H. Wyult. Alternates: Ernest French. Mis. Chns. Langston. Promised IJ>nd~ Judges: II. F Fitzgerald, R. L, Giilncs, C. F. Tucker. Alternates: Carl Malhews, Chester Button, G. R. Nave. Clerks' Houston Shelton. Walter Stewart Alternate Clerks: Win. FlUcemld Clarence Moore, Little River Township - Frarier School, Judges: c. s. Neal, O F Mauley, A. G. McAiihur. ,Allernalcs: Smith Payne, Dcwltl Tol- bcrt, G. G. Ncal. clerks: Dcwcy May, Walter S. Lee. Alternates: Wiley Addlson. La run Webb West Ridge box, Judges: J M Brackctt, w. H. Ingram, Albert Miller. Alternates: Norman Play Ijm- druni Diivnll. Clny May. Clerks- Jimmy LOU Bracketl, W. D Tvre Alternates: T. J. Oliver, S. O. Smith' ews. No. Fred Hatche Scrivener, , Alternate Judges: Politico! Announcements T6« Courier News Hit (K«n authorized to announce tSe foUowlnf candidacies, subject to th» Democratic primary In August: STATE HEI'RESENTATTVB '-. ALENE WOK3 (for re-election. Post No. 3) W. J. WONDERLICH (for re-election, Post No. 1) J. LEE BEARDEN (for re-election, Post No. t) M7CIEN E. COLEMAH E. C. "GENE" FLEEMAN (Post No. 4) : PROSKCUTING ATTOENEX IVIE C. SPENCEK : MARCUS FIETZ ' (For Re-election)"; " N ' JAMES C. HALE 8BCKIFF AND COLLKCTOB HALS JACKSON (tor re-election) yf; W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON ? i COUNTY THEASUREB R.' B. / (SKEET) 8TOOT ' MISS DELIJA PUB'IIJC COUNTY JUDGE ROLAND GREEN (for re-election) DWIGHT H. BLACKWOOD OJBCUIT COUKT CLCKK. • HARVEY MORRI8 : (For re-election) COUNTY CLEEK T. W. POTTER (for re-election) vin Newbuni. R. L. Atkinson, Harry Loftin, Taft MeUger.. Clerks: B. B. White, Bay Harrison, Alternate- Clerks: Jack. Atkinson. Dick Raj'. ' , Swain Township, Judges: T. T. Coonor, Albert'Lee, Ro'y'Pcrmcntcr. 5 Alternate Judges: Roy Walker, Richard Lee, • Paul Jackson. Clerks: Walter Pcrmenter; Charlie Howard.- Alternate Clerks: Harry Worsley, Harry Stanford., • - , Clear Lake School, Judges:-J P Miller, J. H. Glrley, L. T. Ellis. Alternate Judges: Kyle Ball, T. R. Randolph, W. C. Smith. Clerks: Frank Rodgers, J. A. Haynes. Alternate Clerks: R. L. Ashley, D. J. Hodge. ' Home Gin Box, ; Judges: V.'R; Dixon, Lagronnc Whittle, Walter Lutes. Alternate Judges: B. E. Hcs- sle, V. M. Brltton, W. J. Faught Clerks: James Middle-ton,' T. J. Payne. Alternate Clerks: B Otis Kooncc, S. H. Bevill. Dycss (mail to Dyess), Judges- E. C. Pickens, B. B. Bevills, Curt Waller. Alternate Judges: Willie Bailey, Clarence East, W. O. House; Clerks: John Bagby, Sidney Cressman. Alternate Clerks:' Frank HuffrJ.^C. Murray. McGavock Township — Joiner '• Judges: Wallace Miller, Jack Barnes Oscar Miller. Alternate Judges- Harvey Savage, Jake Dresback, Tom Willctt. Clerks: Jim McDonald Ed Criilclicr. Alternate Clerks: Don Fletcher, Julius Ralph. Chickasawba Township' — city Hall, Blylheviile,- Judges: Russell Hayes, J. Mell Brooks, Harry Brooks RHEUMflTIC PAIN Hted nat Spill ««ar Oty^-fif tRir It Vtw Don't put of^ getting O2223 to relieve pain of muscular rheumatism nnd other rheumatic