The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 27, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1936
Page 2
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- PAGfc TWO BI.VEHEVILLE} (ARk ; ) • COURIlsi NEWS -'--• Children oi' Famous Divide Time* Denned' To Be Shuttled Back' and Foith Between Failed Paients By NEA Snvice , Hollywood s crop of 'gjpsy' children, vUiose lender jears arc punctuated by Shultte trips between Hie homes of: (heir divorced or separated, paients, Is growing Tflls sear has produced a laigc-r than usual group of these children nhojeitlier by court dccreci or 1>> Riulunl agreement of tho prlnci- palSj» may enjoy onlj ono parent al i"^ lime or may hnve lo shaic pareuts vvilh ochci lelitives , The file of mosl of these voung- sters' is tl'B Incidental product, of Hiarj-Jages \vhtch dfd not last, inir- rlagos -\Uncri bogged <lo\\n be- cau<< love and n coiccr did not mi)u or because temperaments clasljed Battle Lai Is Years "S^ars oi legal tilting wero required to smooth the dispute over custody of little Jane Bannister, daughter of Ann Harding and Hairy Bannister, bolli HOli/wood fllm flgiifes* Married 10 years ago, Hie cou- pleJJKere divorced In Reno In \tjil Alt^r long controversy in which eac^ charged the other nas not a fit ijirent, Jane wab given Into full car!s~ of her mollicr, with tho «- father getting ihe privilege o! Itcr company four week-ends cvcij three months 'Bi}t Jane's shnltle schedi'le was dueler ievisior.5 A Irip to Eu- roftS; with her mother turned into a' Ume-tabtc'inanition as unnnis- tcr'mado a sensational, unsuccess Inll'plane dish to prevent their saijtnp; Tjfeile 11 e process ol settling Jaw Bannlslcrs home life "se- renllj' went its uay, fiom across thetocean came earnings of an othtt clilld custodj cise in Holly- Determined Mrs L'cwclljn Bar tholpmew, mother of Freddie Bnr- thotpmew, joiing English starlet imported bj Hollywood announced thnt svmpathizers ivho had read hcr"storj of his life had contiiu- utea funds )o send her to America to jjgain possession of liim Share Freddies Earnings Dished against : Mother. Bnrlholo- me~» was rrcddic's mint, MI'S Myl- Mary Barlholoniow, his gnar dlsm In California, v,ho ,s\s cred itedliivith training and guiding him to j£ $1000 ft*week salnrj nnd~stai- dom '" i' ' -' i Affer and principals threshed it out. it was agreed thai PriEddiol» airr^t would remiin as hijj-manager while Ills parents •wefe to move from Enghud set up housekeeping, in Hollyxood <v»'J shire Freddie''? piy checks Paralleling tt Bartholomew case is Jhnt of Ldith Fallows, who at 0 haft completed the cjcle of Amcr- ica-'s "rags to riches' tndltlon When Ediths parenls sepmted shortly after her birth tho gill was Jost in the shuffle she lived vvuli lier_ ! grandmoter whom she came 1 to .regard ns her real mother Edith,, talented and ingenuous broke into the movie as an extra, anc finall} won a long-term contract Then a suit was Hied by Mrs Harriet Fellows claiming Edith as her daughter and asking ciistodj on" the ground tint the Brand- mother, ivho lud letters O f guar- Here HIE seme of the lijiucs in Kollj \\omli child ;- AUGtJSf 27, GROCERS LOWEST I'ltlCGS IN TOWN ••;" ... , »,.w. «IAIN ST., III.VTIIEVII.I.E ,Vli,( SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Mary Jane Plain or Self Rising Guaranteed JO'IB. Sack : 31c 20 Lb. Sack 61c 43 Lb. Sack $1.45 Ban-el Oranges tw. Jlilcv D()7C!|i Cabbage Charcoal, Bag 6jc Salad Pressing ^s 21c • '. ""^ ™'™^^"^""*"'"^^" — *'™^™ — ••"^•••"••••^•••^•••••^•^^••^^^^^•••^^^^^^^^— Lard Bacon ,Snl)^^• Whitu Componnil il'lillllll Sliocil 1'lllllHl IJc 25c Spare Ribs Krcsh MenLy Pound Astor and hci daughter, Ann IlaiduiK ^ml iui dnugrUoi, Jn, 0 Bannister (I) °Lma' daughtor ,cf Una nastiuelte. (5) Teddy and Lori Von EHx with their motlicr Mwlj Lemons Sour, Juitv IJorai 12'c Potatoes Rert Triumphi I/. S. No. 1 Sclttfctl. l,b. Bananas . Kipe Do/en 15c Butter I Tamales Process Stick 5c ''''.': Wilson's ; 'Nh."-2 Can 18c <OJ Eilltli.;Fellows. (7) I,it:i Grey Cliaplln with dlanship, lv as not comiictsut La raise Hie clnld properlj But th" disposition of the ca-e may b<- guided by tlia fact lint little Edith herself said In court tint the had no love for her mother Thorpe Hci "Trial Mamagc' Involved gain : custody Whether a mother may keep her twq^httle children while she lives wth«a ma-r to whom sho Is not 7narricd was the question in set tling tr-e custody of leddv nnd Lori Von Eltz Their- father, Theodore Von Eltz matinee idol, \vas divorced by Ins •wife; Peggy prior, who won exclusive care of the children . Then Von Eltz learned tbat his ex-wife was planning to marry Joseph Mohcure March, with