pains. Caution- Use only as directed. First bottle purchase price back if not satisfied 6fte and $1.00. Today, buy. C-2223.' Alternates: Bob Hammock J. A. Craig, G. G. Ncal. Clerks- w' A. Webb, Mrs, A. H. Diggs. Alter-' nates; Leon Spears, Clinton Sharp . , . . School, Judges: Lloyd Shelton, Hciirv A H ' KIOH'iili, Judges: M. R. Slsco, 11. W. Wells, Iliii;)) ujxon. Altcmutcs: E. H. Wlldy, J. C. Fiiirclolli, Carl lluvd. Clerks: James Cnrjicnlor, liyran lliud. Allernntes: Fred Cn- rey. W. li. Slliniett. I.anpy's Gin, Judges: Ployil Anderson, John E. Woodward, I^oiinrd BuiK-h. AHcrualcs: Hoy Pong, \M\- rence Wooctwnrd, Chester Klllnim. Clerks: ixinis Wllb.inks, R. J. Olrd- Icy. AHi'inatcs: E. Cl. Bugby, I. O. Ashley. Sllllman School, Judges: J. n. Ilmidou, Cluis. Woudniftf- 1.. W. Bonds. AKi'miiles: W. II. Truelove, O. P. Young, j. o. Oi'ay. Clerks: Wilson Bonds. U. w. Wllmolh. Alternates: Archie Quails, K<1 Ash- bun i. Linni'y's School— Floodwnj', Judges: Marvin Prince, Silviiii • Cilnlley, P. E. HiilclHM-. Allenmlcs: W. H, Morrow, I»vc Pepper, John Fairchild. Clerks: !••«•<! Dciniiscy, Floyd De.spaln. Alteiimtes: 11. K. Bolln, Albert navls. Bowmnn School, Judges: John Slntlcr, Cllne Dobhs, Clem Whistle, Alteinnles: John Ix>U, Colcinnii Walls, Toby lioinlnnd. Clerks; Mandrin Towels, Mavis Selllcmlrc. Allenmtes: R, s. Tlionnis, Floyd Aslinbranncr. BlIlllB.-iil RWgc, Juiiges: C. J, Martin, Ud Scrrutl, George Webster. Altenmles: Jess Reagan, Hob Barker, Jess llosau. clerks: T. W. Sc- baiigh, Ixjliind Unrkcr. Alternates: Mrs, J. \V. Stibuiigh, Jim Moycr. Officer nf the day: B. Gladen, O. M Harrison, Bird Harris, P. O. Haynes Preston Young, H. c. liolln, Oliver Golden, John Sparks. Big Lake Township— Manila Box 1, Judges: L.ce Caller. O. O. Wright, Claud Crane. Alternates: L. T. Broom, Jiuncs Moore, R. J. McKln- non. Clerks: C. If. AKliabriinner, W. H. Horn. Alternates: Odell Holsclaw, C. B. Chikircss. Mnnlln— Box 2. Judges: Charles Curler, C. S. Reynolds, Ncal Ben- 3l«ml ! ShiKly onivv, Judges: C. b, Ime- ess, J. N, liolllngi-r, I(ob Sinllh. Alleniates: A. C, Heed, I.ulhe'r Bol- lueer, It, L. Unm. clerks: Krmik Short. C. li. nnvtd, AlleiniUcs' Clyde Cook, John Williams. Drown School, Judges: J. 11. Orlf- "ii, K. K. Thvelkeld,' )). 1). Threlkeld. Allerualcs: Sid Nichols, lan itlliews, K n. Koblnson. orilccr ot dny—11. p. Riuus. clerks: li. w. liobinson, orover love. AUcrnntcs: J. U. Decker, 'I'om Flccman. vosl Cane, Judges: A, C. Owens, Waller Vastbliuler. Haydo Veach. Altemntos: J. A. staler, \v. P. Plovv- i'1-s, Stanley Freeilenbuvg. Clerks: Roy Vouch, Ixnils liauuhei, Alteriinles: Farrel Harris, T, A, IJonr- limcl. Sheriff—Dob Vi-jidi. Rocky, Judges: I'mnk 1. tiov. S, K llrynut, S, 11. Ciulcr. Allcrnalo.s: Ouy liryiuit, cimid llunn, J. \v. Coggius. Clerks: Claud C. Hill Jiihn l-'lnley. Alli'iniilcs: M. A, Archor. Tom BiiriK's. Sherllf—Uuss Tnuncr. "t'ossrd 1 Kal:ul, und How! SAUNA, Kan. (UP)—They call n 11 "iosscd" snlud—und »l llic Simiky Hill Army Air Iluse hero, UmL