whom, court : records show, Peggy already was living in a "trial marriage" This convinced Von Kite that his children needed & change of cn- \Ironmenl He started prooaedin^s iS C ' h v,n? SUlt £ d !n "•" order-that the, children b2 placed In a neutral tod"*' th * paretlts h ? un S J° mt cus Later, aftcr.peggy formally married, March, von Eltz agreed to let the children remain with their mother. Eor parents, too, separation irom-lheit-children may b: Iragic IJrA. Basiiueltc, dark-cjed stags and ftlmibcauty, took poison alter brpoaing^pver failure to gel custody of her daughter, whose father ^ (the late-Sam Warner, pro ducer; - v Harry Warrur, Sam's brother lwds,b-en, appjsnted guardian o the t child, and Una. believed per sons.m the movie industn- were trying to lam the chtH av\ay from her. This, the said, led lo the un successful /'suicide" attempt : Mary Hal and Richard Barthel mess continued the fight over the! daughter even after both uarenk vvcrc reniarrled. The another claitn- cri Darllieliness was keeping the child more than his Allotted,'.six' mohllis e'ncli year. The dispute was bellied at-a. cpnterence j In'which (he lale"T?cv 's Pnikes cndmnit WHS arbifeiT f Chaplins' Share- Snus Best - known • ofr .tlie -Hollywood children..figuring in family dlll'er- ences are the two sons of Churliu Chaplin and LHa Grey Chaplin. When Charlie and t,IU were divorced In 1927 she was nlvtirdcd custody of the boys. For. some lime they lived aluiosl entirely .\\Ulv tlieir mother, but Chaplin hlmseir look mi Interest in them nilcr his successful ilerhl to keep Uiem out of the movies. Now tile boys divide their Urau between father and'mother, ap- iparently .quite happy, Tlisy nre on frieu'dliest lemis \\ilh Piuibtt: Goddard, to whom Chaplin is said lo be ..engaged or married. Less fortunate is Marylvn Thorpe, 4, daughter- of Aclrcss Mary Aslor ami Dr. Franklyn Thorpa, a movie colnnjr phystctan, whose sinicib over : Marlylyn's custotiv dates back to tlie time 'oi the divorc/ in April, 1035 At Uiat time Miss Aslor was forced to surrender the child to Diirkec's, !/ 2 Lb. 15o\ i ... lac Jhirkce's, l-Lli. Rn\-._. .."•. 23c Picnic Hams ' Pig Ears, Snouts Pork Roast S H Veol Chops, Ib. 15c Beef Brains ss Ify Beefsteaks a 29c Beef Roast K-. K. 'Roof- . CHOCK, I.I) ].5c THICK. Km, I,b. .. ]<) 0 siibae<mcnt -suit or Mnrlylyn brought the bitter court, aiicl which: fntlier and mother, sought to prove- each other unlit lo rear " child. Child Iffnoranl of flight Thorpe . contended his ex-wile's lavender diary," in which slw kept he Yecofd of her private life and ler .acquaintance ivilli other men, vas evidence of her unfilness. An greement giviiig Miss'Aslor part- line custody of 1 the child prevented Ihe diary being made public. "She doesn't know what it's about-,*' said, the judse in the cass. ifter visiting little Marylyn to see vhat; slic thought of her parents. Tire judge might have beor •peaking- of any-one 'or the'kids cauglit up in llie family debates which break Int-crmitlsntly in Hoi- ywood. ' .' permanently ' row CUrS a*4>CKATCHE8- M4 12 OttMr «M.ral Utu- LEAKE'S HAPPY RELIEF FROM PAINFUL BACKACHE Cavued by Tired Kidneys Mr.ny orthoso (jnawlng iiai:glnn pnlnful backaches rsople btaino or cows cr strains aro ofttn caused 1» llrcd kidneys— and imy be relieve! when (rented fn U l0 right way. Tho chief w.-iya of takliiK nclds wattes out ot tlie blood. A lio person should pass about 1 . 1 ! pints j ,?' a , ?» ECt rid of more than : pounrls o£ vraaio m.ilicr •-ill th S 1s ., mw » o! kWniy tubes an< aitorMon't woiV well, waste stays li [' mi°v '"t 31 " 1 ™ y bTCOm0 I 1 " 130 ""'" tt may Btari nagf-ire hackacliea. Ic, padjs loss of. pen. tmd energy, K ctth', ip nlB'its, Bvy«lltnE, ruinntsa ui •i'If,.-'f > i^ p t. h T C - i " lacht ' al alld ' dlsrin L>OU t let ft lay you up- -Ask your (Innrgist-roV Doin-s l> successfully by millions ' ish out the 15 miles - tubes. Oct Doan's Pills. 5 ibi Sack 12 lib; Sack 45c 24: Lb. Sack 82c- .8- Lb, Sackv,..,........,., $1,60 ShiWey's Best Plain, or Self Rising Guaranteed BIRD SEED "'"S, IT F'STEW Iiris it.l2^ (hum TA c Tall Can.lV fl's Oriolu OQ Slired: lili; t)D- iVMi - l< r Lb i5' NEK. BONES; j - ? g 7^ EGG PLANT ^1^. MR TOPS SHE POLBH JAR KINGS Vanilla 8-0-/,. liottlc it) SARDINES Am ^ 22 Miifion '- that's how stood if PEANCT " UTTKI U. CORN' "°5ri.,,lf Let'us sliow.yo:i wityjt's n better-tiro ilian most dfcalers offer at tlieir highest, prices.. PATHFINDER Sire "" Price rer 30x30 .,4.10-21 4.75-19 5.00-1D 5.25-18 5.50-17 1 Crystal While & »ANS. Van r C C;itii n . Can 3. 70 , Anchor «)G ' Rox.; " W ORCHKSTKHHHIRB- . tl. . SAVCK. llurkco. 1!«|. 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