seems lo be cxaclly whul It Isl The recipe to Iced a couple of thousand hungry men stall's simply: "'tnku n : bushol of tomatoes, add nljoiil one crate nf lellticc, it few liuitdrcd green peppers, about 50 stalks of celery mid li Ixjx of of cairot^. Run through-,»rig 1 machine iiritf^poar'abbW 20 large jai's of dressing over »"U. Acoording to reports', Aimy cooks ''losa". llml olf in no,tln). JH '< . . son. Alternates: Harmon Tlpton, Howard O. E. Perkins, Snider. , . . . Clerks: Byrl McHcnry, T. L. Need- individually Yours {or Halural Hearing ANNOUNCEMENT The Aurex Corporation announces that Gladys Barham Tant will hold a HEARING AID CLINIC at 204 Ingram BIdg. BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. lake advantage of Ihe clinical fociliHei for consultation on any hearing impairment problem and impecfion at cnstai- menls. Users of oil types of hearing oirfj ore InvilM. RoMer- • ies available for all hearing aids. Demonstration will be made of the Aurex in;' ', particularly wilh relation lo hearing aid for Ihe mcr- diflicu'! cases. Audiomelric chart of your remaining hiarif; r.isds -. ilhouT obligation. " G. C. HEARN, Factory Representative July 20 & 21 9 a.m. to 9 p. m. Daily AUREX, BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. 204 Ingram BIdg. Now Available In Book Form— HOME, FROM DIEPPE A complete account of the experiences of Sergt, Everett O&lcsby, Manila, Ark., war hero, one of the first Americans to flghl on the continent of Europe in this war. Serving with the gallant old Essei Scottish Itcsimt-nl, lie was wounded at Dieppe, spent 14 months In .1 Nazi prison and finally was repatriated. Permanently disabled from his wounds, he has returned to Arkansas after being honorably discharged from the Canadian Army. Every American will want to read this absorbing story of courage and patriotism. While they last—a limited number of special autographed copies, mailed anywhere postpaid. Only $1. SEND ORDERS TO ' SERGEANT OGLES8Y % Courier News, Blytherille, Ark. Over One Half Million Dollars Over one half million dollnr.s xpenl on c;i|tilol itnd grounds. Follts isn't (haI enoughV Anodicr rca.snn why Eiii-1 |> agc will f,c elected Scirdiiry of Slate. County after county reiiorls KAKl, I'AGH by overwhelming majority! '-••'•'.< EARL PAGE Will Be Wetted Secretary of State County After County Reports i EARL PAGE by Overwhelming Majority FIRST... Because the people are demanding a change in the Secretary of State office. FOR MORE REASONS THAN ONE: Second, because Die people want relief from his coiilinunusly spending the taxpayers' money. Jlccorils in my of lice still sliow S3895I6G2 was appropriated on Hie rapil.,1 l,,,il<lin R ami grounds s!lKC m 'y opponent has been in office. In his :l ,| Sunday, ,)»ly ifilt,, die 1 i.v- paycrs noliccd he slated 5SOO,000.00 by tlic Wl'A hud been spoiil. Well, that swells the lolal quilc a sum. IF in clghl years my opponent Is ,,ol through will, llic lanilscapin K program and 5300,000.00 WPA added lo llic S3lffl,5l(UB which m^kcs $689,516.62 IKIS hccn spent or appro|irialnl. hnlh fcrlcral anil stale on (he rapitol buitiiine and ground alone, and he is slill not through. H Certainly Is Time For A Change. before he bankrupts the stale with his wild l;|>ing program. Taxpayers want all tliis money lo go lo a more worthy cause—old age pension lor instance. Below Is One Reason Why Earl Page Will Be Elected Secretary of State My opponent may ask hi.s home comity why lliry iiiinfcd .1 change four years ago. Records show they ileiir.ilcly wanted .1 change. Ik- low mighl be one reason. , EARL PAGE WANTS NO ARTIFICIAL LAKES OR OFFICE BUILDINGS. What would my opponent spend on the two, if rc-clcclcd lo a FIFTH term, judging Irom his past expenditures. No wonder all over Arkansas—It's Karl Faec by the largest majority he has ever received. Don't Forget - - - Vote For EARL PAGE Secretary of State .\OTICK OF UUANTlNfi OF MQt'OK I'KKMIT Nollce Is liim-by ' Blvcii (hut thn Commissioner of Ilcveiiui'.s of the yiulc of Arkansas lu\s Issued 11 permit, No. 101 to Iritis Apph'biiuin to sell ami dispense vinous or .splrllu- ous liquors for bcveniKC ill retail on the premises described as 111 B Hurt St., Blythevlllc, Aik, Tills permit Issued on the 1st day of July, 1DI-I nnd expires on the SOlli dny of June, 1915. Louis Applt'bnum rcniUlU'C. 7|10-2fl BEAT HEAT In taking that hot feeling out of HUH- burn, soothing heal rash, and irrilnlcd chaied skin, thousands are- (uuliuu out how lo beat tho heat with Montana, thDapothlnpmcdiciilcdpoiwlcr. Wox- Raiia containsBcvcral IngrcdienlH recommended by BiwiialisUi for lhw.oili.H- comforls. Costs little-. Kvou Rrealcr saringa in larger sizes. Get Montana. HEAR Ivie C. Spencer Jimcslinro, Arkansas Candidate for Prosecuting Attorney Second Judicial District Over KLCN 6:15 P.M. Wednesday, July 19 Tonight HEAR DWIGHT CRAWFORD of Arkadclphia Speaking For ADKINS U. S. SENATE CANDIDATE Tonight At 7 p.m. Over Radio Station KLCN Tune In! CRAIGHEAD COUNTY GRAND JURY CONDEMNS INEFFICIENCY" OF STATE COMPTROLLER'S OFFICE > Charges Negligence and Failure { To Comply With The Law! j GRAND JURY REPORT I.-M-.I f(r-»,-t »r the (,'rniuT Jury for ((to Jortp.sbnrA District of Criil K lic(ul I'nimlyV ' . November IB. 1943 rOl'llKHONOHAHLK'/.AI, R, tlAlililKON • CIRCUIT JUDGE SECOND JUDICIAL D1STK1CT We, ymtr flrvinfl .Itirv for tn'fi Joncsboro District of C'nitjthom! Countv, hcR loftvc to submit this our f!rml report, na follows: , We have rinon In scssfnn two rlnyS nnfl Hnvo cxumlprd ^voit wi'""-t<i'>y r\nd Cinci no true bills. ' Our fnvosMrrnMon hna Hoon dlroetc'rt townrd t.Ksniuiit.inp; of (tip hrm!<q nf the' . crumf.v officljila nf t.hla cmintv by the Stnte 'AwlHorln! Dapnrlmont. It la foil-. Mint these niir11t« nrc nn! lielrl nt llic proper hi|ervnta.-niul nftcr hclnc mnde. I here is too much do'nv before the ninlit la filer! in llic nrnncr rnnnnrr. We flnri thnt nn nwlits worn f%tl for nq Inner its four vcars hi n time. We nhri f!nr] that no nncilt hn.a rinnn filed for 1941 or 1942. t,h'o only bxeenUon iieincr Hjc apccfa),", ntirilr of Jhfi Onllfldm-'s ncfhnnt' which" wns'fllml Mn'y 14.1M!?, fnr th'e throe vcnr ""rlntf. Tr te n rprommcniTntfori of tht? Ornn'r? Jury thnt. the rmrtltnrfnl.staff hp •>«iVivi f n nip fHoop rMlnh'npnf, rrnnrtfl nt onro, nnrT nTpri f n ftfvr> us nn ,'prirW nti'rjlt r nr fhr> vprir 10-13'. nnd tri rocorrwenfl to our rmrnt.v nffWnlsthft IV« Wr- rV,oir ivccounts rnndy for nn bnrly mi'rtlt h'y tVie nuditorinl stnff. ~'~ Vfc flnrl frjpf.OM<irrif>n'd Coiintv la ilavlnc? hh'riuf S1200 nrinnnjlv to tlir> Cnrnn. 'miirr's nffir-p for mir?lttnj» services. Tho Crnr.rT Jiirv sfrnnely fcfls thnt the \»rl'inrtnl Or>«nrlment hns hcori npcllucnt fn fnilincr to flic thnrniich' nnrt cnnv ••-nitfttiplvp niirl1|<3 nrnrfinttv nnrl In nccnnlnnrp with t'io Inw, nnrl Itmf this necM M'Uch. Knit* hr/Mirrcfl In snmr offices/ With' lohvn of thn rniirt Die Ornnrl Jnrv ••"inpshq thnt It HP np.rmtttn'rl nrifi nntrinrb.r.rl fn forward to thn Auditorial Deparf-, mpnt n rnnv nf this Ornnd Jury report toother with tlie resolution Midriff the Aiulllorlnl Dopnrtment to mnke more prompt nnd comprehensive nudits . . . , , Sims Record of Waste and Incompetency Proves He Is Not Even A Good Bookkeeper! Altar twonty-two stars' experience In tho Slnte C'omnlrollcr's office, Urynn Kims Ja officially condemned for his Inefficiency. Tho newpence of Mr. Sims In this Instance resulted In a ahorlnRo of $7,'i,000—wlitcti It took him thrco yenra to find—in tlio no coiintn of ono of llic officials of Craighcad County. In nililllton to tho recorded nroot of his Inefficiency, the records show unit since he become the state's finnndnl adviser, (our yonrn uga, state txpenHtturo have In- crCAscrt 14 million dnllars—«noiiRh lo hulld morn Omn 2300 miles of blacktop rend— »nd thnt tho expense of his office during this period hns IncrcasoditGO.OOO without any niltlcd dullcB. It is inconcelvnhle thnt Ihe King Poll- ticinnn of Criltenclen. Ucshn and Phillips Counties nnd several Deputy Governors could—through their pollticnl mnnlpula- tlona—clevntn a mnn to the hlfjh offlco of Kovcrnnr, whom th« recordi iihaw Is Incompetent lo handle tht Comptroller's offico. Mr. Sims nrc yon nwnre of tho fnct (linl the citizens nnd of ficlnls of mnny counties nrc fnmilinr with numerous instances slml- Inr to this Croifthead Count? ffnscol Dave Terry's Pledge Hale Terry pledges the people and tho county officials of (his stnte Ihnt ho will pbcc at the head of the Stato Ocnarlmcnt n man who will fairly snd refubrly niullt nil county records as provided hy law anrf that fhe reports of such niiilils irill he filed prnmplljr and nllhin (he tlrao and In tho manner prescribed by law. ' i Fie tnrlhcr pledges the Members of tin Slato Auililnrlal Depart m cut and all Cmmtf Officials (hat he will NOT cocrco nor allcrapl to coerce them ip(o supporlinff nny candidate for public offlc*. Climb on the Bandwagon and Win with i Governor

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